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Little BIG brother



Some boys learn at a young age - if they are real men or smalldicks. When they have a brother to compare with, a bigger brother is mostly bigger, of course. But sometimes it is the opposite: the little brother turns out to be much bigger than his older, smalldicked brother. The smalldicked, elder brother will instinctively become submissive to his little brother and feel respect for him. The little brother will start to develop his natural superiority and become the dominant, BIG brother.

It is a depressing thing at first, to find out that the little brother is bigger, a real man while the smalldicked big brother slowly realizes his lack of manhood. Reading their stories and questions is an interesting reading, you can see below how some still have not accepted their inferiority, while some have started to show respect and obedience to their little Big brothers.



Why does my little brother have a much bigger penis than me?

My little brother have been taller than me for a long time and I've kinda been used to that, it didn't bother me that much, except for him teasing me a bit sometimes. (He's 13 and 5'9, I'm 16 and 4'5) But when we were walking in the forest a few weeks ago, I had to pee, so I went a little off the path, and then he came with me, and said he also had to take a piss. He pulled out a huge penis, at least the same size, and maybe even bigger than most things I see at adult males at the gym, not that I like to see, but it's kinda unavoidable to get a few peeks. He notice that I looked at his penis, and said something like "You like what you see, brother?" jokingly. I just pretended to laugh, and I took out my own thing, and started to pee. Unfortunately my penis is on the small side. And I could see my little brother was grinning, and staring at it. I tried to stay cool, and said the same thing he said to me "You like what you see, brother?" He laughed, and replied with something like "Yeah, i def like what i see, this means I am certainly the big brother." I said that his wasn't that much bigger, but even I knew that wasn't true. And I got that proved when he pulled out his huge thing and put it next to mine, both of us became hard, and I could see that his was easily like freaking 3 times my length and thickness. We walked home and didn't say anything on the trip, but when we came home, he entered my room with a ruler and said we had to measure. It turned out my penis is 2.3 inches (extremely small, I know) And his was like 7 inches (not very huge, but gigantic compared to mine.) Then he said "Turns out you are officially my little bro now" Now he don't treat me with respect at all, and he always calls me little brother (even in front of our parents) and I have to do things for him, like shop, clean and stuff like that. Why is he so much bigger, I know that stuff about everyone being different, but we are brothers so shouldn't we grow equally?



Why does my little brother have a so much bigger penis than me?

I'm 16 went to the pool with 13 year old my little brother, and when I saw his huge bulge I got intimidated so I wouldn't show him my penis in the locker-room.
When I was gonna shower I covered my groin with my hands, then he asked why and asked if I had a small penis and was afraid to show it.
I removed my hands in shame and he started laughing of it and said that he had never seen anything so small, and that it looks like he was gonna be calling me little brother from then.
And when we got home he insisted to measure properly and it turned out that my penis is 2.7 inches and his is 7.3 inches.
We used to be friends, but now he's always calling me little brother, making me wear panties, bothering me and treating me like his idiot little brother.
What should I do, and why is his penis so big compared to mine?



Why does my little brother have a bigger penis than me?

I am so humiliated, my little brother is bigger than me (he's 13 and i'm 16)
About 2 weeks ago when i came out of the shower, my little brother came in to the bathroom accidentally, and when he saw my tiny penis he started laughing, and told me " your equipment looks like it belongs to a 4 years old kid" referring to my tiny penis and non-hanging balls.
He wanted to compare "just for fun" and went to get the ruler, when he undressed, and we stood side by side, i noticed that his penis was at least 3 times bigger than mine, and so were his balls.
(my penis is about 2.4 inches, and his is 6.9 inches.)
Now he humiliates me all time by calling me things like "little brother" or "tiny boy" (also in public) and he makes me call him "big brother" because his penis is so much bigger than mine.
He told this to his friends, and it's so annoying that those little guys treats me inferior because they know that they've got a bigger penis than me. and when me friends come over my little brother usually grabs my crotch and say "how is your tiny wee wee today? grown any lately?" and my friends burst out in laughter, this is so annoying and humiliating, how can i stop it, and fight back to my "big brother"?



How can my little brother have a bigger penis than me?

My brother is 13, and I am 17, but he's a little bit taller than I am. Sometimes it's like he is the big bro. Because he have had loads of girlfriends, and I have never had a gf. And sometimes when I have friends over, my friends and my brother talks about sex, and I don't even like talking about sex. And he always tells me how much he loves to masturbate, but I have never even done it. We share a room, and I can't avoid to notice that he has a huge soft bulge all the time, and it's like he tries to show me all the time. When my penis is soft, it doesn't even make a bulge, and he have commented on that a few times. And one time when my penis was hard. He noticed my little bulge, and laughed. I just ignored him. And he asks me all the time how big my penis is, I always lie, and tells him I don't measure, but the truth is that it's 3 inches. And he tells me his is 7 inches. Lately he have been asking me to compare penises, I know he knows he's bigger, but he probably just wanna humiliate me further. I told him I have to think about it, and I'm afraid if I say know, he'll probably pull off my pants or something anyway.



Help my little brother has a bigger penis than me!!!?

Why? oh WHY is life so cruel....i accidentally walked in on my brother jerking off to porn in his room today and i was in shock when i saw his big penis...WTF did i do to deserve this....i'm 18 years old and he's 15....i'm only 5.5 inches long when erect and he looked atleast 9 inches...WTF!! we have the same dad too...why did i get the smaller penis??



Thats it I am totally pissed off now, my brother is ten years younger than me and his penis must be about 9 inches long. All the girls I know his been with, say that he has a big penis.
How does this happen? I would of thought that I would of had the bigger penis. Genes can't have much to do with penis size, what was I deprived of when I was younger so that I ended up with a smaller penis than my little brother.
There must be something in our design, some special natural penis herb that determines our penis size when we reach puberty, and obviously some of us get more of it than others.
When are scientists going to find out what it is that hits us in puberty, that gives some men a six inch penis and some of us a twelve inch penis.
I have been on Thunders since last july, but have not seen much in the way of gains.
I fucking hate my little brother!!!! or should I say big brother.



