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About me


This is a page about me, babydick but there is someone much more important I must write about first:

  Fat Sissyfag James has been a member for a long time in the site. Very recently he decided to be more than a member.  
  Well aware of his self confidence, his power and his wish to rule over weak, submissive smalldicks, he decided to take control both over me and over this site.  
  Master James, as I must address him, is absolutely right when he tells me he should be the most important person in my life.  
  When he orders me to adjust both this site to promote him in the best possible ways and to make it the number one thing to praise him and make more smalldicks praise him and become obedient, useful slaves for him, I realize that he is the greatest, most generous but also the most selfish, most powerful, most demanding and most worthy man in the world.  
  But just having control of this site is not enough, Master James also demands total worship from me, he demands to own me as one of his worthless slaves he demands to be the most important person and the only one I worship and obey.  
  These are all demands that he deserves, they are actually just part of all he deserves. Master James has showed me that he is the greatest man for me to serve, he has taught me to watch and worship his big, fat, superior, manly body. I now have no wish to watch or get excited by looking at others, no woman or man has the sexy appeal that can make my tiny dick hard, it is only when I watch Master James powerful, masculine cock, his big, sexy ass that I can fantasize of being his slave in real life, sucking his cock, licking  his asshole, his armpits, his big, impressive belly and his feet.  

  Being a slave for Master James is the most honourable, exciting and fantastic thing for a loser like me. Nothing can ever be more precoius or important than to serve, obey and worship Master James. He makes me realize how totally worthless I am when I beg to kneel before his feet.  
  Let Master James rule your lives, control you and own you, click on the pic below and become a smalldicked faggot and slave for Master James.  


Welcome to my site about penis size.

I am babydick, your small dick loser in awe of real men with real penises.

I am happy to serve women, real men and smalldicks who have bigger cocks than I.

Here is a little about me and why I think it is important that men realize that size is important and that they accept their size.

I started this site as an information site, but with an opinion than most sites don’t want to admit: That bigger is better.


I have a small penis, just 3.3 inches erect. I always knew it was small but when I looked for statistics and surveys in Internet, I was surprised I was so much smaller than most other men.



Only 1 of 500 men is 3.75 inch (9.525 cm). My size is not even in the statistics above.

When I saw that the average length of 12 year old boys are bigger than me, I was both surprised and excited to think about the difference in size between me and most other men. I also realised that the girls I have met, wanted much more in bed than my little dick.

Average erect penis length, by age:

11 3.29"
12 4.10"
13 5.34"
14 5.74"
15 6.04"
16 6.18"
17 6.27"
18 6.29"
19 6.25"


 I understood why cuckolding is so popular in relations, where the husband/bf has a small dick and I also understood why so many small dicked men think it is normal to be humiliated and teased about their lack of manhood.

Because the size difference can really be enormous. Even small differences in length, will mean a big difference in volume. Mine is about a third of an average man’s penis.

My dick                 Average penis

If penises A and B of the same length are compared, A measuring 1½ inch wide and B 1¾ inch wide, then B is 137% (approx 1.4 times) bigger in volume and will fill her up with more than a third more penis than penis A.

  My conclusion of all these amazing facts was of course: I am not much of a man.


Compare my dick with the cock of an average real man below:




My dick is:

Length: 3.3 inches (8.39 cm)

Circumference: 3.7 inches  (9.4 cm)

Volume: 3.6 cubic inches


The average penis is:

Length: 5.8 inches, ≈ 14.732 cm

Circumference: 4.972 inches ≈ 12.63 cm.

Volume: 11.42 in³ = 0.187 litres

  A man with an average cock is 1.76 times longer and

3.17 times bigger in volume


My dick only measures 8.4 cm, 3.3 inches.

My life as small dick

I was not lucky to learn as a young boy. I was only humiliated once at school by a dominant boy, making me show up my little dick for the rest of the boys. When I was 19, in the military service, I had to stand naked in front of a guy with a large cock in the shower room, answering to his questions about non-important things, while he stood in front of me showing his manhood. I could see he loved to keep me there, feeling small and inferior. But that is all that happened.

Maybe if they had done more, I would have learned my place sooner. It would have been much better to have learned as a teenager.

Since then I tried to find a gf, only to find that when I met a girl, she was just excited about me until she saw my small dick. One girl told me straight out that she needed a bf with a big cock, so I should not expect anything with her. The girls left me shortly after and I realized it was just pathetic to try to find a gf. I wish I had learned earlier to stop bothering girls and make them disappointed. The girls should be left for men who can give them the sexual pleasure they need.

Trying to compare myself to other men just seems such an insult to real men, who have real penises.

They should always be regarded as superior alpha-males by guys with small dicks like me. We can admire them, submit to them but we should not think for a second, we can ever be real men like them.

There are other things small dicks can do, than trying to be like real men.

The best thing is to be useful for real men or woman. What could be more honourable for a smalldick than being a slave for someone superior? Working with this site is my way to honour real men and making more smalldicks like me find our superior men to obey, honour, worship and praise.

Please mail me when you have ideas, suggestions, requests, I want to serve you better. If you want me to address you "Sir" every time I mail you, please tell me, both real men and smalldicks deserve my respect.








