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Have your armpits licked and worshipped

  For some reasons, many parts of the male body are not parts that your lovers can be expected to kiss, touch or lick. Men seldom get the full appreciation of their sexy, masculine bodies. Most women refuse to lick their asses and feet. But you can be sure it is no coincidence when men in commercials and movies lift their arms to show their armpits. To make the view even sexier, they are sometimes sweat in their armpits. Even if women do not admit it, they are fascinated and excited to watch those sexy, hairy armpits. They wish they could taste them. But society has taught us not to, they do the safe thing - avoid kissing or licking men's armpits. Women mostly show that they do not find it attractive to lick armpits.  
  Armpit licking and armpit sex is great but most men never have the chance to experience the wonderful feeling of getting licked and worshipped in the armpits.  Having the armpits licked is a special feeling that all men should have the right to experience whenever they want. When you have had your armpits licked and sucked for the first time, you will agree: Sex was not complete until your armpits were licked.  
  Nobody is more fascinated by men's armpits than smalldicks. They have spent much time watching and admiring all the sexy parts of superior, real men's bodies, they can never stop worshipping the masculine, powerful men that they can never be themselves. They know their only assets are their tongues and they cannot wait to lick any part of a real man.  

  Many smalldicks love to smell and lick sweaty male armpits.

They love the sweat smell, they love the salty taste.

They love sweaty armpits after work or sport, they love the natural sweat, the natural smell. it's the area that produces phermones and they make you horny and aroused.

  A smalldick knows that real men are superior and all parts of them should be worshipped. He is also thankful for any chance to touch and taste a man's manly body, he is ready to be useful for him. His only possibility to be allowed to touch him is by showing obedience and worship to him. He knows that being in his armpit licking him no matter how sweat he is, is more than he deserves.  

“I love to have my armpit licked. For some reason, this fetish developed when I was sixteen. My friend and I made bets with each other. On a dry and hot summer day, I was invited to a sleep over at his house. I gladly accepting not aware of his intentions. We played chess, and I beat him. He was on the verge of winning, when I delivered checkmate with my queen. After losing, he suggested we play again with a twist. The loser had to submit to being a slave to the winner. I accepted, and was confident in winning again.

However, in a rare moment, he beat me. I was shocked, but I had lost the bet. My friend told me to remove my shirt and raise my hands up. For the first part of the punishment, he sniffed my armpits. I considered his behavior offensive and disgusting, but there was no way out. Then, he started to lick my armpits. It felt good as he licked it one at a time. My hairy armpits was licked for twenty minutes. For the rest of the day, he owned me, and licked my armpits whenever he had the chance. I loved every minute of it because it was pleasurable. For the first time ever, I appreciated my armpits more, and tried to get people to lick my pits.”

  "iI'm one of those blondes with chest hair with thick dense darker blonde hair under my arms. it's thick enough that you cannot see the skin underneath and extends from the underside of my arms down onto my sides. it grows inward and sticks out my chest even with my arms down at my sides. it looks much darker when i get sweaty, thicker and curlier, as a solid mass that can be seen at quite a distance away. i am an active, dominate partner, whose body gets very wet and sweaty during sex; the mass under my arms becomes tangled and matted in swirls to my skin. I always shower before sex, so my sweaty body is pumping out pure male testosterone - those masculine smelling hormones and chemicals then trapped in the thick bushes in my armpits. guys seem to really get off when my armpits get all wet and sweaty on them, many lift my arms to lick, suck and chew on the thick sweaty blonde hair. i've had guys lick up the length of my inside forearms and right into the pit hair itself because the smell and taste turns them on so much. some other guys like my sweaty chest hair directly over their face and still a few others like to wear my sweaty jock-strap over their face to smell my crotch sweat as they take the fuck. perosnally i would never pick up a guy without body hair, i.e., armpits and crotch, because to me it just is not masculine enough."  

