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Penises too big for women




For different reasons, many magazines and sites informing, advising and discussing sexual health and relations give the impression that average penises and smaller than average penises are the best for women when having sex.


When a magazine wants to sell and become popular, it is of course good if as many people as possible can relate to it. Most penises are around average, most women’s partners are around average. Sites and magazines that want to show understanding and interest about men’s and women’s curiosity, problems and questions about sex, will of course choose the biggest groups – men with average penises and women in relationship with men with average penises – to help, support and encourage to improve their sex life.


When focusing on this majority of people as their customers, subscribers and members, it is no problem to make negative statements about big penises. Doing that will actually make all average men happy for being average instead of big, women will feel better about their average partners instead of wanting men with huge cocks. Making people feel better and happy with what they have will make the site or magazine more popular.


A minority of men have really big penises, the sites and magazines choose to describe their penises in negative ways because they are a small group. When they do, most people will be happy, only few will be unhappy, they think.


They could do the same about smalldicks but that would only seem cruel. Reading between the lines it is easy to see that we all know that big penises are good and small are bad. Insulting winners and successful is acceptable, insulting losers is cruel.


Not only sites and magazine owners find negative facts about big penises, also in blogs penis size is discussed much. We find the same negative comments about big penises there. There are two arguments appearing over and over in blogs:


1. Some women really dislike the idea of a large penis, and may be frightened by one that is too long.

2. If the penis is too big, it will cause pain during intercourse.

  It is most likely that most of these comments are made by men with average or smaller than average penises – the majority of males – and women whose partners or possible partners are/most likely will be men with penises around average – the majority of women.  

The reasons male posters bring up these arguments:

Finding negative facts about big penises will make the average and smalldicked male posters more wanted and accepted, if women believe their comments.


The reasons female posters do it for several reasons:


1.      Some want to feel better about having a partner who is not well endowed. Finding support from other women will make them feel less jealous to women – maybe friends – who have partners with big cocks. 

2.      They are males pretending to be women posting.

3.      They actually feel scared of big penises or they have bad, hurting experiences of having sex with men with big cocks.


So let us look at the two arguments used so much to make us believe big is bad:


1. Some women really dislike the idea of a large penis, and may be frightened by one that is too long.

2. If the penis is too big, it will cause pain during intercourse.


Big, scary penises

  A huge penis can be scary, especially for a young girl who never had sex but also for women who had sex but only with men with average or small penises. She will wonder if she can take the big penis and she might be scared thinking about it. If she is in the situation of being about to have sex with a man who has just revealed his huge penis, she can definitely be scared.  



  Most times women describe being scared of having sex with a man with a big penis, this does not mean she does not want to have sex with him. It can be the opposite.  
  We love the scary feeling of watching horror movies and other things that scare and thrill us, like riding roller-coasters, jumping bungy jump and visiting the ghost house in the amusement parks. If we do not get really scared, we get disappointed because we want the thrilling, scary experience.  
  A big penis has the same effect and women know it. They know it might hurt but they also know it will be the fuck of their life; they will explode in orgasms from a huge cock filling them up deeper and harder than they have ever been before. The big cock will not be like a little visitor in their vaginas, it will be an intruder, forcing his cock inside, they will feel helpless to the power of this hard, big manly cock. This man they cannot control, he is too big and powerful, a man to surrender to and submit to.  
  Having sex with a man wih a big cock is a challenge, will she be able to take it all, she wonders. She knows she will not be bored during intercourse, she will scream, she will cum time after time, she will be exhausted, she will have the fuck of her life.  


  Bored of the carousel, she is excited to try the big, scary ride.  

Big, painful penises

  The muscles surrounding the vagina, known as the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm. It also aids in urinary control and childbirth. A virgin, not used to having objects inserted in her vagina will not relax at her first intercourse. Feeling the penis trying to go inside, her PC muscle will close to stop the penetration. The bigger the penis is, the more it will close in an attempt to protect the vagina.  
  This is one of the reasons girls have heard warnings about big penises. Girls who had the experience of their vaginal muscles closing will say that the penis was much too big. The truth might be that it was an average or even smaller than average penis, it felt huge because the PC muscle was closing the vagina.  
  Not used to any penis or other objects inside her vagina, a virgin will feel that most penises are big. Later when she describes the pain and uncomfortable feeling about her first sexual intercourse, she will think and say it was painful because the penis was so big.   
  Making girls scared to have sex with men with big penises is effective. Maybe some of the people who try to brainwash the girls about hurting, big penises know it: If the girls gets afraid and worried when she sees a man's big penis, she will not get wet and horny, if she tries intercourse she will be hurt by it.  
  We all know that being horny is a prerequisite to having intercourse. When a man is horny, he has an erection. Without the erection he is unable to fuck a woman. Just as men need to be horny, so do women.  
  When a woman is horny, fluids are secreted within the vagina, moistening the vagina, labia, and vulva. These fluids provide lubrication for intercourse. The vagina expands, and the clitoris enlarges. Her sexual arousal also makes the PC muscle relax, making it easier to have intercourse.  
  Just as men cannot fuck without an erected penis, women cannot be fucked if their pussies are not wet and relaxed.  
  Experts describe several common reasons why women have difficulties to have sexual intercourse. Here are some:  

Vaginismus can cause both deep and superficial pain, and it's a common cause of trouble during sex. It's a spasm of the vaginal muscles, caused mainly by fear of being hurt.

This spasm is often so painful that intercourse is impossible – sometimes for years.

Some women with vaginismus have never been able to have full sex or even use tampons. They also tend to be very fearful of vaginal examinations and so may never have had a smear test.

