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Many smalldicks have heard the comment "Your dick is like a clit" as a joke. But there really are clits bigger than some small pin dicks.












  OMG- that clit IS bigger than my soft cock  
  August West
  Its bigger then mine when soft love to suck it  
  wow some are really bigger than me see my pics  
  Some of these are bigger than mine -hard!  
  My dick is smaller than almost all of these clits. I'd love to try to have sex with one of theses women. It's natural for most men to be bigger than me but wow to have a woman to be bigger, what humiliation.  
  dr bob  
  It is my dream to have sex with the woman in the last pic I want to suck her clit and let her push it up my magina  
  I am soo jelous, I can't even call mine a dicklette  
  Sissy Bethie  
  U guys hav tiny dicks mine is way bigger than these...soft  
  they were being facetious  
  Some of this clits are really female dicks. They are able to penetrate and fuck another woman or man. Iwant to see such a sensation.  
  Oh man what a turn on for me. I wish i had a women with a big clit to suck on. She would love the fact that i would lick it anytime she wanted me to.

I would love to compare with a clit that big

I would love to compare my little dick with a womens huge clit. I would lick her big clit anytime she wanted it licked. Love the pics thanks ladies.

  BLACKS ARE BIGGER THAN WHITES. Only been with a few black chicks, and one was as big as some of those. I'm 4" hard. Very intimidating, but hot!  
  My ex said I had a clit. Is love to suck black cunning out of one of these big pussies  
  Ive actually been with a woman whos clit was bigger than my baby boner. I LOVED IT!!! As Ive come to love sucking cock, sucking her clit till she orgasmed was natural! Just wish I could have swallowed cum!  
  Lee Przybylowicz  
  those clits are all bigger than my dick  
  that is just nasty. These women are moore disgusting than any small dick...  
  i have 1 the same as the last pic. any1 want 2 suck mine  
  They are all beautiful clits, the one kinda got me in as. That right there is a dick  
  yuo should never wear panties let that clit swing yumm, now those r clits  
  would love to make my wife's clits as big as that, very sexy.  
  Would love to suck all those clits then let them bang my back door while I cumm all over myself  
  G man  
  omg i have such a tiny little dick  
  I have a 8 and half dick any woman out there want to suck and fuck  
  wow all of you have tiny dicks that say those are bigger, lol  
  I fantasize about serving a woman with a larger clit then my micropenis. If there are any women that truly have clits larger then my wee wee please email me!!
  I have seen pictures of clits bigger than cocks and I had a girl friend once with one half the size of my cock.  
  Wow! Magnificient...would love 2 suck those.  
  kathryn i will let me know  
  wow.. i have a clitlet. these clits are huge and more manly than my tiny TINY penis, i am blushing and i feel  
  love to rub my fat cock over those huge clits id eat yours kathryn :-)  
  jay ferg  
  These clits are amazing! Would love to play...  
  very sexy would love to be sucking on them.  
  Do yu think any of those girls would fuck me in the ass? And can they ejaculate?  
  kathryn! Contact me babe! I will do you right! Yum yum!  
  Women with big clits are so sexy and I would love to please their pussy clit as much as they wanted! The clits are bigger than my babycock soft. Women and ones with big clits I would worship.  
  my dick is very small and soft,I want some big clit woman can fuck me ,I like suck big clit woman,if she like, I'll be what I want to become she's wife.  
  just love it most of those clits are bigger than my tiny soft dick  
  I want to rub the head of my dick on a huge & sexy clit ;)  
  I am a nurse and I've seen a film of a Japanese girl, her name is tia, who has a condition whereby her breasts, although incredibly beautiful, are large beyond belief but so too is her clitoris. When it's flaccid, it measures nearly 4" in length and when fully erect it measures a rigid 6" in length and 1.5" in diameter. The girl is only about eighteen and her conditions both developed at a very early age and are endocrine (hormonally) related. The girl is nearly 6'3" tall and is extremely beautiful. The combination of her exceptional looks and incredible sexual development apparently make it very easy to attract sexual partners. She is ppearently a lesbian and sexually prefers beautiful western girls, particularly am heterosexual american woman who she enjoys "bringing to the otherwise" as she describes it. She says it really isn't much of a challenge because the women, although straight, seem to give into the sexual temptation very easily. The film I witnessed lasted about twenty minutes and shows two instances where two beautiful airline stewardesses, minutes apart, enter a bedroom, each unknowing what to expect. As one beautiful blonde enters the room the door slams behind her and standing their in 5" heels and towering over the american is this incredibly sexually developed Japanese girl. The american drops her purse and in total shock gasps and shakes her head in disbelief at what she is seeing. The Japanese girl makes her move on the american by cupping her head in her hands and bending down to give the american a long wet kiss. There is absolutely no resistance on the part of the american girls who instinctively grab on, as best she can, to the sides of the Japanese girl's incredibly massive breasts and within just second, appearing weak kneed, starts to slowly buck and grind and within a few more seconds that it is obvious the Japanese girl has brought her to orgasm. Upon reaching orgasm thebamerican limply begins to fall to the floor but the Japanese girl catches her in time and lifts the unconscious woman to the edge of the bed. The Japanese girl then lifts the navy blue skirt and white silk slip of the american girl to near the top of her thighs and while waiting for the american to regain consciousness the Japanese girl lifts her own skirt and black slip and introduces a semi limp but rapidly hardening clitoris that when seconds and just as the american girl gains some degree of consciousness, she pulls the then stunded and mesmerized woman towards her while she lunges forward into the pantygirdle and pantyhose covered crotch of the american woman and