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Cheating on smalldicks



For women living with a smalldick it can be frustrating to show passion and understanding for him but never getting the pleasure they hope for and need. The most depressing thing is that it will never get better, trying or hoping will not help. Knowing that makes the frustration grow and the dream of having real sex - if even for just one time in life - grows too.

So it is natural women think and fantasize about cheating their bf/husband.


"We dont have sex, he's got a small manhood, but everything else is perfect. Should i have an affair?I married my husband in April of this year. He has a very small penis and I find it a total turnoff. I am so torn, I care about him and doubt I could ever find a partner that I have so much in common with but I am 36 and refuse to live the rest of my life in a sexless relationship. I just cannot have sex with him, he totally turns me off to the point of repulsion. I thought I could live with his penis but I can't. What should I do? Stay married and find myself a lover? We have a perfect relationship in every way but we just don't have sex."

"My boyfriend has a small penis so therefore I'm not sexually satisfied. I love sex, just not with him. I'm afraid I will cheat just to fulfil my needs. What should I do about this dilemma?"


  When women ask questions like these in blogs, you can be sure to find replies like below saying how selfish they are, how size does not matter and how they should think about him.


  "I think you're being very selfish here. if you find it that much of a problem then tell him and get a divorce of something. dont hurt him behind his back. having affairs just because ur mans penis isnt big enough is just evil!"



People are always concerned about him, how he will suffer if he is ever told about his small dick. So, what they are really saying is: She should suffer instead, all her life if necessary, She should live without real sex, without orgasms, without happiness. As long as he never needs to suffer.

  Fortunately, more women are starting to realize that this is not right or acceptable. For those who still hesitate to do something about their situation, here are some perspectives to think about:

Most women have a happy sex life, simply because most boyfriends and husbands have normal penises that can satisfy them. Why should a woman live her life without that pleasure, just because she has a smalldick for her bf/husband?


Today emancipation, womens rights and equality are established in laws and regulations but fact is in many countries, for many hundred of years, women had a right few mention today: The right to divorce - even in countries that normally did not allow divorce - a man who could not fulfil his marital obligations, ie be a sufficient lover. Today, in a modern society, should women abandon that right and stay suffering and unsatisfied, not even allowed to talk about the problem, just to make sure he is not hurt?


All kinds of medias, TV, magazines, sites and even newspapers have sex advices, there are sex terapeuts, some are even financed by tax money. Because we realize that sex is not just some entertainment, it is an important part of a relationship, not to mention the breeding function. But for women with smalldicked partners, all that should just be non-important, for the reason of not hurting him.


"I think you're being very selfish." So common reply when women explain their situation. For women who dated a smalldick: Did he ever tell you in advance that he has a small dick, did he give you the chance to cancel the date before it was too late? The bf or husband you have, did he tell you, did he ask you, did he ever show he cared if you were satisfied in bed? If you have the same situation as the women above, not getting satisfied, he probably never did.


Smalldicks in the phase of still trying to deny their shortcomings and trying to convince themselves that their dick is normal, never talk about the possibility of not satisfying their partner. No matter how openly they talk about other things in their relationship, when it comes to their dicks, they never ask or mention it. They try to ignore her feelings, just having sex thinking of themselves.


Having sex becomes a thing for his pleasure, he selfishly continues to ignore her needs, wishes and feeling. He lets her pretend it is ok, never giving her any chance to talk about her feelings. He never hears the words "I think you're being very selfish." He is the failure in bed but the victim is the woman.


It is not her fault he is too small to give her the sexual pleasure she has the right to have. The one failing to do his duties should do whatever he can to compensate for that. If he does not do that, he simply does not deserve your thoughtfulness and compassion. It is time to realize that he is the selfish one in the relation. He does not only deny her sexual pleasure at one single occasion, he tries to make her live all her life in sexual frustration, if he has any suspision that she might not be satisfied.


And she can be sure he has. Never think the thought that he does not know that he has a small dick. He has measured it, he might have been rejected or disappointing women in bed before, he has seen the difference of other men's penises since he was in school, read about it, so he knows. But it is easier and nicer for him not to talk to her or care for her.


Still this does not mean he has a happy sex life. He worries how long it will take before she will do something about her life. Because he knows about his shortcomings. The suggestion "Don't tell him the truth how small he is" is the most stupid advice because he already knows how small his dick is and he is waiting to hear the truth, knowing it will come sooner or later. Fact is, when he finally hears her telling him, he will become a happier and more relaxed person, if even not immediately. When he has learned to accept his lack of manhood, he will adjust to it. It will take some time before he does, but it will be the end of his life-long self denying, his days of pretending and lying to himself will be over. He no longer will feel the pressure to perform what real man can, he no longer has to compete with them.