  I agree, small dick guys like me should serve men with larger cocks, but it's funner with a woman watching me suck cocks! :D  
  Serving real men and women is what we should do.  
  Greg seems to have found his purpose in life then?  
  It is a happy thing finding it out after wondering why we were born with small dicks.  
  Don't give up on finding a gf if that is what you want. You can always buy products, like strap-on dildos, to satisfy your woman if your small package isn't enough for her. Also, become a master of cunnilingus and most women won't even need you to fuck them.  
  True, being a good licker helps, also being a good cuckold because women need a good fuck with a real man.  
  A small dick should be teased  
  Being teased, humiliated and ridiculed helps us remember our place and how pathetic we are.  
  I love it when I get humiliated as my penis is the same size as yours.  
  Boy Penis Ady  
  Then you deserve to be humiliated like me.  
  this site is fucking weird....really. I didn't know people with smaller than average dicks were this mental  
  It is time people find out how smalldicks are, it makes it easier for them to treat us as we should be treated.  
  I think you are absolutely correct about the role of tiny dicked males. My little micro-size penis is usually "inverted" when flaccid so that it has ZERO length and width and, even when engorged it is only 1.5 to 2 inches in length and about 1 inch in Diameter so that 99.99 percent of all males have a bigger penis than I do. Not surprisingly, I was teased, taunted and tormented by the Older Boys and was "forced" into several "homosexual" experiences as a young boi. However, I was 25 and married (had to marry a "Virgin) before I fully began to accept, acknowledge and embrace the fact that I was just too tiny, too small and shot off way too prematurely to ever be able to sexually satisfy a woman. However, I now realize that in retrospect I should have come to this conclusion as a little boi. I knew I was different from other Boys the very first time I undressed and showered in the Boys Locker Room.  
  Karli Kunt  
  I think it is easier for young boys to find our were they stand now, since there is so much more information available in the Internet. It helps both boys with small dicks and boys with real cocks.  
  mine is 3.8"long and 4.4"girth would you class that as small?  
  It is a small dick, yes but superior to mine.  
  You are superior, Sir, you have my respect.  
  I have most guys My GodCock is 8" long and a fat 8"around at the base....all smaller guys should kneel and worship My GodCock. Now I know there are larger Cocks, some freakishly larger..but Mine is shaped just right for mouths and assholes.  
  You are most superior, Sir. I and other smalldicks should kneel at your feet, we are worthless compared to you.  
  wow that really is a baby dick, no woman can look at that little nub without bursting into laughter  
  Yes, women will always laugh at tiny dicks, reject them and choose real men with real cocks. I only deserve to be laughed at and humiliated by women.  
  Even with my 4.6 inch dick I fail with almost every woman, so my sexual live is reduced to use my tongue, which is quite skilled in licking clits and huge cocks! I learned to have fun with that! A submissive slave's life!  
  Our tongues are our assets.  
  i, too, am small, 2" soft, 4" hard, and about 4" around. i have been a cuckold hubby since year 3 of my marriage. When i found out my wife was fucking my boss, i was both terribly hurt and incredibly aroused. She asked me would i rather know, and i said yes. She then asked would i like to be there, and i nodded yes. Shortly after that, i was sucking my boss's cock to make it hard for my wife, and cleaning his cock and her pussy with my tongue after they fucked. When i was with them my little dick stood at attention the entire time. As as special treat i was allowed to put my boss's cock into my wife's beautiful cunt. i licked or fondled his big balls while he was inside her. i felt honored to worship both his big thick dick and her sweet pussy. Another treat when i was especially good was to jerk off in front of them while they humiliated and abused my shrimp dick and small balls. My wife didn't know that my boss was now calling me into his office to suck his cock whenever he felt like being serviced or needed to relieve tension. Then one day in his office - this was about 6 months later - he called me into his office and as usual had his cock out. i dropped to my knees and hungrily took him in my mouth, slowly inching all of his 8 inches down my throat, but instead of dumping his man load down my throat, he pulled me up, took my pants and undies (i was wearing a silky black thong) off, bent me over his desk, spread my legs wide, ordered me to pull my "boi pussy" apart, eased his cock deep into me, and fucked me into delirious bliss. i came without even touching myself. Then, he exploded inside me, and i loved the feel of his thick rich cum in my pussy. When he was done he was still hard, so he put me on my back and fucked me again in that position, sometimes sucking my little titties, and sometimes fondling my little dick. Finally he came a second time. He sucked me until i came. It took less than a minute. He told me he owned me, and i told him i loved and worshiped him. Shortly after that, he shared with my wife that i was his "cum dump whore". Since then, not only does my boss fuck my wife in front of me, he fucks me in front of her. And, i've gotten three raises.  
  A great story. It must be wonderful both to work for a superior, real man as your boss, then let him fuck your wife and be his faggot. You are a very good smallldick being so useful for a real man.  
  hy dear I am in india in new delhi any body want a sex ya sex help any thing about a sex plz massege ya call any time also use in whats up 9953541748  
  What an amazing story littledicky! I read it 4 times just now.  
  I have a tiny penis, only 3 inches long when he is hard. But he is one handsome one and I am proud of him.  
  Tiny penis Bob  
  Welcome to show your dick in this site.  
  my Lund size 8"  
  You have an impressing cock size, Sir. Welcome to show your superior cock in this site.  
  im 59 and have a small penis im 1inc soft and 2'5 hard iv never been happy and propbley will never be im also marrjde for a long time and havent had sex with anyone for over 30 years and it sucks  
  The possibilities are endless. In this site you can find many ways to have a great sex life even if does not mean you will fuck women. There are so many other things smalldicks can do.  
  I've got about 5'' I serve black dick  
  Both smalldicks and real men can serve bigger cocks.  
  I recently have embraced my fate to serve bbc and in doing so have let my masculinity shed revealing me as a submissive, happy and grateful to serve real men. My dick is 2 1/2 inches soft, hard at 5. I have been teased, and humiliated. In the army standing in a large circle droping our pants to be inspected, and other men across from me, that I knew were smirking at my size the smallest one there. My pubic hair covering its length. Now, I am a sub boi for a dominant black man and not going back and so grateful. I love this site  
  You were lucky being naked in a group of men with bigger cocks. It helped you become submissive towards real men with bigger cocks. It couls have been the opposite though: You could have been the biggest in the group instead. Maybe then you would have become dominant and started to humiliate and use smalldicks. This is the good thing about the male hierarchy: You can both serve bigger and make smaller serve you.  
  I used to think my penis size was small. Though, I only had pornstars as a reference. The average penis is 5.8 inches... I'm 7.75 inches, with a 6 inch base... And I'm only 15. Thanks for the reference chart  
  I used to have issues about my size, but massive pornstar dicks were my only references. I now know I'm very gifted to have a 7 3/4 inch dick with a 6 inch base... And I'm 15. Thanks for showing me the average size chart to boost my confidence.  
  I am happy you found out how superior you are, Sir. Most men in the world are much smaller than you.  
  No solo tengo la desgracias de tener un pene pequeño, sino que además poseo un testiculo solo.
I have not only the misfortune of having a small penis, but also possess only one testicle.
  Marito Vera  
  I am not sure it matters, with a small penis you do not expect to impress anyone anyways, do you?  
  I have a small dick and serve endowed black males.  
  It is a good choice to serve real men with big cocks.  
  Would love to see you have a section on here where you photograph your dick next to items for comparison... roll of Quarters, roll of Life Savers, Chapstick, Candy Bars, etc... pic after pic showing us how small you are.  
  Yes, I should show my dick more for superior people to be entertained. I will do as soon as I can, in the meantime please watch the smalldicks in this site, many make the kind of pics you mentioned.  
  My hard dick is barely 4 inches. After years of humiliating sexual experiences that left women frustrated I have come to accept that my role is to serve real men and there women. I now get turned on by being humiliated and made fun of for my little dick When women make fun of my small dick I get hard.I'm 6'1 and in good shape, but when women see my small dick they quickly loose interest. I would love to be a cuckold who gets to watch his women get fucked by real men  
  It is natural for smalldicks to be humiliated and cuckolded. And it is a good way to serve superior men and women.  
  my 19.5 cm nice cock and big load of sperm  
  A superior cock, Sir. You are welcome to show your cock in the site so we can worship it.  
  I have a small dick. i want to worship and serve big real men. please mail me. lets chat .
  I have only been with women, been in construction for 30 years and my last girlfriend talked me into giving her friend oral sex while she watched saying it would turn her on getting me high so i would drop all my inhibitions and wanting me to dress up like a girl so after a few minutes of sucking man's dick i hear her say an man that likes sucking dick must be a queer i was so turned on by the thought i swallow his sperm and told him i would do that again if he wanted me.too but it was a trick to see if i was a queer and ever since that i haven't been able to get an erection thinking of a women but only can get horny watching porno where i see a women sucking dick and i fantasized about being her and wanting to be a sissy boy queer with a chastise penis forced by sexy women to admit i love her turning me into a homosexual. But she left me and i need a women that will enjoy turning me into a sissy boy queer who desires to be a prison bitch that loves black dick and becoming his sex slave  
  Many women today know about cuckolding and about humiliating smalldicks, I am sure you can find a woman who will turn you into her cuckold sissy and force you to serve her lovers. In the Dating section you can make an ad and tell about your wishes.  
  I can feel your pain having a small dick myself, 3.8"L and 4.2"Girth.
I have had a very similar past as you.
  I think it can be painful to find out how small you are. But only until you realize that SPH, serving real men and women is the most exciting things for smalldicks.  
  I married when I was 18 and my hubby was the first real boyfriend I'd. His penis is 5 inches L by 4.8 inches G. Tell me, is this small or average?  
  Kate S  
  You were lucky, you married a real man. 5 inches makes him a real man, you can read more about having a 5 inches cock here:

You have a husband who can give you pleasure with his cock and it deserves to be loved and worshipped. His penis length is a little below average which is around 5.8" and his girth is  average, so it is thick enough.

