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Deep penetration



  One of the most stupid lies about penis size is that a woman does not need a big penis because she cannot have it all inside her if it is too long.  
  According to the vagina is up to 4.1 in long. It's hard for me to understand where the penis goes then -as a 7 inch one for example should have no problem in this area. I think almost every woman can take it. My man is 11 inches long when erect.  
  During sexual arousal the vagina expands in both length and width. The vagina has the capacity to expand, allowing for the passage of a baby during childbirth, the vagina also has the ability to elongate during intercourse to accommodate a penis. For some women, the depth from the vaginal opening to the tip of the cervix is 3 to 4 inches when they are not sexually aroused. Other women may have a vaginal depth of five to seven inches. Regardless, during arousal, blood flows to the genital area, and sexual excitement causes the upper two-thirds of the vagina to lengthen by forcing the cervix and uterus to ascend. The vagina also lubricates to help ease penetration.

As the woman becomes fully aroused, the vagina tents expands in length and width, while the cervix retracts.] The walls of the vagina are composed of soft elastic folds of mucous membrane which stretch or contract (with support from pelvic muscles) to the size of the inserted penis or other object, stimulating the penis and helping to cause the male to experience orgasm and ejaculation, thus enabling fertilization. Some people think that the vaginal canal is a continuously open space. However, this is a misperception. Think of the vaginal canal as if it were a balloon that is not filled with any air. The walls, which have the potential to expand and elongate, gently touch one another. When something is placed inside, they mold around the width and accommodate the length of a penis, tampon, finger(s), or sex toy.

Sometimes during penetration, a penis or other object inserted in a vagina does hit the cervix. This may be an indication that the woman is not physiologically aroused enough; when she is more aroused, her vagina will elongate and her cervix, the neck of the uterus, will lift up and move out of the way. Other times, contact with the cervix can happen if a penis is larger than average or if the thrusting is too deep.

  A woman, yet not used to a big penis, may react with nervousity the first time, not relaxing and allowing the penis inside her. It only takes practice and making her horny, yet relaxed to be able to take it all. When she is used, she will never want any smaller penises again.  

Too small to feel

  The suggestion that the depth of the vagina is only 3.5" to 4" and that a penis with that length should be enough to give pleasure to a woman, actually proves the opposite.  
  The pleasure from a penis penetrating a vagina comes from the friction and the pressure, making her feel the penis. The penis pushing in and pulling out makes her feel pleasure, feeling the friction from the penis against her vaginal walls. The feeling of being filled up by a big penis, stimulates and gives her orgasms.  

  Small dick in vagina  
  When a small dick penetrates the vagina, it has small chances to give stimulation or pleasure for a simple reason: It does not reach the sides or the end of the vagina. When she cannot feel the dick, she cannot have pleasure. When the dick touches one side of the wagina, it will feel annoying as it is more like itching than being fucked, if she is lucky, she feels something there but it is not a penis penetrating, pushing or moving and pleasing. Many times she feels nothing and still we read that small dicks can give pleasure. A dick that cannot be felt, can hardly give pleasure, at least not by penetration.  


Big penis penetrating, expanding, pleasing and fucking a vagina.

  When a man with a big penis penetrates her vagina, she can feel it everywhere inside, pushing, expanding her vagina, reaching all inside her, making her feel the big penis making pleasure for all of her vagina. The feeling of being filled up totally, willl give her more complete pleasure and orgasms than any man with a smaller penis ever could give her. Men with big penises will always be wanted and desired by women who want the best and never settle for less than real men with big penises.  

Size Queens

  Interviews with women show that Size queens had the most interesting feedback when they were describing sex intercourses with large penis. Strangely, they used the same words to describe those sensations. They felt like "controlled", "owned" by the large penis man. They felt like they were in an "animal" state. They felt naturally dominated by his large penis. For the size queens, small penis is too small for vaginal satisfaction. Average penis size is enjoyable if it is a romantic sex and if they are in love. Large penis size is animalistic and more rough.   
  More an more women become Size Queens when they have experiences of intercourse with men with big penises. They realize the difference from having sex with smaller and they realize that all talk about how size does not matter, is a big lie.  
  Although the attempts to describe Size Queens as either male trolls in blogs or as depraved women, who have had too much sex, we must still realize that they are women, with the same bodies as other women. They do not have vaginas 3 times deeper as other women. The difference with Size Queens is only that they have experiences from having intercourse with men with big penises, they have realized they loved it and they were probably surprised to see - and feel - the first time, that they could take it all inside them.  
  Read interviews with the Size Queens, where they confirm how possible and how wonderful sex is with a big penis.  

