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Big truck = small penis?




One hears it all the time; males who drive large, imposing vehicles such as large pickup trucks, large SUVs, and Hummers are compensating for having a small penis.


Stereotypes exist for a reason. That reason is because there is a lot of truth to them. That is how they became stereotypes. You have never heard of the stereotype that "Children hate to play with toys" have you? Of course not, because it is not true.


  The guy is a klutz with women, so he needs pseudo-masculine toys to compensate; cars, guns, motorcycles, fashion men’s wear etc. in hope women will make the mistake of focusing on them instead of his penis.
The sexual inadequacy is both psychological and physical.

But claiming that ALL males who drive a big or fast car are smalldicks is not only wrong, it is also insulting to real men, who like and use those cars. There are of course real men who love nice cars and choose to have one. Men also know that cars can be magnets for girls, they get the attention and attraction quickly, the car is a way to show their masculinity, not to compensate for it. Later they will confirm their manliness when it is time for sex. As always, do not judge a male until you have seen him naked.



Smalldicks however often do not get the necessary humiliation in time. They grow up believing they are real men, they know they are small but they still think there are ways to compensate for it, hoping women will look at their cars or masculine outfits and accessories and never notice the undeveloped dick.


Survey: Truck Owners With Big Lift Likely To Have Small Penis

  HOUSTON, TX – A recent survey by Car & Truck magazine concluded that there exists an indirect relation between the lift in a truck and the size of the owner’s penis – meaning that as the size of the lift increases, the penis size decreases. Although the relationship had been previously speculated by much of the American population, the survey marks the first documented evidence of the correlation.  

  Despite some truck owners taking exception to the report, Car & Truck Editor “Big” Ralph Hendrickson stands by the survey.  

“Look, I ain’t exactly happy about it either,” said Hendrickson. “I mean, I have some big lift on my truck. But we took a damn serious approach to this here topic and we found that all them rumors and psychology is true. Fact is, if you have a lot of lift on your truck, you either have a small Johnson or you are havin’ some repressed homosexual desires. Or if you are a woman, you’re likely to have some serious penis envy.”

  According to Hendrickson, the study was conducted by sampling 12,000 trucks and associated owners in twelve states across the country. Owners of lifted trucks were asked to measure the size of the lift and then the size of their penis. In order to correct reported penis size, the magazine used the standard formula of multiplying reported penis size by 40 percent.  

Not only big cars but also fast cars seem to make smalldicks think they can be regarded as real men. When a smalldick meets a woman and tries to have sex, not used to the situation, he knows he will get too excited and cum in his pants before he even has a chance to try fucking her. Trying to give the impression he is in a hurry or that he does things fast by cumming and driving fast, he will only be even more pathetic in her eyes.


The 80mph speed limit is a waste of time

  By Charlie Brooker, , , Sunday 2 October 2011 20.00 BST  
  Everyone knows there are only two kinds of men who feel the need to drive fast: professional racers and the poorly endowed. Sorry, but those are the facts. Obviously, some men will disagree, but only because they've lost all sense of reason, so enraged are they by the teeny-tiny dimensions of their penises, which really are crushingly small – so small they'd still look undersized even if transplanted directly onto a thimble-height scaled-down nude action figure of Dudley Moore.  
  Seriously, those guys deserve pity. They'd give anything to be packing a huge flesh-club down there – a fearsome, weighty great shank that emits a guttural snarl when roused before ripping through their pants like an escaped boar – but instead they're cursed with a timid skin pipette, peeping through their pubic thatch like a frightened uvula, or a dormouse foetus, or the quivering tip of a Clanger's nose. It's humiliating. And that's why they drive so fast. Even if they deny that's the reason. In fact, particularly if they deny that's the reason.  
  Read the full article:  

So how to know when you see him in a big car or a sport car: Is he a smalldick or a real man? Firstly, if he is alone in the car it might be because women are not stupid. They take a look at more things about him than just the car. His attitude, insecurity and his un-manly behaviour can be enough to make the women see there is something wrong so they never jump into his car. If you still see a woman with him in the car, if he is a smalldick you are not likely to see her there next time you see him driving.


  Stickers have become popular to put on truck owners trucks. Nice, of course if he is a smalldick but make sure before you do, that he really is.  






I don't care what anyone says, certain guys who buy huge trucks, without a doubt have a small penis. No doubt, my friend T.J. once had a threesome with me and my girl. He was always into huge trucks, extravagant vehicles and houses, really flamboyant "look at me" type of guy. Well, during the threesome, he whipped it out and it was literally as long as my pinkie finger and not much rounder than it either ! Ooops... Plus, I've spoken to many women that can attest to this as well.


You're absolutely right! Men get these big trucks to impress women....but the only people they are impressing are other men. I don't know about you, but I don't much appreciate being taken out for dinner in my little black dress, only to have to literally 'hop' down from the cab and just HOPE that I didn't get a mud smear halfway down the four foot decent.
Whenever I see a big truck or a souped up car, I INSTANTLY think "small penis". Talk about misplaced compensation... I personally prefer a man with a nice sensible car, and a nice sensibly sized penis....



You are dealing with the most delicate subject in the known universe - sex - and the most delicate object known to man - the male ego - guys with the best tools and know how to use them don't need big trucks or hot cars, but sadly that is what most women notice, and then they get disappointed.



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