I'm 16 and my bro is 15. His cock is about 3 times the size of mine. (Mine is 4", his is about 11"). He's also much manlier than I am and we refer to him as the bigger brother when we're by ourselves or with friends. He makes fun of my penis all the time but I don't care. Each one of his balls are roughly about twice the size of my entire ballsack.



I am 16 and my penis is 2.4 inches. My younger brother is 13 and his penis is 7.2 inches. He noticed I had such a tiny bulge when we went swimming in a lake near our grandma's house. We both wore tight speedos, and my brother kept looking at my crotch and said jokingly "Are you even a male?" I asked what he was talking about. He pointed at my crotch and said that I had a certain lack of what makes a man a man. And pointed at his own crotch, saying "There's a great difference between me and you, do you see?" I looked at his great soft bulge, and my own penis became hard. He laughed when he saw my pathetic hard thin 2 inch bulge. He made me undress, and did so himself. He became excited when he saw that his soft cock was twice the size of my hard one, and the his own became hard, it was about three times my size. Now he always bullies me around and calls me little brother, so having a small penis kind of ruined my life



My younger brother is bigger than me. i'm 15, hes 13. i'm about 2 soft and 5 hard, when this 13 year old is about 4 soft and 7 hard. we go to the same school, i'm in 8th him 7th, and in our school you get gym with 7th and 8th graders. well the first day we had to shower, about 2 weeks into the school year, i find out that my younger brother is my bigger brother. i'm first to notice it, and when everyone in the class sees, they all start laughing. not cause i'm small, but cause my younger brother is much bigger. of course, my younger brother loves that fact and always rubs it in. He always showed it off too. He'd walk up to me and the other kids and be like "how do you like being older and smaller?"



i dont have a little brother but my younger cousins have always had bigger dicks than me. Before i started growing at around 14yrs i was 1.8" hard, they were 9yrs at 3.5" hard and 8yrs at 4" hard. Then they started puberty around 11 or 12 before my dick could reach their size. Now im 25 with 4" hard, and they are 20 at 7.8" hard and 19 at 8.5" hard. The youngest use to make me suck him off all the time just so he wouldnt tell everyone how small i was until like 3yrs ago. And no im not gay and neither is he...



Out of 6 brothers, I'm the smallest. I'm also the oldest. There's a story behind each brother, actually, and it's all very embarrassing. I'm 18, and my brothers are 16, 15, 13, 11, and 8. We come from the same mother & father. So, I had known for quite some time that my 16 year old brother was more powerful than I. 8 months ago, he was 6'3 and I was 5'6. Just about eight months ago (we were the same ages), he walked into our room while masturbating his 8 1/4" penis. He said, "I bet my cock is over twice the size of yours." It was true. Mine was only 2", making it less than 1/4 the size of his. However, he didn't know that yet. He pinned me down onto the floor and told me to get out my c*ck. When I resisted, he unzipped my pants to a fully erect 2" penis. He laughed and then began to talk about how he was so much more of a man than I would ever be. He began to stroke his penis, laughing the entire time. Two months later, (six months ago), my 15 year old brother walked into our room (not his, mine and my 16 brother). It was just me and him. We started talking, and then he began to comment on how much more muscular he was than me and how much hairier his legs were. He was 6'4 and still growing, and I had stopped growing two months ago. He made the remark, "I bet my dick is bigger than yours." He whipped out a four inch soft cock and told me to get out mine. I would be stupid to resist again, so I took mine out. He laughed and told me to make mine hard. I told him mine was already hard, and he burst out laughing. His dick grew to a mighty 6", and his balls were also MUCH bigger than mine. My 13 year old brother found out about our size difference about 5 months ago. He was four inches taller than me at 5'10. We were in the backyard when I said I had to pee. I couldn't make it to the inside restroom in time, so I just peed in the yard. He saw my penis and laughed hysterically and then pulled out his extremely hairy 6 3/4" cock. He started jacking off and orgasming all over me. My 11 year old brother (5' at the time) was talking with my 13 year old brother the next day and said, "Is it really true?" I asked him what he was talking about, and my 13 year old brother dashed towards me and pulled down my pants, and the 11 year old began to laugh. He, obeying the 13 year old, pulled out his penis, which was a soft 3 1/2". It grew to full erectness at 4 1/2". About 3 weeks ago, my 15 and 16 year old brothers decided that all 6 of the brothers should have a penis comparison day every Wednesday. That's how I found out about my 8 year old brother. The sizes, according to this week's comparison, are: Me: 2" 16: 8 1/2" 15: 6 1/2" 13: 7" 11: 4 1/2" 8: 3"



You guys think these are bad??? Well let me tell you what is worse that having a younger bigger brother! Having a younger brother that have a huge penis and is also your boss! I'm 43 and have a 4inch dick hard on a good day, soft maybe in inch. My brother is 29 and was always very close to my dad as I was not. When my brother got out of school he went to work for dad as I had no interest. Last year my dad past away and my business also went down the drain, obviously my brother took over the business so he asked me to work for him, I didn't have a job so I said yes. Well he told me I need to earn a position and he can't play favs just cuz I'm his brother. He has me working under a 33 BITCH... My life is not cool, I just saw him in the company gym looker room last month naked and let me tell you his penis must be 6 inches soft. He took at look at mine and just cracked up. How do u think I feel?


I'm a 20-year-old college junior and my 14-year-old brother dwarfs me in every way. It was obvious by the time he was 12 that he was going to be much bigger than me, and now he\'s 6\'4\" compared to my 5'6" and outweighs me by at least 60 or 70 pounds. This summer when I was home from college he took to calling me "junior" and \"baby bro," and thought it was hilarious to pick me up and carry me around like a baby. When I finally made a fuss about it he put me over his knee like a little boy, pulled down my pants and spanked me until I was sobbing like a baby. After spanking me he got a good look at my itny 2" penis and laughed histerically, saying I really was his "baby" brother after all. But the worst part of all is that from that day on he has made me wear diapers as a constant reminder that I\'m the baby of the family.