When he does not do anything about the situation, she needs to do it instead.

  "Let him know you also have sexual needs. If he isn't willing to use or is having trouble with his equipment, then he can do other things and should. Let him know that it is making you feel neglected physically and it makes you feel like he isn't interested in you"  

The best is of course if she can talk to him but depending on his personality this could be most difficult. Some smalldicks are still not ready to hear the truth. Some never will be. They have developed so much anger and tried so much to convince themselvees that they are real me so it is simply not possible for them to accept the truth.


If she states that it will not be possible to tell him the truth, she must look for another way to have a sexually healthy life. In a relationship honesty and fidelity is the most important but fact remains, he is not honest to her, ignoring his lack of the manhood she has the right to have. Finding a lover might be the only way for her to have the sex life other women take for granted. The alternative is to leave him.

  "I'm not that big of size queen but small cocks do not get me off. Consequently anyone married to a guy with a small cock would likely end up sexually frustrated and a prime candidate for an affair."

"Any woman married to a man with a small dick will be sexually frustrated until she finds a lover."

  Instead of feeling guilty about having a lover, think about the growing number of women who can have a lover because their smalldicked husband really cares about her. They accept to be cuckolded and even become slaves of their wives, they swallow their pride and face the fact that she needs real sexual pleasure from a man with a real penis.  
  If the smalldick does not accept her needs, he deserves to be cheated on without feeling sorry for him. He never felt sorry for her, not being the man in bed that she needs.  




