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Women's opinions

  Many women prefer not to admit what they really think, being afraid of hurting guys with small penises. But here are some women' posts from different sites, showing more open opinions and feelings. Reading between the lines, you can feel their frustration and disappointment from their relations and experiences of too small penises.  
  Dump men with 5 inches or less quick !:
I have to be honest. This site is great as we can say exactly how it is. Well guys - as a lady of 27, I have to say I have rejected all men (except 1) I have met with dicks that are less than 5 inches. I will not even do them the honour of allowing them anywhere near me. Why? Because I have had 9 and 10 inches and no way a 5 incher can ever compete - it just would not feel full. The one of 4 3/4 inches that I tried was a disaster - he was erect all right but I could feel nothing at all and told him to withdraw himself - which he did and we had a chat over coffee instead...sorry guys but all of you with 5 inches and below will hopefully eventually be eliminated by natural selection so that the female species can benefit in the future from more established and real males. In short any guy with 5 inches only or less is in my humble view inadequate and unable to satisfy women - and should stick to masturbation.

WE WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT MEN WITH SMALL DICKS it is up to us and is not cause we are BIG down there but cause we just prefer the look, feel and sexual thrill of a normal to large dick and we reject small sized men.

I for one will tell a guy with a 4 incher to put his pants back on and will not do it with him just to make his ego less damaged !



Every woman's worst nightmare is to pull the pants down of her lover only to find a tiny penis, standing 4 inches fully erect. What a nightmare for her and for him. She knows he will not satisfy her either visually or physically and he also admits it secretly to himself. I have only had 9 men. The worst were 5 inches and below. One 4 incher was so bad that I fell asleep as he was making love! All I could feel of him was a tickling sensation and a slight rubbing! The 7 to 9 inchers were more masculine and generally caused more friction and also did not need to pump so fast. The small guys are to be rejected and of course they as research shows - small guys usually masturbate more often, not surprising after all with all things being equal would any woman ever admit honestly to opting for a guy with a 4 inch dick? None that I know of and certainly not me. 4 inchers please keep your pants on permanently.

  Have to agree with most of the gals postings that bigger is better. I am not referring to the ridiculous bigger than 4 inches (who on earth bothers with 4 inch men anyway? Get Real!) I refer to minimum 8 inches. The rest are there to be ignored.  
  I am a women who's had small penises(4") and large penises (9"). I must admit that a large penis is more pleasing than a small penis. The stimulation is so much better, more intense and sheer pleasure. And it seems that a man with a large penis has so much more self confidence than his smaller counterpart, which adds to the sexual experience.
Please don't get me wrong, i have enjoyed sex with 6inches, but you can't beat 9 inches, unless the guy is a total dude and just thrust.
4inches cannot satisfy me.
  I'm sorry, but I also prefer them large. A man having a large penis is a requirement with me. My current boyfriend is perfect, about 8 inches and nice and thick. Size does matter. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more of a turnoff than a guy with a small dick. And the visual of seeing my well hung guy stroke himself when he's hard is ooh-la-la. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  
  I think that I have to say that I'd much prefer a big dick more than a small. There are fewer things more but disappointing than a short, skinny, and barely-hard dick. I know the guy can't help how nature made him, it's just not much fun and not nearly as pleasurable if the guy is small. If he's good at oral sex, that's great, but I really like sex - good, ol' fashioned, hard fucking - even if I don't have orgasms from it.  
  a guy with a small penis is the most unattractive thing ever/a turn off dont let the ladies fool you, size does matter if a guys hot but he has a small penis forget it  
  Well it is true. a man with a small penis is like a baby boy, destined to be up late on the internet with no gf and masturbating to downloads of women he can only fantasize about having but never knowing in real life. I love bashing small dick losers! They're such waste of space!  
  I think men with little dicks aught to be ashamed of their little dicks and should do whatever they can to compensate. They should volunteer oral sex and they should keep their stupid little dick mouths closed at all times. Just serve and obey. Men with big ones are more visually appealing. I love making love to a man with a big dick. Sometimes my mouth waters just looking at it. I love being able to just ride it while he lays there. I love being able to do it it in position without it slipping out and I love when I cum and I could feel how long and thick it is while my pussy is gripping it. My man has a big one and I love how two kids later, my pussy is still too tight for him. You little dick men and little dick apologists don't and won't ever know aything about that, lol.  
  No small dicks please, size isn't everything but it is to me, heehee.  
  So, I'm celebrating the large, denigrating the small, and making myself (and others) happy at the same time. The only people who seem to object are hung guys who feel like it's cruel to the shrimps. All of the small weenie apologists out there who tell you size doesn't matter are lying to you. They know better, they just don't want to come clean and admit that life isn't fair. Those with large penises have a massive advantage over those with pathetic little meat sticks. Sorry, small guys, you just don't have what it takes to be a REAL MAN. Women aren't going to love your tiny little plaything. They aren't going to submit to you in a frenzy of lust. They aren't going to worship your equipment. Some of them might put up with you (at least for awhile), but they'll always be thinking about (and probably looking for) something bigger and better. If you aren't at least average, you're nothing. You might as well go buy a skirt and some frilly panties. Change your name to Susan and offer yourself up as a woman to guys with real meat, because you aren't really a man. Sad for you? Sorry, but it's true. You can't make it as a real man with a small penis.  
  I mean in all seriousness any guy with a small dick should learn his proper place in life early on, so he can learn that the best position for a humiliated small dicked “man” is definitely on his kness serving someone superior to him.  
  Well it is true, sorry. Women don't like men with small dicks. I don't think this is really news, right? I mean we women have been saying this for quite some time now and have had an entire generation celebrating it on film and TV with shows like  Sex and the City. A man with a large penis is just a HUGE turn on. It is so sexy and manly!  

Yeah, I can't stand a small penis guy either. Nothing is more disappointing than meeting a guy and then after he drops his pants you find out he's got a shrimp dick.


  Just by taking one look at something you can tell if it is right or just seems out of place.  I’m sure if you’re a male, you’ve caught yourself checking the guy in the urinal next to you to see if he’s got a big one.  Can you prance around the gym locker room sans towel?  Or do you hide yours in shame?  Lets take a little comparison to look at what a woman really wants in a cock!  

Reasons Why Women Love a Big Dick!

This penis measures up!