  I'm 6 ft. 5 inches (17 years old) and my younger brother is about 5 ft. 6 inches (12 years old). I'm 5 inches hard and he is 6 inches. totally humilating  
  I am the older of the two brothers in my family; older by about 14 years. I am only modestly endowed and stand at 5'8 1/2" and 165 lbs. I first noticed changes in my younger brother when he and our parents visited me at my beach home some years ago. I was 28 and he was 14 at the time. We were on the beach barefoot in our swimwear when I saw that he was almost as tall as I was. I looked down at the sand to see if we were on level ground and was shocked to see how much bigger his feet were than mine. We were standing with our feet next to each other and mine looked like a girl\'s foot in comparison to his. His big toe was almost twice as big as mine! I was so embarrassed that I immediately buried my feet in the sand. I asked him what his shoe size was and he asked me mine. I told him I wore a size 9 and he laughed at me, telling me he was now up to a size 11, and still growing. Through the week I was very aware that my 14 year old brother was indeed growing taller and stronger than me. I also wondered about his cock size, and if it was proportional to his feet. I kept glancing at his crotch, but I was detered by the baggy pants he was wearing. Additional guests arrived on Thursday, so my younger brother doubled up with me in my room. I stayed in my bed and he got the floor. He didn\'t like this, but what could he do? Quite a bit, I soon found out. Apparently, he was also noticing that he was becoming more and more of a man in comparison to his older brother. He would make comments that he was getting bigger and stronger than me, pointing to his bigger feet and hands (and muscles) as proof. I could feel the balance of power start to tip in his direction. We would look each other in the eye and both realize that he was becoming the more assertive one in our relationship, with me usually doing what he wanted. I felt kind of strange with this role reversal, but I was drawn to his adolescent awakening. My younger brother had slept on the floor Thursday night and wasn't happy with the sleeping arrangements, and he told me things were going to change on Friday. Well, Friday night comes and we are both in my bedroom getting ready for bed. The door is closed as we are undressing; everybody else already fast asleep in their other rooms. As we takes off our clothes, my brother is flexing his arms and trying to get my attention. He continues to flex his teen muscles and I\'m getting a little intimidated by the show of strength. Stripping down to his baggy boxer shorts, I can see the outline of what appears to be a big soft cock. He tells me that he gets the bed for the rest of the weekend and that I will be on the floor. I can\'t believe that he's bold enough to put me out of my own bed, so I start objecting. My younger brother interrupts me by telling me to be quiet and do as he says. As I try to say something in my defense, he throws me back onto the bed and pins me down. I am surprised by his aggressiveness and start to weakly struggle against him. I can\'t believe how strong he\'s gotten with his high school sports and he pins me on my back in seconds. He tells me that the bed is his and there is nothing I can do about it. I realize that he is right and I agree to do as he says. Looking up at him I start to get an er*ction under my white jockey shorts. My little p*nis is straining against the white cotton fabric, fully hard at a slender 4.5 inches in length. My younger brother takes a moment to realize this is happening to me and looks down at my small effort and laughs out loud. He throws me off the bed and onto the floor. He says he can\'t believe how weak and small I am. He's only half my age and more of a man than I'll ever be. He grabs his boxer shorts and pulls out a thick semi erect cock that is already bigger than my best effort. I'm on the floor, looking up at him, almost eye level with his growing cock. It looks huge from that vantage point, and it continues to grow and get even more powerful looking. He takes off his boxers and reveals a pair of b*lls that are full and pulsating, probably twice my size. His manhood is now fully stretching up to his belly, thick with a circumcised head. I can\'t believe how much bigger my \"little\" brother is than me. His teen cock is probably almost 7 inches long, half again as long as my little four and a half incher. It is at least 5.5 inches around. I feel weak looking up at powerful teen cock. He tells me that at 14 his body is still growing and his c*ck should get even longer and thicker. I agree and nod my head in awe thinking how he might look in a few years. There is no way I can ever be the bigger brother again. My younger brother did grow to 5\'11\" and about 170 lbs. over the next few years. We continued our relationship with me acknowledging he was bigger and stronger in many ways. We compared c*ck size and he did continue to grow even longer and thicker, topping out at 7.75" by 5.75". He still lets me know that he is in charge and calls me his "boy" on occasion. In fact, that's how I got the nickname "boysized". Because, next to him I am a boy.  
  i was stayin at my friends house, it was jus me and him and his big brother and they all walk about in there boxers and have huge cocks and hairy legs. anyway i was stayin in my cousins room with him and we had to share a double bed, we were in his room when he said we should go to bed and play then, so he stripped off completely naked and got into bed, i got in after him and kept my trousers and top on, then we started playin xbox, he sayd he was goin up to the kithchen to a drink so he stood up on the bed and was walkin past me, and happend to 'accidently fall' on my face with his monster cock, then he got off me and walkd on. i kept playin the xbox and he came back and just turned it off without tellin me, i askd him y and he sayd were gona play now, i only realised now wat he meant, i resisted and then he lay on top of me, he then got up and took off the covers, and grabbed hold of my trousers and pulld them off, when he seen my cock and how much smaller it is than his he strtd laughing, hes soo much stronger, harier and his cock dfdwarfes mine. he knew he was suprior so he grabbed my head and started shoving it down towards his dick, i tried to stop it but he was too strong, then he just shoved his dick into my mouth and made me suck it for half an hour, his older brother also came in and started making me suck his cock, his older brother spunked in my mouth and when off laughing, ,my friend just kept goin, then he stopped and threw me back wards. he then got his dick and inserted it into my ass, he th
en fucked me anal.
at the time i cudnt help but moan, but when he started fucking me it became very nice, i kept moaning with pleasure and then he wanted me to start moaning louder, as i got louder he went harder, it turned out to be really nice and we acctually kept doin it every week, we got into a relationship and we both love each other but he still calls me tiny, because of the size of my cock, im 3" and hes 6.8", his brothers at college now, but when ever hes home and im there with joe[my boyfriend] he keeps telling me to suck his dick its not soo bad now ive come to enjoy it, especially the sex but the name tiny wont go away, so ive learned just to accept it and move on otherwise itll hold you back,
