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Fun In School


School is the best place to start teaching small dick losers to accept their place. It is always funny for boys and girls to find a smalldick to have fun with.



The first time a smalldick is revealed is mostly in the locker room. When they shower and change clothes, they try desperately to hide their little dicks so the boys will not see how different they are in size.






No matter how they try, it is just a matter of time until the boys will see what a little dick he has. Young men are curious, they want to compare and see how other guys look. It is a happy moment for them to see the smalldick for the first time, feeling both blessed and happy to have real cocks instead of his tiny dick.



It is natural to want to see his reaction when he has to stand in front of the other guys and show them the thing he is most afraid and embarrased of showing: His much smaller dick.



Some guys just make funny comments about him, while some humiliate him more, forcing him to show his dick and admit how small it is and asking questions about it that he has to reply.



Some have fun slapping the little dick or play the game Who has the smallest penis, when all the guys undress and the loser will have to service the rest of the guys in different humiliating ways, like cleaning their shoes, being their servant etc.




The really fun begins when one of the girls in school hears about the smalldick. The girls love to tell each other about the smalldick an in a very short time everybody will know how small he is. They love to give nasty remarks and tease him. He will learn quickly how small his chances are to have a normal relationship to girls like the real guys will have. 


First, read some stories from smalldicks, who were humiliated in school.



I had an ezperience back in high school relted to my tiny dick that I think is what you were asking about so I thought I`d share. I was in my senior year of high school and was on the baseball team. I`m 6`1`` with a skinny/atheletic build and a soft 2in dick. I have always been a little shy about it and avoided showering in public and everything. I would just go stright home after games and pratice and shower there. Well this night there was a school dance that I was taking my girlfriend to and I didn`t have time to go home and shower so I took my stuff to change/shower there. It wasn`t my first time showering with other guys but it was my first that year. Our school had a few different teams including a team for the 9th grade guys in our school. Well I wasn`t prepared for just how big these 14/15 year old guys were going to be! I was off in my corner of the showers where I could just face the wall and hurry and shower but with all the teams in there it was really packed and I ended up with a few of these kids next to me. Here I am 18 witha 2in dick and I guess these kids had been drinking their milk because of the three around me the smallest had to be at least 5in soft. I made the breifest of eye contact when they first came over but quickly looked back at the wall but there was no hiding my little penis. I heard on of the kids say to his friend "Dude check out this tall kid with the baby dick." Out of instinct I looked over at them and they saw me and his friend said "yeah we are talking about you needle dick" I just looked away but now all three of them are trying to talk to me about it and others in the showers are starting to look over to see what is going is going on. I tried to tell them to shut up but they jus laughed hareder saying "don`t tell us what to do needle dick" I just quickly left the showers with them laughing as I went. As I was changing into my clothes for the dance on of them yelled from the next isle over. "Hope your girlfriend isn`t expexcting to enjoy herself tonight because you can`t help her there but tell her if she wants that I`d be more than happy"
There I was the 18 year old guy with the kid telling me he could please my girlfriend better than I could and honestly I`m sure he could have. I only slept with that girl once and my 4ish inches hard didn`t do much for her at all. Love swapping these stories with other small guys so write back with another.



Hi, I`m not really into SPH, although I do get turned on if a girl teases me a little about my size, either in a joking way or as part of sex, but not as a put down. I`m almost 100% straight, but I did have an experience with a guy you might get off on. . .
 I was into sports in high school and college, primarily American-style football. Also, wrestling was my second sport in high school. Anyway, I had an assigned roommate in my freshman year in college. Let`s say we didn`t hit it off that well. He was sullen most the time, never talked much even if you said something to him, always seemed like he had chip on his shoulder. Not many friends, although he did OK with the girls from what I could tell. He wasn`t a bad-looking guy, a little shorter than me (5`9-10"?), well-built but stocky. Had a scar on his cheek from something. Made him look kind of "tough".
 Anyway, once at night in the pool when everyone had cleared out, we got into it a bit. Not a big deal, mainly just pushing and shoving, but at one point he grabbed my balls through my trunks (or maybe into my trunks; can`t remember). Needless to say he got a cheap win. When you`re in the water, it doesn`t take much before you`re swallowing a lot of water and pretty helpless!
 A couple days later, since we had both wrestled in high school (he more than I, that was his main sport, mine was football), we were both itching for a rematch. After wrestling around a bit, we stripped down to our underwear "to keep from ripping our clothes," etc. Anyway, we had a pretty intense session. It was like "professional" wrestling in a way, if you know what I mean. If one of us got a hold or something on the other, we would apply enough pressure to hurt, but not enough to cause any bodily harm -- demonstrating who had the "moves" and control. Lot of "I give`s!"
 Well, I dunno, but I think we both knew it was gonna happen sooner or later, so at some point we started grabbing and squeezing each other`s balls through our underwear, lifting the other up off the floor by the nuts, etc. At some point, he yanked my underwear down and went after my stuff directly. I remember he made a few really cutting remarks about the size of my cock. "Is that all ya got? Shiiit!" "Ya`ll never get a girl off with that little thing!" and the like. May have gotten hard sometime, but not sure now. I don`t remember exactly how he was hung, but have the idea he was maybe average or a little bigger. Eventually we broke it off. Nothing happened "sexually."
 A couple days later he got moved to another room, never saw him much after that. Every once in a while I think back on it.
I`ll admit I found it kinda hot, really.