  When my cuck and I married I was really disappointed, he is so small and so inadequate, he is a dear but its frustrating he is good at oral but damn I needed something more and now I have it.. Chucky seems to enjoy it  
  I am not able to give my wife what she needs, so I would be suportive of her wanting,needing, and getting a real cock, but cheating would not be ok.  
  Teenie Weenie Paul  
  i love my wife and know my small dick cant please her so she has a boyfriend much larger than i.i accept this totally and fully support her,as i should,im not a real man  
  little mike  
  My ex had a small penis, I always felt bad for cheating on him, he doesnt know! I found this site and it helps with my guilt, he was a great person, grumpy at times, mostly because sex was boring, he used to ask during sex if I could at least pretend to enjoy it! Well I was having sex with a guy from my work, he was actually big! Not just average, id say 3inches bigger than my now ex! We would meet after work for a quickie! It went on for 6 months, I then left my ex, honestly, I can say, if my ex was more chilled out, I would have stayed with him, but he was always jealous and I no it wouldn\'t have worked!  
  I love my wife, and its because I love her that we have agreed she can take a lover who can satisfy her sexual needs. I am 37, my wife is 29 and in her sexual prime. I still give her oral sex when she needs it, and 3 times a week she goes to meet her boyfriend or if I am working he will visit our home. it works well for us and our relationship is stronger than ever! I dont even try to have sex with my wife anymore, i am more than happy to masturbate alone, my wife doesnt like to see me naked anymore anyway!  
  My wife has cheated on me constantly since we got together. you see, I've known what i"ve been since high school where the bigger kids put us little dicks in our place. in my town, when a guy knows your little he will hit on your wife in front of you just to humiliate you in front of her. She always laughed and got off on it but denied it to me.
Our first few years of marriage she would have sex with me and tell me how huge i was, but i knew it to be a lie. i got so mad at her because at all the parties she would flirt with other men, and usually send me for beer and as i was gone, have sex with multiple guys.
she would always denie it and bully me by saying "How dare you accuse me of that." then she would threaten to leave. so, id drop it. then, when she got drunk her tounge would loosen in bed and she'd start saying "is it in??" and then giggle by saying "are you sure?"
I knew the problem because ive had a lot of girls never call me or just cheat right in front of me. I've been immasculated by so many men, that i used to sit and cry. but one day a good friend of mine just up and told me, your a little dick dude, your not capable of pleasing a woman. its not your fault, god maid studs and he made bitches, your a bitch.
you'd think id get mad but it really made sense to me, i was tired of my wife getting frustrated after sex, of having her squeeze her legs together and still not feel me. and i didnt care if she was having sex with a bunch of studs, she deserves that. My friend told me to tell her what i am and tell her its ok. so i did but she freaked and kicked me out and said i was weird and that i needed help then she ended up fucking my friend who is hung, 10".
i lived in a hotel room for 6 weeks while he enjoyed her in many ways. he would call and tell me and even take videos and sale them to me. i got so turned on i came in my pants! it was like a whole new world for me, no after sex guilt my wife was gleaming, but she didn't want me as a cuck. she thinks its weird.
how do i get through to her, i only want her to be happy and i know she wears the pants in our relationship, i just want her to take over, she says its mean.
  lil dick nick  
  I know i have a tiny dick my wife is nice to me doesn't want to hurt my feelings. I am sure she is fucking around on me.  
  I think most women know what they want and can or can't live with, but just deny their needs because society says that if you are a woman and you love someone, it is your job to make do with his inadequate penis, to tiptoe around his feelings, and to live a life in sexual purgatory. I applaud the men who are able to put aside their egos and realize their role is the cuck. For some it may be the saving grace for their relationship. It is only fair for an unsatisfied woman to admit her unhappiness this to her man. Give him a chance to be openminded. You may find that your wife or gf is already the visibly dominant partner in your lives together and that serving her pleases you. If it is truly a question of the penis being useless for penetration, he needs to realize this will be an issue for *most women he meets. His choice is to either end the relationship and actively seek out relationships with women who are informed up front about his small penis and prefer other stimulation, to become the cuck, or to start exploring SPH. This way he takes something humiliating and uncomfortable and layers the discomfort into beneficial pleasure for himself. Meanwhile, his woman gets shat she deserves and both are happy.  
  During our 27 years of marriage I have had intercourse with men other than my husband,who is aware of his short lenghth (less than three inches) and is often times angry because of this.
Eventually, after regaining his composuure, realizing that he does not have complete control over our situation he calms down and kisses the stinky.