  I am in my fifties now, but the day I found my 'little' brother was in fact my 'big brother' sticks in my mind, because it was in front of our sister. We had been to the pool and as we showered I noticed his flaccid cock was bigger than mine by about an inch, how, I was 18 and he was 15. As we dried he let me know he had noticed too, and of course reckoned his was bigger hard too. All the way home he went on about it telling my si8ster as wekll. Then he challenged me "mines the biggest" he said straight out and told me to prove otherwise. Well we got them out in front of our sister 16 she took seconds to announce his was much bigger. And he was his measured almost seven inches while mine was less than six. A few years later my wife told me my sister in law had told her his was now around 8 inches adding I married the wrong brother.  
  I'm 18 months younger than my brother. I was always great at sports, BMOC and he was one of my biggest fans, tagging after me and bragging about me to his friends.
I developed early, so we went through puberty at about the same time. He was of average height and build, but I was a lot taller and better built, over six foot (now 6'3") with hair on my chest and shaving before hitting high school.
One day we came back from swimming, he came in while I was changing out of my swim suit. His jaw dropped, he burst into laughter and the really started teasing the hell out of. Although tall and muscular, my cock is really small for a guy my size (4" x 4" erect; real tiny soft, a short little stub buried in my pubic hair; big balls, though).
For the next couple weeks he teased me mercilessly, laying it on thick that I had a little boy's cock. He loved to tell me how much more of a man he was (his cock was about six inches then; I think it's a bout seven now) and that I'd never be able to satisfy a girl with my little boy's cock like he could.
Then one day I realized he had stopped. I guess he figured out how destructive that was. But it scared me off girls until I was nearly out of high school.
Funny, but he never really had that much success with girls, while the chicks always flocked to me, and my wife is gorgeous. His wife is fat and constantly bitching and putting him down. Maybe there's karma.
  I was one of a family of 5 kids, 2 sisters and 2 younger brothers. The brothers, my older sister and my father were large people- tall and muscular. My younger sister and me were much shorter. All my life, my brothers, one of them 2 years younger and one 4 years younger- were taller and heavier and had much bigger dicks .I was a late bloomer and the younger brother was thru with puberty before I even had started ! When the youngest brother was 11 and I was 15 we started puberty at the same time though his penis was much bigger than mine. Dad was always a bit of a prick god rest his soul and loved commenting on what a pint sized runt I was compared to my brothers and would ask how I could ever get a woman with a tiny little dick like mine. He was big on sports so we would be in some group shower at some Y.M.C.A. or church gym and he would laugh about it to whoever was closeby - a neighbor, one time I remember to the Youth Pastor in a locker room about how short I was and where did that little dick come from. Or , he'd point out my brothers and me and make some bystander guess which one of us was the oldest. They often thought I was the baby since I had no pubic hair until I was 16 and the youngest bro towered over me . All three of them would point and laugh at me and my tiny dick. Much later when Mom was dying she told my younger sister and me that we were the product of an affair she had with another guy- a small dude that lived nearby. Don.t know if Dad knew or not.  
  I am 15 and have a 5.5 inch penis. One day I was changing with my friend in the chanug rooms and I slipped over, right in front of him , who is about 5 foot 5 and I am almost six foot, and I noticed his bulge. He then grabbed my crouch when I stood up and laught at my 3 inch soft penis. He then showed me his which was about 6.5 soft and then made me suck it until he came. At full erection it was about 8.5 inches. He never lets me live that down. :(  
  I'm 14 years old and I have a 12 year old step brother and we are freinds and we share a very big room but we like sleeping in the same bed .. It all happened when we had a birthday and we wanted to dress eatch other so we started by having a bath together. In the bath we were waring swiming mants and I realized his cock was way much taller than mine then he asked me to clean his legs so I ceaned them then I started cleaning his ass so I got hard but I didn't want to say I was hard so he doesn't notice I have a small cock. After we finished we went to our room then he asked me to play a game and who loses has to do what ever the winner wants for a week so I accepted , I asked what the game was he said that we compare dicks. I hade to accept so he doesn't notice I have a tinny cock. He got the ruler then told me to close my eye and he also closed , when we opened I locked at his soft dick I found a 8 inch dick and when he messured mine he found out it was 4 inches. When I asked what he wants me to do he said that I have to suck his cock so he took of his pants and I sucked it till it was verry hard then he took of my pants , I thought he was going to suck my cock but then he told me to give him my ass so I turned around then he cept liking it and spiting in it then I he put his monster cock it it and he said he has to fuck me . He fucked me very hard then he laied on the bed and told me to sit on it and keep jumping so I sat and he cempt fickung then he felt the cume coming out of his cock but he didn't stop and he kept fucking more and more till he got a bog load in my ass then he got his cock out and put it in my mouse and kept fucking my mouse and cumed again on my face. He told me after than happened when ever he wants to fuck me he will or else he'll tell every one I have a small cock. When we arived at the birthday he sat next to me and after a few minutes he put my hand on his cock and let me rub it then he told me he wants me in the bathroom so I went with him and he let me suck it again but that time he cumed after his cock entered my mouse imedietly then he kissed me and ordered me to open my mouse then he spite in it and he told me he'll fuck me in bed when we sleep and he won't ever stop fucking me. What do I do ?  
  worst story  
  I was 12 years old . We'd had early dismissal at school. As I and my 6 year old brother arrived home a tall redhead guy was just leaving . He said that he was a friend of my parents and hoped we'd be able to meet his kids soon. He bent down and looked at my little brother and I immediately noticed that his hair was the same brick -red color of my brother's . He drove off . We went inside and we heard my parents arguing - nothing new there but this time it was much worse . My brother started to yell but I covered his mouth and was listening . Their door was closed so could only hear parts of it , like Mom saying "I'm over it . It's over " and Dad saying "but what about our kids ?" mom said "Face facts - you know he's not your kid!" First I thought she meant me , then I remembered the stranger's hair . After some more talk Mom got even uglier . "Allright mama's boy - take your little weenie and go back to mama !" followed by something being thrown and breaking glass . At that poiunt Dad walked out , horrified we were there . He told us he was going to stay at Granma's and left with a suitcase . In the space of twenty minutes I had learned my first lesson about cock- penis size matters - at 12 years old , and that having