  My wife lost her virginity when she was 14 years old to her 16 year old boyfriend who had a big thick manly 10 inch cock, my wife loves to remind me that she was playing with bigger cocks than mine when she was in school  
  cuck loser husband  
  Your wife is lucky to have the experiences from real men. It helps her not to make the mistake of treating you like a real man and it makes it easier for her to decide to fuck real men when she wants and needs.  
  My place is on my knees before those well endowed males I can never be. To service their needs and be the best cuckold I can be to my wonderful wife is my mission.  
  P. Giorgio  
  It must be wonderful to be a useful smalldick, giving superior men the pleasure from being sucked, fucking your wife and from dominating and humiliating you.  
  I'm 3.4 inch's I have thickness of 1.5 inch's. I love women ,but I cant please a women so bring on the BIG MONSTER DICK IM AT YOUR SERVICE.  
  You find them here:  
  Interesting, at 12 I had a 4" cock which would be average but then I got attacked one day by older boys and forced to suck their cocks then my dick never grew past that size nor did I grow any taller (Im only 5'2'') do you think the ingestion of semen causes nature to "switch" boys in puberty into "woman mode"?  
  First of all: No. I never heard semen would have that effect. Why were you attacked? Could it be because the boys noticed something about you, did they think you looked like a smalldick or a faggot? Many smalldicks look or behave in ways that can make observant or experienced people realize that they are smalldicks. See more about it here:  
  Maybe the boys had experience from meeting smalldicks before, they knew you were a smalldick before you knew yourself..  
  I think it is more possible that " "switching" boys in puberty into "woman mode" " or becoming smalldicks was, in your case, caused by how they treated you. Making you their cocksucking faggot must have made you submissive and making you lose your confidence, it made it difficult for you to feel like a real man. Whether you knew anything about penis size or not a that age, it might have made your penis stop growing. Our bodies are very much adjusting themselves to our needs. We have the feeling of hunger when we forgot to eat, to remind us to eat. If we eat bad food, we start vomiting to have the food removed quickly. Our brains constantly make conclusions and decisions depending on our needs and depending on what happens to us.  
  Maybe your brain made the conclusion that you do not need a big or even average penis when it noticed what you were doing - sucking cocks of real men, Maybe it decided not to put much or any effort on making your penis grow based on what you did for the boys. Even at 12, boys have sexual feelings. Our brains probably learns from our feelings and reactions, What I mean is: If you had done other sexual things like touching your penis as other boys do and then had some good feelings and reactions from that, the brain might have decided to make your penis grow to increase and develop the good feelings and reactions you had. It would be important for you to have a healthy and well developed penis. A young boy touching his penis is an early sign of sexual development, a positive sign of him becoming sexually mature .  
  In your case, being forced to give blowjobs to older boys was a sign too, You probably had sexual feelings and reactions from that. Especially later, thinking of their cocks. They were signs of you becoming a man but not by touching your penis but by thinking about their penises. Since the reason for your sexual reactions  was not your own penis, the conclusion for your brain could be: Making your penis healthy and big is not important.  
  Your experience must have been negative, being forced to suck them must have made you scared, less self confident, insecure, submissive and humiliated. But you also had sexual feelings and reactions from that, signs of you becoming sexually mature.  
  For the boy in the example above, it is logical that the brain tries to develop his penis, since it would be good for the boy, he had only good results (the boys' pleasure for example) from touching his penis. If your brain would decide to try to develop your penis, it would be based on bad results from your sexual experience. Developing your penis would possibly mean making you more scared, even less self confident, more insecure, more submissive and more humiliated.  
  Please remember that these are only my theories not at all based on any science.  
  I thought my 16 cm penis was a little on the small side , but after reading the posts on this blog i feel like i am packing a reasonable size cock  
  Yes, Alex, you have a nice size, bigger than the majority of males. I am happy you found this site, it is really good when real men find penis size information, many think they have small dicks when they actually have nice average or even big penises.  
  I have a good sized cock at 7 1/2 inches and my wife has cucked me to a bull with a 10 inch penis and all i do no days is suck his cock to get him hard for my wife. Just like a fluffer does in porn and once the bull is finished i have to lick his cock clean and clean all the bulls cum from my wifes pussy , oh and by the way i am a black man and my wifes bull is a white boy  
  It is so good you understand and accept the male hierarchy. Not only smalldicks but also real men with big cocks can show respect and submission to men with bigger cocks. For your bull it must feel so nice to be served and worshipped not only by women and smalldicks but also by a real man with a big cock. He deserves it.  
  I too am not a real man, sporting a 4.5 L, 4.6G dicklette. After many years my wife has finally told me the truth after saving my feelings, as she said - now she has embraced sph in all its glory. In the conversation that began it all I said brutal she she did "its fucking small" she said. She has told me I have a frighteningly small dick that she has faked orgasm every time we had sex except when I use my tongue - she loves my tongue - so I am reprieved a little. Now she is intent on finding ways to reduce my size even more, she says its non-existant and am now not allowed to fuck her or use it so it needs to be as tiny as possible.  
  I can really recommend for smalldicks to start talking to their wives about penis size. Wives who are tired of their husbands' small dicks should also start talking about it, years of frustration and disappointment can turn into something most exciting and wonderful.  
  Stu, your wife will make both your lives most exciting, I am sure. I think you will be both her slave and her chastised  cuckold. It is time for her to have pleasure and there are so many ways for a wife to have it when she starts using and abusing her smalldicked husband.  
  Thanks babydick, you are right, best thing i ever did was to start the conversation and persuade her to be brutally honest with me - I knew I was small - I'd seen large guys in the showers etc- but for years she had told me I was "average" to save my feelings. I just looked down at it one day and thought I am a small dick, that can't surely satisfy her and so I asked and persuaded her to tell me the truth of what she thought. It was liberating for us both, so yes that conversation is so important, as is the right of my lovely wife to be pleasured by a real man, that journey has now begun. Her skill at sph makes me crave for it even more.  
  It is a new world opening for smalldicks and their wives when they start practising SPH, BDSM and cuckolding. The sex life can be much more exciting than regular sex and there can always be new things to discover. When your wife practises cuckolding, there will always be new, fantastic men to serve and please.  
  Hi babydick the worst thing is i am 235 pounds of rockhard muscle and my wifes bull is lucky to be 160 pounds , and even worse is the fact that all the women i have been with have told me my 7 1/2 inch cock was the largest they have been with , my confidence is now shot and there is worse to come for me as the bull has a asian mate from burma who has a larger cock than him at 11 long and 6. 1/2 girth and they want to double team my wife while i keep them hard and clean their cocks  
  I think your experiences from having sex with women is something to keep in mind. The women have confirmed to you that you are a real man with a big cock and remembering that should help you have self confidence and be proud of yourself. The women were excited, happy and satisfied from having sex with you, I am sure, they might still dream about having sex with you again. Many women can never have sex with a man with a cock as big as yours, while your wife has the luxury not only of having you but also to be able to reject you for sex and having men with really huge cocks to have sex with instead. She is extremely lucky and powerful when she does, choosing the very best.  
  Nothing can be more important than to do all you can to give these worthy men all the pleasure they deserve. If they have experience from being bulls to wives of smalldicks or if atleast they have seen videos of it, it is very possible it is a limited power kick for them. It might just look natural that the women need real men, the smalldicked husbands are so small compared to them that it is no sport, no real competition. The smalldicked husbands are simply too pathetic and they cannot count as men. They need real men like you to feel their superiority. Fucking the wife of a man with a big cock can only be done by men with really huge cocks. No average man can make a man with a big cock become a cuckolded slave who has to eat the cream pie and serve them. The fact that they do it to you, means they are more manly and superior than most men. It must give them a total feeling of power to be ablr to dominate a man with a big cock. So even if being a slave for them is a humiliating thing, it is also a thing to be proud of, most bulls would be happy for a smalldicked husband, your wife's bulls demand more: A husband with a big cock to serve and obey them because they are so much better and worthy than other men.  
  It sounds absolutley fantastic, not only to have one bull but also another, even bigger coming for sex. You and your wife are really admirable giving these fantastic men the pleasure and submission they deserve so well.  
  Your are a wise man baby dick , my wife and her bull and his bigger dicked friend are coming over this weekend to have their way with her and me , i will let you know the outcome in a few days  
  Thank you, Duncan. I am looking forward to hearing about it, it is a really honourable thing to have the chance to serve the greatest, most superior men.  
  Hi baby dick , let me fill you in on what happened last weekend when my wife's bull brought over his mate who is even bigger than he is , firstly we all undressed and my wifes bull said he would run things as he has big plans for me and my wife , we all stood nake in a circle around my wife while she sucked all our cocks and made us all rock hard, i must admit seeing the bulls ten inch and his mates eleven inch cocks next to my seven and a half inch cock made me realise how much more cock they had than me , the bull then told my wife to put a condom on me as i was going to use my cock and i said why do i need a condom if i am going to have sex with my wife and the bull said that my penis was not worthy of going bareback with ny wife anymore as i was not worthy enough , so i slowly started to fuck my wife with my condom on and was getting into a good rhythm really fucking her good when the bull yelled out ok that is enough you have warmed your wifes pussy up enough now it is time for a real cock to fuck her bare back , the bull then told me to make myself useful and suck on his mates penis to keep him hard so he could be ready to fuck her with his massive cock after about 5 minutes abd about 2 orgasms from my wife the bull called his mate over and said she is ready for double vaginals penetration , which had me worried about how could she take that much cock , but being the cock hungry slut she is she took them both in her pussy and exploded into orgasm after orgasm they double dp her for about half an hour, the bull asked me if i wanted to fuck her arse while he fucked her pussy at the same time and his bigger cocked friend watched , so the bull lay down on his back with my wife on top faceing him while he entered her pussy and told me to fuck her arse from behind her , so i slid my rock hard cock into my wifes arse and started to fuck her and i must admit to feeling turned on by feeling the bulls cock skiding in and out of my wifes pussy i could feel him size through her vaginal walls , but what happened next totally took me by surprise as his 11 inch cocked mate slid in behind me and started to feed his monster cock into my arse , I stopped fucking my wifes asre for a second in shock and before i knew it i had 11 inches balls deep in my arse , which I surprising found enjoyable after we all shuddered to our climaxesand i cleaned both cocks with my mouth the bull then said this is my role from now on to clean big cock abd take big cock as his mate 11 inch mate like to own smaller cocked men by fucking them in the arse , so i was now his fuck toy to be used and abused  
  Thank you for telling about your fantastic experiences, Duncan and sorry for my late reply.  
  For a smalldick like me, to think about what you told, is probably similar to how people were thinking about their gods in the Greek mytology, wondering what divine experiences they had in their lives compared to what the simple humans did. Just thinking about how the most superior people have sex together is absolutely thrilling. Where the most powerful people only choose to have it with other most powerful people.  
  Many years ago a real man with a large cock told me he only could talk about sexual things with other men with large cocks. They were the only ones who could understand him. Men with small or average penises would not understand his feelings, wishes or how it is to be really superior.  
  What you tell sounds very much like an encounter between a cuckold, his wife and her lovers but I am sure it is much more than that, much more sexy, much more exciting and much more perfect. Knowing how superior you are, even as the bottom for the men does not seem humiliating as it would if a smalldick told your story. For you to submit to them is only honourable and fantastic, something we smalldicks can never deserve or expect to experience. Gods play in a much higher league.  
  Hi babydick, my younger brother is bigger than me (4'5 vs 6'5), I feel so good and submitted to him, but what should I do in this cases? Suck his dick?  
  Hello, Fede. You are very lucky both to have a little brother with a bigger cock and also to understand that you should learn to submit to him. If you become his slave, you will learn how to serve real men later in life and you will love to live to serve them and worship them.  
  Here are some pages I recommend to read so you can see how other smalldicked brothers did:  
  In the last page you can also read comments from Little big brothers who tell how they love to dominate their smalldicked brothers.  
  When you submit to your brother you also do a very good thing: You help him gain power and self confidence, it will help him in future to have more pleasure and happy life, when he knows how to be dominant, demanding and selfish so his sex partners always focus on pleasing him and worshipping him.  
  A few years ago a smalldick mailed me. He also had a little big brother and he also felt he wanted to submit to him and become his slave. I gave him different advices how to do and then I thought other smalldicks in his and your situation should also have these advices. So I made this page:  
  I think you will find just what to do when you read the page. I have some more information about what happened to him, you are welcome to mail me to have it and you can of course ask me more, I am no expert but I have been thinking much about the topic and I think it would be fantastic if you succeed to be his slave and faggot. You probably know it already, but you will really see what difference it is between you and your superior brother, he definitely deserves to have you as his slave. Please tell me how it developes and good luck.  
  Hi I have a tiny penis. I love to be ridiculed by men and women for my inadequate size. I long to be taken from behind by a bull male in front of laughing women, whilst my tiny pee pee flops around and I squeal like a girl  
  Hello, Sissyboy. Not so long ago, most smalldicks would not admit such feelings to themselves. But today we can accept our wishes and fantasies of being humiliated, being faggots, inferior to real men and women and of not being men. Smalldicks no longer have to be frustrated or depressed, instead we can make our fantasies and dreams come true by finding men and women to submit to.  
  hi baby dick let me tell you how my wifes two bulls have found a new way to humiliate and use me , they bought over another couple to our house one day , i nice looking brunette and her husband and they wanted to watch me cuckold and humiliate her husband small 3 inch penis husband lets call him (carlo ) and have sex with the brunette , so i stripped off and made him suck me till i was nice and hard , and i then compared my 7 1/2 inch cock with that pathetic little 3 inch weener and started to tell him how useless he is and how when i fill her up with a real cock he can never fuck her again , so i had some great sex with his wife and she came many times and when i was finished i made him clean me up , at this point my wifes bulls called my wife into the room and told carlo and his wife to watch while they humiliated use and abuse me properly and take it to a whole new level , so carlo and his wife sat and watched my wife get fucked in every hole and double penetration and then use me as a fuck toy ,all the while telling carlo that this is how they treat the man who had just used him and his wife , and my wifes 11 inch bull told them there is nothing more powerful than watching another bull like me cuckold another couple only to be cuckolded himself straight after by two even bigger bulls , so now i am the bull for carlo and his wife and yet at the same time completely cuckolded to my wifes two bulls , they are talking about watching me fuck carlo while the big 11 inch bull fucks me at the same time  
  Hello, Duncan and thanks for your updates. It is really fantastic how you both are a powerful bull to the smalldick and his wife and then become the humiliated one when it is time for the most powerful men to use you. It must be such a kick to use the smalldick and then submit to the huge men. It must really make you feel the total hierarchy and the power of being bigger and the inferioriy of being smaller.  
  Dear runt dicks: if you can't fathom letting your woman fuck other men to experience the kind of vaginal orgasms she craves and deserves, here's another option - be a Real Man in other areas - namely, the workplace and from within. The sad fact is, women are still less likely to be hired over a man, even when both candidates have equal qualifications. Even if she were to get hired, we all know by now she will earn less for doing the same job. In such an environment, you can make her feel more secure (a major plus for all women in relationships) by providing financial stability. This shouldn't require mentioning, but being of sound mind and character can add a few hypothetical inches as well! Don't cheat on her; don't walk around looking like a slob; be well-mannered with her friends and co-workers, and at least act like you're happy even if you're anything but; don't whine if she asks you to help with the chores; buy her an unexpected present once in a while; don't let your body go. And for freak's sake, don't be the kind of "man" who's conversations consist mostly of negativity and complaints!  
  Hello, NO TINY COCKS. You have very good advices for smalldicks, they have some similarities to what I qeote about in pages like Women's best little useful friend