Vaginismus arouses strong emotions, and women who have it are often very angry with partners, doctors and themselves. But the condition is no one's fault.

Common causes include:

  • a restrictive upbringing, in which the woman was brought up to view sex as nasty or dirty.
  • an upbringing in which the woman was given the idea that the vagina is very narrow and so sex must be very painful.
  • a history of rape or childhood sexual abuse. Experiences like these understandably make women fearful of sex and of being hurt.
  • a medical history of painful vaginal infections.
  • unease with the partner – perhaps at an unconscious level.
  Psychological Causes of Painful Sex  
  Often people think that a psychological cause is another way of saying "it's all in your head" which is another way of saying it isn't real. Not true. Psychological causes of painful sex still result in very real pain, and very rarely can someone just "get over" a psychological reason for pain during sex. For both men and women there are a variety of reasons why our minds may play a role in sex being painful, here are some of the more common causes:  
  Coercive sexual experiences. Far too many women and men have experienced sexual assault or abuse. For many people their first experience with sex was something they did not choose. If you’ve never known sex that is consensual and pleasurable, it isn’t surprising that when you have sex (even when you choose to have it with a partner you like or love) your body doesn’t experience it as pleasurable.  
  Anticipating pain. If you experienced pain during sex (whether it was from a physical condition, or a wrong position), you may begin to anticipate pain the next time you have sex. If you’re expecting it at least three things can happen. First, you aren’t going to be as tuned into what’s going on in your body, and you may find your arousal is lowered. Along with this, women may have less lubrication, which can cause a different kind of pain during sex. As well, the anticipation can actually make the pain feel more intense. For example your body may be very tense, which may result in a different physical experience of pain or pleasure.  
  Lack of interest in having sex. A very different situation than sexual assault is the time when you may not be in the mood to have sex, but your partner is. Many of us will have sex even when we’re not 100% into it, and we do this for a variety of reasons. One of the problems with doing this is that if you’re not that interested in having sex, it may result in pain. For women, the most common reason for this is likely lack of vaginal lubrication. If you’re not psychologically aroused at least a little, and you don’t have a lot of vaginal lubrication, sex will most likely be uncomfortable or painful. For men, if they are physically stimulated they may have an erection and be able to engage in intercourse. But if they aren't turned on, it may take a lot longer to ejaculate than it normally would. If there isn’t sufficient lubrication in this scenario the prolonged friction may cause pain.  
  Good information about different reasons why women can have problems to be horny and willing to be fucked but mostly these are not the reasons, the list can give the impression that there are all kind of problems to have sex with women and that it is the women who have the problems when sex does not work. It also might make us think that the women must solve their problems, when it is the men who just need to do things in ways that makes sex possible and nice for her.  

Having sex with your big cock.

  When a man with a big penis is about to have sex with a young woman, it is important to remember that she has heard the myths about hurting big penises. Many girls had bad experience from their first intercourse, not used to it, they were not relaxed and it hurt. Seeing a big penis can make her scared, thinking it will hurt more than because it is bigger. If she is young and only had sex with young boys, they might have been clumsy, unskilled, fucking too hard and giving her a painful experience.  
  She will want sex with the man with a big penis, she knows it will give her pleasure far more fantastic than she had before, if she can have sex without pain.  

  When revealing your big cock in front of her, you can start by telling her you understand that it probably is bigger than she is used to. While she stares at it, excited but worried, tell her she will lose her virginity tonight, the real virginity only a big cock can take from her. If you lie down in the bed or sofa, she will relax. Instead of starting to fuck her, tell her to touch your cock, make her focus and get to know it.  

  Tell her she can try it in her mouth, after she started, tell her to try to take more of it in her mouth. She will feel safe all the time because she is on top of you and she will want more of it inside her mouth. While sucking it, she will be excited to have it in her pussy, wanting to see how much she can have inside her.  

  She will be horny sucking your cock. Do not ask her if she want to be fucked, ask her if she wants to ride it. This will keep her relaxed; being on top of you she does not need to be afraid you will force it deeper inside her than she can take. It will be she who decides how deep to have it, sitting on top of you. She can try in her own ways, slowly she can let more of your big cock inside her.  

  Having sex with you becomes a challenge, she will want all of it inside her pussy for the ultimate pleasure. She feels safer with you than with the smaller boys and every time she lets your cock inside, she feels more than she ever did, she will not want to stop fucking, she will do it faster and deeper. What you are giving her is not only the best sex she ever had, you are also giving her a memory she will never forget even if he never has the chance to have sex with you again. You have made her a size queen, she will always get horny remembering you and the night she had with you. When she has new lovers, boyfriends or a husband, she will always think about you when she has sex with them, hoping they were you instead. Or she may reject all ordinary men and only make sure to have sex with men with big cocks in future.  

  Being careful with young women is important, they cannot be fucked quickly, without being gentle. The older and more sexually experienced a woman is, the easier it is. She already is used to be fucked, she knows how to do and she knows how to get in the right mood for sex, even if she was not so horny before having sex. If she has had sex with men with big cocks before, she knows what it means. If she has not, you can be sure it is what she dreams about having. When her chance comes to be fucked by you, she will be totally wet and horny before she has it in her hungry pussy.  

  A big cock is only too big before having it in her; she will never want anything but big cocks after having one. Women who were fucked by big cocks will only know that there are too small penises for sex.  
  And for those who try to scare girls from having sex with men with huge cocks: No matter how scared she is when she sees a huge cock, there are other feelings, much stronger: The total excitement and desire to have the most powerful cock inside her - all of it if possible.  

  There are no too big penises, only too small for women who have had the luck of having a really big cock inside her. She will change from being a scared girl to becoming a Size Queen.  


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