The smell of your sweat will make a smalldick absolutely excited and willing to lick and serve you. The sweat you give him is a divine gift and he will be happy to clean your armpits so you never need to use deodorant anymore. It might sound unhygienic but his tongue can be used any number of times in a day to keep your armpits perfectly clean.




Many people consider the armpits to be an erogenous zone. If pheromones exist for humans, they would likely be secreted by a mixture of liquid from the sebaceous glands with other organic compounds in the body. Modern society has very much destroyed our natural instincts, today we associate sweat with lack of hygiene, we feel disgusted by sweat and natural body scents. We spray perfumes and deodorants on our bodies to hide and remove any scent of ourselves. Finding a woman who will love to lick your armpits and stimulate them with his tongue can be quite difficult.



  All you need to find is a smalldick, who will be happy and thankful to be your armpit licker. Smalldicks still know how sexy, tasteful and divine a man's sweat armpits are.  
   They will love and worship you exactly as you are, a superior, divine real man.  
  My ex had the sexiest arms, pits and scent. He was a fireman and when he wore the short sleeved uniform his armpit hair would eek out a little when he lifted up his arms. He had biceps like softballs and his natural musk was really intense after a work or a work out. He would get home from work or we would come back from the gym (if I could make it that long) and I would work his pits until he was writhing, panting and making these grunting sounds that I never heard in other circumstances. Once I got him to that place, it was some of our most intense sessions ever. He loved it as much as I did and I could get him hard immediately with just a quick deep swipe of my tongue and soft grind of my chin.  
  My boyfriend loves it when I lick and kiss his armpit during sex. I think it's cool that he is secure enough to tell you what he wants - not every person is capable of being so open. Good for him.  
  Im a big dicked guy who loves to be serviced, not only my big hard Cock, but my entire body. Have always loved lifting my arms and having my furry pits licked, especially after a workout. I keep clean but dont use deodorant and I think the natural smell is erotic. Glad a lot of others seem to agree.
Any devoted armpit worshipers in NYC, give me a shout.
  Real Men appreciate pit licking  
  I'm extremely well endowed with ten thick inches but I also have that sexual fetish to smell and lick the thick sweaty hair under my partner's arms - he licks my sweaty armpit hair and he ain't small either!  
  Man's body is 100% more sexy than woman's body. Each & every body part of man as well as man's body smell or sweating smell is definitely more sensual than woman. It is the natural body sweating smell that attracts woman to man's body and not the deoderant or body perfumes.  
  Women are fool not to admit that they are excited by sniffing & licking men's armpits. It is definitely a sensual experience for women to lick men's armpits. It is also dam sure that men also get long lasting errection when women smells men's sweaty armpits, touch it by their lips, kiss it, sniffs it and finally lick them. Men would love their armpits to be licked by their women partner. Every woman should do it and every man has a right to get his full body & armpits sniffed & licked by woman partner. So, both should enjoy the sweat smell & get arousement.  
  jorgelina trans de mendoza  
  a lot of the time would be spent by you removing my shirt and lifting up my arms to service the thick blond sweaty hair with your mouth and tongue. You would first smell the rank strong pungent odor of a real man - that pure raw male testosterone trapped in all the thick sweaty hair - placing your nose into the hot wet hollow of my armpits and feeling the soft silky texture of the sweaty hair against your face - the skin so hot yet the hair so wet. You would use your tongue to lift up the matted and tangled hair and pull the two and three inch long strands into your mouth, and start to slowly to suck the sweaty moisture into your mouth - tasting the salty sweat until enough has gathered to where you can swallow a good deal of my armpit sweat. I want you to feel your dick trying to get hard and erect, and feeling the pain when your dick comes into contact with the tiny steel spikes covering the inside of the cock cage. When the mass of thick hair under my arms is sopping wet from your drool and saliva, I want you to curl thick clumps around your fingers and then lick those fingers. With this kind of