Best Positions For Deep Penetration

  Laying her on her tummy with just her butt up in the air, is the best position for the deepest penetration. Not only is it good for deep penetration, it is also one of the best positions where finding her G-spot is not a problem. You want to go easy while doing this position, since you are completely inside of her, thrusting too hard can cause your partner pain. 

Get out your cowboy hat and boots, and let her jump on and ride. This position gives deep penetration and allows you to just lay down and enjoy the show. Since she is the one controlling the situation, no need to worry about hurting her. If it hurts, she will wiggle around to make it stop hurting. 

Legs up and spread wide. While laying on her back, get in front of her, preferably standing next to the bed. Pull her to the very end of the bed and place her legs flat on your chest. Her feet should be in the air right above your shoulders. Once there, penetrate and thrust in until she has completely engulfed your penis. The harder you thrust, the better it will feel for both you and your partner. 

The side winder is just as it sounds, enter from the side. Have your partner lay on her side with her leg up, and over your shoulder. Come in slowly and thrust away for maximum pleasure and penetration. Again with this one be careful how hard you thrust, some women do experience slight pain when coming in from the side. If there is no pain, then by all means thrust as hard as you want. 

Exercising for pleasure. This penetrating position works great if your partner can grab her ankles or close enough to them. While standing with her back towards you, have her reach down as far as she can go and grab her ankles. Be sure that her legs are spread just enough to where her vagina is popping out from the back. Begin penetration, holding her hips as you thrust. Thrust harder to get maximum penetration and pleasure. 