  Just like my mother , who is on her fourth husband I have a tendency to get involved with men who I probably shouldn't . My husband Neal is a hard worker , loves to cook, and is handy and handsome , but his dick is only 4 " long and 3.6" girth , with tiny little balls . I was way more experienced sexually than him but we were both aware of and discussed his little peepee prior to getting married and I promised to make the best of it and warned him that it might not work out . My last husband was a big prick but he also had a big prick, so after trying to stay monogamous I started seeing the ex again just to get away from the feeling that I am having sex with a little boy . The more I saw the ex with his big dick , many times larger than Neal , the more stretched out I was and unable to feel Neal's little dick . After a few weeks I told Neal the only way this would work would be for me to regularly get some on the side . There were tears and impotent little boy rage but Neal agreed to my terms and now my ex comes over 3 times a week and slips me his big sausage . Every month or two I give Neal a handjob or a BJ -he's so little and only lasts a minute or two so it's not much effort . He gives me oral - he was always good at that at least - a little dick has to be , and he loves the creampies he gets as soon as my ex leaves . The ex and him get along well. Also I've been discretely seeing other guys on the side too - I don't discriminate based on race or national origin , only against little dicks . The latest news is we are having a baby ! Neal is as excited about it as me as he always wanted a kid , even though unless the doctor is a couple of months off on the due date there is no way it's Neal's kid .So , absolutely penis size matters but you have to train your little dicked BF or husband to accept their inferior status and live on your terms .  
  yea this is right, i have a small penis and will never be able to satisfiy woman, tell me why should i live....short people like me with short dicks always have a unhappy life, why can't they do us a favor and reconize the dud genetics and put us thruogh the mincer at birth,would of apreciated it  
  I have a very small dick. 3" hard and it's skinny. My wife got to hating sex with me. We had a young coworker that I was training for his position. (He's black). We became friends so I ask him if he and his gf would like to come over for a cook out and swimming in our pool. When they arrived I was alittle to see that his gf was a hot blonde, any way we were by the pool in our bething suits I was very aware if the huge buldge in his swim trunks. (My wife couldn't take her eyes off of it) After the drinks started flowing My coworker were talikg by the pool, my wife and his gf were sitting by the pool talking when out of no where my wife started laughing so loud. I walked over to her and ask her what was so funny. It was then my coworkers gf started laughing and pointed at my crotch. She said the jokes between your legs. She told me she once had a bf with a dick the size of a 7 year old boys one time. That lasted about 3 weeks, she said she told him to come back when he was a real man. She pointed at her bf and said look at that mans crotch. That's a real man. She told me her it would be OK with her if her bf fucked my wife as long as she was in bed with them. I was totally humilated. I got drunk and passed out on the couch in our livingroom. When I woke up early in the morning I heard my wife yelling fuck me, fuck me hard you big black fucker. I went to our bedroom, the door was open so I looked in. My coworked was on top of my wife pounding the hell out of her, she was moving for him like I never seen her move. His gf was there telling him( fuck that marrind pussy, make her your bitch just like you did to me. You'll own her white ass then we can share her with all your friends. My knees went weak and I stumbled after hearing this. They heard me and looked at me. He pulled out of my wife, stood up. I looked at his stil half hard cock then at my wife. She smiled at me and told me that she was his bitch now. she agreed to that while she was sucking his cock. ( she would never suck my lil dick) His gf said that they were going to start having parties at our house and I could fix the food and serve the drinks. My coworker look at me and said get used to this or you'll have to move out. I had a choice, move out, get a divorce and lose half of everything I worked for. I now sleep in the guest room or on the couch when I'm allowed to. After about a month of living this lifestyle came my ultimate humiliation. I was drinking and started to stagger around. My wifes MAN slapped me and knocked me down, as I was trying to get up one of his black friends grabed my shoulders to keep me on my knees. The next thing I knew his big black cock was in my face. I heard my wife saying open ur mouth lil bitch boy, suck that MAN sized cock. He shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth until he cum in my mouth yelling swallow it all bitch boy. After that I was ordered to wear womens clothes that fit the role I was in. (maid, slut or whatever I was told to wear) I've accepted my place and have come to enjoy it My wife never bitches that she's not happy anymore and I gald she's happy  
  I told my girlfriend after a few weeks I could not handle her pussy that we needed someone who could. Well the next day she had two big black guys over and they tore her up in front of me. We even got married and watched black guy after black guy. Fuck her on our honeymoon. While we were married I never got to fuck here, only clean here after her men were done. After three years of marriage I have watched well over 400 black men abuse her everyway possible. They used to piss on me when they were done. My then wife, her sister and my sister used to take turns w uith strap on up my ass weekly. Now I service big cock only  
  i would do anything to satisfy my wife especiallyy with 3-5 " teeniee  
  Please make fun of my small penis!!!
  Ofcourse wifes to smalldick have the right to fuck with real men my wife does it and she is open about it. She once told me that she would give me a handjob in my pantyhose but only one or two times a week. To thank her for that I have to accept that she has sex with real men.
Thats life for a smalldick
  Teeny Weeny Jan  
  im small too 4 inch erect and 4 inch around all my partners have teased me about it  
