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Depantsing smalldicks



  Girls always want to have fun. With the guys who are real men, they can always have dates and sex to make life more fun. It is such a shame the smalldicks cannot be used the same way. Atleast there are other ways to have fun with them.  

The smalldicks always go to the toilets and locker rooms when it is empty there, so nobody will see them naked. It is a perfect moment for the girls.




They hold him and remove his clothes, his little dick is now their play toy. They squeeze it, laugh at it and spank it.



  When they are done humiliating and spanking his little dick, his punisment for not being a man continues. Holding him down, they spank his balls and ass from behind. From now on, they will always keep him at their feet, to remind him what a loser he is.  

He never expected them to stop him on his way home. Making him choose to strip here in this empty place or somewhere else where people might see him, he hurries to undress.


He now is ordered to exercise, getting ready for more fun. He will experience having girls riding him, being on top but not like other guys.

  They promise to let him go if he stands still while they beat him. It feels endless to hear them say he moved, so they have to repeat spanking his ass and dick until he succeeds to be absolutely still. The girls seem to want to continue this all the day before letting him go home.  

He really thought he was alone this time. But there are always girls who want to depants a scared smalldick.


They scream at him and blame him for not being able to satisfy girls. He owes them this entertainment for being so small and useless.

  After beating him, they tie him to a tree. He will have to stand there and wait for the girls to bring more of their friends to join them playing with him.  

It is wrestling time. The smalldick actually thinks he has a chance to win over the real man.

  He should know better than to try to fight like a real man.  
  He will learn it soon.  

With a steady grip, the real man now pulls his pants, so the smalldicks' boy dick is there for all to see.

  It is time to show who is the man and who is not. A depantsed smalldick is a vulnerable smalldick. He no longer can focus on wrestling, he is too scared because everybody can see what a loser he is, as a man and as a wrestler.  

Taking a grip with his legs around the loser's neck, he keeps him in position.


A real man never worries to show his cock, he makes the smalldick watch it closely. Holding him with his legs, he lets him smell his crotch while the crowd cheers and yells to give the smalldick a real cock in his face and mouth.

  A real man                                                            A smalldick  


Another smalldick needs to find his place.



When he has his dick and balls squeezed by a man, he loses his interest in wrestling.

  When his pants go down, so does his confidence.  

Lying down, he has his dick tortured.

  With a grip around his neck, the smalldick is ordered to start jerking his dick.  
  Feeling a superior man holding him, he cums whether he wants to or not.  
  Exhausted, humiliated and down, he will be able to look up at the winning real man.  



An exposed smalldick

is a BIG entertainment



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