1.  Length - a woman needs to feel the depth of penetration for that deep spot orgasm

2. Girth - feeling a veiny & meaty cock rubbing the insides of the vagina feels amazing

3. This is the kind of cock that makes blow jobs so much fun!

4. No faking required!

5. Visually appealing - red color, engorged with blood and oh so sensitive!

  What women don’t want on the other hand….      
    Do you see how absolutely hideous this is?  This is precisely the kind of thing that make women hate men!  This is inadequacy defined.  A penis that is thin, pale, mis-shapen and even fully erect is not a full 5 inches!!  He’s even got road-rash on the head of it from jerking off so much because no woman WILL have sex with him.  Small little clitty dick.  And to think this guy considers  
  himself a man!  Its got this bend to it, a swerve to the left- because it won’t make it in a pussy any how.  He can’t even satisfy an inflatable woman.  
    This small penis is extra Bad Because….

1.  Can’t feel it!

2.  It can’t stay hard

3.  Its’ crooked! Upon penetration it might try to get into a different orephus.

4.  This penis is short, stubby and thin.


  This has been yet another friendly reminder from Miss Frankie, Small Penis Humiliation Mistress that…  
  SIZE DOES MATTER!  Get used to it folks!  Have fun trying to get somewhere with that little bitty penis of yours!   


