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Be proud of your big cock



If you have a penis bigger than average you probably know the advantages of being bigger. Since you found out you are bigger than average, you could relax from worrying about being too small. Instead you could just be happy knowing most men are smaller and while they worry and get insecure of not being men enough, you had an increasing self-esteem.

Failure always leaves a mark on men's faces just like success. And women can read those marks awfully well. Having a small penis is even worse and tends to follow failure in a pattern that grows bigger each day.

The first thing women notice in a man is the confidence level. A stoop-shouldered man with a downcast looks has a very little chance in getting a date in a sexy lady. In a contrary, a broad-chested man with strong confidence surely can catch the eye of most women.

There's nothing that can give a man more confident than a big penis because he knows he can satisfy any woman and this gives him a aura that says I don't have any care in the world.

  • Penis size reflects on your confidence.

  • Women love men who have high self confidence.

  • It is easier to satisfy women with a harder and bigger penis.


You probably know it already. But you also know many people try to deny the fact that bigger is better. They come up with all kind of explanations like saying it is not the size but the technique that makes women have orgasms. Of course men with small dicks need to use all kinds of techniques to satisfy  women. If you have penetrated a woman with your big penis you know how you send her to heaven just by putting your big penis inside her, filling her up like only a big penis can do. Just having you inside her will give her more pleasure and orgasms than any technique can compensate for. Later in life, when she thinks about the men in her life, it is you she will remember and want to feel again, not the small technicians.


Of course the men with smaller penises and their wives will try to make people think that it is not so fantastic to have a big penis. They will feel better about themselves if they succeed to make people believe it. But the men look for penis enlargement and the wives try not to think about how much more pleasurable it would be if the husband was bigger.


It is almost tabu to admit that bigger is better, women afraid of hurting the small endowed men lie instead. Men with big penises choose not to talk about it, also to make the smaller ones feel better.


But it is annoying to see how people try to keep the truth from coming out. When you are bigger, you should have the recognision. But all you hear is these envious, unhappy people trying to ignore the fact that you are more manly, sexy and a better lover than the smaller men. It becomes difficult even to let other men see your penis, knowing they will feel inferior and unhappy about themselves. All this consideration to show them always.


But it is not your fault they are smaller. They need to accept that you are bigger and more of a man, whether they want to or not. In any other situation it would be absolutely normal to admire and congratulate a winner. Like we do in sports, the strongest weightlifter lifts more weights than his competitors, wins and gets the prize, the applauds, the admiration and the honour.




Slowly things are changing. People no longer accept to shut up about the importance of penis size and to keep quiet about their secret admiration for men with big penises.


Women are tired of hiding their real feelings and size preference. They demand to have the same sexual pleasure as men. When their husbands are too small, they find lovers, some secretly and some become hotwives cuckolding their husbands with bulls with big cocks.

  Smalldicks learn and accept their inferiority to men with bigger cocks, instead of trying to compete with them they become admirers of real men, respect them and submit to them.  

Just like the winners in sport, both men and women become fans of the men with bigger cocks and just like these winners, some men with big cocks understand that they have the right to demand admiration for being superior men.


There are however two reasons many still do not claim their right to have respect and admiration:


The first reason: For many men with big penises, their penis does not mean the same fascination as it means to other people watching it. They simply take it for granted, happy to be big but that is it. For some of them it could be difficult to understand how much men with smaller wish and dream they had their cocks and how women dream of having sex with it.


The second reason is the same as for all women who feel they have to lie not to hurt smalldicks: They feel they should be happy for their big cocks but quiet about it not to hurt men with smaller penises.


Winners in sport do not have to be so humble. They know that letting people know how happy they are to be winners will make people admire them more. For a boxer it is an important thing to make sure the other boxers know how well they feel, how sure they are to win because they are strongest and best. Acting like a winner can actually make him become a winner.


Men with big cocks have everything to win by starting to care more for themselves. People are just waiting to show them their admiration if they just show them they want it. Nothing is more attractive than a man with a big cock, who is aware of and shows his awareness of being a superior, masculine man.


Women will be more eager to have sex with him and the lucky ones whom he allows to have it will do all they can to give him all the pleasure they can in ways they would never do for smaller dicked men.


Men will be happy to submit to you, serve you and do favours for you. It does not have to be sexually; friends, co-workers will treat you with respect and admiration once they see you are aware of your superiority.


"One guy who's kinda "submitted" to me because my penis is much bigger than his, but he's not the only one. Ever so often I find other males doing that too, and I don't mind. It feels right in some way that a smaller bro should show some respect for a bigger bro, just like it is in the animal world. After all, humans are just sophisticated animals and the idea that there are Alpha-Males, beta-males, and even gamma-males still strikes a cord with me. Guys often show me respect by letting me sit in the most comfortable chair if I visit them, offer to get a beer for me or offer a ride home, even if it is at the wrong way for them. And they often become even more eager to please if we're in a situation where my cock size is visible, such as on the beach or in a locker room."

Men who show their self-esteem and happiness for being hung, instead of being too humble, will automatically be more admired. When they show their superiority to smalldicks they become their heroes and idols.
  "As a tinydick you should "know your place", especially when you hang out with someone who has thoroughly bigger dick."  
  Men with big cocks are the winners and they have every right and reasons to act like winners. If you have a big cock, show it in the REAL MEN section (click here) and start getting admiration  respect for being more masculine, sexy, impressing than all smaller men.  
  The world belongs to real men with big cocks. All other people should be their fans, admirers and worshippers.  


  Men with real cocks should be respected, admired, and serviced on request. A real cock is a cock, little cocked me like me know my place  
  love to look at big cocks MMMMM  
  I used to masturbate looking at pictures of big cocks, but now I am in full time chastity and can no longer masturbate. I do still get to handle other men's big cocks and I really enjoy the feel of them getting hard in my hand and mouth. They seem huge compared to my permanently limp little boycock. I admire the wonderful cocks that I am commanded to suck and happily swallow cum. I keep my ass stretched with butt plugs so that real men can enjoy pumping my ass too. I can not ever hope to pleasure women and so the next best thing is to pleasure men instead. Through cuckolding I have become conditioned to accept my role as a cocksucker and to readily service real manly cocks. I have to admit that I really do love cock now and can't get enough of it...!!!  
  Too small 4 women  
  I have a tiny dinky and think real men should have the right to sexually use the woman of a small dicked man for relief whenever whereever they want.  
  Real men  
  My ex girlfriend knew.what.was right for her. Now she's with a real man who stretches her out all of the time.  
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