Your advices are however much better as they can really help women not only in their relation but also at work an in other situations. Even if we have all the talk about equality between the genders, women still do not have all the rights and possibilities that men have. Since forever, men have had the chance to show their muscles, they had to fight enemies as soldiers, they had to do the physically hard work, they had to be strong and tough to survive. They have continued doing so also in modern time and male sport like boxing and football has always been shown much in TV. It is no wonder they have been more aggressive and demanding, one reason they have the best salaries today. We cannot expect men to stop having these ambitions and the pressure to be strong.

To simply change women's minds and nature so they become as ambitious, demanding and strong is not possible, it will still take long time before they do because they also have other expectations to live up to. Women are supposed to take care of babies, to look beautiful and to be feminine which includes being soft, gracious and caring. These expectations are the opposite of being strong.

If men and society make it difficult for women to become strong, smalldicks really have something to contribute with. Being submissive, helpful, supporting and inferior to women will make the women stronger. They will be powerful, ruling, free and most important in their relation to smalldicks. Instead of the traditional relation to men, where they will have to accept that the man will be the real leader, they can be the leaders instead, with an obedient smalldicked husband.

This will hopefully only be the start of their power and strength. Once they feel their power, they will hopefully extend their power at work and in all other situations in life.

Just as men have felt their own power for many thousands of years, women can start to feel the same. It is an excellent chance for smalldicks to give women this kick-off, this start of being powerful, if they always remember to submit to women in every possible way. Living to serve women, to obey women and to show respect, admiration and worship to them will make the women have a higher position.

This does not mean the smalldicks will pretend to be weaker or to pretend that the women are stronger than they really are. We should keep in mind that smalldicks who seem to be strong and self confident like real men are mostly only pretending to be. As long as they have their clothes on, it is easy to give the impression of being a real man. But we all know what an insecure, pathetic male a smalldick is when his dick is revealed. Nervous, ashamed and afraid when people see his lack of manhood.

This is something all the hotwives and the wives who have become the smalldicked husbands' Mistresses already know. They become dominant, demanding and strong and it was their realation to their smalldicked husbands that made them become like that. You can be very sure that these women have extended their power and strength. With their self confidence and strength, they also make sure to use it in many other situations outside the home.

  Wow, Karly Kunt is just like me. My dick hides in my body all the time so that sometimes I cannot find it. When erect I am a little over 1" and I need Viagra to get erect. I too had to marry a virgin after my first girlfriend cheated on me because she wanted to have real sex and my second girlfriend kept showing me things about penis enlargement before she left me too. I never met a woman who was into small dicks though. After the first 5 years of marriage my wife started having sex with me and her best friend. It quickly became all about them. I have not had oral or intercourse in over 30 years. I am locked in chastity and always reminded that my wife prefers women or men with big dicks. Sex between us is me kissing her while she uses her vibrator and I cannot speak so she can imagine that I am a woman. She ever bought me a few bras and panties to wear during sex to make it more realistic for her.  
  Hello, Hairy. It is nice to read that also the women in your life have learned not to treat smalldicks as men but to deny them sex, put them in chastity belts, humiliate them and have lovers when they want to. All women will soon know their rights and soon all smalldicks will hopefully learn and accept their place as submissive, inferior slaves.  
  Babydick: i think your assertion that 6 1/4 is the avg is high. Have seen a lot of cocks over the years in gyms, locker rooms, and military situations. I would say its more like 5 1/2. But there is no question that even avg men who with a 5" cock can satisfy their women w a 5er are fascinated by my 8" and many have ended up touching it- and once they touch it , it always ends up in their mouths.  
  Alpha Dad  
  Hello, Alpha Dad. This site contains article pages, quotes etc. that are not written by me, maybe the assertion that 6 1/4 is the average was in such a page/qoute. The average penis length I use in the site is 5.8 inches, ≈ 14.732 cm. It is based on what I hope are reliable sources but we will never know the absolute truth of course.

It is a big difference between 5" and your impressing 8" so I can understand that the men felt inferior to you and started worshiping and sucking your superior cock. To show respect and worship to superior men is always right.

  Hi I visited this site a few months ago and thought it was ridiculous believing this all to be merely you acting out a fetish but ive been in a weird situation this last month that has made me think a lot about masculinity, male hierachies and social interaction and penis size
So im a uni student with an average 5.5-6 inch penis, I would like it to be a bit bigger but I don't really worry about it too much, anyway I recently had to move flat and get 3 male room-mates and we did not get on at all, always arguing and refusing to cooperate until one of them (The one we all hated most) walked around completely naked one afternoon, his extemely large, erect penis on display
Me and the other two were completely shocked at this but didnt say a word, even after he left the room. The next day the atmosphere of the flat was completely different, he didn't even mention it and proceeded to make all the decisions we had battled over for the last week.
The other two have become massively sycophantic to him recently and I suspect he is fucking at least one of them, I have no desire to fuck him although I have been treating him with much more respect and his penis is fascinatingly big (seriously about 9') but I can't for the life of me figure out how the size of a sex organ can have such an impact on a situation that apparently has nothing to do with or why I couldn't find anything about it except here and fetish sites.
So what's your opinion on this? And what should I do?
  Hello, averagecock.

When I started this site it was not to make a fetish site. I had started to think about penis size and the more I thought about it, the more right it felt that smalldicks should show respect to real men and to be humiliated for their tiny dicks. I think SPH and the fetishes about penis size are special because they are based on an instinct and feeling that real men are superior and more worthy compared to smalldicks. Even if many people do not want to admit it, I think sooner or later in life many of  them will find that they have this instinct and feeling themselves. They only need to be in a situation or to see the right things (like a man who impresses and then shows his big cock or a pathetic male who later shows his tiny dick). Then suddenly all the things they never saw before will be obvious and logical.

I think it is even more interesting when you describe how you and the guys changed your feelings about the man with the huge cock. I think most people who start feeling and understanding the power of a big cock are sexually excited about the man but you and your room-mates hated this man so there was no sexual attraction to him at all. I think also one reason you hated him was because he was dominant, demanding and he expected you to do as he said. He probably had the advantage over guys before and when he met you he assumed he was powerful enough to dominate you without needing to show you his cock. When he saw it did not work, he showed his cock, his weapon, his manliness, his power over you.