  Yes My wife just in the middle of me falling out of her pussy again,because it was so tiny,that everytime we would move our hips it would fall out,said ok Bruce its time I was honest ,your little penis just isnt doing it for me and never has ! I would feel bad for what I am about to tell you ,except you did lie to me before our wedding night and told me you had a big cock .Well you dont ,So I am letting you know I am going to have real sex with my ex boyfriend Dean ,who you know has a big cock .It is just to get a climax and some sexual satisfation ,even if you ate my pussy ,that might do it ,but lets be honest you dont ,So I want you to know nothing else will change ,I will still be your wife and you can Masterbate that tiny cock of yours as you do so often ,and you know dean is a player ,so I am only intrested in him for sex ,and if you cant live with that ,then I am sorry ,but as a young women I do need some thing you cant give me and you know it a climax or even real sex I have thought about it and know it is etter then going out and cheating on you ,I dont even care if you watch ,you may even find it turns you on like the things we watch on the pornos ! I knew she was riht ,I had never gotten a girl off and have even been laughted at by some girls in school when they saw my tiny cock ,and I knew it wasnt fair fr me to be happy just getting her to suck my tiny cock ,and just masterbating So I didnt want to lose her and I guess to be honest in the back of my head some things about knowing a guy with a big cock wuld be doing what I knew I could never do kind of got me horney,So now a coupletimes a eak Dean comes over and gives my wie what she wants ,and I have even masterbated watching for the first time my wife moan andgroan as she gets a climax ,and it seems now everyone is happy ,I quess its just a matter of ego ,sometimes you just have to admit you just dont have the equipment to do the job ,Bruce  
  tiny dick brucie  
  my wife told her best friend that my cock is the smallest shes had  
  My gf left me because of my small dick  
  Poor Guy  
  I am small, 4.5 inches erect, I have trouble keeping it hard, and I once had an ex-girlfriend ask me quite seriously if I was gay! And also, onetime, a girl commented that my cock was so small! What's really humilliating is I'm also overweight, which hides most of my cock, and sometimes it turtles inside of me, so I even look like I have a vagina! NOW THA'S HUMILIATING!!  
  I have a small dick and I want my Girlfriend to have sex with a big guy and let me watch as he takes her in my bed and fucks her. My girl is the sweetest thing in the world she deserves stimulation from a real man. I also want him to cum in her mouth or on her and her make me eat his cum. Is this normal? and should i let her?  
  My wife used to say that I was the biggest she's had and that it even hurts, but she's lying, sweetly, but lying. She has a lot of depression and she blows up on me violently. It's incredibly volatile, and unnerving. I just want to say, "it's ok, I know I'm not a giant, but , she just changes the subject. Recently she saw a website I was on that humiliated small dick men, she burst out laughing, then quickly covered up. I'm at that point because she left with the neighbor guy all day and he was making a lot of lewd comments when they got back. I was so frustrated because I didn't want size to come up, then he slapped her ass right in front of me! I pulled my wife to the side and asked her if I should do something, and she said, oh it's just a little love tap! But was it? I'm always on edge cuz we constantly come apart and break rhythm due to, "guess why"? So, this couldn't come at a worse time. Lately, I've been prone to bouts of impotency and my wife grills me on why I can't get hard for her in a negligent ?? I want to scream, "because the neighbor is eye humping you in short shorts from our side of the yard." But she never sees them till they are putting a hand on her, then she says something like,"we don't want to be rude!" We also don't want a size off either, at least I don't , my worst nightmare(ended three relationships). And I need to accept the almost 3" I was shorted, "the biggest she's ever had!"
The other day on a road trip I swear she was teasing me, pointing to the wxtenze packet at a truck stop and remarking on it over and over, while a bunch of monster cock truckers made their assault plans. She said, not for size just to go another 2 mins, I was mortified, and as always hard as a 3" pee pee can get! That's another thing she's always calling it that! I want to just say, alright the jig is up, when do you want me out of the house so the neighbor can fuck you! But I can't and I suffer through with everyone in town knowing but her.
She recently broke ties with a girl friend who made it clear that she should get someone who can make her orgasm so she stops being a bitch! That was a confidence builder, but we all know what we are when she rolls over still clenching and you ask that pitiful, was it good" and she grunts"yeah " and goes to the bathroom.
But when you've had blue balls for a week and it gets harder to walk every time you explain nothing is wrong , due to her not being in the mood , and the neighbor has that aweful grin directed at you, you tend to view the world a little skewed
  Teeny wee  
  Coming from someone who has a 7"er, I think that this article is, for the most part, correct. Men need to deal with their insecurities head-on, and if they don't then they're probably too weak to start dating anyone in the first place (And, if they do date, they shouldn't, because they need to figure themselves out first). Sorry, sort of went off on a little bit of a tangent there. Anyway, I agree with MOST of your argument but not all of it. I think 'male folk' (notice I didn't say MEN, I will later, you'll see), although flawed, should be given a bit of leeway here, due to:
1.) Penis size genetic predisposition (nothing we can do to fix it)
2.) We are able to use our hands/mouth/toys to get the job done
3) Perhaps the most important... I think you are out of line deciding whether ANYONE is a "man" or a "woman." Men don't say "she's not a woman because she has small/no breasts or a larger than average vagina." But people like you come out and decide that people with below average size are not "men." I would reformulate your pattern of logic on this one, or at least your wording. :)
- Have a wonderful day everyone, don't worry so much
  I have a 3.25-inch erect penis that's average in width. I've lost several women because of it's lack of size. The love of my life accepted my lack of size and we had GREAT sex for several years but we later broke up for other reasons. I'm in my mid-60s and will probably never have sex again.  
  I am sorry you men go through this. I know it has to be a major life ruiner.  
  I have to commend you guys with the small penises. I am a woman and if I was born a man with a small penis, I would be so depressed and miserable. You are strong individuals and special because of what you go through emotionally, but still you dont commit suicide. You just accept what you have and try to make the best out of life  
  My wife keeps fucking men with larger cocks and tells me openly that they hit spots in her that I never ever could. Recently, one of her lovers discovered she is a squirter, something she nor I previously knew. We didn't know because I can't do the same things with my cock that her huge cocked lover can. He makes her cum over and over.  