  I personally wish more women would openly discuss what we already know is true, us men with small dicks are useless and we should serve them and their big dicked lovers and should be constantly reminded and degraded about our short cummings  
  is my tiny 3 inch hard dick ,considered a babys dick ,are thier really babys with 3 inch cocks  
  bruce burke  
  what the woman said about small dicked guys getting a skirt and frilly panties and changing our name to \'Susan\' rings sooo true for me. Here i sit in panties i got over the internet, with a screen name of \'suzi\' (how ironic) and reading whar she said. if only i could actually talk to her.  
  I don\'t wish to be cruel or mean but my body is such that I can accommodate a larger sized man. I\'ve been with small penises and I can barley feel them in me. I imagine a smaller framed woman might be more able to accept the men with smaller penises, but I\'m just guessing on that. I was with one man about three months ago when I was on a cruise ship and his was almost as thick as a soda can and a good length. I was intimidated at first but I took him well and there was no pain. It was the most intense pleasure I\'ve ever experienced. Fot the first time I was able to orgasm during intercourse.  
  I\'ve got a 7.5 erected penis. The ladies love it. I can totally see pleasure in their faxes when we have intercourse, it\'s not fake either.  
  My wife hasn\'t allowed me inside of her for almost two years because she says i\'m too small to satisfy her. Now i fantasize about her fucking guys with big dicks and maybe she\'ll allow me to suck them hard and eat her cream pie after they\'re finished. i guess i know my place.  
  well any 1 try having a 3\" dick inside her?  
  I have a tiny penis and I know how much size matters to women so I have never had a girlfriend and I never will. i am in my early 40\'s and all my money and my house is mine. I have no whore leaving me for some hung guy and taking half my assets.  
  Just to keep the big dick loving women happy I do agree that us small dick losers should never breed so that only big dicked men will breed and future generations will be much happier with all the big cocks and us Small dick losers wont have to travel to Asia to find a nice tight pussy.  
  I was rejected in Asia for having a penis that was too small !!!!!! no hope for me  
  The more large penises I see the more I envy them. Since I will never be able to please a woman the way that one of those can I am willing to accept my fate. I know that is why I have not had a women in over 20 years and don\'t expect to ever have one again. I do not hold it against women . . . they won\'t let me!  
  well any 1 try having a 3\" dick inside her?  
  I have a tiny penis and I know how much size matters to women so I have never had a girlfriend and I never will. i am in my early 40\'s and all my money and my house is mine. I have no whore leaving me for some hung guy and taking half my assets.  
  I\'ve got a 4 incher and I\'ve made it good practice to excel in cunninglingus to make up for my little penis. Frankly, I\'d rather eat a woman than fuck her anyway. I usually jerk off while I\'m dining between her legs.  
  Lil\' weenie  
  is 6 inches considered small?  
  My wife told me I took last place in a \"guess his size\" game at a bachelorette party.  
  cumming too fast, being too small (not really too short perhaps, but too thin) i learned licking pussy well. no i know where my place is  
  i am 3.5iches erect how sad to call myself a man  
  tiny jim  
  I have a small dick of 3.2 inches full on, I am proud to be small and believe my cuckold tendencies are natures way of compensating me for having a tiny cock. I agree with all that say a large penis gives better pleasure as my wife as had a few lovers and the ones that are large she tends to keep around long term.  
  UK Cuck
  My penis is only 4 1/2\" long and 1\" wide me and my wife got marreid she never said anything about it. I found out she was having sex with her oldest daughters dad and got pissed off and confronted her about it.She laugh at me saying yeah I did fuck him and smirked We basicly had a huge blowout and I felt humiliated with her tell me infront of her daughter and ny kidds that her getting fucked by his big thick 9\" cock was so great compared to my pathetic dick.  
  As the Ladies comments demonstrate, the stubborn refusal of most pindicks to face facts and their ridiculous attempts at dating are driving those we should be serving away from us. The sooner men with teenie weenies come forward and admit to the Women we love that we are cucks or sissies or slaves and that we want to worship Them the better we will all be. By putting aside all claims to a sex life, Women will be free to pursue real men and more likely to take on a pindick as a cuck husband or partner  
  Im 16 turning 17 years old and I thought i had a tiny penis at only 5 inches flacid. But when it gets erect its a stagering 7,3/4 to 8 inches but I still feel shy and DIY but whats wrong with that practice makes perfect and if all you stuck up women dont like touching yourself too then this world is hopeless.  
  Literally a Teen  
  I can not do a man that is less than 6 inches. size does matter. i can not respect a man with a small penis and how much i cum depends on how big the penis is. 11 to 12 inches is perfect.  
  Holly Hiner  
  Good for You Miss Holly! i hope you come to realise that a good little boi who accepts his beta status make excellent cucks!  
  My First Wife was a virgin and initially tried to convince herself and me that \"size doesn\'t matter.\" However, when I was totally unable to provide her with sexual satisfaction with my teeny, tiny little clit nubbin, I went to an Adult Toy Store and bought a Leather Harness with a Big 8 Inch Black Dildo. When I started fucking her with that dildo, the difference in her reactions was AMAZING !!!!.....Initially, her eyes got as big as saucers as I slowly buried that Big Fake Bull Cock deep up inside her pretty pink pussy. As I began stroking in and out, she started wimpering, crying out and screaming with LUST in ways I had NEVER EVER heard before......and....she had her first of many Orgasms just from vaginal penetration. In no time, she was convulsively quivering, thrusting and pulsating with the overwhelming erotic thrill of MULTIPLE ORGASMS as I continued to fuck her with that Big Strap-On Pleasure Tool. Afterwards, even she had to admit that \"SIZE DOES INDEED MATTER\".....AND....that from then on she always wanted me to fuck her with the Strap-On that we nicknamed \"Big John\". If your girlfriend or wife is telling you that your tiny size doesn\'t matter, try fucking her with a Big Strap-On Fake Dick and see for yourself what size does to a healthy, horny, sexual female. You will never again be under the illusion that you are a \"Real Man\".  
  ms. karli kunt  
  i AM a man, and im proud to have a 4\" cock when fully hard. its also very thin and i suffer from premature ejaculation, i never last much longer than a minute before i cum. my wife never saw me naked till our wedding night and ever since she has refused to do anything with my cock. but i dont care , i love my cock and proud to show it off whenever i can and at least i can wear really nice panties with it.  
  how many women get turned on by watching a big dick have a small dick guy suck and worship his cock in front of her?  
  tony p  
  I am a 30 yo man
my penis is 4 3/4 in and 4 1/2 girth, i know i am small but if i ear you, i just should go to suicide because i can\'t live without love.
  Im 18 years old and my penis size is 7 inches long. Is that okay for a size?  
  Being really tall is such a curse for me.I'm 6'8", and have a 5" erect penis. Woman assume I am big, and are shocked that I'm small.  
  Bryan mayer  
  my current gf has been with me 7 years and i am only 4 inches hard but she is totally sexually dominant over me always going on top and i spread my legs for her while she does it for no other reason than it looks and is a very submissive position for me to be in and she makes sure that i am in no doubt that she is the one fucking me like alot of small men i prematurely ejaculate alot but she simply makes me lick her sometimes but mostly she enjoys making me suck her breasts while she violently masturbates herself telling me how small and useless my dick is which she seems to enjoy more that realy does it for her she is slightly masculine not in looks but attitude and likes that i am not a real man and submitted quite easily and quickly and became a willing partner with very little persuasion letting her finger my bum while i play with my as she calls it little clit she is attracted to feminine men having a guy pretty much as her bitch is what does it for her so you dont always need to become a little cock boy although i do love a real mans thick hard cock as most tiny dicks do and i think the thought of it turns her on as well with some of the snidey remarks she has maid and although i have never actually admitted that i would like to and actualy already have suck a guys cock she strongly suspects it any way so who knows what the future might bring all i know is 7 years later she is still with a guy who has a tiny cock she even new this before wee went out as it was widely known in my area i have a small coc
