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The penis in Japan is a symbol of strength and power and to some degree, protection too. Japanese people are more at ease with genitalia than others, within the context of health, good harvesting, and something generally seen as positive. Japanese people love going to hot springs, where everyone is naked, so it is very normal and natural for them. There is no shame in being naked here. Penises are displayed in ways that would not be possible in most countries. The phallus festivals are held in April every year people come here to see an enormous wooden penis carried through the streets, to eat penis shaped sweets, and to make a penis-spirited wish to god. These symbolize a long penis so hence good life/health.




The tradition is thought to have begun around 1,500 years ago. A springtime celebration, the penis festival, or Honen-sai Matsuri, is carried out to bring fertility and a good harvest to the people.



  Sex scenes are only about the penises, how they have pleasure and cum well by devoted women being fucked and raped by them, sucking them and swallowing both the pee and sperm from divine penises. It is an honour for women to submit to the needs of men’s penises. A man is more admirable if he gives pleasure as cock sucker and bottom for a superior man instead of pleasing women.  


  Boys learn to love their penises and to care for them to have nice pleasure whenever possible.  

  Women who have to serve Japanese men's penises are lucky: They have beautiful and powerful cocks to taste.  


It is the most honourable thing for a girl to become the cock sucker and servant for a Japanes man, living to please his cock and to be close it, it is a big moment for a girl to lose her virginity to a man, whom she has prepared to worship since she was a small girl.





  As a wife of a Japanese man, she will always have the right and the duty to satisfy his divine and sexy penis.  




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There will always be horny Japanese penises to serve


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