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smalldick steve
wow....that is certainly some huge cock....incredible.

beautiful cock worthy of total worship and commitment to it

Wow,Johnny is so much more of a man than me,I would give up everything to be his total slave! I bow to you master

Got my little guy hard.

i, too would love to be his slave

I have been looking for guys with this much meat between their legs. But so far all I have seen are pictures of such wonders of creation. Maybe tomorrow my luck will change and I will at last find a cock that I can worship.

You are the man I have been looking for. All cock, and no getting around it. Sure would like to get my mouth around it, tho'

johnny master
email me

sub hubby
OMG this is so huge, I just love the size of it. Would love to compare, have you humiliate my small cock.
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smalldick Phil
That cock is awesome and just serves to make mine look even Smaller! How I would love to be standing next to Johnny

small dick phil
There is a God and one that I and every small dicked guy worships.

smalldick Matt
Your cock is so huge and beautiful! I totally worship and honour You!

What a truly magnificent cock. I think that's about three times the size of my pathetic dick. You are a god and I would adore to run my hands and tongue along your supermanly shaft. Stunningly sexy.

those of us pathetic, inferior "men" with tiny cocks need to work toward a world where Men like this are treated like the gods they are, and we are nothing more than their slaves.

sissy sadie
stop taking photos of it and just get it inside my wife. xxx

sissy Sadie uk
we are in Essex England. We are sat looking at your cock. She is dressing me up in her underwear and spanking my useless cock of 3 inches , and she is demanding I contact you for you to try and fill her oversized cunny. You are not a God ! your a man with a very large cock that my wife would like to feel in her mouth and cunny, also her arse , if your up for it , . there are 2 types of people , talkers and doers ! which are you ? oh ! appologies , 3 types , me ! a watcher with a very small penis. Married for 30 yrs with no hangups.. x

Wow, how would it feel to have that in your pants.

Oh well i can only imagine

TInkle Jay
If I could only fall to my knees and adore your superiour masculinity

I want to suck you and inhale your jism and then slide my man pussy down over your handsome absolutely gorgeous tool until I feel you explode inside of me!!!!! I need you baby!!

hmmmm fabulosa mis respetos seor

You have a magnificent cock sir and deserve to fuck the wife of any little dick man like myself.

i want my penis like thais

What a display of manhood. I can only admire and drop to my knees in absolute respect!

Its impossible not to want to get on your knees in worship of that amazing Cock isnt it sissyhub. Ive never considered myself has having gay tendencies and yet i would gladly suck on that godcock if Johnny wished it.

I worship your cock.

Acorn Dick
I can't stop looking at it...what an impressive man-cock. It makes my dicklet seem even more ridiculous. You deserve to have my utter respect for a thing like that!

I am completely hypnotised by it it is the most glorious thing that I have ever seen you are truly an alpha male and desrve to be worshipped by minidicks like me

i am an iranian gay. i worship your huge dick

VJ Duvall

I would love to see those massive cocks next to tiny dicks like mine!

Johnny, sir. To say your magnificent, superior penis is twice my size would be flattering myself. If you wanted my girl I would have no choice but to submit to your vastly superior masculinity.

wow that makes me feel really weak!

My husband is Miguel the cuckold, in the small penis section and I would love to fuck your huge hot penis while he watched and cleaned up afterwards

sheila and huby
my nd wants me to have sex with a man with a really big penis,at first that was scarry,now it turns me on,like,i want johnny real bad..

I would love to have that awesome cock buried in my ass pumping in and out until it fired off a huge load of cum. I would love to have you compare it to my puny pricklette and humiliate me on these pages.

it's like it gets bigger everytime i look at it.

Wow super cock my wife and me love it,love to guide that into her,mmmm
Your cock is truly magnificent compared to my little 3.5inch circumcised dicklet i would let you have my gal anyday an become your\'ll cuckold email me

MMMM!! I'll bet that stinks SOOO GOOD!!

that thing is awesome do you know how to use itr


its so hot

hey dear , i have i big dick also but ur uncut is more beautiful i like it

Small dick Dave
WOw, that's huge it's not even normal! I'd be scared of it.

What a cock. His seed would never again see the light of day.

Well that will do me.

As a small dick I am in awe. Real men have real cocks, but you are 3 times the man that I wish to be. I would like to tell you that I would do nasty things to your cock, but I cannot. The truth is that if I ever saw it, in real life, I could only look and dream and admire. Any chances of some soft photos as I love foreskin, and i notice you have plenty.

Nice cock, love to touch it

somewhere a horse is missing his cock@@@@

and uncut too???????

jose cruz
your got a big dick i just want to suck it.yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

johnny johnny johnny, yeas its big, but post a picture of yr cock without holdin it at all. lets face it u cant hold it while yr havin sex.

Johnny you are a god among men...I'll take 3 please.

jose cruz
nice body and dick ill totaly sucj it

How big is your beautiful cock? Would love to deep throat and lick your cock. Don't know if my fussy could handle that monster.

Yip, that's big. You could make a lot of money with that thing!

Your cock is mouth watering! I would fall to me kness or bend over in an instant over you big big cock! A real man for sure...

Wow !! Would love to suck on that monster and bust yer nut in my mouth

me like

sean's girlfriend
god damn mother fucker sean gotta get his lip around that!!!

Nice massive cock....need more pics and videos.

my wife would like to have that one

Wow i would love to crawl to him and kiss his feet and ass to show my respect. If he fucked my wife i would definitely beg to watch and would be a total tiny dick wimp for him. he is GREAT.