k after a few disastrous attempts at having sex with local girls ohh how they love to talk she must have knew exactly what she wanted from the very start she even lets me wear her panties which i am extremely grateful for
  tiny2inch stevey  
  i have a small dick and my gf cheats on me all the time with guys with bigger dicks ..the last guy RL was around 9 or 10 inces and thick made her walk funny for 3 days and she was so sore i couldnt even get near her swollen all I want is to watch RL fuck her hard the pull out b4 he cums and allow me to swallow his thick creamy man cream !! it will happen soon trust me ..hes so hott too  
  mine is about 9" and i have found that a lot of girls carnt handle it they say its too big, but 3" what can you do with that must have good tonges  
  I have a very small penis about 2 inches hard and not even 1 inch soft. so this is no good?  
  chris keightley  
  I knew my husband had a small penis when I married him. I didn't think it would matter that much, but over time I have gradually given him less and less access to me sexually, and I do fantasize about more well endowed men often.
My husband tells me that his penis is 4.5" erect, and that looks to be squarely in the "small penis" category.
The nice thing about having a husband with a small penis is that he will do anything I tell him to do, and I can go months without allowing him to have intercourse and he wouldn't think of complaining. He is excellent with his tongue, but I do long for a more "full" feeling, and I would like to know what a vaginal orgasm feels like.
  Evolution is in the process of eliminating all short cocks. Men with below 5 inches are increasingly being rejected for sex and copulation as well as pregnancy initiation when compared with their larger couterparts. This is sad but true. In 200 years there will no longer be short cock men around on planet earth. Women like me nowadays know exactly what we want and we are not afraid to demand it - we want a men who have sufficient size to feel inside us and to cause frictiona nd hopefully orgasmms - short cock men (which often but always equated with short men are not required by women with taste and even my female friends who used to accept shorted cock men no longer do. We are willing to tell these men to put their pants back on as we find them psychologically and physiaclly unappealing. Better NOT to have sex than to have bad sex and short cock men only equal bad sex. Thier oral is not a compenastion. Well endowed men will continue the species and they can be ALSO great at oral sex - so why not have bigger and better as well as oral from our men - we do not want to be short changed in our me. The end of short and short cock men is coming.  
  mine is 7.2 and i think its small :/  
  When first met my husband I had just gone thru a disastrous relationship with a mean drunk . I married Billy on the rebound. I knew the first time I had sex with him I knew he was small- the drunk had a bigger one -but I was younger and not all that experienced . And he was good at oral and didn't demand much, and didn't drink much. Mom walked in on him naked in the bathroom when we were visiting and asked me if he didn't seem really tiny and told me to break up. I didn't listen and my advice is don't marry a little dick . His little dick is only 4.5 " long and a riidiculous 4" thick. He couldn't satisfy and woman . We both wanted children but I couldn't get pregnant . When we went to a fertility expert he said the problem was Billy's dick , too short to deliver the goods , too thin to keep the spunk in , and very low sperm count- all very typical of little dicked losers . After fertility drugs , total ban on Billy masturbating or having sex with me unless I was ovulating, special sex positions for tiny -dicked losers and 3 years I finally got pregnant . After our son was born I decided I wanted another child but not his . So I cut him off sexually completely and when the baby was a year old I went out to a club , picked up a black stud with a great dick-4 times bigger than Billys . I had my first orgasm since we married and nine months later I had another baby. After that I reconnected with my old BF and had a third son with him - all while still married to Billy . He's learned that he has to live on my te
rms i.e. my BF is living with me in the master bedroom , Billy can live a sexless existance for all I care- I won't even give him a handjob .He can join in for cleanup duty or a BJ for my BF only if I want . Noone's fooled that our 2 younger sons are his - one's darker than Obama and the other has his father's red hair and both are a lot bigger than their oldest brother. If anyone asks I just say that Billy was infertile - let him get all redfaced about it and if he doesn't like it try to find anyone who is going to take his little peepee. Yes, penis size matters.
  Mine is about 7.5-8 inches and 6 around is that good?  
  This site has been very informative. I never realized that even my 6.5 inches was not enough. Finding out women prefer 7.5 and up has put me in my place.  
  i walked in on my G F she was turned on by this guy cock . she told him his soft cock was 3times bigger then mine. and his hard on was 5times bigger, she wanted him to make me worship his monster size cock. i put my hard on up against his soft cock and he easily crushed mine, i got down on my knees a sucked him in front of my girl for the next 45 min. she now calls him over an we take turns sucking his huge cock  
  hey :) well my cock is around 5.5 and 6 inch inch in lengh and i no.... i like a woman to tell me its what it is an i like a humiliation :D  
  all the mean things the woman have said & that photo of that huge real man penis made me cry im an adult sissy weakling crybaby pansy cuckold wimp with a pinkyfinger sized tiny little min micropenis & very tiny little balls that dont even hang down & i cry alot because im a totall sissy wimp i even wear diapers & sissy outfits 24/7 at home , out in public & at work , everyone calls me tiny penis sissy faggot , those women talking about how much they love & enjoy big huge real man dicks & how they hate & aredisgusted by little tiny dicks like mine made me cry for hours , im crying now while writing this letter & that photo of that huge giant real mans cock scared me so badly that i cried & pissed in my panties & diaper ! sincerely , douglas t. gugel aka tiny 2" pinkyfinger size dick sissy weakling cuckold pansy faggot crybaby panty & diaper weting & messing worthless pathetic gay pantywaste homo bitch wimp  
  douglas t. gugel aka tiny 2"pinkyfinger size mini penis sissy crybaby weakling cuckold wimp  
  Like a lot of women I thought if I married a smalldicked loser I would always have the upper hand and he made a decent living . His dicklet was only a little bigger than 4 inches long and really thin too . I would say don't ever marry a smalldick .After a few months he got laid off . I scared him into getting another job but it barely pays and a smalldick guy always lacks the confidence to be a go-getter . He also lacks the sexual confidence - no surprise given how tiny his dicklet is . He's never gotten me off , except for oral , which is fine but sometimes you need a big cock . Hubby is only 4.1" long and 4" girth hard .- way too small for anyone out of 6th grade . Then he got laid off and like a lot of smalldicked wimps he didn't have any confidence - not surprising when he looks in the mirror and sees a little kid's dick . So now he has some loser job managing a fast food place at nite . At least that gets him out of the house so I can get some on the side and maybe get off . But no , don't get married to a small dick , at least if you actually are expected to fuck his little kid peepee .  
  Mrs.Teeny McSweeny  
  I love my men big. Hung men with gorgeously thick cocks are the best and just melt me. Nothing is more disappointing to me than meeting a guy and then afterwards when you pull down his shorts you find he's got a gherkin size member. It's hysterical to laugh but totally nonfunctional besides its humor value. All I can say is that guy better know how to worship penis--and yes cock for my big dick lovers.  
