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Men's sexy hairy armpits



  “I can respect that society as a whole views underarm in women as 'manly' or gross, but in men, I don't think it's considered unattractive. I go back to high school when the swim team would shave their legs and armpits and be teased for the entire season for looking like girls. Right or wrong that's how it used to be.

Another point for not shaving is, pheromones, which are unscented, are prevalent with hair under your arms. I don't know about men, but for women at least, there is less odor when you do not shave. I'm not the only one to find this to be the case and obviously, hygiene is key for both sexes. Anyone will reek if they aren't clean. Besides shaving, trimming is a good option.
Hair is natural. It stops chafing, holds pheromones or other scents and makes you feel cooler by dissipating sweat. I wish there wasn't such a cultural expectation of 'perfection' being smooth, hairless skin.”


  Underarm hair, sometimes called axillary hair or armpit hair, is the composition of hair in the underarm area (axilla). Underarm hair, as is typical of pubic hair and most of the other kinds of human body hair, normally starts to appear at the beginning of puberty, with growth usually completed by the end of the teen-age years.  

  The evolutionary significance of human underarm hair is still debated. It naturally wicks sweat or other moisture away from the skin, aiding in keeping well-ventilated skin dry enough to prevent colonization by odor-producing bacteria.  

  Underarm hair may also provide a natural anti-friction quality between the upper arm and the thorax. A more controversial view is that it may facilitate the release of sexual-attractant pheromones from the underarm areas, correlating with its appearance, along with other kinds of androgenic hair, during sexual development.  

  Today it is more common for women than men to shave their underarm hair regularly for aesthetic reasons. Before 1960 almost no women shaved their armpits. The pressure from the cosmetic industry, American ideal and the idea that natural hair and smell should be removed at all times, make people desperate to follow the instructions given about shaving and using deodorants.  

  It seems too late to stop the pressure and demands on women to remove all hairs in their armpits, arms, legs and even pubic hair.  

  But maybe it is still possible to let men be natural, sexy men even if they are projected to the same demands as women, now becoming less masculine because of the myth that men with hair should be gross.  

  Hairy, sweaty and even smelly underarms are quite normal and masculine. Most deodorants contain harmful chemicals.  

  Also, since we have been brainwashed that all body odour is bad, we have lost our ability to recognise truly bad body odour, which is an early warning sign of many diseases. Note that even a very strong underarm odour is not necessarily a bad odour.  

  Almost all humans have hairy armpits. It is thought that they are to catch and display pheromones. Hairy armpits are a turn on.  

  Pheromones (sexual hormone) gather in the armpit hair, it is meant to be an aphrodisiac .All this antiseptic fear is starting to go overboard. Hairy armpits actually allow pheromones to air. Helps drive women crazy and enhances orgasms.  

  Creating insecurity is the most effective way to make people buy their products and to have power over them.  

  Making a man feel he needs to shave his armpits is to make him remove his manliness – daily – and have him look like a hairless boy.  

  For some it might be the intention: To make him insecure and weaker and easier to control. It is important to be proud to be a man, proud of being natural and masculine.  

  Otherwise we will soon have men looking like girls, using all attributes and accessories that women use. Earrings, bracelets, perfume and even make-up is already used by men, how much feminization of men should we accept? Women already want to scream: Be the man you are. Masculine, natural and hairy.  

  The biggest mistake is to let someone let you feel ashamed of being a man.  


  Guys are naturally hairy. Its natural, in the hormones, and it looks fine to me.
PS: leave the chest hair too. Let men be men, not plastic Ken dolls.
  Hairy Barbie  
  Shaved armpits may look a little boyish.  
  men with hairy hairy armpits are such a freaking turn on from the goatee to the chest armpits stomach its all a turn on ... I love to rub my hands all over a hairy chest smell his armpits lick it and smell pubics lick it too.  
  mmmmmm its all good  

i love to snuggle into my boyf's armpits, especially when he's all fresh and pheremone'y... god its such a turn on and comfort at the same time!




I think a man would look rather silly with shaved armpit hair



  there's a few names for men who shave their armpits - assboys, femmes, girlymen!  
  for all you girls who prefer shaved armpits on men, next thing you're going to say you'd prefer it if they traded their penises in for vaginas and wore lipstick and mascara.  

hair lover

  real men deserve armpit hair, but emasculated small dicks should be coerced into shaving their pits and all body hair. As you write, it would be a daily, ritualistic renunciation of their masculinity. Having to keep up a time-consuming regimen of shaving their pits, pubes, chest etc. would teach them that they are not real men and that they must strip themselves of all signs of manhood each day.
It would make them weaker, more insecure, and more easily intimidated by the real men they see in gym locker rooms or on the beach with the full masculine mane of body hairy. They would feel like under-developed prepubescent boys in a world of hairy men.
  I have a lot of body hair, all over, both front and back. I see no need to remove it. It's completely natural and quite comfortable. Keeps me warm in winter and protects me (somewhat) from sunburn in summer. Although, I do use an oil based sunscreen (goes on easier than a lotion, lotion clings to the hair). I would feel naked without my body hair.
I find it even more interesting that women in western cultures feel compelled to shave their body hair. In a lot of cultures around the world this is not done at all. The hair is allowed to grow naturally, as nature intended. I think body hair on women is just as sexy as it is on men. They rarely have as much as men, not to say it doesn't happen. I have come across some sites on the internet that have some very hairy women.
There are people with a hair 'fetish', if you wish to call it that, but I would call it naturalism. It is not natural to be totally hairless, unless you were born with the rare alopecia gene.
Having body hair is not dirty. It is natural, beautiful and so incredibly sexy.
  old fart  
  send me more nude hairy men at  
  I trimmed my pubic hair too short once. I felt like part of my masculinity had been tainted. Never done it again and never will. I love being a man and my hairy chest, legs, pits and pubes are what makes me masculine. Infact I feel very lucky to possess so much body hair, without having too much. I've even been told that I should shave my pits and pubes and I think these people are warped. I hate this new notion of anti body hair. It's ridiculous. I'll never do it.  
  Tyler Burbank  
  men with hairy pits are a definite turnon the hairier the better and a ripe pits is so sexy  
  I go crazy over Hairy Men. They are totally the best to lay with rub on lick and smell. Come on guys raise those arms and show us those awesome sexy hairy pits.  

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Let her taste your manly,

sexy, hairy armpits



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