It is no coincidence that penises have been worshiped for thousands of years, see the Phallus section.

I think many people who come to this site will think at first that this is just a fetish site but praising men with big cock is just a logical thing, there are more reasons to do that than to praise and admire all the other kinds of people that we make our idols and heroes like singers, actors and sport stars. Penis worship is no invented or constructed fetish, it is a much more genuine thing that only recently has become fetishes like SPH, chastity and cuckolding. These fetishes are clear and easy to understand for anyone, all you need to do is to check the penis size of the males in pictures and videos to understand who is the inferior slave and who is the superior Master, Read more here: Penis size and D/s

About your question "And what should I do?":

I am sure that showing respect, admiration, submission and obedience to men with bigger cocks will almost always feel right and be right. Knowing you are showing it to a worthy man will be a happy thing, when you know you are useful for him, making his life better and making him feel even more happy about himself and his superiority. While giving in to other people's demands and orders can be most annoying if they are just friends or people you are not supposed to obey, it will feel totally different to do it when you do it to a man with a big cock.

I think the first important thing is to be prepared when he starts giving orders. Not to react like you would do if another person started to try to dominate you but to keep in mind that whatever he says or does, you must not talk back, refuse or discuss. All you need to do and all he wants you to do is to reply "Yes" and then do as he said.

From this moment you will both know your relations to each other. The male hierarchy has been established. You will love to think about it later, how you showed your inferiority and obedience to him. He will love it too and it is now up to him to extend and continue his power over you.

Things can only get better, it is also a fantastic relief not to need to show the self confidence and the tough attitude that is normally necessary when socializing with people. You leave that to him while you relax just doing what he says.

You say you do not want to fuck him but you think he fucks atleast one of your room mates.  About the sexual part of submitting to a man with a big cock: Most males are heterosexual, still most of the real stories and comments I have received for this site do not mention whether the males are heterosexual or homosexual. It seems most had no homosexual experiences before they submitted to men with bigger cocks and became their slaves or worshipers. It actually seems that is no issue. Being heterosexual or homosexual does not matter when you meet a powerful superior man, not even being against homosexual relations. The only important thing is to submit, obey and to show him how much you worship him, if he wants a blowjob, he deserves and he should have it.

I think however, if you hesitate to submit to him because you do not want any sexual actions with a man, this is still possible. Some people also tell how they have become obedient and useful for real men, doing chores and tasks for them but not being sexual slaves for the men.

  Hi babydick whats your opinion on the ethics of
1. Fucking relatives (And is there a difference between fucking a cousin and fucking your own son?)
2. Fucking animals (And is there a difference regarding the type of animal?)
3. Fucking the underage? (And is there a difference between fucking a 15 year old or a 5 year old?)
I havent done any of these although I do get my bitch to pretend hes:
1. My son
2. a dog
3. a little boy
  Hello, 7incher,  
  1. Adult people can fuck other adult people, I think they must feel and decide the limits themselves. There is a difference between fucking a cousin and fucking a son (I think a parent and an adult son/daughter who consider having sex with each other should think carefully before they do, the relation between parents and their children is the most important relation and this relation might change or be destroyed if they have sex with each other) but again, if they are both adults, it is up to them.  
  2. Humans domesticate, own and control animals, this must be done with responsibility and involving animals in sexual actions is an act of violence. Also keep in mind that animals have no natural instinct or desire to have sex with humans.  
  3. Sex with minors is not only ethically wrong, it is also illegal. There is no reason to look for differences in the child's age, as long as they are underage, adults have no right to have sex with them.  
  I think it is important for all people not to encourage other people to have sex with children or animals. This is why some comments, stories and page applications have been rejected when the content could give the wrong signals or could be misinterpreted.  
  Roleplays with an adult slave, as you mention, is no problem. Slaves set the limits and they can stop being used as sex slaves when they want. Children and animals cannot do that. All forms of sex practiced with both parts being adults, agreeing to it and never harming or forcing one to do or participate in something for the pleasure of the other.  
  My cock is 5.9 inches long. I consider it to be small. I love small penis humiliation and servicing men especially black men. Well I'm pretty much only attracted to black men I have been so brainwashed by porn. I embrace and love humiliation.  
  Hello, Matt  
  I think more men than before, are into SPH today, even if they have an average penis as you have.

It is not only smalldicks who feel they should submit to real men, real men can feel the same to men who have bigger cocks then they.

This is of course according to the male hierarchy: Men with bigger cocks are better, more worthy men. It is natural that men as well as smalldicks want to serve them.

If a real man wants to be humiliated by a real man with a bigger cock, he can of course. Technically however, the name SPH is not correct if the smaller one is 5.9 inches like you. Maybe it is time for a new name for this rather new phemonenon, maybe something including the words "Male hierarchy".

This site is also not ready for any humiliation of real men. There are still new visitors coming who have to learn everything from scratch and they first need to learn the difference between smalldicks and real men. So no humiliating comments are posted in the real men's pages. I am thankful for suggestions about humiliation for real men by men with bigger cocks.

  I used to have a 5.5 inch penis & I was ok at using it. But I have shrivelled up & am now lucky if I can get a 4 inch wife keeps me in chastity & says I will never be allowed to make love to her ..or anybody else ever again. Every 4 months my cage is removed & I am allowed 5 minutes to reach orgasm. I must eat my sperm ...& then put back in the cock cage. I am not allowed any sex of any kind until my next 5 minute release in 4 months time.... If I do not ejaculate in my allotted 5 minutes ...i will be returned to my cage & not allowed any release until the next 4 month cycle.. She is contemplating making it every 6 months... I think she will do this to me within this year... I will do as she orders..& will have to thank her for doing it. ... Tiny sissy...  
  tiny sissy  
  Hello, tiny sissy

I can understand your wife's disappointment and how she no longer thinks you deserve sexual pleasure. Women today know well about penis size and they have experiences from real men with big cocks. It means smalldicks can expect to live under stricter rules and to have wives who only love to humiliate them, punish them and have pleasure, power and fun from denying them sexual pleasure.

I hope your wife also has real men lovers, it is probably the greatest power kick for a woman to do all she can to give pleasure to real men and do the opposite to her smalldicked husband.

  Hi babydick! Remember when I said I had no desire to fuck my roommate? Well that didn't really matter to him!
Anyway what happened was that he got a lot more domineering every day until he essentially controlled my life and everything I did, then one day he called me in to the living room and told me he was going to fuck me, and that I had 24 hours to learn how to suck dick and take it in the ass properly before he'd fuck me.
I wanted to say no but my body just didn't let me and I did exactly what he told me, preparing myself to be fucked, I had no idea how painful it was going to be the next day when his 9 inches buried up inside my ass, but I still let him do it because it just felt natural, and I still sucked his cock and slurped up the cum even though the whole experience didn't get me hard or anything.
Im not even attracted to him or anything its just what I feel im supposed to do and I don't feel I can say no and while he did make fun of my (Competitively to his) small dick, he did note it was bigger than the other two roommates which means hes fucking them too and it means, according to your theories, that I am superior to them and I can fuck them too
What is your advice for me going forward since I have literally no experience of this stuff and should I fuck the others? I don't even know why I want to I promise im not gay I still like girls but I just don't understand whats happening right now.
  Hello, averagecock.

It is fantastic your roommate has become so dominant and demanding, it means you must have done well, showing him respect and obedience. When a man with a big cock sees how men with smaller dicks become submissive and obedient, their power and dominance will increase and I am sure you agree it is a both good and fantastic thing if he controls you as much as possible. I think you are unusually lucky, mostly I am sure that in situations like yours, a roommate with a huge cock will not make his smaller roommates serve him even if he fantasizes about it. Your roommate knows what power he has, he wants to use it and he does it.

Under the right circumstances, all we learned to appreciate about equality and democratic rights about freedom and integrity can be replaced by something more important: The male hierarchy, to submit to, to show respect and admiration for and to obey a superior man with a huge cock. His pleasure, his power, his demands and wishes,his good life and serving him and obeying him should be the number one priority both for him and for the smaller men who serve him.

I am trying to find some good advices as you asked me for. You also say you are not gay. I think however you need no advices about whether to submit or not to your roommate sexually. I think you already know that being gay or straight is not the important thing when he wants to use you sexually. The only important thing is to obey and to agree to his demands. You did that well and by letting him fuck you and by sucking his cock and also swallow his sperm, you can be proud to have done what he hoped, expected and deserved. He had already built up his dominance and power over you, using you sexually was very much a way to increase his dominance and power over you, it is great you followed all his demands so he can be even more powerful. Your roommate is really a powerful and worthy man. If you were gay and attracted to him, it would not be so much his power that made you serve him but you said you actually hated him first and that you are not attracted to him. This shows what a worthy, superior man he is. He is probably not the kind of man you would choose for a friend and you are not sexually attracted to him. Still he has more power over you than anyone else. I can only think you should do all you ever can do serve and obey him in every way you can. He is a man to kneel before and to worship.

You ask what is happening right now. I think it is power of the male hierarchy. You feel it, you understand it's power and impact and you want to be part of it.

If you were a smalldick, you would probably be content just being your roommate's slave. Smalldicks know they are inferior and it gives us smalldicks a happy feeling of being useful and to be where we belong, when we are used as slaves by superior men and women. We do not deserve power or pleasure.