a small dick meant being cuckolded and worse . From then on Mom's new BF started coming over more and more . Soon we learned that the BF was a widower with 3 boys and a girl , and was remodeling his house as we were going to live together . I was excited til I met his family . The daughter was the oldest , 2 years older than me and 5'10" compared to my 5'3" . The brothers were age 11, 9 and 8, all redheads and all taller than me . They immediately started teasing me and shoving me around while Mom said something like "boys will be boys". We soon moved in . Jim , my stepfather had remodelled the attic to be a big dorm room for all 5 boys , with bunk beds and a bathroom with a urinal and a giant shower with 2 heads . I soon learned quickly about the differences in penis size . We were all expected ro shower together to conserve water . The 11 year old was already starting puberty . The following years were very humbling . In the next few years they all went through puberty except me . My brother- though in short order the pretense that he was Dad's kid was forgotten - started puberty about when I did and I was 17 with no pubic hair and the tiniest little penis . The brothers all shot up to over 6' tall- I'm still only 5'4"- with 8" thick cocks and all that red pubic hair . Mine even today is an embarrassing 3.25" long and 3" around hard , and maybe 1.5 " long flaccid. I was teased mercilessly . They would wrestle me, pull my underwear off and pin me while fanning my ass . They would all strip and insist we compare our dicks with the loser (me) forced to clean the bathroom . Jim still insisted we shower together so everyday I got to see firsthand my inadequacies .Thet would hang around naked in our room masturbating constantly . My little -not so little anymore- brother became one of them and joined in on the blanket parties and other "fun" things , like stripping me and throwing me in the stepsister's room , and one time my 2 oldest stepbrothers pantsing me and throwing me out the door to the gym in junior high . When I'd complain to Mom she'd tell me "deal with it - be a man" . When I started dating at 16 the 15 year old stepbrother told my GF about my tiny hairless dick , so she seduced me and laughed about my little peepee and told all her friends. At 16 I also asked Dad if I needed to see a doctor and he confided in me that he had a tiny dick too and he was really sorry I'd inherited it. Now, as an adult the stepbrothers still treat me bad . The one that is 3 years younger had an affair with my wife and now I've got a son with that same brick-red hair,8. Like most guys with tiny dicks my sperm is no good . When we get together for family parties the wife and the step-in- laws point at me and make a little sign with their fingers about how underendowed I am . Being a smalldick loser I'm working for the next oldest stepbrother and he screws me at work constantly . Yes , penis size matters .  
  oldest but smallest  
  Im 16 and I have an identical twin brother if we dress a like you can't tell us a part.the big problem I have is my brothers penis is 5.7" soft and 7.2" hard and it's very fat 6" Around now mine is 2.4" soft and 3.6" hard and 2.5" around so I get laughed at a lot due to my whole family sees us naked all the time due to we are nudist is there anything I can due to make it grow please help!!  
  Well I actually first noticed while giving my brother a bath. he was 5 and I was 9 at the time and I noticed he had a really big penis. Well after I learned about erections I offered to bathe him again so I could compare. at this point I was 11 and he was 7. To my dismay I was 3 inches hard and my little brother was 6.5 inches soft. I'm now 13 and puberty bumped me up to 4.5 hard but I can only imagine my brother hard after he goes thru puberty  
  My two years younger brother was quite early on both larger and stronger than me. Of course he also had much bigger cock than I was as he readily pointed out when I was in my late teens. Once when my girlfriend and I sat in my room and making out came my brother and bothered all the time, finally I got fed up and jumped on him, he wrestled, however, with ease me down, held my arms and gave me slaps on the cheeks while he grinned and asked my girlfriend if we had fucked something we had not done yet. Be happy for what he has such a small dick, so you will not feel anything anyway. Do you have so much bigger when she asked and he replied that his was much larger. Later that evening we were at the youth center and when I would go home so I could not find my girlfriend so I went home alone. When I get home I hear that there is someone in my brother's room so I come in and where he holds on and fucking my girlfriend. After that it has never been any doubt about who is the man of the two of us.  
  My cousin and me have been doin it for awile now (since he was 13 and me 12) and he is bigger than me so he makes me suck him and swallow so ya he fuck good 2  
  Big ass cock  
  well i am 17 and my brother is 13. he has gym right before lunch. i needed to get my history book out of my gym locker because i forgot it when i went to gym. i got in their and i heard sucking sounds. so i went over their and it was my little brother. he was bent over only 0.2 inches sucking his own dick. he said i can suck my own cock so you could suck yours. then i was about to leave and he pantsed me i turned around to yell at him. but before i could he was laughing. i am very skiny and when i have a boner you can only see 1 cm of the head of my penis. so officially i have the smallest penis in the world  
  When I was 15 my mom married a man with 4 sons, ages 14. 13, 11 and 9. I was prepubecent, 2 1/2" and hairless. My oldest step brother Eric 13 was just about my heighth but he was better than 6" hard and quite hairy for 13, I soon found out all my step brothers were bigger down there than I was, even the 9 year old had 4" hard. About a month after we were all living together I was baby sitting on a saturday night, Eric said he had a date and was going out. I told him he wasnt going anyware, I had never been on a date and he wasnt either. The doorbell rang and a girl was behind the door, I told Eric not to leave and he slapped me hard through the face, I started to cry and he took off his belt and made me take my pants down right there. I was mortified, the girls brother knew me and she watched as Eric whipped my bere butt, I was just a boy and he was the man of the house. She tiold her brother how tiny I was and hairless, everyone in school found out. But worse was that when Eric came home that night he woke me up, I could see he was pissed off still. He had all his brothers there, all bare for me too see, all with bigger cocks and all but the 9 year old had pubes, he told me he was going to finish spanking me, I begged him not to beut he send 11 year old Mark for his dad's paddle. By the time he had finished paddling me I was bawling very hard. He told me he was in charge when his dad wasnt home and any of his brothers are superior to me and I would submit to a spanking from any of them or he woul
d see to it that I was unable to sit for a very long time. That night I sucked the 3 oldest boys cocks and took their cum. They dominated me from then on, all grew to have about 7 inch cocks, mine topped out at 4.25 inches, all were hairer than me. All of them have spanked me, I am 22 now, Eric still makes sure my little pee pee is hairless when he comes to fuck me each week, he says its to take the edge off so he can slow fuck his wife. I think he enjoys making me gag on his big cock, I know for sure all my step brother are far superior to me and it is my place to serve them.
