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Old men using small dicks

Old men:

Small dicks:

Have a small dicked slaveboy

Find an old fat Master



Getting older and fatter it becomes more difficult to find women or guys for sex. Most of them look for younger lovers instead.

With age, the need of having sex with a younger, active partner increases. It becomes more important to have someone active and not to have to do so much, just relaxing, being licked and sucked.


When I was younger, I wanted a sexy girl for a gf. It took me long time to realize that women want real men, not small dick losers. At least not for lovers.

The beautiful sexy women are deserved by real men.

So what could a small dick deserve to have and to do while real men have sex with the women?




So where to find a devoted lover willing to do it all and hopefully more for you than anyone did before? One who will worship your fat old body.


Then I saw this pic above and I could not help thinking: Maybe we small dicks should spend our lives giving pleasure to older men.




One who will be an obedient cock sucker never asking for a blowjob for himself.


They would use you as a slave, sucking their cocks until they blow in your mouth.




The perfect one to use for all your sexual needs is of course:

A small dick loser.


As a small dick loser you should be happy and honoured to serve:

A fat old Master.




A small dick will useful not only for blowjobs but also when you need your ass licked. Just open your asshole up and feel his tongue licking deep inside.


You will be able to show your oral skill when he commands you to lick and clean his ass. When you see and smell his asshole, you will feel this is the place for a loser like you.




With a small dick slave, you can do most anything you want.You can make him lick you feet and suck your toes.


You will be smelling his ass, his feet and learn to worship every part of his fat body, feeling so lucky to serve a real man.




A small dick knows how worthless he is and he will worship you as his superior. You can use him to drink your pee anytime you want and worship your juices.


You will learn to worship him as he orders you to serve him. He is bigger and better than you. when he orders you to drink his pee you had better open your mouth.




With a small dick you will be worshipped even if you meet him without showering first. Let him lick you clean instead, while you rest in bed. 


All of hime will be yours to worship, lick and suck. No matter how sweat he is, you will be the one licking his armpits, crotch, ass and feet.




For old Masters looking for small dick slaves:

Send me your pics and your message and I will make a page for you in the site.



For small dick slaves looking for old Masters:

Send me your pics and your message and I will make a page for you in the site.





Fat old gay men's balls & asses - a place for lil dick sissy faggot dougy.


Below are some links to groups with old men for small dicks to meet and worship.

This club is for young guys looking for older chubby daddy bears/or older chubby daddy bears looking for young sons , who will serve them .

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