But you are a real man, you deserve to be more than a slave. Now that you have become your roommate's slave, I think you feel you also deserve to have power over someone smaller. You can think of it as a reward or compensation. If you can use someone as you are used by your roommate, it will bring balance. Just as you lose your rights and freedom to him, you will have rights and power over someone smaller.

I think you deserve to have power over some smaller man or smalldick. You also have a unique chance to learn how to do from watching your rommmate. This is also a reason to let him become as dominant as possible, you will learn from him and it can be very useful for you if you decide to use your other roommates or other males in future.

Two things are important, the first is what you want and what you need. If you feel like taking control over the smaller roommates, then do it, now is a good time because you know they are obedient to your powerful roommate and you deserve to feel the power over them. When you feel it, you will also serve your powerful roommate better, knowing how the power feels.

The second important thing is to make sure that your powerful roommate agrees to let you use them. Maybe he wants to keep them as his own slaves only. I think a good time to ask him is when he mentions like he did, that you are bigger than they. Then you can ask him if you can fuck them and let them suck you, if he agrees, he will probably tell them to obey you.

If he does not agree, you will simply have to look for other smaller men or smalldicks to use, now or later. There is no need to hesitate to do it, you already know the male hierarchy power and you deserve to have the power and pleasure from it. There is no need to worry or think about being gay if you do, just enjoy the power and the pleasure, the girls are still there for you.

I should add that it seems your roommate does not do things to you and the other roommates when you are all together. The best thing is if he can show his power to all of you at the same time. It will be a much greater power kick for him to give orders to one of you in front of the other. I think it is important you let the other roommates see how you obey him and show him respect, they will probably do the same. I think it will actually make them respect you more when they see you do not hesitate to show him respect and obedience.

  I have been married twice. My current wife has wanted men to live with us since we got together. I am the same size and thickness as a Bic lighter. The men who have lived with us have been her primary lovers, as they should be. My wife says my penis is "cute," but not really good for sex. She says that the guy that lives with us now, who has a 9" cock has the right size for her.
Tom's cock is as thick as my wrist, and he loves sexing my wife as much as I like watching him sex her. It's amazing to watch the two of them. He really knows how to please my wife, and he shares her with his friends, his brothers and his friends. And they all say that my wife is so tight. Then,again, they are all huge. And she loves that about them.
Tom doesn't like to have to get out of bed in the morning to pee. So, after he sexes my wife I go down on him and drink him. I do this out of respect. Our roommate is the man of our house, because he has a bog cock. And that is how it should be. Tom doesn't treat me badly, but I know my place.
I have noticed that men who have big cocks cum a lot, too. something I do not do. And I have to really respect that. Bigger cocks deserve sex whereas small dick guys don't. I masturbate so that I do not have to bother anyone, especially my wife, when I get horny. Tom, when he gets horny has my wife, as he should.
Tom was living with us when we got married, and he got a bunch of his friends to sex my wife before our wedding and on our wedding night. I got to watch both times. My wife says that our honeymoon was the best part of our wedding, other than what happened before the wedding. And I have to agree.
Both me and my wife have so many other men to thank for our marriage being so happy. She gets a lot of sex and I get to watch. I don't think things could get any better than that.
  Hello, Turtle

What you describe seems to be so much more than most other cuckolds and their wives experience. I think most cuckolds couples meet real men only for sex but the rest of the time it is only the two of them. When some wives start to have a relationship with their lovers, things can be dangerous. Falling in love with their lovers can also mean losing their love for their husbands. The husband becomes less interesting as her partner, the lover takes over parts of the private things she did together with her husband before. The lover who is more masculine, attractive and stronger becomes more interesting to her as a bf/husband. A number of cuckolds have told me about how they lost their wives just because they went to far, instead of just having sex with lovers, the wives got involved with them in more ways and finally they left their husbands.

You seem to have succeeded in taking cuckolding into a higher level without problems. I see a difference in how you do it compared to the smalldicked cuckolds I mentioned. Talking about your and your wives wishes, deciding how your marriage should be from start instead of starting as a regular couple, then starting to practice cuckolding and later extend the invovment with the lovers is probably an intelligent thing to do. Setting up rules and planning things at an early state of the marriage will make it easier for both to know what to do and to know what the other one wants. I think it is fantastic how your wife wanted a lover to live with you from the start of your marriage. It must have made clear to both of you that your place is more to be a servant or slave than a husband. By marrying you she still shows how she loves you but you are too inferior to live as her equal.

It is even more fantastic how she cuckolded you at the wedding night, not only with her lover Tom but also with his friends. Tom shows that he is not interested in being your wife's boyfriend or later husband. By sharing your wife with other men for sex, he shows he is more of the bull.

I think you have a fantastic place as a slave for your wife and her lover Tom. This is what many smalldicks dream about. What is even better is that Tom seems to be the Master, both over you and your wife.

  Love your site! I only have four inches with very small balls. I love keeping my little dick shaved bald and have a fantasy about comparing to other men. I would love for my wife to make fun of my little back cock. She has waved her pinky at me a few times but generally doesn't like to think about how small I am while having sex. Luckily she has a very tight pussy. My favorite thing to do is for her to sit on my face and have me luck her pussy and ass while I beat my little bald dick! Mmmmm..  
  4 inch baldy  
  Hello, 4 inch baldy

I am happy you love my site. I think many women hesitate to start humiliating their smalldicked husbands. There will be new pages in the site soon, about how to encourage wives to humiliate and cuckold their smalldicked husbands. I suggest trying to talk to her about your small dick, tell her you know you are much smaller than real men, apologize to her for having an inadequate penis, tell her you know she deserves better and tell her you understand why many smalldicks are humiliated, make sure she understands you would not be sad if you were humiliated. If she understands she could be your Mistress with an obedient husband, it might make her excited.

Maybe soon you will have her sitting on your face, demanding to have her ass licked while she spanks your dick and balls.

  Tiny af lol  
  Anthony rose  
  Hello, Anthony rose

Thank you, it is always good to be reminded, it makes me work harder to serve real men, women and bigger smalldicks.

  I have a 3 inch dick. I can't satisfy my girlfriend, but we don't care for other guys in our relationship. So our solution was to hire transsexual escorts to satisfy my girlfriend. They were all bigger than me obviously, and for the first few sessions, I was only allowed to watch while the transsexual satisfied my girl in ways I could never do.
After a while, we found a transsexual mistress (whose name I will not mention) who we we hired all the time. She was really big, bigger than all the rest and more than 3 times my size, about 10 inches. Eventually she involved me in the action, and I had to suck her before she does my girlfriend.
Nowadays, our mistress tell us both what to do, and I enjoy serving her and my girlfriend. Lately I've been learning to take our huge mistress cock in me, since that is ultimately my place.
What do you think I should do from here? We still don't want women, so should I continue like this?
  Hello, Transcuckold

We always talk about superior men with big cocks but transsexual women with big cocks are of course just as superior and fantastic. For a smalldick like me, submitting to someone with a large cock feels like the right thing to do. If that someone is a woman, it is most exciting and fascinating to think about. Most smalldicks are aware of their inferiority to real men but being much smaller and inferior than a woman

  hi iam also smaller dicker but I want to marry that girl who want sex with another person I expect them to do sex near to me I help them like salve  
  Hello, surajsexsena

I think you will find a woman who will love to cuckold you with a real man. Today many women just want real men for sex but they also want smalldicked husbands who obey them. And many real men want to fuck the wives of smalldicks. Good luck in finding  hotwife.

  Women were always too nice to me. They never were honest about how disappointed they were with my tiny dick. This changed when one woman humiliated me and transformed my life. At a bar, I met a woman who had too much to drink. We went back to her place for sex. When she saw my 4" little dick she laughed and said: "WTF that is not what I want. It's not like you are a little boy, but you are not a man. At least if you had a little boy dick, I would suck on the cute little thing. Your dick is too big to be cute and to small to please a woman." Then she passed out. I fucked her, but the damaged she did to me psychologically has always stayed with me.
She destroyed my confidence. Women can now tell I now lack confidence. Woman no longer found me attractive. I decided I could no longer face such humiliation. I decided I would become gay and never allow a woman to laugh at me again. Now I suck the cocks of real gay men and any straight man that needs a blow job.
I hate sucking cocks. I still desire women, but I know women do not desire me. I suck cocks because I know that at least I can be a good cock sucker. I can never be a man who pleases women.
I know that some small dick men think they can please a woman with their tongue, but almost all women want to be fucked after being pleased orally. I know that my little dick will not give them the pleasure they want. I am now destined to suck cocks and I hate that I must get down on my knees and taste cock and balls. I want to taste pussy, but I just do not pack the punch to deserve pussy.
  Not a boy, but not a man  
  Hello, Not a boy, but not a man

I think that fantastic woman did you a great favour, waking you up from the illusion you are a real man. Destroying your confidence was just what people should have done earlier. It made you realize your position and to adjust to it.

You are right about not satisfying women just by licking them. Women need more than that, there is no reason to think they do not need a food fuck by men with real cocks. Nothing can compensate for that.

You have done well, accepting your lack of ability to please women and becoming a faggot for real men instead. It is good you know how much more useful you can be, not bothering women but serving real men instead.