When I was in 8th grade, I was on the guys volleyball team, and we had a scrimmage against the high school team (it was a middle school and high school). I was the setter, and the serve came over really hard, so the guy who bumped it did a bad job, so I had to go way near the back of the court and backset it to the front (I didn't have enough time to turn around, and my bumpsets are horrible). I thought I had done a good job saving it, but apparently it had gone right over the net to the high school teams 2nd best hitter, who hit it right at me, and I didn't see it, since I was just turning around, and BAM it hits my crotch.So everyone's laughing but it hurts like hell, so I run off and go to the bathroom to check myself. I had been hit in the balls before, but this was by far the worst, and my penis and balls were SO RED and it hurt so bad and I had to pee really bad for some reason. Peeing really really hurt, and it still hurt, but I thought I'd live with it. When I went back to the court, another guy was filling in for me, but one of the coaches came over and said he wanted to see if I was okay. I asked "You mean...see?" And he said it would be quick and he just wanted to make sure I wasn't badly "damaged" down there. So I pull down my shorts RIGHT THERE in front of BOTH TEAMS who had stopped to watch. The coach says "Wow it looks pretty bad. It's amazing how such small things can get hit." He meant that as saying that its funny that a body part thats small compared to the rest of my body would get hit so directly, but of COURSE, everybody else hears this and thinks that this means that I'm tiny. I guess I am small, but it didn't matter if they interpreted what he said that way, since they ALL could see me. Everyone laughed, and the coach told me to go to the nurse. And of course, when I get to the nurse, she needs to see my crotch too. But all of that was for nothing, since she just said to take a rest and wear protection next time. So I was exposed to the whole middle school team and high school team for NOTHING!

I thought it would all end there, but no it didn't. They all told the rest of the school, and the whole school knew about my small penis. And then, rumors started that I couldn't get erections anymore.



Ok hello folks. Let me introduce myself. I'm 17 years old, 18 in a few months. I'm a guy, with a 4.5 inch penis. I'm kind of in the "gray zone". Not big enough to be useful for sex, but not small enough to get any sympathy.

Most guys dream of having a huge 9 inch penis. Me? I have dreams of having an averaged size 5.5 inch penis. I would give up everything I have to just have a normal size, and then I would be satisfied. According to various charts I have looked up, I'm smaller than the average size for a 12 year old male child (4.7 inches).

Life sucks with a small penis. "Large men" don't know how good they have it. And women don't know how good they have it either, considering they don't have to worry about size at all. Yeah, they have to worry about breast size, but still, a woman with small breasts can still have sex. A man with a small penis can't.

I have been with a girl before. When she saw me, she laughed and said "forget it". I have a feeling I am destined to be a virgin my whole life, unless I can scrape together enough money to buy some hookers. Yeah, hookers. I have always been a pretty religious guy and very honest about everything, but you know what? Screw it. It's not my fault I was born with a small penis. I'm going to go out, buy tons of hookers, and not care if I go to hell and not care if I get STDs and die from them. I already have weak kidneys thanks to contracting lyme disease when I was younger, so getting one STD such as Hepatitis would = instant death for me.

With a small penis, you get no respect. School? I dropped out because guys in the locker room always laughed at me. Women? I'm never going to have a relationship, marriage, or kids. Be a scientist, or contribute anything to society? How? I have no confidence, thanks to my small penis. My life IS POINTLESS.

You know what? god doesn't exist, and if he does, he's evil. I have been a good guy my whole life, never commmited any crimes, never hurt anyone, always done incredibly hard stuff for people for free. And look how god repays me, by cursing me.

If it's one thing I learned, god rewards evil people. My whole life I've been kicked, beaten, had stuff stolen from me, picked on, etc. And guess what, those guys probably have 8 inch *****.

