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Big, round balls

  Watching Mike's powerful, big cock, we instantly understand that this is the cock of a man who deserves to be worshipped.  



  In his superiority, he does not only have a thick, manly cock but also the biggest, round beautiful balls to worship.  

  Watching his cock and balls from below, we cannot help dreaming we were in front of him, ready to serve him.  

  Knowing there is not only a huge, manly cock to suck and lick but also his fantastic balls, makes us wish we were his slaves.  

  We can only imagine how it must feel to be a powerful man as Mike, with this masculine cock and huge, gorgeous balls.  

  These balls deserve the most committed, worshipping, licking slaves giving pleasure to Mike's wonderful balls. Licking them, cleaning them when they are sweat, sucking them gently before he gets a blowjob.  

  There is more than his manly huge cock and his big, round balls to admire and worship. Mike also has a most sexy foreskin to worship, beg him for more pics of it when you beg to be his worshiper.

and start begging.

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  You are a man, with a normal penis. There is nothing special about that, you think. Your size might be average, a little bigger than average or a little smaller than average. Watching the monster cocks in porn videos makes you even more sure: There is nothing special about your penis.

Fact is: Your penis is special and you can have it admired and worshipped. As a real man with a real penis you should not go through life without being proud of your penis. There is no reason to think it is not special and worth being praised.

  Show your penis to the world, you will know better what people like about it, you will see how they admire and love it more than you thought they would and you will know better how to make your lovers worship it. Before shaving your pubes, show it, maybe you will hear people praising your grey, black or red pubes.

Men who are proud of their penises and show it, will automatically have their penises totally admired and worshipped. The people who see their penises will not be able to stop watching them and as they do, they become fascinated, watching the penises over and over and the get almost obsessed about them, it really does not matter if they are straight or gay, penises of real men who know their power, will be admired and worshipped, not only for their penises but also for their manliness, the powerful men who show - with pride - their penises, to let others become their admirers, fans and worshipers, unable to stop watching and looking up to the fantastic men and their fantastic penises.

  Your penis deserves to be admired and watched, let us see it in all it's glory, erected, close-up, from below, let us see it wet, let us see it pee, let us see it cum and be sure: Your penis is not just another penis, it is unique, sexy and manly-  
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Revealing your penis will make it worshipped and admired - just as Mike's superior penis and big, round balls deserve to be


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