  im a nice young guy, 23 around 5 inches withouth much gurth, i always knew i had a smaller dick, but my GF acts like im the one because not to brag but i a great guy, and i work my shit good, But deep down i know im lacking and i know she always talls me it dosent matter ectect. Yet we never talk about her exes because i know they were much better mayber but rtreated her like shit. I Do feel my beautiful gurl deserves a real pleasure and i WANT her to have that, but i KNOW i will loose her slowly but surely... Lately ive been away in school and i feel that she is fucking someone else in my absence.. she has been thinking more independantly and some times she is simply out of reach.. or has some randum thing occupying her time. I really do love her and i trust her, but as the weeks go by i realize that mayber she is fucking some bigger older guy.. it makes sence, ill never know until i get her in my bed again.. how can i tell? really tho. i needa work a game plane for life because this shit is for real... FML  
  If you send me dick pics I will laugh at them.
  I'm 3.5" erect. My one girlfriend slept around a number of guys, and all but admitted it. She went so far as to visit one of "friends" with me - she stayed over on a number of times, and went to pick up some clothes... Which were next to his bed. She also discussed former boyfriends' size with me.
She dumped me of course, and I don't blame her one bit, nor do I consider what she did cheating. I'm incapable of giving her the pleasure she not only needed, but absolutely deserved. I'm happy she's moved on to real men who can please her!
  Baby Gary  
  My wife and I were married 25 years ago and since my dick was so small (2.5" hard and not visible when soft) I just couldn't get it in far enough to impregnate her. After over a year of trying to convince her to find a lover she finally did it with a co-worker. He would come every weekend to stay with us and fuck her in our marital bed and after one month she was pregnant with his child. He's been her lover for 7 years now and has given her/us three children and all of them know me as dad and him as uncle Jerry. I stopped trying to have sex with her not long after Jerry came into our lives and she's happy to have us both, me to bring in the income and him to please her sexually. I have been ordered to clean his cum from her pussy and even lick him clean as well and I gladly do as I'm told. I especially enjoy guiding his cock into her pussy knowing that it's going to fulfill her needs like I never will be able to do. All small cocked men should realize that they aren't able to take care of their wife's/gf's needs and do as I have, they would have a very happy life and marriage if they do.
Penned by a very happy Cuckold!! :)
  i got 4.5 inch cock u think my girlfriend would cheat on me?  
  Hello Evelyn
It is no easy to find you anywhere as I see only your name but no website or anything else,but I would like to see more of you and read a lot more from you. Your coment on my page was quiet interesting to me, since I have no experience with such a small problem ever before. I have seen some small dick(s) on nude beaches of course but there you usually never seen them to be hard, therefore you knewer know how big they get as this can vary greatly from soft to hard a lot, anyway I realy like to hear from you, so if you ever read this coment please send me a mail to You can find me under "couples" in "Germany" under "Peter and Li"
You left there your coment as well. Thank's for it.
  I tried tiny 3 incher only to test the "size doesn't matter" theory. As the name of this site attests - it certainly does matter! I hooked up with other men the entire time, until I met my current on again, off again lover, a sexy athletic black man who measures just over 8 inches. I love sharing nude pics of him with my girlfriends. He loved hearing me beg for his beautiful cock, telling him how frustrated I was about not getting aroused by the short, fat, homely old guy with the tiny worthless cock. I suppose tiny cocks could find satisfying relationships if they're attractive, of excellent character, and are good financial supporters. Let's not forget, there are plenty of women out there who dislike penetration. These women may willingly settle for life with a tiny cock, but their men will undoubtedly have to shine in all other departments for the relationship to succeed.  
  Happy wife, happy life in my opinion. I'm 4.5 inches erect and my wife has a lover from work, and he fucks her once a week, we have a great relationship. Guys don't beat yourself, just go with the flow. You might actually get turned on by knowing your wife is having a good time.  
  Hi im small but would like to send pics of my cock for people to comment.07851632881 text if u want a pic  
  Hi everyone, first off, let's be serious women love big dicks. Not too big , but from numerous discussions with women they prefer an 8 inch dick. With at least 5.5 inches of girth. Being average I do not meet up to this and it is fucking depressing. They love the feeling of holding big dicks in their hand... What's hard is knowing I will never have that feeling.  
  After reading this I now realize that I was right all along. I'm 33 years old and I've never had sex. I've avoided it at all costs my entire life just because of the terrifying thought of someone knowing about my small penis. All I wanted was to find someone who could love me and wanna be with me despite my short comings. I finally got a girlfriend, whom I love more than anyone or anything I ever have before. We been together about a year and a half and haven't done more than kiss. I been slowly working up the courage to tell her and even show her hoping that she would still accept and love me. But after reading this I now know I been chasing a dream in a fantasy world. I've tried to kill myself before because of this handicap, and crawled back from it convincing myself there was a chance that despite my small penis, somone could love me and wanna be my better half. I realize that was a mistake. It's clear to me now that I was wrong. I should've saved myself a few more years pointless heartache and ended it properly the first time. I'm not gonna fail this time. This article is just what I needed to realize that there is no going forward for me, and it pointless and hopeless to try anymore.  
  Hello, Stu