I have decided that when I turn 18 in a few months I am going to enlist into the Marines as a meatshield, and go off to Iraq to die. I hope I die, at least I'll go down as a hero. And if I don't die there, at least I'll get paid and have some money to buy some hookers when I get back.



During my high school years, I was ridiculed by the boys, and my steady girlfriends always enjoyed my oral activities but not my small pencil penis, they would always dump me for the hung boys, but ask me on the sly if I would preform oral on them when their boyfriends were not around.  I married my high school sweet heart as soon as we graduated high school.  We were married less than a year before she cheated on me, instead of divorcing her, I talked her into allowing me to watch her with her boyfriends.  This worked for the next 16 years, but she finally met an older gentleman that was rich, and she divorced me to marry him.  I still miss her and actions with other men.  But my story does continue.




I am 16 and after going out with my gf for 2 months I decided to take it to the next level. She told one of her friends that I had a small penis and the word about it kept spreading around and pretty soon everyone at school was making fun of me. I didn't think 5 inches was that bad, but I guess it is.
I should of never slept with her, I regret losing my virginity to her. How can I get people to stop making fun of me? What should I do?




Lots of teasing at school about being small called teany peany , tiny and no dick.
One girl asked what had happened to it and that it would be a fucking waste of time to go any further
another said she couldn't feel me and would I use her vibrator in stead

Quite a few girls didn't comment but their faces said it all




Tiny penis humiliation, it started when I was in high school!

A lot of people ask me how I handled public school, using the gym, taking showers and being around all the guys. I can tell you that in middle school my penis was barely larger then a small vagina and the humiliation was almost tragic. Once middle school started we had to take showers after gym, this was something that I had a tremendous fear about doing before I started. I new from seeing my friends that my penis was very tiny but I did not want to been seen in the showers with the other guys, I knew they would make fun of me and it would be non stop humiliation. To no surprise the humiliation started from day one. My first time in the gym shower a large older boy came up to me and said some mean things about how small I was bringing tears to my eyes then he came closer and pinched my penis in his hands and left me crying and humiliated. A number of other boys saw this happen and thought it would be fun to torment me. Boys would come by when I was in the shower and grab me and slap my penis, I was pushed out of the locker room nude on many occasions in front of guys and girls (itís not all sad, my first GF saw me pushed out nude and liked what she saw and felt sorry for me, but thatís another future story) Rumors quickly spread around the entire school, we had over 2000 kids and from that time on I was always know as the boy with the tiny penis. I did not have body hair like the other guys and almost no pubic hair around my penis. I was always teased that maybe I was really a girl and that I didnít belong in the boyís locker room.




Well I am one of you guys. Been teased for having a small penis since the age of 10. Friends and even my older brother teased me. They even provided me with a wonderful name.. They called me PEEWEE. LOL Its funny now in someways, but this have tormented me for the past 22 years and going. Whats worse is that I am 6'3, Atlethic, Goodlooking(This is what many people say).  Another thing is that I have bitch tits which complicated the situation even more.

 I often pondered on what I could have accomplished if I had the confidence that comes with having a normal size penis. Some are as follows:


  1. Professional Atlethic - Very atlethic, but quit sports due to small penis and bitch tits
  2. Navy Pilot: Was very interested in becoming a pilot, but my depression and low-self esteem as a result of my small member and bitch tits stopped that dream dead in its track.
  3. Professional model and actor: I did some modeling in hollywood, but again the lack of confidence and depression squelched my dreams.

Although I have had some sexual relationship with a few women I believe I could have had more and better looking ones. Infact, I have been single for about 9 years now.  And before that, during my younger years, I never had a girlfriend. My first real girlfriend was when I was in Japan in the military. That relationship lasted about a year. She was a 3 on a 10 scale.


Anyhow, currently I live by myself and I have a hard time approaching girls NOT because I am shy,but because:


  1. My small penis
  2. Depression
  3. Personality disorder

Many people are suprise why I am single. They say I am a stud. If they only new...... LOL


 p.s. My erect penis is about 5 inches and skinny.



I remember an incident that happened to me when I was in highschool. After classes one day I decided to cut through the girls' gym. I saw two girls talking to each other there. One of the girls was very pretty. Her name was Jenny. The other girl was a skinny, mousy girl named Lisa. She was about 4 inches shorter than me. To get Jenny to notice me (I had a crush on her) I teased Lisa as I walked by them. All of a sudden Lisa grabbed my arm, spun me around and slapped me across the face! I was shocked and pretended it didn't hurt me so I wouldn't look bad in front of Jenny, but I was dazed from it.

