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Chastity to shrink the penis


In  the page Make his small dick even smaller a smalldick claims that his dick has shrunk because of wearing chastity belt for several years.

Here is a topic that I am interested in - can chastity (in particular, wearing a chastity device over a long period of time) make a penis shrink?
I have heard a lot about this, but don't know if it true or not.




  After about a year of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, my fiancée put me on female hormones. Her mother had been on hormones but decided to stop and gave the hormones to my fiancée to dispose of. After a few months of anti-testosterone and female hormones I couldn't get an erection anymore. My fiancée's boyfriend was very pleased, and I became basically a girlfriend to my fiancée.  
  Would like to see more about making penises smaller. Has anyone gone from having a large penis to being a smalldick? Other than chastity are there any other ways of reducing length and girth?  
  Yes I'd love to be able to make my normal cock small. Every girl I date says I act like a girl. Like I love barely being able to stroke him and my queen loves to talk about h and little it is :3 and how it should only be that small. It gets to be an inch and half and in what feels like an erection:3
Plus I like that he leaves a little bulge in my shorts that anyone can see :3. My I beg any goddess to show me the way to turn my cock into a clue idc if I can't cum! I'd rather be butt fucked anyways c:
  my cock used to measure 6 1/2 to 7 inches now it measures 3 1/2 inches it is shrinking may be it will get even smaller i hope so  
  shrinking cock  
  The older I ger the smaller my cock gets. I was 6 inches when I was younger now I am 5 inches.  
  Old cock  
  Chastity doesn't cause your penis to shrink, although we as sissies would love that. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.  
  I was Dom with 6 1/2" cock & large knobby head. For the past 30 yrs I only dated women who would submit to anal sex as the principal type of intercourse. I always could get hard & stay for extended butt fucking sessions ending in heavy cum. But on my 63rd b'day i had to admit that i was having a hard time getting as hard & my cum volume was much less.
i no longer felt Masculine much less Dominant. Rather than fight it decided to accept the change & embrace it. i started cross dressing & loved the feeling of being fem. i started taking feminzing herbs six month ago, testosterone blocker (saw palmetto) & phytoestrogens (pueraria mirifica, fenugreek & black cohosh) to grow titties. It has worked & i love small but nicely shaped tits, plump nipples & a softer rounder ass. But i did not realize it would shrink my cock & increase my craving for Man Cock. i only get semi hard, maybe 4". i can no longer please a woman except with my tongue.
This is what I want, i am committed to being a sissy the rest of my life. i regularly use suction cups to extend my nipples & butt plugs to stretch my boi cunt.
I believe feminization is an on-going process that includes, having my sissy ass turned into a boi cunt; dressing in panties, bras (i will need soon), skirts, high-heels; putting on wig, make-up & nails.
Regularly surrendering my sissy ass-cunt to spanking, flogging, Her large strap-on or a large cocked bull is a key element of my feminization. Just assuming the position (head low & ass high) mentally reinforces the fact that I am offering my subbie self for penetration increases my sense of femaleness. I love be penetrated. not the penetrator. I have accepted this as my role in the remainder of my life.
i live in upstate NY & love to hear from Real Men & other sissy cd's
  Go on a website called WarpMyMind, go into the forum and click on 'terrible success ... incredible shrinking weenie', you'll see quite a few success stories of them actually shrinking their penis  

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