You were not right at all and if you think you were it means you did not read this article very well. It is sad when people only read a few lines and then draw conclusions. In a text there can be negative sentences, in a site there can be whole pages that seem or are negative. If you check out this site more, you will see other pages showing the opposite: All the possibilities smalldicks have to have the most exciting sex life, how to accept and even love to be smalldicked.

You were and you still are wrong trying to avoid sex: This site shows a lot of ways to have sex in the most fantastic ways. What you need to do first however  is to stop feeling sorry for yourself for being a smalldick. When you accept what you are, there is no longer any reason to hide what you are, you can find lovers, girlfriends and people who will love to have sex with you. Just do not assume your sex life will necessarily be identical to real men's sex life.

It is sad when people feel things are hopeless and especially when they are thinking about ending their lives. There are sites for smalldicks that try to comfort them and tell them that they are real men who can have sex the same ways as real men. The problem is that when smalldicks get hopes, try to follow the recommendations and then fail, they can become even more frustrated and depressed. This is why this site gives information that can seem cruel or harsh, especially when reading just some of the information. Read on to have a more complete view of more perspectives, to have more information and advices. My goal is that smalldicks can find new ways to find partners, for life and for their sex life, new possibilities and new experiences.

Your text shows that you are very serious about your problems and that it effects your whole life and how you feel. Please go to some of the smalldicks' personal pages here and look how happy they are, joking about themselves, accepting their lack of manhood, having an open mind about sex and the endless variations to have sex. Being a smalldick is the happpiest thing, once you learn to accept that you are a smalldick and adjust to it.

Having a small dick is not a handicap, please never use such a word, it is a lie and an insult to people who have real handicaps.

You are not alone in this world even if you try to make it look like that. There are other smalldicks, many of them. They can take humiliation for their tiny dicks but talking about suicide or handicap only shows how egocentric and selfish you are. You should understand that other smalldicks who feel like you do will feel worse when they read it.

You are not alone in your life, you have a girlfriend and still your long comment does not tell a word about her feelings, wishes or situation. You describe it all from your own perspective. It is all about you.

"A dream in a fantasy world" you say. A selfish dream in that case. Is your dream to have a loving girlfriend who loves you and stays with you although you ignore her sexual needs? Surely you realize that women need, want and have the right to have sex but as your property and your tool for your good life, your girlfriend should live without it? She already lived one and a half year without sex. Just for your dream. How about spending some minutes to think about her instead of yourself. Especially after reading this page that is about women who need sex, you still only mention your own feelings and problems. In your selfishness you continue to live with her and pretend there is not a thing called sex, you make her live a life where her choices are to live without sex, to cheat you or to leave you.

Of course you want a girlfriend, there is nothing wrong about that. Both I and the readers here would probably feel sorry for you if it you showed at least in some way that you cared about your girlfriend. A relationship is about two people, not only about you.

Your girlfriend has stayed with you for one and a half year. It means she loves you. It also means that she lived without sex with you, you give her nothing sexually. This means you have nothing to lose by telling her about your small dick. It is time for you to be honest to her, do not let her continue living with you wondering why you do not have sex with her. She has the right to know, otherwise she might think it is because of her.

Even if you cannot give her the fuck that real men can do, you can give her sex in other ways, orally, buying her a dildo to use when you are together, anything you do would be better than what you are giving her now: Nothing.

You are probably not ready to be cuckolded yet but you never know what fantastic things can happen when you tell her about your shortcomings. One thing is for sure though: She will be most happy to hear about your small dick because right now she is wondering: Is something wrong with her, is she not sexy, why does she not excite you, are you cheating on her with somebody else?

Stop thinking about building up courage, simply tell her: "I have something to tell you: I have a small dick".

Do not hope, do not try, do not wine here again, just tell her and you can be sure your life with her will be much happier, relaxed and exciting when you are open and honest to her.