I put up my hand to keep Lisa away but I accidentally caught her blouse and it tore slightly open. She got real mad at this and then punched me in the stomach. I doubled over, Lisa pulled my head up, hauled off and punched me right in the jaw and down to the floor I went. I was really embarrassed as I could see Jenny's mouth open amazed that this little girl was beating me up.

I was quite embarrassed to be beaten up in front of the girl I had a crush on. She grabbed my tee-shirt. In those days I was already wearing panties. Lisa must have caught sight of my panties exposed above my jeans asshe was pulled on my T-shirt. She exclaimed, ďWhatís this!Ē To my horror she began to unbuckle my jeans. To get a better view Jenny walked over closer to us. I struggled but she was stronger than me. Lisa furiously undid my jeans. I held on with both hands but with one quick motion she yanked my jeans down to my knees!

My heart sank as Jenny gasped as she saw me laying on the gym floor exposed in my women's' white nylon briefs with little flowers on them and a thin lace waistband. I was totally humiliated as Jenny shouted, " Oh my God! Gregory's wearing his Mother's Underpants!!!" She laughed and laughed.

All of a sudden two more girls walked into the gym. I was so embarrassed. They asked what was going on. Jenny shouted, "It's Gregory and he's wearing his Mother's Underpants!" One of the 2 new girls, Karen, said "What a Fag! You should spank him!" I begged Lisa, "No, please don't. I'm sorry, PLEASE!" But Karen came over to help. Between the two of them they yanked my shoes off, pulled my jeans all the way off and Lisa then turned me over her knee. My heart sank as Lisa began to spank me VERY hard! I could hear jenny laughing even louder than before. Karen shouted, "Harder!" and Lisa spanked me even more. I actually started to cry from the pain and the humiliation. There I was in my women's flowered panties in front of four girls.

Karen then shocked me when she said, "No Lisa, on the BARE butt!" Jenny came over squealing and grabbed the waistband of my panties. "Mr. Gregory, you're a Bad boy!" I couldn't believe it but Jenny actually reached down and removed my underpants in front of everyone. I was completely devastatied. Jenny then taunted me about being overpowered and stripped by a girl. Karen shouted, "Look! You can see inside his butthole!" As they all laughed. I tried to keep it closed but I knew they all could see right in it.

The final act of humiliation came when Karen said, "Let's check him out. Lisa, turn Gregory over!" I struggled desperately but Lisa was too strong for me. I was devastated as I was being turned over I could see Jenny's (the girl I had such a crush on) face with its big smile. She was staring right at my penis. I was so humiliated. As soon as they all saw it they all laughed and screamed. Jenny said, "Look at Gregory's little penis ( 1 12" soft), no wonder he wears girls' underpants!" They all continued to laugh as I saw Jenny pointing at my little penis she could barely breathe she was laughing so hard. I knew she was never going to go out with me now. Karen then took her thumb and index finger and flicked my cock. This brought howls of laughter and more tears to my eyes. Karen then said "Nice little penis, Gregory, almost like a real one!" Then Lisa slapped me right across my face. My crying was constant now. I couldnít stop. One of the girls watching called me a faggot for letting a small girl beat me up. Lisa slapped my balls and then threw me off her lap. "Fag" she said. They left me there on the floor crying, except that Jenny took my panties with her. I could never look her in the eye again. Once she walked by be and whispered ďHowís your tiny little panty-covered penis, Gregory?Ē And walked away with one of her girlfriends laughing.



As someone with a tiny penis (1.9Ē soft & 3.25Ē hard), I was very interested to read peopleís comments on small penis humiliation, and thought I would add my 50 cents worth. In spite of having a bit of a hang-up about being underendowed, I canít deny that I do get secretly turned on when people laugh at my size.

It all started in my school days, when I was dating a girl called Louise, who was a few years younger than me and who was my first proper girlfriend. As a joke, a couple of my so-called friends sent her a love letter, which they pretended was from me. I never saw it myself, so I donít know exactly what was in it, but I gather it went into explicit detail about my cock size (damn those communal showers).

Louise must have known it wasnít really from me, but rather than being shocked, it seems she was curious about it. So the next time we were alone together in her bedroom, she began unbuttoning my jeans. I knew nothing about the letter, of course, so I thought she was getting fresh with me, because she wanted to take our relationship to the next level (we had only ever kissed before). This was like a dream come true to me at the time, because I was somewhat wet behind the ears and didnít realise how truly tiny my cock was.

Louise, it turned out, was not at all wet behind the ears. No sooner had she pulled out my throbbing cock than she burst into laughter and told me that her 7-year old brother was bigger than me. Whereupon, my cock shrivelled up even smaller than normal and I shoved it back in my pants, my face crimson with embarrassment.