  i think the woman are right :) think all the woman should laugh at me and all us ? think we should be forced to clean the man and woman up after there sex and be forced to ware girls pantys ? for being small  
  My wife got tired of hearing me argue that my cock wasnt that small,so she set up a strip poker game with some of our friends ,and by the time we were finished and everyone commenting on they have never seen a cock as small as mine ,and the wives even pffered there husbands cocks to my wife for a night as they laughted and said she deserved at least one night with a real mans cock ,and laughted as my wife walked over and pointed to my tiny cock asnd said well shimp dick do you still want to argue howe big it is ,Bruce  
  Bruce Burke  
  Of all the possible male issues a small penis is the one thing you can't overcome . A fat guy maybe could lose the weight , a lush maybe will quit drinking but a little dick is a little dick . Some women might be satisfied if their little dicked partner puts on a n extender or uses a dildo but I need the real thing and it better be at least 7" and thick . I tried at least for a while to stay with my ex-husband but he only had a little cocktail weenie- not even 4 " long . I met a guy with a beautiful thick cock 9" long and there is no comparison . After a few times with the boyfriend's 9 - incher I had nothing but complete contempt for my husband's ugly little dick and dumped him . After my new BF shoves his nice big cock down my pussy I am so full with his cock and know the next day I can still feel it . My ex's little dick was more like an insect buzzing around and now that my new BF has stretched it all out my husband's little cock is so small I barely can feel anything .  
  The dick in that picture after the big cock is over 5"..about 5.3..which is exactly the size of my dick..and I'm 6'7". I always thought it was small, and now I know it's small  
  Bryan M.  
  My erect Penis is only 3 inches long fully erect, and sometimes only 2 3/4 inches long, I HAVE A MICROPENIS  
  It's perfectly fine for a woman to have a preference but there are a few points to clear up. 1) A man with a smaller than average penis can be just as fertile as one with a larger than average one. After all, how do they reproduce. 2) There is something to be said about natural selection, I agree that you can attempt to *breed them out* but there's a problem. It will take a lot of time because it's not just the man but also the woman that carry the genetics to determine the size of the penis. - In time, it may be possible to surgically change men but since it's so unsafe I don't recommend it now. That said, choose what you like but smashing egos isn't fair when the being an asshole may also be genetic, assholes will be wiped out by mere principle... and much sooner than the lesser endowed.  
  Edward Ferdinand II  
  As men we understand women's size preferences. Because we do like the normal to big breasts compared to small and shaggy ones.  
  Ok, firstly I would seriously like you all to stop being such self pitying pathetic excuses of men. Size does matter, I completely agree, I'm 17 and I'm round about 5.5", which is -just saying- more or less the average size for a human penis. The majority of the vaginal nerves are around the edges of the vagina, 4 inches in and most of them are gone (and four inches in is round about how deep the average woman is when not aroused), though most women say going deeper does give a more intense kind of orgasm. But, and this seems to be the point *everyone* is missing here, whereas a man's penis is basically the only point that really turns him on, women have many points around her body, and if you manipulate her body in the right way you can induce an orgasm just as intense. Anything as simple as a light touch could send her squeeling (zcuse my spelling). Given I'm 17 and telling grown men this, it seems relatively pathetic. #2) for gods sake if this thing takes away from your manhood this much get a penis-enlarging-operation, called a phallo-something. Or (and this I've seen work) take a certain kind of growth hormone (for gods sake consult a doctor). But again like I said you all need to start learning how to manipulate a woman's body. Also, work on the things you can change, like your endurance. And....I'm sorry this is all just so pathetic. I mean seriously?? To all the women out there, if you ever meet any of these guys please slap them or something because they are not only sitting around at home doing (what sounds like ) fuckol to imrove anything, but they are also completely oblivious to what exactly women are all about! Now lastly,, and I can see that people will shoot me down about this last part, most women are kind of less shallow than most men. I went out once with this guy, short, pot beliied with awful skin and all round ugly. But he had self confidence and he was charming, within 5 minutes of walking into a bar he had the number of every single hot girl there. He also ended up sleeping with most of them. if you can charm it doesn't matter how you look. If you can manipulate her body it doesn't matter how big your dick is! And seriously, your dick size doesn't rule your entire life. This is the part where I say "get over yourself". After everything I've said I'm sure you can see that there is something you can do. Oh and have any of you heard of anal before? Generally women's anuses are much smaller than their vaginas, and it can give an orgasm just as amazing. Try it out sometime. And also, strapons? Have any of you heard of that? You should have. Learn how to pleasure women in other ways, because, believe you me, there are ways to get over *everything* Now stop obsessing about your dick, think about the girl instead of yourself, do something (pick from the above list) get out from behind your computer (keep on your panties if you want, that's another lifestyle choice) but stop being pathetic, self resigned over some idiotic problem. You're all pitying yourself too much to see the light (or the women for fucks sake). If you want to contact me, say so and I'll give you my email. Oh yeah, and for those who are hoping that dicks get bigger through "natural selection"; trends have shown a decrease in average male dick size, natural selection is going the other way!  
  random guy  
  I always feel weak and want to be sweet because I am small 5 inches, with very tiny balls, evertime I try to act like a.strong man, my tiny balls tighten up and disapear...I hate that, so needless that at 45 ..I have never been blown and always end up eating Liszt and licking asshole .... And of course I always end up shaving my pussy to be respectful...  
  mark cumbunny  
  Small dicks are, indeed, disappointments **if they're what the small-dicked man tries to use for sex**
The best hope for small-dicked men to provide pleasure to their companions is to leave their dick out of the equation and learn to perform from dykes. My best sex has always been from women (and men with larger cocks) because dykes know how to fuck other women in other and often more skillful ways than men.
Learn to fuck with your fingers, learn to fist, use a strap-on, (or, for women who like oral, learn it like a pro). I have squirted, cum, and had the best girth and depth experiences from great finger-fucking, fisting (oh, god, the fisting!), cervical massage, dp provided with a single lover with toys/fingers/fists, and smart sex talk than with any cock-driven man.
Lesson for the small-dicked: stop approaching sex like a hetero male and start thinking and performing like a dyke. And if you want your dick to have pleasure, do it yourself (enhanced by the pleasure of what you're doing to us). I find it a turn-on to see my dyke lovers getting off on giving me pleasure and you could provide the same turn-on. And some women enjoy the feelings and mind-fuck of having their man cum on them or in our mouths. If that's the case, you can do that too without our involvement with your dick.
But, leave the embarrassment and disappointment out of the equation and keep your dick to yourself. Your sexual success (and stamina) as a pseudo-dyke can easily surpass that of even the best-endowed. But for god's sake, don't enter a bedroom with the mindset of a hetero-male. We really don't want a small dick.
Good luck, poor boys and lucky Pseudo-Dykes.
  Women's Lib  
  The worst thing about a small dick guy is their denial. Blaming the female because they can't cum. We tried many positions to help him cum and he still never came after an hour of penetration. Now my leg is numb from all his weight that was on it. And all he can do its blame me cause I continued to say, I'm tired and this is hurting my leg, my neck and my back. This is my second time with a small penis and I will never let it happen again and men with small dicks are sick people with fantasies that will never ever happen.  
