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About me


Welcome to my site about penis size.

I am babydick, your small dick loser in awe of real men with real penises.

I am happy to serve women, real men and smalldicks who have bigger cocks than I.

Here is a little about me and why I think it is important that men realize that size is important and that they accept their size.

I started this site as an information site, but with an opinion than most sites donít want to admit: That bigger is better.


I have a small penis, just 3.3 inches erect. I always knew it was small but when I looked for statistics and surveys in Internet, I was surprised I was so much smaller than most other men.



Only 1 of 500 men is 3.75 inch (9.525 cm). My size is not even in the statistics above.

When I saw that the average length of 12 year old boys are bigger than me, I was both surprised and excited to think about the difference in size between me and most other men. I also realised that the girls I have met, wanted much more in bed than my little dick.

Average erect penis length, by age:

11 3.29"
12 4.10"
13 5.34"
14 5.74"
15 6.04"
16 6.18"
17 6.27"
18 6.29"
19 6.25"


 I understood why cuckolding is so popular in relations, where the husband/bf has a small dick and I also understood why so many small dicked men think it is normal to be humiliated and teased about their lack of manhood.

Because the size difference can really be enormous. Even small differences in length, will mean a big difference in volume. Mine is about a third of an average manís penis.

My dick                 Average penis

If penises A and B of the same length are compared, A measuring 1Ĺ inch wide and B 1ĺ inch wide, then B is 137% (approx 1.4 times) bigger in volume and will fill her up with more than a third more penis than penis A.

  My conclusion of all these amazing facts was of course: I am not much of a man.


Compare my dick with the cock of an average real man below:




My dick is:

Length: 3.3 inches (8.39 cm)

Circumference: 3.7 inches  (9.4 cm)

Volume: 3.6 cubic inches


The average penis is:

Length: 5.8 inches, ≈ 14.732 cm

Circumference: 4.972 inches ≈ 12.63 cm.

Volume: 11.42 in≥ = 0.187 litres

  A man with an average cock is 1.76 times longer and

3.17 times bigger in volume


My dick only measures 8.4 cm, 3.3 inches.

My life as small dick

I was not lucky to learn as a young boy. I was only humiliated once at school by a dominant boy, making me show up my little dick for the rest of the boys. When I was 19, in the military service, I had to stand naked in front of a guy with a large cock in the shower room, answering to his questions about non-important things, while he stood in front of me showing his manhood. I could see he loved to keep me there, feeling small and inferior. But that is all that happened.

Maybe if they had done more, I would have learned my place sooner. It would have been much better to have learned as a teenager.

Since then I tried to find a gf, only to find that when I met a girl, she was just excited about me until she saw my small dick. One girl told me straight out that she needed a bf with a big cock, so I should not expect anything with her. The girls left me shortly after and I realized it was just pathetic to try to find a gf. I wish I had learned earlier to stop bothering girls and make them disappointed. The girls should be left for men who can give them the sexual pleasure they need.

Trying to compare myself to other men just seems such an insult to real men, who have real penises.

They should always be regarded as superior alpha-males by guys with small dicks like me. We can admire them, submit to them but we should not think for a second, we can ever be real men like them.

There are other things small dicks can do, than trying to be like real men.

The best thing is to be useful for real men or woman. What could be more honourable for a smalldick than being a slave for someone superior? Working with this site is my way to honour real men and making more smalldicks like me find our superior men to obey, honour, worship and praise.

Please mail me when you have ideas, suggestions, requests, I want to serve you better. If you want me to address you "Sir" every time I mail you, please tell me, both real men and smalldicks deserve my respect.






  john doe
wtf is wrong with you

Yours is bigger than mine, but I am content with my tiny penis :)

I agree, small dick guys like me should serve men with larger cocks, but it's funner with a woman watching me suck cocks! :D

Greg seems to have found his purpose in life then?

Don't give up on finding a gf if that is what you want. You can always buy products, like strap-on dildos, to satisfy your woman if your small package isn't enough for her. Also, become a master of cunnilingus and most women won't even need you to fuck them.

A small dick should be teased

Boy Penis Ady
I love it when I get humiliated as my penis is the same size as yours.



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