I luv ur giant hard thick cock n would it till you pour ur juicy cum down my throat n sucnk, it again till you fuck my face n cum on my face :-)

ur cock i just got off by looking at it

sissy andrea
omg Sir You are a Real Man my 4.8 inch sissy clitty is so hard just looking at Your incredible masterful powerful cock. Just looking at You makes me cream in my panties

Good for u man

I'm a useless little cock guy, who would love to worship a real man like johnny.

Nice dick

Smalldick Andresito
umm nice amazing cock!!! my its only 5cm hard.

J Moon
I want to be your slave!!!!

Johnny, spread some happiness in this world: show that manhood at urinals every chance you get. A very very straight married man endowed almost as good as you once told me after I 'did' him all night that only another man could do him well because only another male really knows what he needs. Your wife can have it anytime I suppose but there's guys out there who need you.

your cock is to big.and uncut just makes it look deformed.your only get nasty people who only want your cock and nothing else

I would love to see my wife suck your magnificiant cock. I would love to see your superior cock in her while I lick her feet. my little cock is leaking precum as I write this

Mel C.
Wow! That is a prize! In the first few photos, looked like it had a dent in it, I don't know.

your cock is artristy at work keep on showing it

I would suck your dick any time you wantas meny times as you please.

Love to watch you take my wife with that thing !!!

I love your penis

R u circumsized

tiny 2 inch stevie
i dont know if u like guys girls or what but i bet the

first thing anybody does when they see that rock hard absolutely magnificent

erection is drop to there knees begging u to let them suck your cock

Hell of a huge thing you got there, must be fun with full election

i,d love to meet johnny in my hometown of regina saskatchewan for all the best sex him and i can have with each other and i want him and need him in me badly i hope he is willing to meet with me in hotel

Kelly G.
I want to have anal sex with you while my jealous husband is at work. I would take every inch anally until I feel your semen squirting inside my tight asshole.

Curious G
R u on any other websites...more vids

Bill curran
glad my wife hasnt seen this I am all ready a cuckold if she saw this she would move to italy..

Just another tiny cock wanting to suck you off

my cock is 5cm when errect. are these guys normal

THAT is an awesome cock. I would love to jack off watching you fuck my wife then clean your mess off her afterward!

jesus god! I didn't know how inferior I was until I saw those pictures! I bow to you in submission to a superior male!

That's what you call a cock ihave an average 7inches at 19 years old I thought was good but god I love your fantastct cock he'll I've just creamed in my boxers love you man

gorgeous uncut beauty cock

Having another look at your awesome meat have you any cum shots

Oh, yeah, what a fucking piece of meat.

The video is very hot

Your foreskin covers your large glans so well. Beautiful penis.

Oh Powerful Johnny! I worship Your superior penis.

Hey Johnny I want to fuck you with my 5" then after I will suck your cock and ride on it are you up to post some thing to let me know?

little dick jeremy
thats way bigger than my 5 inch penis

the truth
One of the few guys in this section with a nice dick

Props yo
real nice cock. love it

I wish I had a cock like that. Compared to you, I\'m a girl. Fuck you are a true man!

OMG I have seen a lot of big ones but this is the most beautiful big fat penises I have ever seen!! I could look at it all day! W

Brent Waqlker
That cock is nasty looking with that gross looking foreskin. Get it circumcised and you will have a lot more takers. I like them uncut but this one is nasty

your cock is young wife love big cock:)my cock is small...i love to be watching you to fuck my horny wife all night in my bedroom...we are cuckold couple from Serbia...



You have one of they most beautiful dicks I seen yet. I would love to get on my knees and suck your dick! My dick isn't small but its not as big as yours either. DAMN!!

man do you used some penis enlargement exercises or just is nature?

Love your pubic hair .

I love your cock. I want to clean your head with my tongue inside your foreskin, then have you shoot your load in my mouth. Email me please:

hai una nerchia incredibile. complimenti!

Very huge

I want to submit to it!

HOT MAN...please let me worship and show my respects.... you skype?
mtpnyc on skype...

truly one of the most beautiful cocks i have ever seen

Short dick loser NCA (Noemi) from Spain
Watching your pics...and crying like a Little girl. Thanks. You can fuck my wife, when you want.

SCORCHER massive handsome uncut bull dick

luca smalldick
wow 3 volte il mio di lunghezza e larghezza solo la tua cappella + grossa di tutto il mio ridicolo cazzino

amazing cock

Your magnificent penis is both beautiful and awesome. Any cunt would be honored to be penetrated by you. Please use the ultimate power between your legs to lure and then destroy many virgins. The human race desperately needs perfect males like you to impregnate as many women as possible. You must occupy their wombs so that we can eradicate the genes of inferior men and their small, ugly, ridiculous penises.

Beautiful big dick I would love to give you a try I married a small dick inch I would love you to take me in front of my man and show him what a real MAN can do

Damn Nice cock

I was caught loooking at your cock when my new girlfriend came in.
She snuck in and watched for at least a few minutes.
Then she cursed me and said I was a perverted little boy and left.
An hour later she texted me "Of course you love huge cock, because you don't have a cock...sissy clit! All my friends knew how tiny you are because I just showed them the pics you sent me. And yes, I love all cocks if they are thick and at least 7"!"
It's been 2 weeks and no calls.
Well, I love your cock Johnny. I feel deeply connected to you emotionally and sexually.
I just wanted to let you know.

Pathetic worm i am
So i definitly feel dickless. I am know sure that is not cock i have between my legs, i Will worship your cock as You want

Gay Mike Wrexham
OMG what a beautiful cock it has got my little fella rock hard and my mouth drooling

enorme! mi piacerebbe servire un vero uomo come te, il mio veramente piccolo a confronto



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NCA: Im a short dick loser, and I want to be your sissy maid...and for your wife too.






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