  I think in the total population, there are far more women who truley don't care about size unless the penis is way small. And as far as averages are concerned, there are not that many men walking around with a cock that measures over seven inches. Is is a rather small percentage. There really are not that many men who measure below four inches either. Most measure between five and seven inches with most in the range of five and one-half to six inches. Even the six and one-half penis in somewhat rarer. These guys and gals out here talking about all these eight, nine and ten inchers are bad at math and do not measure correctly, or just simply lying. Truth being, as I said, "Majority of women don't care as long as the penis is in the normal range." The big penis hype on the internet is to help even normal sized guys feel inadequate so companies can sell them "rip off products" that supposedly make the penis larger.(Making the penis larger just is not realistic!) And for the most part, those lying about such matters only do an injustice to guys who are normal or smaller. Enjoy what you have and be confident. That's what real women want, need, and desire. True women enjoy making the man feel confident. They enjoy making the man feel happy, which in turn makes them happy. Women for the most part, love with their hearts, not their vagina. For the most part... stop lying about size and learn to measure 'it' correctly! "To thine own self be true!"  
  T. Halldorsson  
  I have 4.5" when erect. I have had 3 wives and 3 children. I as most guys listen too what their wives say "its fine dear, just the right size for me" when we first start out. But now after being with this one for 18 years, have sex about twice a year am not convinced.
A few years ago when the sex was down to about once a month we went on holiday to Portugal. When we first arrived at the hotel we were ushered into dining room for evening meal.My wife sat by the window overlooking the pool and sunbathing area.
After a short while I noticed I was the only one chastising and ensuring the kids ate properly whilst she gazed out the window. Then I noticed him !! Big and black, well defined body and a pair of speedo's that you could plaily see his very thick 8 or 9" of flacid cock. He was wandering up and down looking after his kids.
She couldnt take her eyes of him and only stopped when I complained. I knew by the end of the holiday whatever nationality he was we would be chatting too him.
Sure enough next day by the pool when I came back from getting dinks there my wife was talking to him and his wife. We became friends and although she always denies it the size of his weapon attracted her too him.
We found out they lived near us at home so we used to have get togethers (not sexually) and the next year went on holiday together in villas connected to each other.
Whenever this guy was outside in his speedo's my wife would be out there with her sunglases on and no prizes for what she was looking at. Nothing ever came of it and we dont see him now but I am sure if I asked her now about a big cock she would still say " its not the size its what you do with it love". That from the really sexy woman who has had sex with me twice this year ???
  My cock is nine inches long by seven inches in circumference. I have never had a complaint. Women and men always stare at my bulge and often their eyes pop out. It is annoying but I have gotten used to it. I had many female friends who would stare or 'accidentally' brush up against me. Some have even grabbed my cock or rubbed my crotch when they were drunk.I never took it personally because i understood that they just NEEDED to touch it, even if just for a second. One old woman at an office party got drunk and found me sitting by myself. She walked up to me and grabbed my cock, rubbing it and said, " You have a massive cock, eh? Please fuck me!" I got a boner but I declined (I'm married). She was disappointed but she started squeezing my cock in her hand and rubbing her hand up and down the shaft. I ended up outside to have a smoke. She follwed me and took me to her car. she unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing dong and her eyes nearly jumped out of her head. 'Holy fucking shit!', she exlaimed. she slapped my meaty cock against her face and sucked me off until I ejaculated in her mouth. After, she watched my cock slowly grow flaccid, with a BIG smile on her face. I told her that this could nnever happen again and she immediately began sucking my cock again. she begged me to fuck her and she pulled her skirt up to show me her huge, dripping wet pussy. I told her that hse could suck it one more time. Then, before I blew my load, I told her to sit on it and she jumped on faster than I though physically
possible. She slammed her pussy up and down my throbbing shaft HARD and FASt. I ejaculated a huge load in her convulsing pussy and she stayed on me until I grew soft.
  Yes sounds rough having a nine inch long cock and everybody staring. A lot easier being me , a 30 year old virgin with a 3" long 3" girth hard 1" soft babydick .  
  Baby dicks would be so much happier once they realize their place. Their little dicklets were not put on this planet to be loved, and worshipped. They weren't put here to slide inside a warm pussy or a tender mouth. The sooner they accept it in life the happier they will be.  
  My penis starts out like this, but ends up at 5" with a total 10". Where do you all you woman feel I stand. Page comments are much appreciated. : )  
  I'm a 5 in. shower ladies. Any thoughts?  
  Tiny Mikey  
  the fulfillment and the streching of a very large cock is whoooo... a guy with a very large black cock i think it was about 8.5 inch larger by seeing. He pentrated me very slowly at the beginging. his penis big head has difficlties to enter and streches my pussy very hard. Isquirt for the first time. He push it again . I was very excited and arouse. And in one very brutal movement he began to fuck me very rapidly Isquirt again an again yesssssssA BIG COCK IS GOOD  
  I feel real bad for u guys with tiny dicks as I am blessed with an 8.5 inch penis which is thick and veiny bends slightly to the left which stretches womens vaginal canals and my head is 2 inch long sculptered and flared and when i thrust or withdraw it catches on their walls triggering them to have bigger orgasms they say than they have ever had previously. It takes a little while for the girls to take the full length but I encourage them to take poppers and then they become insatiable. My favorite thing is fucking married women and everyone I have entered comes almost immediately. Many of them have had partners that measure 6 to 7 inches but it is when i go past that mark with the help of poppers that when my cock pushed past their cervix and stretches the canal out - only problem is that I feel so much friction that it is hard not to come to quickly so deep inside them. Size definatly matters every woman I have had says how much more pleasure they have gotten from being stretched so much - I would advice smaller guys to order online a penis extenstion condom - a good one that can offer 3 more inches costs about £28.00. My best friend who only has a 4.5 dick and who has always felt inadequate especially after an ill advised game of drunken / ecstacy induced strip poker that ended up with him asking me to satisfy his wife - I knew it was a bad idea but couldnt say no - so stretched her out cos she wanted to know what it was like - now I wish i hadnt because it has killed my friends confidence after seeing her pussy fucked so deeply and how much she came. But he just got an extension condom and he and his wifes sex life has been revitalised and he is now able to go in 7.5 and she is loving it - he even put one of top of other condom and extended it to 10.5 and she almost managed that. Fact is when wearing it he feels so much more in control and to her it feels like real thing - giving biggest orgasms she has ever had with him. I used one and managed to get 10.5 in my wifes sister pussy, my wife however can only take all of me with poppers but she tells her sister everything and I guess her sister got curious and has taken advantage of it on a few ocassions as her husband can only go in 5.5 inches
Buy extension it will change your life
  Long Mushroom  
  i like a big cock  
  check out this women
she divorced her loser husband for having a pathetic babydick. She is a hero for putting us losers in our place and she should get laid by a real worthy man
  i have a three and three quarter inch dick when i get a boner,i am 69 years old what should i do with it.  
  jerry,three and three quarter inch dick  