  i always find the deepest penetration in the following position: i open her up wide and pin her legs back, with my biceps behind her knees. i then proceed to rock/lift her backward so that her buttocks/lower spine are off the bed. at this point i sink into her, deep. a slight variation is to keep her legs on my shoulders and get my hands under her, around the back of her hips. again, i lift her up into me and lean forward, so that i am nearly above her/at a steep angle, and then sink into her. as i thrust with my pelvis i pull her into me with my arms. these are two of our favorite positions as i'm able to really pound her hard and deep. in fact, i've fucked her so hard in these positions that we've broken my bed - the two front legs are collapsed!  
  Irish Rover  
  For me the deepest penetration come from when he is behind me. Two different ways (other the doggy (on you hands and knees) which will give you two totally different is stand up bend over and let him enter from behind - it is best to have something in front of you to hold on to so you can push back a little - this can even be done in the shower...the second is in bed you laying on you tummy and to help you lift you hips a little off the bed - or you can even put a pillow under you lower tummy - this lifts you pussy just a little higher allowing him to drive in a little deeper.
  With only 3 1/2 inches I could never ever please you!!!
  I never have or ever will give the experience of deep penetration. Only being 4 1/2 inches at my very best, I am lucky if I am able to provide slight penetration.
Teenie Weenie Paul
  Women might want to drive a 4 by 4 but they sure don't want to ride a 4 by 4 - that is a ridiculous , inadequate little boy dick 4" long by 4" girth like my widdle weewee . When it is this short and thin it doesn't pleasure anybody , even me , though I jack off all the time , what else is it good for ? Since a woman 's pussy is , on the average 4.5 " width when aroused , ( bigger if she's had children ) what are the odds that a widdle boy's weewee like mine could get her off ? Slim to none , I'd say . Which is why 2 ex-wives and a number of ex-GFs have dumped me for larger guys . Just looking at my teenyweenie is depressing .  
  4 by 4  
  hi my pennis size is too small after erect it is approximately 4 inches..what can i do in this conditions..can u suggest me..  
  I appreciate the info it was really helpful. I really wasn't worried about my penis size being 8 inches but I just wanted to see how pleasurable in bed.  
  Men! Am turned on  
  For sure few women out there wouldn't like a seasonable size of dick. First it make them turn on, deep penetration can easily touch their T junction,long dick sweet fuck  
  am 7inch.feeling hot 2 9yt  
  I have measured mine and its slightly larger than the kong dildo in both circumference and length . It can take a few tries to get it in with a lot of foreplay and extra lube . Once in my women all say its very big . I don't even need to thrust much to hear them moaning passionately . I find that thrusting slowly brings out a lot of moaning and groaning . My only wish would be to be able to thrust in a fast motion , sadly after more than 100 lovers I hadn't yet found the right women to do this with until now . my new girlfriend is black and has had some large penises but not nearly as big as mine . luckily for me she can take me and I swear sex has never been better . I suppose as a white man I should have tried black women before . Since then I have been with 5 other black women and they are all very receptive . now I am all set to impregnate my girl , marry her and make lovely mixed raced children . Oh ! how I love black women !!  
  with your suggestions i penetrate my penis fully and enjoyed too much.  
  john rabert  
  I found all d coments vry interesting & touching. I'm 6.6". My wif mostly desires dat I enter bhind & pound slowly. I get too sensitive & slip out. I need a help, pls.  
  I love pounding little vag with my 9 inch cock. I love watching her toes curl and eyes roll back in her head. I love my dick. God I can't imagine being small it took me forever to lose my virginity until I found out that I had a huge satisfying cock  
  i like dogy style, vry exciting to me.  
  No one ever seems to mention the straddling thigh position, and no "how to" I've ever seen mentions it, either. The man kneels astride on of her thigh as she lies on her back or side. This gives her great freedom of movement, as does it him. All sorts of movements and techniques are possible for both people, and the woman can work her cunt experimentally until she finds what excites her most. I've tried just about every conceivable position, the man can fuck her from the side with her top leg between them, from nearly behind, and more, but this one invariably surprises and pleases the woman immensely.  
  Both of my ex wives would constantly remind me how wonderfully full their lovers made them feel and how that was the main reason why they could have multiple orgasms just from penetration. They both had very great difficulty even climaxing once on my little 4" boycock and I was usually commanded to lick them instead. I was a cuckold to both of them and felt that they deserved to experience the joys of real manly thick cocks. I was happy to hear about their experiences and then this lead to me watching them have sex in front of me while I was tied to a chair. I also had to suck on some of these cocks and worse...(but that's another story). I was eventually placed in chastity (by both) in order to reinforce my acceptance of the situation. I was left in no doubt that they had far more rewarding sex from men with big cocks mostly due to the deep penetration factor and, to a lesser degree, from the visual excitement of a fully erect and impressive cock. Even I was excited by the sight of such powerful and beautiful cocks. I can understand how disappointing my little boycock must have been....!!!  
  Too small 4 women  
  The day I found a big vagina it ws exciting fucking the girl all nyt feeling pleasure with the wet pussy  
  jay shaizy  
  Harrison I'd love to meet you and try taking you - I am sure that you would leave satisfied...  
  My penis is 6 inches long when erect but the head and corona(ring between cock head and whole penis is bigger) so my girlfriend always said she was satisfied when I fucked her violently...she is a mother of 5 but only 35 years old, she love hard sex especially when she is pregnant!  
  I fucked my girlfriend last night after almost 2 months since she gave birth to her 6th child. Her cunt was still tight and she was so wild screaming asking me to fuck her hard and she want to get pregnant again so I can enjoy fucking her juicy cunt!  
  My vool is 15 cm lank en nogals dik ek is oorgewig met n pens my vrou voel los as ons sex het is ek klein of is ha doos groot

My penis is 15 cm long and quite thick, I am overweight with a pin my wife feels loose when we have had sex, I was small or large
  Unfortunately my dick is 3.3 inches when erect, am facing alot of problem during penetration pls can someone help me the best way to follow.  
  Why by friend has a 14 inch cock  
  i am available to have sex with big bad boys  
  im 6.5" and my wife feels comfortable with it.  
  I have a large 8 inch dick, my wife loves sex after she has had a baby,and her breasts respond to stimulation after feeding a new born child ..we have just had a fourth child and every time had great sex during pregnancy and afterwards She wants me to penetrate her for as a long a time as I can after having a baby...and this time of high enjoyment last for about 6 months after each birth,,child-birth sees to heighten her sexual desires..which I too find wonderful
I suspect we will have more children ..and we love our present four life is so good !
She loved to her mastrurbated while breast feeding a baby too great is her breast pleasure
  I'm 8 and my wife loves it deep and hard do you lilly  
  my problrm is my dick 3.2 size so small what i do plz help me  
  My boyfriend has a 10 inch dick when aroused and I'm not sure how to handle it or if I can physically take all of it in me. I've only had one sexual partner and he had a rather average penis. Is it possible for me to take all of him?  
  How long cock required for satisfie ladies in see  
  I have a 7.5 inch penis, can a lady fully grind me with pleasure?  
  my penis hovers near 7 inches. is it considered a good size?  
  luck man  
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