She finished with me right then and there. Not only that, but the next day she told all her friends at school, and they told their friends and so on, and so on. The upshot was I spent the rest of my school life being called the Shrimp.

There were various other incidents over the years where my cock ended up being laughed at, which I wonít go into here. The upshot is I ended up being more than a little reluctant to let girls go anywhere near it until I was very comfortable with them. Then, slowly I realised that I had come to like it when people told me I was smallÖ it turned me on.

So, if anyone reading this feels like dishing out a little small penis humiliation, please feel free to contact me.




First i have a small penis.  when i was in middle school i got teased alot in gym. we had to take showers every day after gym class and that is when the others boys would tease me. one day they grab me when i was in the shower and pushed me into the girls dressing room and held the door shut. so there i was in front of about 40 girls with nothing on. so some of the girls grab me and put may arms behind me. all the girls were laughing and pointing at may small penis. they let me go and i had to run across the hall now with other kids in the hall. i was known as baby penis from then on.




Yes, this happened to me many years ago. When I was 13, my neighbour and myself started fooling around when our parents weren't home. I had just started puberty and had 4-1/2 inches with strands of pubic hair. He was 11, was roughly the same height as myself and had a 2-1/2 incher with no pubic hair. We were pretty innocent and did nothing more than hold each others dicks and being naked in each other's presence. Then winter came and being naked was not an option. Some 10 months went by before we fooled around again. I had noticed that he had grown in height over those months. When he came over to my house and we stood close to each other, he commented on him being about an inch taller. "I bet i'm bigger than you down there too" pointing to my zip. I was a lttle slower to strip but he was quick. I was shocked to see he had caught up in the pubes department and his erect size was now equal to mine. He was stronger and dominated me by pushing me onto the bed. "Suck me" and so I did. He was so proud of his development. Several months later he grew to be about one inch longer than mine, and began calling me a little boy. Every time he came over he would ask what the age difference was between himself and myself. He was one year and 7 months younger.



I know what a humiliation like that feels like. I also have a neighbor like that. We played a lot together. And when I was 14 and he was 10, we compared our penises just for fun. And we were the same size, both of us had 1 inch soft, and a little over 2 inches hard, and both of us had no pubic hair. He didn't think about our age difference, and said "We look just the same, cool!" Then his family moved away temporalily because his father had a job offer, but they rented out their house, so that they could move back in. The came back 3 years later, when I was 17, and he was 13. He had certainly grown, he was 5'9 and was very muscular. I was 5'4, and really skinny. We got to know eachother again, and he said "You haven't grown much, I'm four years younger than you, and a lot bigger" I couldn't deny what was true, so I just agreed. Then he said "Remember when we measured our dicks?" I said "Yeah, what about it?" He then said "It must have been embarrassing for you to have just the same size as a 10 year old, when you were 14." He joked. I said "Yeah, well don't think about it." Then he challenged me for a new comparison, and said "I am now already more man than you in any department, so I bet one blowjob that I also have more developed equipment than you do." I realized that he was right, and I said yes. He walked towards me, and grabbed my crotch, he smiled, put my hand on his huge bulge and said "I've got a feeling that this isn't exactly a fair match, don't you agree?" I nodded. Then we took off our clothes. My penis was already hard from when he touched it. His penis was soft, and easily over twice my size. He laughed, approached me, and grabbed my tiny balls "They haven't dropped, you don't have any hair, and you have hardly grown at all" I nodded, and have to accept the truth "Yeah I know" I said, and told him that I checked the internet, and found out it was the average size of a 10 year old. He laughed, and his penis started to grow, he made me grab the huge thing, and it grew even more. His crotch was covered on hair, and his balls was huge and hanging, they were probably 5 times my size. He found the measuring tape, and measured mine, it was 2.2 inches. Then he measured his own 7.8 inches. "Over three times your size, and you're four years older than me" he laughed. And told me to suck his penis, i did what he told me to. And he said that it felt so good, and since I probably liked it too, I had to come over, and do it every day. So now I go to his house every single day "to serve him", and sometimes I even have to please his friends, they're not as big as he is, but huge compared to me. He's always humiliating me in public. And his mother even came over to our house with clothes that didn't fit him anymore, and asked if I wanted them, she said "He's growing so fast, I'm proud, he's turning in to a man, but I noticed that you have stayed just the same, so this clothes probably fits you" It's so humiliating, we used to be friends, and now I'm his slave.




I'm 16, and I have a 2 inch dick. Guys at school is always making fun of me in the locker-room, and they say that I'm not a man, because I don't have a penis or balls, I'm just an ugly girl who has to go to the girls' room. Sometimes they bring girls into our showers to show them my tiny dick. And one guy who used to be my best friend before he became a "man" is now one of my worst bullies, and he likes to make me suck his penis in front of all the other guys.