  I think the most important thing is to be honest with yourself. My oldest daughter dad was very well endowed. 9 1/2" long and 7 1/4" around my perfect match. We broke up over money issues and never got married. I ended up sleeping around after we broke up it was frustrating with average size guys. I ended up getting pregnant and gave birth to a son. I also decided to get married a awful decision my new husband was 6 3/4" long and 5 1/2" around. He was your average size losing friction as soon as I would get excited. But I had my saving grace my Ex's big cock. I also always had a reason to go see him dropping off my daughter to visit her dad. He figured out after time that I was being satisfied by my ex lover. I was so horny controlling myself was impossible I didn't care my daughter was there. I would begin undressing him and sucking his cock as she watched. She would watch us make love laying next to us in the bed. I would stay weekends and sometimes weeks fucking him. My daughter would ask me why I was having sex with daddy and was married to my husband. I grabbed her daddy's cock and put her hand on it. Feel how thick and round it is how long it is. She giggled and stroked it joining me sucking it. I love your daddy's big cock after that she would become more involved with our sexual play. I let her know how important finding a husband with a big cock is so she didn't find herself in happy. At that moment I realized how important her dad was to me and how I wanted to be with him forever. I got divorce proceedings going the next week. Me and my ex became husband and wife a couple weeks after the divorce was final. It was the best day of my life finally marrying a real man who would feel my pussy.  
  I read out the comments of ladies which are real voice of the women and i realize that the size of penis actually matters  
  Malik Idrees  
  Size does matter.  
  Ron Chau
  guys with small dicks need to wear panties and expected to get fucked up the ass by us guys with big cocks - this should be a law; and if you have a girlfriend, we should be able to fuck both of you up the ass  
  Large N In Charge  
  im 15 & I have a 5'5 is that ok??  
  jamie 97  
  I've been with 4 women & i've never had one complant from any of my women! And i know for a fact than one of my women told my i was alittle small than her previous boyfriend but she loves the size of my dick & i'm 6 and a half inches.  
  Im 16 wid a 7.5-8 inch dick round 5.5 in girth am i ok ladies?  
  I never thought penis size mattered until I had my first real man. After having his fat eight inches and getting my first deep spot orgasms, any man with less than eight inches and the ability to fill my to my posterior fornix, will never do.  
  Women these days have children with real Alpha males and then try to get Beta males to take care of their children. Men who would lock themselves into this agreement are basically admitting that they are Beta males and should be treated as such.
I have listened to my share of women who have been impregnated by a man who ditched them. While they profess to hate this man you can't help but see her practically wet her panties thinking about the good times. Because after all those good times were good, certainly better than with the Beta male.
The Beta male should babysit while the Alpha male has a date night with his ex. He will ravish her the way she wants to be treated and your tender care is better left to taking care of children like a cuckold nanny.
  Nanny boy cuckies  
  This is all so true. I now know that, as a small dick, I have no right to be bothering women. You can just see the disappointment in their eyes when you pull it out and even fully hard it's barely there. I firmly believe that small dicks need education from an early age to leave all the fucking and dating to real men.  
  I am college girl unmarried but not virgin. I love and like big and strong cock in side of my rest room known as penis hole or cunt hole.I prefer circunised penis because it looks nice in shape and seize and smell free and no risk of any boyfriend penis is circumised who raptured my virginty with their 6.5”long and thig penis & keep my pussy happy. I dislike uncut penis in oral sex ,I sucked only cut penis and hate uncut penis in my sweet mouth. Hard love stick is attractive for all and no one like soft penis in her hole.  
  km.urvasi saxena.  
  If you are soft alot and cant get hard and long and thick 8 or more inches then a guy is looked down like a little pantie wearing nothing pussy faggot bitch who should be sucking big strong dicks of his girls lovers and getting his ass kicked by her nude in bed for being a weak little bitch who cant fuck,he should wear her panties and suck her cunt on his knees.  
  I always cheat on my barely average sized boyfriend with his best friend, Tim. Tim is very well endowed...nine inches and thicker than my wrist! Every time we have sex, I have intense orgasms. On one occasion, I had sex with my boyfriend right after Tim had finished screwing me. I swear, I could not even feel him inside me! Tim's beautiful, uncut manhood puts my BF's small one to shame!  
  My wife prefers bigger and I let her get it whenever she wants with whoever she wants and it turns me on so much I hope I get to watch her with a big dick someday  
  5 inch  
  Over in Hawaii, which is mostly Asian population, by the way, I got roped into a dick measuring contest with this Asian guy. He had a cute girl and he told my girlfriend his dick was bigger than mine! She said, Bullshit! and he responded saying I'll bet you $1000. I'm bigger and longer! We said we didn't have that kind of money, then he said, "OK, I'll put up $1,000 against this: If you lose, I fuck your girlfriend here in front of you and everybody, AND when I'm done, you have to suck all my cum out of her cunt!! Before I could say, "Screw you!" my girlfriend says "It's a deal!"!!
He drops his pants and reveals a 7-inch dong that was thick! Honey is shitting her pants now, cuz when she sees that, she knows we've lost the wager. He makes her take off her sun dress, which came off in one quick jerk; same thing with her panties (she wasn't even wearing a bra, so her tits are out and strangely aroused!) He's in and pumping away in seconds, and she starts doing some serious moaning. 30 minutes later she's had six orgasms and this one is shaking her entire frame! He blows a huge load into her unprotected pussy as everyone in the room erupts in cheers.
Then humiliated and disgusted I ate my meal from betweem her legs....a huge glob of thick jism. I can still taste it! Every person from that party ridicules me every time we meet.
Oh yeah, my girlfriend lives with him now. She said, "Why would I stay with you, when he gives me powerful orgasms every time, and you NEVER do? She has a point!
  lil' 4-inch  
  I know you girls are right... I am very tiny and i do feel bad about putting my Ex wife though this...
  Tiny Penis  
  Mine is 5.5 and I trink im hung  
  I personally get aroused when women point and giggle at my 3" erection, I know that it could never please any woman , but I love it when they tell me to go play with myself. :)  
  I dated a sissy once & his little finger dick was so damn small I couldn't even feel it I swear rock hard he wasn't longer than two inches & real thin , short & tiny & even his balls were tiny little grapes it was totally useless & pathetic I've never laughed so hard in my life I felt so sorry for him I let him try & I.couldnt feel a thing at all it was just pointless so I told him his name is. douglas t. Gugel I told him it would never work out because his little dick was just too small & I couldn't feel it & he cried like a little baby sissy ! I didn't mean to make him cry but he didn't have what a real man has to satisfy a woman at all Imean his dick is so small its no use for sex at all period !!!  
  I love to sink my cock deep in pussy.  
  My dick is 6,5" and just about 5" around which means it is an
about the average caucasian size. No reason to worry you might say but with the last three girlfriends I've had it has begun to feel too small. With my gf now I often use different penis sleeves to gain more length and girth. It is obviously not the same thing than having a big cock but it does help a lot. The biggest sleeve gives 2,5" more length and makes my weiner 1" thicker and my gf takes it wholly in with ease and likes it really. One of my ex gf's said right after we had sex that she would like to get bigger cock in her than what I have and the one woman I really loved, which I still do :( actually loved to use a big cucumber more than me doing her with my dick. She actually cheated me with a guy who I know to have a huge cock. It really hurt back then and so it still does.