attention to the sweaty hair under my arms, my cock will get hard and erect, probably start leaking pre-cum because it turns me on so much. You can then work your way down my hairy chest, exciting me even more by paying attention to my nipples and the darker and thicker hair surrounding them before reaching my pubic area to service my crotch hair with your mouth and tongue. Pull my cock down and out of the way to get access to the large massive triangle of thick and curly hair at my crotch. Take great large clumps of pubic hair into your mouth, probably already damp and moist from perspiration, and chew on the hair with your teeth, tugging and pulling so I can moan out in pleasure. The hair is about three and four inches long and I want you to feel the texture of the hair inside your mouth and on your tongue. Body Hair is the masculine trait of a real man and by licking the sweat, you are paying honor to the Alpha - and showing your humiliation as a sex slave/pig slut to the more Dominate Alpha Male Stud. Then you will humiliate yourself even further by laying on the bed and holding your legs up and out in a "v" shape so that the Alpha can use your body for his own sexual lust and pleasure. Then as I take hold of your ankles, you will raise your arms over your head and hold the headboard to brace yourself for the fuck. You know from experience that the fuck will be painful - ten thick inches of impalement - hard-core and long lasting - the hard and deep thrusts designed to make you cry out in pain. With my body sweaty on top of you, you will lean up to lick the sweaty hair on my chest. I will grind my crotch against your ass to make you feel me very deep inside your body, rotating my hips and cork-screwing my way inside to fuck you without mercy. If your body armpits and body does not get sweaty under me, I will fuck you faster and faster, harder and harder to give the additional pain necessary to make you sweat. You will lick your own sweaty armpit hair for me during the fuck - to indicate how much you love sweat - and then lick the sweaty hair under my arms again  
  Licking Sweaty Armpit Hair  
  Males armpits are great!  
  Like this  
  This page almost inspired me to do something rash! I was at a urinal, peeing away with my tiny penis when, i smelt heavy pit odor from the man next to me. I turned around & saw a stocky guy in a sleeveless tshirt. Then i glanced down & saw his huge floppy cock. I very nearly blurted out "have you ever had your pits licked by a smalldick?"  
  Wanna lick armpits  
  I keep my arm pits shaved smooth and love the smell I give off when all hot and excited and sweaty. And the taste of a sweaty armpit is exotic!! The arm pit smell and taste of a man's superior body and sweat is out of this world no matter what size cock or penis he has!!!! Lick Lick  
  Last month we had a bad ice storm, no power for over a week, local high school opened up its showers to the public. As a smalldick I hate showering in public but after 3 days I stunk so bad I had to. I went there at 8:30, they were to close at 9 so I thought I would have some privacy. Boys basketball practice was that evening so I was wrong, as I was finishing up a boy 16 or 17 noticed my smalldick, he hadn't showered yet and was sweaty, he held his fat cock in one hand and raised his other arm up and said "well boy what you want to suck first". His musk and manliness was over powering, I began to kneel and he grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to his pit, I licked his sweaty pit, it was awesome. Then with his friends watching I sucked him. We met the next afternoon, he told me to shave my pubes and pits as I was a boy, his boy, I was to serve him. When I told him I wasn't sure he had me come with him back to the school, behind the dumpsters he made me take my pants down and he whipped me with my belt, it hurt but I deserved it, talking back to a man is wrong. I am now shaved and I serve him and his friends, pit licking cock sucking little dick boy. I am not allowed to masturbate and the only time I have had a orgasm since I met him is when he is fucking me proper. I am learning my place now as a little dick.  
  Learning my place as a smalldick  
  i have a 7.5 in penis an i love pits  
  Anyone would like to buy some smelly T-shirts and boxers and socks I used for gym and spinning trainings? I am a hairy young 28 year old male from Hungary-Europe
write me for pics and correspondance!
  smelly t-shirts ;)  

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To lick, to clean, to  please and to worship your manly body.

Your smalldick armpit licking slave



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