Tiny penis humiliation, it started when I was in high school!

A lot of people ask me how I handled public school, using the gym, taking showers and being around all the guys. I can tell you that in middle school my penis was barely larger then a small vagina and the humiliation was almost tragic. Once middle school started we had to take showers after gym, this was something that I had a tremendous fear about doing before I started. I new from seeing my friends that my penis was very tiny but I did not want to been seen in the showers with the other guys, I knew they would make fun of me and it would be non stop humiliation. To no surprise the humiliation started from day one. My first time in the gym shower a large older boy came up to me and said some mean things about how small I was bringing tears to my eyes then he came closer and pinched my penis in his hands and left me crying and humiliated. A number of other boys saw this happen and thought it would be fun to torment me. Boys would come by when I was in the shower and grab me and slap my penis, I was pushed out of the locker room nude on many occasions in front of guys and girls (itís not all sad, my first GF saw me pushed out nude and liked what she saw and felt sorry for me, but thatís another future story) Rumors quickly spread around the entire school, we had over 2000 kids and from that time on I was always know as the boy with the tiny penis. I did not have body hair like the other guys and almost no pubic hair around my penis. I was always teased that maybe I was really a girl and that I didnít belong in the boyís locker room.



I am very small (3' hard) and have been humiliated all my life because of it. I was teased and tormated at school by the other boys and picked on in the locker room. They usto laught and snap my little dickie with their towels and make me cry. No girl would have anything to do with me, except the school slut who would fuck anybody. But when she saw how tiny my cock really was, she wouldn't have anything to do with me either. When I got married, I never did tell my future wife how small I was. She tried bless her, but my small size did nothing for her. She was so flusterated, she found herself the biggest black dick she could and is now really for once, enjoying herself. I have not had sex with a women for years. I am suffering from "penis envy" and have turned queer for any cock I can suck. The only sure sex I get is to masterbate or to clean my wife and her lover after they have sex. I have accepted this as my fate.


At last, read below how people comment about having fun with smalldicks in school.


In response, Iím a gay guy whoís really into humiliating guys with small cocks. My ex had a short, chunky cock and we loved to do sub/dom scenes where I would mock him for having such a little thing. Eventually we progressed to threesomes and he always really liked the bit where I made him display his little dick to someone else. He had small balls as well, and I always made him admit this and apologise for not being a real man. Iíve come across other guys into the same thing: both sub and dom, so itís not that rare!



Something happened in school yesterday. I guess you could consider my boyfriend and his friends as the 'jocks' of the school.

During P.E., my boyfriend and his friends wanted to impress me to demonstrate his strength in school. So when the teacher had to make an emergency trip to the bathroom, it was only our class in the gymnasium. My boyfriend and his friends cornered 4 of the male students who could be considered 'nerds' and called them gay. After a few minutes of the gay teasing, my boyfriend and his friends then managed to force the nerds on their knees and held their hands behind their backs. Then, pulled down their boxers to show everyone in the class their penises.

Everyone in the class had a good laugh at how small and pathetic their penises are and teased them on how gay it was to show off their penises. Luckily, there were even some students with camera-phones to capture that great moment. Unfortunately, the teacher came back and saw what was happening and my boyfriend and his friends got in trouble.

I don't think that was fair. Why should my boyfriend and his friends be in trouble? Those nerds were showing off their penises (two of them even got erections, which proves they enjoyed/loved what was being done to them). If the world was fair, those nerds should be the ones in trouble and should apologize for getting my boyfriend and friends in trouble.

Why do think those nerds like showing off their penises in school and getting innocent people in trouble?