I think however you still have to change your feelings about being a cock sucking faggot, there is no reason you should hate it. You already accept you are a smalldick, you should also both accept that women belong to real men and you should love it.

Think about cuckolds who are honoured to let real men fuck their wives, even if they are never allowed to touch their wives themselves. They love to watch and to know how real men have sex with their sexy wives.

I think many lonely smalldicks are sitting alone, wondering why they are so unlucky, wanting, desiring sexy women but knowing they cannot have them. Just think about or watch some men's big cocks and think about how superior and worthy these men are, they deserve the sexy women, not the smalldicks.

Instead of feeling sad or jealous, smalldicks should feel happy for every real man who can have pleasure with sexy women, if we are alone, we should be happy that real men have all the sexual pleasure with women while we stay away from women, not bothering them, not trying to have what belongs to real men.

I think it is a good training to watch pics of nude, sexy women much and to remind ourselves how worthless we are to them.

Then watch pics of real men to remind ourselves how worthless we are compared to them.

Learn to admire and worship real men. It is easy to get horny when watching sexy hunks but they are not the men you should choose to watch.

Instead, look for pics of men who are NOT handsome. Look for men who would not be regarded as hunks. Fat men, old men, men who do not have well trained bodies or muscles and to train yourself even better: Do not choose men with big cocks. There are two reasons for this:

1. Just as a smalldick does not deserve to touch a woman, he also does not deserve to touch a handsome, sexy man with a big cock. Smalldicks are excited by sexy, real men and they get horny when seeing them, just as when they see a sexy woman. So just as they do not deserve sexy women, they do not deserve sexy men.

2. The handsome, sexy men with large cocks do not need smalldicks very much. They can easily find women to fuck and if they want service from a male, they can have it from willing men with smaller cocks. They do not have to choose the most worthless, pathetic males of all, the smalldicks. As you can read in a comment on this page, also real men want to be slaves and cock suckers for men with large cocks.

So look for men who do not look so sexy, men who do not look as men who find lovers and cock suckers easily. They will need you more.

The men who are not very handsome or young or have very big cocks, they can have cocks smaller than average as long as they are big enough to be real men, these are the men who will love to have you as a slave and cock sucker. The men who never had the chance to be dominant, selfish or demanding, the men who never expected to be served, worshiped and praised. They will not only gain self confidence and have pleasure they never had before, they might also become more powerful and superior to you due to their new power and position over you.

I have a page about it:

I tried to find men who were very much the opposite of hunks, the kind of men we normally would not call sexy. While making the page, I started to think about what these men were really the opposite of: Sexy women. The women you desire, with their exciting, sexy bodies and pussies, the women you want to touch, lick and fuck so much.

We cannot have them, we do not deserve them. But maybe we can deserve to worship, serve, lick and suck these men.

This is what we can hope for, it is possible. We cannot have the women. Instead we should think about the worthy men who will have them, so watch pictures of sexy women and be happy when you see them and think about how much pleasure real men will have with them.

We also do not deserve to be slaves of the most worthy men, those handsome, most superior men with the biggest cocks. They can have real men with smaller cocks to serve them, they do not need to let the most worthless smalldicks touch them.

As I was thinking while making the page: These men should be my sex symbols, my desire and I should hope to serve them one day. I should not desire women, only men, especially men who are the opposite of hunks.

Watch the men in the page and imagine you are their slave. They will not only demand blowjobs from you, they will also tell you to lick their bodies: Their assholes, armpits and feet. And do not expect them to clean their asses or take a shower before they meet you. They will let you lick all of their sweat body and they will expect you to love it and to worship all of them.

A good smalldick should learn to love all men and all of them, every part of them every drop of cum, pee and sweat from them. Whether they are handsome and sexy or not, if they have big cocks or not. We should not be allowed or even allow ourselves to choose what kind of men to worship ot serve.

So we need to watch all kind of men, fantasize about being their slaves and tell ourselves that they are all worthy, superior and sexy.

Watch some sexy women again, think about how real men have sex with them, then watch the assholes of the men in the page and remember: This is the most sexy, exciting, wonderful places for smalldicks to be.

Learn not to hate but to love being at the cocks, armpits, asses and feet of real men.

  babydick, you are a grand unifying theory genius! you have tird so much info and concepts together. You've contributed to the future. bois with inadequate dicks in today's climates know from earliest puberty that they are sub males and women are not for them. They can begin to accept themselves as slaves to be used and recognized as inferior and subject to regulation-chastity cages, never allowed to penetrate women, perhaps even castrated. And they will learn to love it!One of best points on the site: only sissies wish they haad smaller dicks, I have a 2 inch clitty. I am regularly displayed by my master and treated as am object for use and domestic service. I never want to be hard, I love wearing panties, going completely shaved, collared and submitting to all men and women, Having a useless and unused penis has sensitized my anal response-I constantly soak my panties from my butt plug and even the touch of masters hand on my body. Yes it would be better to be a man and be able to even look at women. but small dick gay slavery, sissy identity, and being allowed to serve in my natural place is enough to keep me wet and shivering with sissy orgasms. The intense experience of being used by my master in front of women and other men is powerfully erotic. I really thak you for codifying so many ideas that may have otherwise been a long time coming.  
  Hello, pantiedsissy

Thank you for your kind words, I am happy when I can help people to find new, exciting ways to have a happy sex life and to help smalldicks to find ways to serve superior people and to help superior people have more use and pleasure from using smalldicks. It is however the visitors of theis site who can help others more by fiving advices and telling us about their experiences.

Being put in a chastity belt is a powerful thing. It is probably one of the most effective and cruel things for superior men and women to do to smalldicks. Sexual pleasure is one of the most desirable things in life, we want it, we need it and we love it.

When a smalldick is put in chastity, the Master or Mistress makes it totally clear how he/she thinks about the smalldick as a worthless loser who does not deserve sexual pleasure. The Master/Mistress does it to increase his/her own pleasure, excited by the power and by knowing and seeing how the smalldick is constantly horny but nor allowed to have sexual pleaure or release.

A smalldick in chastity belt will always be reminded of his place, to serve, to obey, to suffer and to worship his Master or Mistress

  Hey babydick!
Just an update: me and my girlfriend have decided to settle down, and even though I'm the genetic male of the house, our transsexual mistress is the real man of the house. I usually have to get her a beer and give her a blowjob when she watches TV. Thankfully I've learned my place as a smalldick, and continue to help our mistress in pleasuring my girlfriend. I've shared this website with them, and they are astounded by your work. We know have a few new ideas on how to make sure our mistress stays the boss of our home, and I remain the smalldick that keeps my girlfriend and our mistress satisfied. She has started going to gym more often and has become more muscular than me, so now she can put me in place as she wishes. I'm also very excited as my girlfriend is due with our mistresses baby in a few months!
  Hello, Transcuckold

Thanks for your update, you really are lucky to have such a fantastic Mistress to serve. Most transsexual women are straight, they are not always very dominant and many are not using the power of their cocks. Your Mistress is really much more fantastic, having sex both with you and your girlfriend must be so wonderful for you both, taking your girlfriend and the position from you at home, using her superiority and her huge cock to make you obedient and useful for her. Your Mistress is a goddess to serve and obey, very few people can expect to be so lucky as you, to have a superior, divine goddess like her.

I would be happy to make a page for her or a page for you allin this site, where you could show and tell more about your fantastic life.

  what a wussyfag loser this baby dick is.
keep worshiping my fat bottom you faggot
  Hello, Master James

Thank you so much, Master James for showing me my place, for allowing me to worship you and obey you. Your ass, also your cock and body is what I worship most of all.

  Hi! OMG, I'm so happy to finally find a site (and someone else) that I wholeheartedly agree with! Though I never tried to get with girls (because I'm a homo), I have thought of like 95% of other guys superior in comparison to myself and often times find myself worshiping them even if they don't know it!  
  Hello, Andrew

Thanks you so much, I am happy you like the site and I am happy when it is useful for other smalldicks. I think many of the things we feel deep inside need to be spoken about openly and when we read or see other smalldicks who have accepted their place and told about their admiration and submission to real men, it is easier to start serving them and become useful to them.

  What about my cock..???  
  Sitaram kumar  
  Hello, Sitaram

You have a wonderful, sexy cock and it is much bigger and superior compared with mine. I think you belong in the Real Men section, you can have your page moved there so more people will admire you and worship you. Here is the link to your page so people can watch you:

  Hey babydick a weird thing happened to me today
So I have a 7 incher and so have no problem getting cunt, infact I am only surpassed by by 9 incher roommate. Today I was bouncing my girlfriend on my cock when he walked into the room, he said nothing and got out his cock and just like that, my girlfriend put out her arms and he lifted her onto his giant member and fucked her silly. She moaned much louder than when she was on mine but I felt no jealousy, as I knew it was his right, what is your opinion on this?
  Hello, bigkok

Thank you for telling about your great experience. It really is a perfect example of male hierarchy, when all of you both understand it, practice it and love it.

We have heard about penis envy (amongst males) and about jealousy and how men protect their right to their wives/girlfriends and of course how other men respect males' exclusive rights to their wives/girlfriends. And of course how women feel they must be faithful to their husbands/boyfriends and never let other men have sex with them.

