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5 inches = a real man




In videos and images we see them all the time: Men with huge penises. It is easy to become insecure about your own penis if you have an average or even a little bigger than average penis. Compared to the huge cocks it seems so small.


The huge cocks seen all over Internet can give the impression that they are very usual, that women are used to have sex with men with huge cocks and it gives the impression that the average size of men’s penises is much bigger than it really is. That makes men with average or even a little bigger than average penises actually think they are smalldicks.


It is easy to forget that those huge cocks are much rarer than they seem to be. Only a 0.8 percent of the men in the world have penises that are 8 inches or more. Most women have never had sex with men with these big penises.


A majority, about 50% of all men have a penis between 5.5 inches/14 cm and 6.2 inches/15.7 cm.


The percentage of men who have between 5 inches/12.7 cm and 6.5 inches/16.5 cm is about 84%.


With a 5 inches long penis, there is no reason to think you are a smalldick. The average penis is around 5.8 inches/14.7 cm, only 0.8 inches longer than the 5 inches penis.


A little less than 1% are smalldicked losers, smaller than 4 inches/10 cm. The opinions can vary for the group of males between 4 and 5 inches, whether they should be called smalldicks or men but men with 5 inches or more, have no reason to think they belong to the smalldicks.

  Many sex researchers and therapists are skeptical about the whole concept of average penis size as they are based on measurements from laboratory studies where men knew they were participating in research to see how their penises measured up. This means guys who were worried about size were less likely to participate, whilst men who thought they had big cocks were more than happy to show them.

So many researchers, therapists and doctors suspect the ‘average’ penis size figures obtained in research (and widely quoted) are at least an inch larger than they should be. This is because research on penis size is skewed in favour of men who are happy to be measured.

That is partly why you sometimes see a range of penis sizes given rather than the mean size, which is unreliable. If you really want a mean measurement then probably 5 inches when erect is more likely than 5.8 or +6 inches like some surveys present.


People, both women and men, have different opinions about how big a penis should be to be satisfying, manly and impressive. With a growing awareness and knowledge about penis sizes and the importance of penis size, we can expect women to be more demanding in future, not accepting men for sex if they are not big enough. Different women have different limits, how small penises they will accept for sex.

  Instead of worrying about your size, if it is big enough, if it will satisfy women, there are some easy things to remember:  
  5 inches makes you a real man, even as small as 4 inches will be considered as enough to be a man by many people.  
  You are bigger, actually many times bigger than many smalldicks with tiny dicks, if you have a 5 inches long penis.  
  With 5 inches, you cannot compete or be like a man with a big cock but you do not need to. Only accept that there are bigger and better men. Most men have to realize that there are bigger and better men, so you are not alone to be in that situation.  
  So before regarding yourself as a smalldick, remember that your penis is several times bigger than many smalldicks' tiny dicks.  
  When you decide to show your penis to the world, do it in the Real Men section:  
  Let people watch and admire your penis there, be proud and happy about your penis and let people praise it.  


  Nothing wrong with a 5-inch dick as long as you have an average girth , say 5 inch girth . On the other hand , even if you have a penis that is a bit longer - like my own 5.5 " long dick , but combined with a boydick girth of 4" - well when you calculate the volume the result , on this site is " Sorry but your peepee is little " . Girth is the ONLY thing that counts at least having sex with a woman and a skinny little dick is incapable of giving any woman that "filled up with a thick mancock " feeling and in my own case my GFs always wind up leaving me for a guy with a thicker cock .  
  Jonny Pencildyk  
  Yeah my penis is nearly 7" long hard but no way could I call myself a real man . Why ? Because my manly longer than normal erect cock has a girth of only 3.5 " . You haven't seen a skinny dick until you see mine . My first wife called it a "freak of nature " and said it felt like getting fucked with a stick . She left me for a guy 2 inches shorter but thick and told me that finally she could cum . My second wife called it a " toothpick " dick because it was too thin to be called a pencildick ! I caught her with the 16 year-old kid who lived next door - he was way thicker . Not long after she filed for divorce . Since then when I've hooked up with another woman she wants to take photos of it cause it is so -unusual , but not in a good way . Statistically I think , from researching it , that it is thinner than 95 % of adult males , but longer than 75 % of adult males . Soft it's about 5 " long by 2" girth . My girth is a normal size - for an 11 year-old kid . A true oddity but not in a good way for my potential partners . Not sure why I got this kind of cock - my father and my brother were shorter but much thicker . I have a truly unusual but truly ridiculous penis .  
  I am only 3.75" fully erect with a 4" girth and I am definitely a boycock, being smaller than a 12 year old...!!! 99.6% of all men are bigger than me...!!! So I would love to have a 5" cock and be considered a man. Instead I have come to accept being a useless boycock submissive. I have had 2 cuckold marriages and now live on my own. Well done to all 5" cock men for being so big in my eyes...!!!  
  Too small 4 women  
  I'm glad I found this site; at 6in I always thought I had a small dick. Happy to know I can be considered a real man! :)  
  What joker or idiot said that 5" pee pee is ever going to be acceptable?
Some sissy boy?
Im am NOT going to be SHAMED for my personal and sexual needs for a significantly larger than average Real Man Cock.
Little sissys boys are starting to whine and cry.
I don't even care about any of those losers.
My cunt needs cock.
  Real living Woman here!  
  I'm pretty lucky to have a 7"x6" dick.. I can get any girl with that dick :p
  Lukasz Swift  
  My cock is 5.8 inches and i'm 15 years old.so how big will it be when i'm 22  

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