  I was 13 and lived in los angeles. me and my cousin whose 10 were the only mexicans around my white friends. we were 8 dudes who skateboarded together. one really hot day we all skated around a park and then went to one of my friends house for something to drink. we found a porn movie in his big brothers room and began to watch it. it made us real horny. some kid said we should have a jack off contest to see who could cums the most. we agreed to all get completely naked. we looked kind of funny naked because the dudes with big dicks just flopped around and you noticed that the kids with small dicks just their big balls bounced around and their small dicks just pointed straight out. we found some dark towels and put them in front of us in a straight line. one dude who was about 15 started to pull on his dick and began to rub it so the others started to do the same. only me and my cousin were real shy. These white dudes had big dicks even one boy who was only 11. he had a boner like almost 7 inches he even already had blonde pubes on his balls. me and my cousin then slowly took out our brown dicks too and then we noticed that we were the only ones who were uncut and we were the smallest, except for one of the white dudes who also had a small dick and he was the oldest white boy who was 16. we all jacked off together to the porn movie. my cousin still does not have pube hair yet and his dick is really small so he only used 2 fingers to jack off so the other dudes kind of laughed at him. i barely have black pubes on top of my dick and my dick is real small and skinny and i have a real tight hood over my dick head. i noticed that when me and my cousin started to pull on our dicks i could smell something like rotten cheese from our dicks. one white dude whose about 13 squirted white jizz straight out, then i started to come but i did not squirt out alot because my foreskin covers my pee hole so it made more of a white mess all over my fingers. my little cousin said he was going to cum but nothing came out and his dick just pointed straight out and his little balls kind of disappeared he then pulled back his foreskin and his litte dick head was red and a little bit wet. i dont think he has any cum yet in his balls. then the other dudes started to come. the white kid who was 11 and who had a bigger dick than my cousin came a lot on the towel, but one dude who was only 12 came the most and won the contest. this kid had a big dick for being only 12 and lots of pubes you could even see hair in his butt crack. he squirted about 6 times and his dick which was about 6 inches stayed real hard after and curved a lot to the left. it looked kind of funny. at the end the white dudes asked us some questions about our uncut dicks. they asked me to pull back my hood but i told them that its too tight so i cant pull it back. One white kid said it must always stink and itch alot. i told him to fuck off and come and clean it with his tung. They said our brown dicks looked wierd. my dick began to shrink and my cousins dick was just a little piece of skin between his legs. I kind of wish my dick looked bigger and uncut like the white boys, but i think i still would miss playing with my dick hood even if it is a little smelly.
tiny skater dude
  i think its absolutely vital that us pindicks should be identified and humiliated as young as possible so that our sexuality is molded by our shame and humiliation. A pindick who hasnt accepted the fact is a sad thing indeed, if they are given the craving for humiliation at an early age they will never develop the urge to fuck and will be happier as a result
  Comment I agree with the last comment from teenieweeniedanny that it very important for smalldicks to be identified as young as possible to that our sexuality can be shaped by our shame and humiliation. The feelings of superiority that the others in school will properly have will help them build the confidence they need as they become men. It is completely natural for hung boys to laugh at, push around, mock, embarrass and degrade the tinydick as this gives the normal boys a sense of power satisfaction as they flex their natural dominance. I would advise all guys in school that when they see that a guy (even a buddy) that is hiding a tiny penis to use this to their advantage as much as possible. And, of course, to spread the word around school so that their peers can steer clear.
  I think it is important for guys to learn where they stand at a young age. After it is clear that a boy will never really develop a man sized cock then he needs to accept that he will never be a real man. The cock is what main defines boys from men and if a "man" has a boy sized cock then he is still a boy! School is a perfect place for them to start accepting this fact. I didn't realize how important this was while I was in high school but I do now.
When I started high school I was almost sure that I had a small dick and by the end of my first day of gym I knew I had a small dick. My best friend has one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen and he pointed out our size difference to me as well as all the other guys at gym. I became know as small dicked Tim. My friend didn't stop there though. He understood how important it was that I was known for what I was, a small dicked loser. He told guys who didn't have gym with us as well as girls that knew me. I resented him for this at first but I had a revelation later that made me realize that I was wrong for thinking that. I somehow managed to get a girl to go to prom with me. Needless to say I was still a virgin at that point. I thought that this could be my chance to have sex for the first time. After the dance we went to a party like everyone else and she seemed open to the idea of going upstairs so we did. Well it started to pogress and I thought it was going well until she pulled off my boxers. She just sat there and stared at my dick for a few seconds in silence. Then all she could manage was "what... it's so small." I didn't know what to say to that. She looked up at my face and with her eyes watering up a little she said that she thought that I would be her first tonight and that she thought I was a nice man but that there was no way that her first time having sex was going to be with a guy with a dick as small as mine. I started to protest and make excuses for myself but she wouldn't listen and eventually she started to get a little mad. She told me I had ruined her prom night and asked how I could in good conscious have asked her to the dance because I knew that after prom couple usually had sex and how was she supposed to know that I didn't have a real sized cock. She said it was my responsibility to let women know that before they waste their time with me. I pulled my boxers back on and asked if she wanted me to take her home but she said she didn't want to be around my little dick for a second longer and told me to leave. I left her there sitting on the bed halfway between anger and tears from what I had done to her. I backed out of the room apologizing but she didn't say another word to me.
I know know how important it for small cocks to not try and hide what they are. They are not men and should not pretend to be. I now understand what my friend understood back in high school when he made sure that everyone knew I had a tiny dick. I was lying to the world pretending to be a man. I understand that now. I ruined that girls prom night and she can never get that back and that is my fault.
I have accepted what I am and am now a willing slave to women and bigger dicked guys. I am happy to take on this role because it is the one nature has given me. Men pleasure women, women pleasure men, and small dicked loser like me do whatever we are commanded to do.