  I have had my share of cocks that are 7 to 8 inches, but last week I had a black man who was just over 11 inches and 8 inches around. It scared me at first, but when I relaxed it felt so good, the deeper it went, and I let him fuck me really good!! Now I want more!! A LOT MORE AND ON A REGULAR OFTEN BASIS. Beats what I have at home for sure, and I cum MUCH better and way more often.  
  Mon mari ne fait que 9 cm en érection et s'est vraiment tout petit
My husband is only 9 cm erect and is really tiny
  I am 4.6 length and 4.3 girth am I realy that small?  
  my husband and i were on vacation with our daughter and her husband four or so years ago. i am 60 my son in law 40. we rented a home that also had a shower under the stilts. my husband and daughter were shopping one day. i went down stairs for a shower, undressed and walked into the shower only to find my son in law already in there. my eyes went from his eyes to his penis. he said that not to worry and come on in. i have large breasts, and could see he was looking at my nipples, they are big as well. he asked me to turn and he would wash my back. as he rubbed the soap on i could feel his penis slapping my behind. i turned around looked at his penis and said " you are so big, the biggest i have ever seen" i asked how big he is, he replied 7 soft and almost 9 hard. he was thick as well. from a penis standpoint, he has the most visual penis i could ever imagine. we did not have sex. by the way my husband is about 5 to 5.5  
  my dick is 5 inch..but its way thicker...and black..can i satisfy a girl  
  As a 21yo modern woman, I have the right to reject boys and their ugly little "button dicks" that always disappoint me and every girl I have ever spoken with. In college, our sorority required that all sisters are to provide the size of any guy they are dating.
Also, to get invited to our private house parties, all guys must provide their penis statistics. We have rejected many, many guys. 6" and less; don't even try...automatic rejection. There are several 7" boys that don't make it because their penis is too thin.
If the guy passes the size test, he will have a choice of any sister here.
The girls here may have a reputation of being size queens. We are proud of our heritage of this tradition. Boys should learn how to behave according to their penis size. Several girls have started a seminar about penis size and acceptable be hair for freshman boys.
I have seen some really small boys actually cry in front of us when they learn that their little penis is rejected and they are to be put on the "Banned Boys" poster in our meeting hall.
They cry and the tears run.
  WOW, I thought men were shallow. Thanks for the comments, but wow!  
  my cock is about 4.5 inche long and girth of 5 inchs. is my cock small  
  My husband is useless as a man in bed. He is only 2" hard. After a yr I was screwing the guys at work for relief. Best thing i did was hook him up with a black man. Now he sucks dick and i get mine . he is into blsck men an dresses in panties for them  
  I used to be able to get girlfriends in my 20,s but had my fair share of comments from them about my penis which was 4 3/4 erect long an 4 inch girth ,being small ,an it knocked my confidence. An one ex tammy used to berate my small size daily in front of her friends an sisters. One ex told her best friend I had a small dick an she an several friends rang me up an left a voicemail message sharing her knowledge of my small dick ,which was followed by several girls loud laughter, now I am 40 an my penis is less than 4 inches erect an have lost some girth, an am afraid to let any girls see it as its really small , my only hope is to get a woman who will cheat on me  
  leon craig  
  My penis is too small, under 4 inches erect and very thin, smallest I have seen  
  Matthew Smith  
  I made a huge mistake. I divorced my 1st husband to marry my 2nd.
My first husband had trouble with responsibility. He was always coming up with some crazy "plan" to become wealthy. Of course that never happened. But I always got caught in his crazy lust. He had "The Cock" and always with a wild way he turned me into his slut. He was big. He was long. He was thick. He would have me growling cock. I'd get wet just seeing him change his clothes. That untamed, uncut monster almost scared me it was so big. I measured him just to see what I was getting hammered by. A true 8.75" long and a hip splitting 6.75" in girth. When he pulled back his skin to expose that wet bulbous head, I would actually start to quiver. Sex was so intense I would become absent minded just like him. I would miss work just to get fucked one more time, and one more time.
We would not go shopping for food even when the fridge was empty. We always had time for me to slobber over him and his scary cock.
We had to split up after 2 years. I was almost broke.
I met a great guy. Super handsome, a charming gentleman, and he took care of everything. He really did have plans.
I was excited about getting on with our lives with my new husband. A big home, new cars, and vacations a few times a year! That was exciting!
I thought the lack of craziness in bed would be a good thing.
I found myself daydreaming during sex. His penis was rather short and thin. It didn't look that great and it didn't feel that great. I measured him against his complaining that it was all in my head. 5" long and 4.5" in girth! Now that IS tiny!
No wonder why sex with him was a bore. I couldn't feel anything with that little worm. He actually said that my pussy was tight!
You know, I couldn't stand it when this little boy-penis guy talked that way. It actually revolted me. I didn't want that noodle to even touch me.
So here I am. I'm one angry bitch right now. Angry at all the little skinny penises in the whole world.
Don't even come near me little pee pee. I'll spit on your disgusting thing.
I want cock! I want 9" x7"!
I deserve a good fuck with a huge cock.
I want a monster cock with no brains. Just fuck me hard!
Damn it.
  Donna R  
  if youre small dont bet on a girl staying .. so what u do is fuck many girls, and cut contact when youre done with them ... get good bank and lift weights and eat healthy... they can't guess how big u are if you're not wearing tight clothes.. you can still be a winner who gets a lot of pussy with a tiny dick, you just wont have that pussy coming back, likely. even if u give her an orgasm  
  alpha small dick  
  Jeff, thanks for your comment. I posted it here:  
  Okay so my dick is 6.5inches hard is this small??? Please wanting to know  
  some time ago my friends were discussing the subject, the usual not the size but the technique was bought up, we laughed about some of encounters, a few of my friends definitely said in lusty tones about past experiences with well endowed men, I listened mildly amused, my partner is average and our sex life is okay. Then one of my friends made a point that is hard to debate with the size issue. Identical men, one with a small thin penis and the other with a large thick penis, not porn star just large. Everyone of us agreed, large, we had all encountered a small one. Me I still haven't had the pleasure of a large one  
  I have a small 4 inch penis and met a woman who I slept with on our second date. As she lay on the bed and I slipped off my shorts she tried to hide her disappointment. We started to have missionary position sex and then she kept initiating different positions after a few minutes of a position as I kept slipping out.
She then dumped me the next day. She said it was that we did not have similar interests but I am sure its cos I lacked the equipment. I have now accepted my role in the cock hierarchy and acknowledge that all future relationships will be with me a cuckold. :-)
  Please help!! I need a serious advice. Im 21 yo virgin smalldick with wee wee under 5 inches. should it be locked permanently in chastity or should i try to have sex with girls?(they refused me so far). I need womens opinion on this- I will of course take that as an order for me.  
  well women who say little cock are usless to big one are right I missed out on fucking some nice girls and some guys wife and it's all down to me havin a baby cock 1inch soft and under 3inch hard
Even had a friends girlfriend say I can tell you got a small one to me when I was in my 30
My wife started telling me I'm small now and did not like it at first but found it tobe a turn on now ,now all I keep asking her is to cuck me with a big black guy at her works as I know she had the hots for him for along time but up till now she's to shy or has she been with a real man

  What do you think of me, ladies? ;-)

'BIG Dick' Rod
  Recently become a cuck and at least now I get my little dick rode now and again as she humiliates it  


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