The male hierarchy changes all limitations to sexual practice and pleasure and removes jealousy, envy and territorialistic behaviors and feelings.

It is wonderful when men as well as smalldicks submit to and show their admiration and respect for men with bigger cocks, they can be happy and proud about themselves for giving up their exclusive right to their girlsfriends/wives so better and more deserving men can have the pleasure instead. They can also be happy and proud for showing their love and care for their girlsfriends/wives, who will have so much more pleasure from the superior men with large cocks.

It is wonderful when women like your girlfriend understand their right to the best sex possible and that they should focus on giving pleasure to the superior men even if it means they have to ignore their boyfriends/husbands when there are men with bigger cocks to please.

It is wonderful when superior men with large cocks understand the male hierarchy so they do not hesitate to use the opportunities when they come. Your roommate simply showed his cock and when he did, he also showed who was the superior, the dominant and the admirable, worthy man whose wishes, needs and pleasure was the most important. His self confidence and dominance and of course his big cock showed you and your girlfriend instantly that he had the right to be the only one who should be pleased, sucked, worshiped and respected.

  25year old male, with a very small cock 1inch soft, 3-3.5inch erect, small balls, and a pencil size dick. need humiliating.

skype: smlldklad90x
  Hello, smlldklad90x

You are welcome to have a page in this site where you can show your dick and let people humiliate you. Here is the page to register:

  Being small dicked help me, being trans and all. A lot easier for me to hide and no pitching tents!  
  Hello, Astrid

It is of course an advantage to have a small dick if you want to hide it.

  I have a 3.5 inches. My last time with a woman ended up being a one night stand. I recall the look of disappointment when she first saw my cock. We tried many positions but I kept popping out. The next day she messaged me to say that we shouldn't see each other again and made an excuse. She said I was a good kisser but nothing else. I guess that my size may have been an issue.  
  Hello, Littleman

Many women still avoid telling smalldicks the real reason why they do not want to meet them again. Fortunately women today are learning more about their rights to reject smalldicks and to tell them how small and worthless they are. It is both good for the smalldicks to hear so they stop bothering women or at least learn to tell women in advance about their small dicks so the women can either reject them at once or decide to use them as slaves for humiliation, licking and other uses.

To hear women tell about the truth about their useless smalldicks is also most exciting for smalldicks and the women can enjoy the pleasure of watching the smalldicks looking ashamed and humiliated when they tell them.

  I was getting on well with a woman a while back and she told me about her 2 exs, one with a big cock and he other with a small cock and how much better the bigger cock was. It was great to hear her honesty. She then quizzed me about my size which was as small as the small cock she had. I encouraged her to discuss her ex's big cock and how she must miss it. 

Unfortunately, she then moved on to another guy so I guess she rejected me knowing my size. I had hoped that if we had a relationship then I would of encouraged her to meet with her ex for sexual satisfaction.
  Hello, Littleman

I suggest looking for another woman. If you only know how to make women open up and start telling about their experiences with real men, you can also make them cuckold you later when you have a relationship. Convincing them that you will not be hurt when they tell you about your small dick is the first thing. When they know they can be open about their opinions, preferences and experienses, they will love to become Size Queens.

  Thank you for this site, sir.
One day I was curious and I checked out some porn and it seened very strange.
I looked through more videos and finally looked up some small dick porn.
I had my greatest epiphany when I found your site and realised your cock is a monster compared to mine.
A 10 year old boy is more manly than I.
So I must now respect you as my superior.
During a school trip way back when I thought I was a man, a few guys in my room (we'd recently hit puberty) were flashing their dicks, and pressured me to join in. This was my first dose of humiliation: it had barely grown any hair. However, I was in luck, for within that year it grew to three times its previous size. It is now a whole 1.7 inches erect!
I am a total sissy and live to serve girls, because it is clear they are superior to us babydicks and we must obey them and do whatever they want.
Fortunately I have a female friend who was exploring femdom, and I spanked myself, wanked and sent naked selfies upon her demand.
I will soon approach her about it in the hopes of her laughing and humiliating me like the deserving little sissy faggot bitch pervert I am. She's generous, maybe she'll even let me sniff her old panties!
So excited, also, since you're so much more manly than me, I am ready to do what you command should you request anything sir.
Dinky dick.
  Dinky dick  
  Hello, Dinky Dick

I am not sure you are referring to me but I am happy you like the site. I think it is a good idea to look for both superior women and real men who want to use and humiliate smalldicks.

  I'am 2.1/2 long soft 3ins thick hard 4 ins i live in England  
  Jon egan  
  Hello, Jon egan

You are welcome to show us our dick in this site, here you can register for a page:

  Most of the relationships i have had with women they have all laughed at my small penis an bollocks an told me to wear there panties i got used to wearing them in the end  
  Jon egan  
  Hello, Jon egan

You were lucky, many smalldicks want to find women who love to humiliate them.

  As an Oral Cock Worshiper, I understand the honor required of the Master's cock. I have flown across country just to worship a true oral top feeder like him. Kneel down and obey!  

That is what we smalldicks should do, serve and worship real men-

  Thanks for your hard work on this great site. Real Men should have appreciation and admirers everywhere, all the time. It would be wonderful if you added a discussion board too. But it would take a lot of time to take care of it.
Continue the good work.
And a genuine praise to all You Real Men out there.
  linda siid  
  Hello, linda siid

Thank you so much, the best thing we smalldicks can do is to honor, praise, worship, serve and obey the superior, worthy, real men.

There is a discussion boird already, The Blog, where you can also make new topics, here is the link:

  At 6 inches, I am just slightly below average for my age, but I still think this makes me inferior.
There is no question that you are pathetic and far smaller than average.
I have a girlfriend who turned out to be attracted to my best friend. I was pissed off until I found out he had a rally manly 7.5 inch cock. At this point I realised that she deserved better than what I had to offer and he deserved her more than I did.
Now if I'm lucky I get to see them fuck while they humiliate me, and my girl makes me buy him large condoms. This feels right, serving my superiors.
  Kinda small  
  Hello, Kinda small

I absolutely agree that I am both pathetic and far smaller than average. You on the other hand are almost exactly average. For some years, SPH has been a most popular thing but I think it is important to keep it a fetish and life style for males that really are small. More recently also real men seem to be excited by SPH and I receive more and more mails about it. This site will continue to praise real men even if they want to have the same kind of humiliation as smalldicks but it will probably be more about real men submitting to men with bigger cocks in future. This cannot be called SPH, there will have to be another name for it but for now it is called The Male Hierarchy in this site and you can read about it in several pages here.

Real men who feel they should let more superior men humiliate them, own them fuck their wives/girlfriend etc. are of course doing the right thing. More worthy men with bigger cocks should of course have as much power and pleasure as possible and it is an honourable thing you do, serving a superior man and let him humiliate you.

This will probably be more and more usual the more we learn about penis size and the superiority of men with bigger cocks.

I like Show Only 4 Girl only Funny PLS  Send Your @
  Hello, java

I am happy you use this site to have girls contacting you.

This site is here to be used, your comments do not have to be related to the topics in the pages, you can make comments for all kind of "selfish" reasons. I wish more people used it to put links to their own sites, many want more visitors but they still do not use this site for free promotion of themselves or their sites.
  your master has a laughable penis too....are you willing to submit to anything bigger than your self even if it too is a joke?  
  Hello, Mike

I think that like some other, Master James both loves to be laughed at but also to have power over smaller, weaker smalldicks like me, to make me obey and to show him how I worship him and how I belong at his feet and ass.

I am willing to submit to, to obey and to show respect to everyone bigger than I, I do not see them as laughable or pathetic if they are bigger than I. They are superior to me and I should submit to them, obey them and worship them. With a smaller dick I should never have the right to question or ignore the superiority of anyone bigger.

Except for being bigger, I also admire dominant people, a smalldick does not even have to be bigger than I, if he is dominant, demanding and put me down. Dominant people deserve to have weaklings like me to use, humiliate and have power over.

Master James does not only make me obey him, to remind me of my low status and to make me more obedient he also makes me obey his other slaves, I have to address them politely (calling them "Sir" or "Master" if they want me to), always show them respect and to obey their orders and demands. They know and I know that Master James has put me below them so they can use their power over me as they want.

Some use their power, telling me things like:

you are my slave now so get busy & get to work now,

Now get to work now lil faggot shit slave, make it now faggot,

its good you know your place.

when they have updates etc. that I should make in their pages. I can only imagine the power kick it must be to them, especially if they are small and did not have the chance to show superioriy or dominance over anyone before. The more strict, demanding and dominant they are to me, the more I think they deserve to have me as their slave, I wish I could crawl at their feet and worship them for real. I think some of the smalldicks in the site could be cruel, strict Masters if they just had some weaker smalldick like me to beat, use and dominate. They would love it and they would deserve their power.

  hi boys and hotter mans iam jyotishemail i have sexy juice boobs ass and dick size 6.7 i not fuck to anyone . but i get fuck with so many guys iam nice dick sucker also if anyone want me in your bed full night contact me  

Mumbai Shemale Escorts - Jyotishemail

  Jyotishemail -  
  Hello, Jyotishemail

I am happy you promote yourself so more people can find you and watch how beautiful and sexy you are and I am happy to have you in the site:


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