  Hi, i'm juan. I'm spanish. I am 15 years old. In school all the boys joke about my penis. They said me i was a kid yet while they are men now.  
  I first became aware that i didn't measure up as a real man was when i started working on a building site that required all workers to shower at the end of the working day, I was 19 at the time and had never given it a second thought until i noticed just how much bigger than me everyone seemed to be especially my friend who's cock was very thick and very veiny with a very big cock end and about 5 inches longer than mine when fully soft, as time went on i realised some of the guys had noticed just how small my cock was and would purposely shower next to me in the communal showers, instead of feeling horrified by this i actually found myself getting turned on by the humiliation i was getting from guys who had big manly cocks. My Cock is 2 inches long when soft and 4.75 inches long when fully erect  
  Tiny feminine husband  
  Okay so this is going to sound fake but I swear it actually happened. I was at the beach with a friend of mine whom I was trying to make more than my friend. It was one of the first days of beach weather so the beach was packed. It was a really fun time but then something happened.she got cold so she walked out of the water. And I followed about 10 meters behind her.she turned around to check on me and a wave hit me opposite my sternum. Now before I finished let me just say, I am 18 first year of college, Im very muscular and have tattoos. Okay so this wave hit me, and little did I know, it pulled my trunks down too. Right in front of my friend and the hundreds of other people there that day. My penis was about half an inch after soaking in the cold salt water, and my balls were really shriveled. The beach erupted in laughter, pics were taken, and I was frozen. My friend quickly covered me, and I realized I needed to pull my trunks up. We left the beach right after. That sucked  
  Zane Malark  
  Hi I'm Alex and I'm 16 and attend high school in England. This means I'm in my final year and I'm taking my final high school exams at the moment. So today I was messing round outside at lunch break and then I sit down with my legs a little wide and because we have to wear school uniform my trousers had split in the middle. This isn't too bad but a boy in my year also noticed outside that he could see my dick as my underwear had Also torn apart. He said it was really small (3.8 inches erect at best normally around 3.5 erect) and then lots of my so called friends noticed and told loads of girls. I was really embarrassed as there was nothing I could do as people laughed at me. Eventually my crush who I sometimes talk to walked by with her friends and they are the most popular girls and biggest slags in school. Anyway they seen me and lots of people ganged up on me and made the tear bigger so more and more of me was exposed. I got an erection in front on my crush and everyone laughed. They forced my clothes off of me with at this time about 50+ people laughing at me with more and more people noticing each secound. Anyway my crush said take them off and I tried to stop the 10 people that tried taking off my shoes and trousers but there was nothing I could do. They all took photos and videos ofMy small penis and now it's all over Facebook. I was beaten up terribly by some of my crushes friends as they also ganged up on me and started spanking me and properly punching my balls until I cried but my crying definitely didn't stop them, it hey continued to Kick me in the stomach and tie up my balls with elastic and then I was made to run around school with no pants on. Then I felt someone hit me and I was knocked out for about 3minutes and when I became concious I was fully naked and being kicked. I was dressed up in women's clothing from either lost property or spare PE kit (gym class uniform) except for my bottoms. I fortunately didn't have an exam today but I was made a laughing stock out of the school, laughed at by teachers and had to walk home later on and people stared at me including my mother and sister when I got in and I know they laughed as I heard them. But going back to lunch time, I still had 2 lessons left and after school maths and almost everyone was turning around to look at me and no teachers kept a straight face.I'm considering a way out but we are close to the end of school. I have heard that if I go in tomorrow (which I am as I have an exam) then I will be spanked again and be made crying whilst others watch my small Dick and apparently people are going to sit on my face with there sweaty bums and force me to eat shit and piss. I'm not looking forward to it and I am really scared. I have already received death threats and rape threats which seems more and more likely. I feel like chopping off my penis because I have just gotten back from a scan and my school humiliation cost me a fractured rib, bruised tailbone and all my friendships and dignity. Not to mention everyone said they never seen smaller and never knew who it could get to be so small.  
  When I was at school in the mens locker rooms at the swim pool there I was cold and wet after getting out the pool. It was then I could hear what sounded like girls laughing just outside the locker room. They must of been watching me when I took off my swim trunks to dry myself off they would of seen my tiny little dick shrinking in the cold.  


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