  I am several years older than my two brothers. Consequently I was away at University & then in Australia when they were very young. When I returned from Australia I was 25 & my two brothers were ages 13 & 11. I am the runt in the family. I'm 5"4" & 140 pounds. Both my parents are well over 6 feet. My 13 year old brother was 6' 2" & 175 pounds and my 11 year old brother was 5' 10" & 165 pounds. One evening my 11 year old brother commented that he had a man sized penis & challenged my 13 year old brother to a penis size contest. After time my 13 year old brother relented & agreed to the comparison. I was the referee. What a shock. Both brothers had significantly bigger cocks than me & both were much bigger soft than I was hard. The 11 year old was correct. He was man sized - 3.5 inches flaccid & 6 inches erect. The 13 year old was even bigger - 4 inches flaccid & 7.5 inches erect. Just when I thought the contest was over the 11 year old suggested that I show my penis. I refused but before I could get away the 11 year old grabbed me. It was quite humiliating for me, a 25 year old adult, to be manhandled by an 11 year old, albeit he was 6 inches taller & 25 pounds heavier. He had no difficulty pinning me down & removing my pants. He didn't even need to ask his bigger & stronger brother for help. Needless to say I, with my 1.25 inch flaccid & 1.9 inch erect penis, was mocked. Twenty years later we were together & recalled the moment of revelation. We laughed about the incident but it wasn't amusing for me when it occurred. I felt quite small when the incident occurred but now when I am with them I feel pint sized. One brother is 6'10" & the other brother is 7'1" & their cocks are huge - 10 inches & 11 inches. It is an amazing sight when we happen to be naked in the same room.  
  I am the older of four brothers and the size of each of us is inversely proportional to our age! I am 18 and 3in hard. My 15yo brother is 6in hard. My 13 yo brother is 8in hard and my 8yo brother is monstrously hung at 16inches hard. He is way bigger than all of us put together, even when he is soft (11 inches). His balls are each bigger than all of ours combined and he can shoot more cum in one single wad than our total orgasms combined. And he can shoot about 20 wads and stay hard after that.  
  I don't have any brothers, but from the time I first compared with my cousin we were both 4.5" when he was 7 and I 10. Now he is 22 and I'm 25 I have 5" and my cousin is slightly over 8".  
  When I was 17 I found out that my 13 year old cousin was bigger than me when we were changing after the beach. I'm about 2" flaccid and a little over 5" erect now, my cousin was at least 5" long flaccid back then. He saw my flaccid dick which back then was maybe 1.5" inches which started his teasing.  
  a few months back my brother walked in on me masturbating I had forgot to lock my door he quickly shut the door and locked it and dropped his pants his penis was soft but already twice my size he told me to Neal and I did and he then put his soft dick in front of my hard 3 incher and said "your the little brother now and you will do anything I say" since then I have done all his chores and make him all his meals and whenever his friends come over he makes me compare my baby dick to there penis' and mock and lol at me when hard all his friends are at lest 5 inches and my brother is a full 8 inches last week my brother decided he wanted to fuck my ass I had never had anything up my ass before and it was painful but I have stared to enjoy it he does it daily now and I have been reduced from little bro to little sister he told me that this weekend he was going to let his friends fuck me and that I would have to take them all  
  tomie the baby  
  I found out when i was 18. I went skinnydipping with my friend and my brother when we were drunk. Our friend was huge, At least 8" soft. My brother was 7". And I was maybe 6". He didn't see mine well enough cuz it was dark but I saw his. Shit killed my pride.  
  I'm 18 and my dick gets to about 4.5" when hard, maybe a little below average, I have a younger brother whose 16, a few months ago I was dating a girl called Amy who seemed very frigid, and scared to even kiss me, and when she saw me naked it was clear that she wasn't very impressed, then after a few weeks of dating I walked in on her sucking my younger brother's cock! And if that wasn't bad enough when he pulled it out of her mouth I saw that it was massive at least 9"! Well obviously I dumped her and I'm still a virgin even to this day but my younger brother whose two years younger but over twice as big down there has already slept with 10 girls! It's humiliating to say the least as you can imagine :(  
  I am the middle son, i have 2 brothers seperated by 3 years. for some reason my penis never grew like theirs. i am 3.5 in hard, 1in soft. both of my bros are 4in soft and almost 7 hard. when i was 16 my 13yo bro was already 3 times my size soft, once he knew he was that much bigger he never let up with the remarks, callingme out in front of people and telling everyone how small i was. both my bros lost their virginity around 15 i didnt until i was 22. my younger bro was getting more action than me as freshman in highschool than me as a senior in hs and a freshman in college.  
  Justin M  
  for the first time when I saw my broz dick I was shocked to see it was big when compared to mine im 21 year old and he is just 18. he was in his room watching porn and playing with his cock I suddenly entered his room for showering because my room shower had some problem I entered I was shocked to see his huge penis it was almost 9 inches and a thick cock were as mine was just 4.5 inches half of his cock size I was very embarresed seeing his dick my dick got hard and the towel around my waist fell down revealing my small dick seeing me and my dick he started laughing by showing me his huge dick than mine ..why does he has bigger dick than mine when he is younger to me ..?  
  Allen phili  
  I am stereotypical asian boy with a two inch penis while my half brother ,mark, who is white and two years younger than me is way bigger than i am in every way. He is ten inches soft and twelves inches hard and hes very muscular too. Also im only 5'5" while hes 6'4" and im 27 yrs old while hes 25 yrs old.Hes been dominating and controlling me since i was fifteen and he was thirteen! Its so humiliating....  
  David Lee Chu  
  When I was 16 I found out my younger brother, who was 13 at the time, had a six inch cock. Mine was only 3.5 inches hard, as it is to this day. When he realized he was already more of a man than his "big" brother could ever hope to be, he took over and turned me into his faggot slave. First he ordered me to admit how inferior I was in front of all my friends as we compared our cocks. Mine, of course, was the smallest in the neighborhood -- not only compared to guys my age, but all the kids, right down to the eight-year old who loved next door. Then Alex, my brother, made me beg to worship his cock, telling me sucking a real man's cock would be the closest a small dick loser like me would ever get to one. When I held his superior cock in my hand for the first time, I knew my place, and that I was not just the little brother. My little dick made me the neighborhood cocksucking slave. Inferior baby dicks like me are so lucky to have real men like my big younger brother Alex, and all his friends, to serve.  