Good luck,


  There are ways to talk with one's husband and then there are "ways" to talk and be open and honest about a situation over which he has no control. My husband and I have been with women whose sole purpose of seeking sex outside their marriage was the size of their husband's penis and/or his lack of ability and technique. My husband always had a rule that the women could not disparage or speak disrespectfully of their husband, regardless of us already knowing the reason.
The situation is fraught with emotion on both sides and my husband often felt bad about seeing the same women more than once or twice a month because it meant there were marital problems that were not being addressed. His luck of the draw and having been richly blessed with particularly impressive endowment was to him a way of actually helping a woman through a situation. He hated feeling he was "the other guy" but he understood that all women deserve sexual fulfillment with me also "helping" them with their other curiosities.
Wives owe it to their husbands to address all marital problems, even though it may cause pain over an issue not of his own making. Many husbands accepted their wife's feelings and we eventually met most of them. They were invited to watch if they liked but no other men were even allowed to be naked in the same room as me. We have maintained a close intimate friendship with two couples and both husbands no longer watch. They are happy their marriage remains intact and they enjoy sex with their wife even though she may not orgasm as well as he will. Reject the lie that "size doesn't matter!" Confront the issues and help your wife to enjoy the sexual fulfillment she deserves! Your marriage and mental and emotional health will all be better for it!
I firmly
  Barbara JO  
  If you're a real man, it's your duty to make sure the deserving wives of your small dick friends stay satisfied.  Girlfriends are a different matter since there isn't a major commitment to family like a marriage.  One way or another these married women will fill their sexual needs.  The brazen ones might crash and burn but the soft sweet types are priority.  They deserve to be rewarded in ways your friend can't provide.  My current lover is 10 years my junior and has become much more confident in all aspects of her life since we first started seeing each other.  I knew her husband through another job and try hanging out with him every so often to keep cover for me and his wife but the guy is annoying.  It was painfully obvious the sexual frustration she was going through the more I interacted with her so I swung by her work one day during lunch and offered to take her out.  I still remember how nervous she was as we drove along and reassured her anything we talked about could stay between us as friends.  She slowly warmed up over soup and salad and on the drive back we held hands until she shyly asking if I found her attractive.  I playfully laughed it off and asked the same of her, instantly turning her a silent bright red. I noticed a slight sense of shock which turned into slow deep breaths so I turned to her with a warm smile and reminded her that whatever we talk about would just be among us.  She looked me in the eye with her mouth slightly open and squeaked out a soft "o'k."  In reality she's not very physically attractive - short, chubby, small tits - but the love she has to offer is pure.  We were about 5 minutes close to her work so I told her to call in and ask for an extension so we could talk some more.  She fumbled for her phone and had to clear he throat a few times in the process.  I noticed her shaking from the adrenaline so I softly said it was ok as I held her hand again.  We drove to a park where I then had her recline her seat back and rubbed her warm crotch.  She sat there frozen with the same semi shocked face so I sat her up and pulled her over to me.  I leaned back and ran her hand over my crotch, asking her if she liked it.  This seemed to break the ice as she quickly realized there was a real mans cock in her hand.  The switch was flipped and her actions became more fluid as she ran her hand along my shaft.  I calmly took off my pants and let her see what would soon be in her mouth.  "Wow, you have a nice cock.  Holy shit, wow," she said in a low tone as she looked it over for a few seconds with a big smile on her face.  I said if she really thought so she should give it a kiss since she was damn near eye level with it.  She looked up at me, then down at my dick she was holding then back up to me and playfully said "ok, only if you'll fuck me."  As soon as I said sure she was half way down on my dick trying to cram as much of it in her mouth.  It was obvious at this point she had no skills so I sat up and held my cock with one hand and guided her head with the other.  She gagged and gagged but no use.  Time was short so I pushed her off and told her to get in the back as we were cutting it close.  She sprawled out as I pulled her pants down to reveal that the bushy hair of her chubby cunt was soaked in pussy juice.  Her legs quivered as I slid in and continued to every time  I pressed deep for the first few strokes.  Once she got adjusted I tilted her pelvis up more and started touching cervix.  Her eyes widened and she started squeaking as I rode her for another 10 seconds until she clamped.  As she came I held my own as she wiggled on my dick because I wanted to make sure she knew how a real man fucked.  After a few seconds her pussy had pushed my cock out and I knelt there with it throbbing as she stared up at the roof of my car.  "Oh my god, that was great!" she said as she wiped the sweat from her hair.  I stayed put until she realized something was a miss.  "Did you cum?" she asked.  "Not yet."  I replied.  She got a big grin and rolled herself over to suck my cock.  "You've got a great cock,"  she said as she jerked it into her mouth.  "I'm glad we're friends."  She tried her best to swallow but only got a quarter of it.  The rest ended up on my back seat.  I've trained her pretty good to suck my cock but she still can't take a good pounding.  Every time I hang out with them and he's preoccupied I like to stuff my cock in her mouth.  If just for a few strokes.  

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