with an incredibly rigid clitoris, penetrates the young woman who within just three or four minutes she brings to an obvious mindboggling intense orgasm that renders the girl unconscious. The "tenting effect" created by penetrating the woman through her undergarments apparently reinforced the sexual sensations within her and made the orgasm all the more intense. The Japanese girl had an intense orgasm of her own and clearly ejaculated heavy amounts of her g-spot induced orgasm all over the upper nylons, crotch and on the slip of the american and as she withdrew from the girl she condition to ejaculate heavy amounts on the american white silk blouse, face and even her hair. In fact, the Japanese girls ejaculated so heavily that the american resembled a "glazed" donut. Within minutes, with the first girl still lying unconscious on the bed, she repeated the same exact thing to the second american girl who had been waiting for her friend, or so she thought, just a few rooms away. My understanding is that a few of thesefilms have been made by girlfriends of this Japanese teen but they are for their private safekeeping and not, at least for now, for the benefit of the general public. Also, it was made known in the film that this Japanese girls watched, on a regular basis, reruns of the sitcom
Everybody loves Raymond and the office and that she has a particular and very intense sexual interest in both actress Patricia Wheaton and in Jenna Fischer and greatly wants to sexually seduce both of them, enticing both women with her incredible breasts and beauty and introducing her massive clitoris into both of them. I've heard that this girl has been over here for an extended time just six months ago and that it was during that time that her wish just might have come true. I seriously doubt that either beauty could possibly resist this girls sexual advances because she has no equal and sexually developed beyond belief and even the straightest woman can't resist her.
  I have a girlfriend who was born in Syria and had to leave that country because of all the problems it was causing her there. She is tall, shapely, busty and beautiful and most of all she has a clit, that when hard, grows to nearly 5" in length and 1.5" in diameter. Although she's a lesbian, she has no trouble in all in seducing the straightest women she can find so I guess it can be said that no girl can resist a monster clit.  
  I like all clits it awesome  
  Sooraj Raj  
  Anyone wants there fat clit sucked I would gladly do it contact me via email it's  
  wow so totally impressed with these girl's clit...omg they are bigger than my little pinkie dic as i am unable to get hard and grow now i am truly pathetic limp dick cuckold :) big smile  
  Love a lady that has a nice fat clit .my ex had the biggest i ever seen in person  
  lm looking for a women with a large clit with a penis for my soulmate if there are any single women on here with a clit with penis my gmaildwightthompson1952@gmail lhope to find a lady  
  Poor bastard who said that the clits in those pics are bigger than his dick. Too bad bro! B==============>  
  Ding Dong  
  god I love that beautiful clittie. 1 would love to have one just like it! it is gorgeous!  
  kathryn, I would love to suck and lick you as you humiliate my tiny penis.
For reference many of the clits pictured above are larger than my tiny penis.
Please let me have your email address,,,,,
Jim G.
  We need more pictures of women, which have a huge clit, which you can call also a penoris, she-dick or girl-penis. And let us see, how theses lady-boners fuck another woman and man in pussy and ass.  
  Kathryn please send your email address and I will contact you if you like to humiliate me!  
  Jim G  
  I have big clit so Sexy nd sweet, am from nigeria  
  You are welcome to show your clit in this site miss Maya. Please mail pictures to  
  hey see my link and laugh and humiliate me plz i like it.
  raju kumar  
  My soft penis is smaller than women's clits. I'm very humiliated for being smaller not only than men but also than women  
  The biggest clits, you can call them also she-dicks, are bigger than my tiny cock. My wish to get fucked in the ass from a female boner.  
  Yes, bigger than mine too. How humiliating, while at the same time a huge turn on!  
  Wow, a lot of these clits are just as big, if not bigger than my 1 inch boi clitty! I should be made to suck these clits, just like I do when my hotwife's bull is here. Tiny n horny in Orlando.  
  Douglas (Tiny Dick) Gomes  
  I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with a girl with a dick clit. It was 4" long and 1-1.4" round. It got hard just like mine did and it also squirted like me. It tasted different then mine but was as good. I was a luck guy as fdron 12 I could suck my own and did 2 or 3 times a day. it is only 6-1/2" but I could get 3/4 of it in my mouth and it felt so good. this gal loved to watch me do my self. After a year and a half she got another boy friend along with me. She asked me to join them so I did. My first time with another naked guy. She wanted me to play with her butt while he did her clit. I dont know how many times she came but we did this all week as we all began living together. In the second week she asked me to go down onm him. My first time and it was not as good as with her but wasn't bad. This guy was very lady like with his features and had no hair on his body. Also had long hair and wore it like women do as some times it was put up other times very long. It was very easy doing him as it was almost like being with a girl Well just wanted to share this. I just turned 70 but still do a guy when I can but prefer to find another older lady with a dick clit. They are the best and the sexiest to me  
  love to suck on one  
  we I have got to admit it that I have seen bigger clits than I have got my dick
This I find is a turn on
I remember A girl my mate was shagging and one day out of the blue she turned to me and said I can tell you have the smallest dick of all the guys here . I was gob smacked how the hell can she know that as she not seen so I ask her how can you tell that and she said she just looks at the way my jeans are and the shape .
Well I'm glad I did not say she was wrong as she was the sort that would have made me pull them down to show her in front of the guys then they would have all know how small I am

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