Below little BIG brothers telling about the nice position of being bigger than their elder brothers and having fun humiliating them so they learn their place.



How can a younger brother have a bigger penis?

So I am the youngest of three brothers. I'm a relatively small guy only like 5'10, and I have a 7.5" penis. My brothers are a little bit taller than me, but both have smaller cocks than me. How can this be? Genetically shouldn't we all be around the same... And shouldn't I being the youngest and the shortest not have the largest? Lol I've just been wondering how I can be so much bigger than them... Any input?



I was bigger than 2 older brothers when I was 12 and they were late teens. At that time I was close to 7 inches long when hard and they were both under 5. I was probably 2 times as thick as them, and would frequently mock them about it and show off. Of course mine looked even bigger on me, with my smaller body. My dad thought it was funny that I was biggest in the house and let me brag about it as much as I wanted, and call me names like Slammer and Whopper. I loved the attention I got for it, and it would be upsetting for brothers.



I am huge compared to my brother!:) He is 14 years old and I am 12. His dick is about 3 in. limp (thin to) with small little balls and it only gets maybe a little bigger/less than a inch i guess. I on the other hand am about 5 soft and over twice as thick soft and my balls are easily three times as big of his. When I get hard it gets to be about 6 inches hard and almost increases in its side around by half. I love showing it off and telling his friends that he is smaller than me. He can prove it by whipping it out, or suffer the comments by admitting it. He tries to be all big and strong, ut I know he is trying to make up for his tiny penis. I laugh and tell him steroids will make him even smaller lol



Im almost twice as big as my bro and love reminding him of it! I know it might be considered weird or cruel, but love when he or the girl hes with notices my bulge. Whenever Im sleepin in the same house I like to walk in and out of the bathroom butt naked- Ive a good body too, he's kinda chubby.

Whenever he sees me he goes bright red with jealousy. His girlfriends- well they get quite a different reaction! LOL

The best reactions i get are when i fuck girls who my brother has been with. Ive stolen a few girls from him- I guess its a bastard thing to do but I just like the power trip I get. Hes 5 inches - Im 10 lol.

One time he took a girl home when our folks were away n he had his dick out. Just before he was about to fuck her she excused herself n went to the bathroom. Didnt know I was in there takin a shower. She took one look at me and her eyes pooped outta her head- "Fuck you're way bigger than him!"

LMAO. Think my bro could hear us fuckin but I didnt care!

  my big bro came home for a quick weekend visit. He's been away for a year in college then off to boot camp. He is very muscular but lost about 20lbs in boot camp. I have a husky build and have always been a little bigger but he could always out wrestle me.
We were goofing off, wrestling and I realized how easily I can now control him. He is about 145 and I'm 220.
He won round one but after that couldn't handle my size. Damn, Now I"m the man. Feels great.
I gave the orders the rest of the weekend and he couldn't do anything. His 13" guns were nothing compared to my 16" cannons. I even picked him up and ran around with him across my shoulders.
  my older cousin used to make me suke him off all the time, he was allready goin thruogh puberty and he had a massive cock plus it was really hairy, when i was at his house, his ma whent away for the weekend, he made me be his slave, i had to massage him,lube him and then give him a hand job and blow job, he left for the us for 2 yrs in which time i had just enterd puberty, when he came back, i went to his house, again he tried to make me suck him off, when he pulled down his boxers i saw that his penis hadnt got any bigger where as mine had so i stood up and took out my dick which was a good two inches bigger when he seen this he stopped, but i wanted to make him pay, so i bent him over my legs and started spanking his bare ass, he was nearly in tears, after that i made him lean against the bed, and then i inserted my dick into his ass, he started crying, i went harder, and he cries more, his ass was still raw from the spanking, i fucked him until i felt my self aboit to cum, i took out my dick and shoved it into his mouth, he tried to resist but i wouldnt let him, i cumed in his mouth and made him swallow every drop of it, after that i was soo happy, now i go round every so often and we compare sizes, im still the biggest, so i fuck him again each time.  
  My penis is way longer than my dad's. He is 37years old and im 13, is it not awesome?  
  So one day me and my brother were changing in the locker room in Junior High, and we were the last ones out. I was only 12, and he was 14. He looked at me strangely today and I asked, "What?" Then he said, "Nothing" I looked down to see he had no bulge in his pants. I held in my snickering until we got home. We share a room but I wear boxers so I never noticed before. I went into the room after I changed and said, "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" You have no bulge! He said oh yeah well let's just see! So west ripped down and I was a super early bloomer and so was he. He had 2.5 inches and I was already 6 inches. Ever since then he grew to about 5 inches, the average. I grew to 8.5 inches. He is now my bitch and I fuck him every one of his girlfriends. All I have to do is walk into our room with briefs and they come flying to me. I fucked his new girlfriend really hard in the ass and he doesn't know. My life is awesome. I laugh at you guys cause I'm huge!  
  Horny Woman-Eating Shit  
  my brother went away for the summer and i started hanging out with his friend Cho. he and my brother work out together and practice wrestling and karate and shit. cho taught me everything. when my brother came back this fall i came over to join in. he laughed and ordered me to leave. cho told him about our workouts and he was furious. he ripped off his shirt and told me to show him what i learned. i was scared at first but soon realized that i was as good as him. i soon had grounded him. later that day i came back to cho's to get something i left. he congratulated me and said that i deserved to be rewarded. he dropped to his knees and gave me my first bj. he said that i am bigger than my brother. i became more than cho's workout partner that day.  
  big jon  
  Hey guys I don't know if any of you can relate to what I'm talking about, but I spent ages on Google and found this site and thought you could help?
I'm 17 and my brother is 21. We first saw each other naked when we went on a camping trip together when I was 15 and he was 19 and tbh I didn't think much of it I was 4inches floppy and 7inches hard and he was 1inche floppy and 3inches hard. But I could tell by his face that he was shocked and bothered straight away and he kept trying to hide his nob, later on in the day I brought it up as he had been off with me and he got really embarrassed and defensive so as any little brother would I began teasing him about his little dick but only as banter. I wish I hadn't because he got so angry by the end of the day that he let me know he was the bigger brother by fucking my mouth and for the rest of the holiday every night and morning in the tent he would make me suck his little nob. Now we are two years on and mine has grown to a thick 9 inches hard and 6 inches when floppy and his is still the same size he still makes me suck it almost everyday, I was going to talk to my dad and get him to talk to my brother to stop but over the last few years saw that my brother takes after him as my dad is about 3inches floppy and I didn't wanna ask him in case he made me suck his like my brother does.
  Little bro  
  I'm the youngest brother by 10 years I'm 19 and my two brothers are 29 and 33 last year they all got kinda drunk for our cousins 21 I of course couldn't so here I am sober with a bunch of drunk idiots after I drove them back to my house they both decided to take a piss in the yard the oldest one had to have been just shy of an inch soooo pathetic and the other one was lucky if he hit that same mark I laughed my ass off so two weeks later my oldest brother gets shipped to Florida for a business meeting so I stayed at his place to help his wife with the kid we both had some wine and she let it slip that my thumb was bigger than he was erect I started laughing so she asked me if I was bigger and I just whipped out all 7 flaccid inches she shrieked and jumped back at first but then came back and played with it and after another glass of wine she sucked it and told me I had to fuck her NOW! So I did just that I got behind her slammed her down onto the table and tore her yoga pants off slid her thong to the side and slammed into her and I just started pounding away at her pussy she started moaning like crazy and explaining how she should have married me I made her cum three times before I pulled out and came all over her face  
  I'm 16, and am the eldest brother so have no stories like the above ones (as my brother is tiny), however I'm bigger than my dad. My dad is quite small, only around 1" when soft, and 3" hard (according to my mum). I'm a lot larger than average, being over 8" when soft, and 10.5" when hard. It came up once, when all of us (me, dad, mum, and my brother), were in a room. My brother mentioned something about his size, and my dad made a comment (my brothers 2" when hard, almost invisible when soft, seems like I'm the only one with a decent penis in this family). My brother made a comment and kegged him (or pantsed) and revealed his tiny dick, my brother was hard (which you couldn't tell by looking at it) from something so pulled down his, as it was slightly bigger. I then obviously started to laugh, and they said what are you laughing at, my response was "your penis'. They're tiny!". So they made a comment, and then I got kegged as well. I went to pick up my trousers and underwear, but I saw how shocked they were. I got all sorts of comments, being twice as big as my dads hard size, when soft. The next day my brother and I were alone, and I walked in on him masturbating. I walked in just as he was cumming. It was ridiculous, like 2 lots of dribble. He was embarrassed and asked me show him my load. I was reluctant but I saw no harm. He was in absolute awe the second I whipped out my soft c*ck. As it started to get hard and release precum, he was amazed as I precame more than he actually came. When I topped of at my full 10.5", he was completed entranced. He got on his knees and got closer to it (don't worry, he didn't touch it or anything if that's where you think its going), just as I was about to cum. I warned him, but he stayed there. I said to watch out, but he didn't. He grew even more amazed as I blasted my 15 ropes of cum 5 feet across the room. My brothers 14 and my dad 54. My brothers short (4'11), and my dad is fairly tall, but I'm about 2" taller. If anyone has any questions just ask.  
  Wow you guys are unlucky. I'm different, I'm huge and my little brother is tiny. I caught my younger brother coming out of the shower when we was 13 and I was 16. All I could do was laugh at his aprox 0.5 inch flaccid dick. He said something like "it's not that small and I'm sure yours isn't that much bigger". You should have seen the shock on his face when I whipped out my 7 inch flaccid cock. He asked me to make it hard, so I started wanking. When it got to its full length of just under 10 inches he was absolutely amazed. He calls me monster now  
  Hey so I'm 14, I have two older brothers (15 and 17) who I see naked all the time, the younger one is around 5 inches when hard and my oldest brother is about 6 inches hard. A couple days ago I caught the oldest brother masterbating. He asked continued stroking it but then he asked me how big I was, I never really felt comfortable with my family knowing about my dick. Anyway, I told him that I was 6 inches soft and 9 inches hard. He didn't believe me so he pantsed me right there to see it. He got kind of embarrassed because he was always making fun of my other brother for being smaller than him. My dick was soft at the time but he put on some porn and I got fully hard, I think he was kind of mad but he called my other brother up to see my dick. It was kind of awkward for a little but right after that he pulled his pants down and started masterbating with me and my brother. They have definitely started treating my different since this happened, like a new respect they have for me.  
  My brother is 6 years older, 5" taller, 40lbs more muscular than me, but I win where it really matters.
About a year ago, when I was 15 I came home early from school and caught my brother masturbating, he thought he was home alone. He had his ipod on, sitting in front of the computer with his 5 inch dick in his hand. I sat down next to him, took my 7.5" cock out and started masturbating too.
He noticed me and my dick almost instantly, you shouldve seen his face, he turned red and was shocked that I'm so much bigger than he is. Hell I was shocked too honestly. Since then me and my brother actually became a little closer (no homo, just hang out more, bullshit like that) and hes been less of an asshole to me too.
  my dick in 9'' i,m 15 my brother is 17 his dick is 5'' hard he tole mt to get hard it was just under 12'  
  At the age of ten , I loved seeing my older brother by foyr years in white briefs. And my dad too . I sucked them both. My dad was 5 hard. My brother was 8. I was 3. Till this day, im 39 brother is 44, I sucked his big cock. He laughs and pretending to choke on my dik  
  Hector E  


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