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Penis size calculator




It is always fascinating to see penis size surveys and charts about penis size. Everybody wants to know how they are in length and size compared to other men. Most men will have a much nicer opinion about their size than I had when I submitted my size to a penis calculator site:

Your penis size is well below the average size for worldwide popluations. Your penis size is within the bottom 2% of worldwide population. Even though most people do not believe in any relationship between ethnicity and penis length making it politically correct not to mention any such correlation, many studies suggest otherwise. If we take into account the ethnicity factor, your penis size is well below the average size for White/European populations. Infact your penis size is within the bottom 2% of the White/European population.

Here are the statistics on erect penis lengths for white college men, in quarter-inch lengths measured by The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research (from the point where the penis meets the body along the top to its tip):

percent length
0.2 percent 3.75 inches
0.3 percent 4 inches
0.2 percent 4.25 inches
1.7 percent 4.5 inches
0.8 percent 4.75 inches
4.2 percent 5 inches
4.4 percent 5.25 inches
10.7 percent 5.5 inches
8 percent 5.75 inches
23.9 percent 6 inches
8.8 percent 6.25 inches
14.3 percent 6.5 inches
5.7 percent 6.75 inches
9.5 percent 7 inches
1.8 percent 7.25 inches
2.9 percent 7.5 inches
1 percent 7.75 inches
1 percent 8 inches
0.3 percent 8.25 inches
0.3 percent 8.5 inches
0.1 percent 8.75 inches
0.1 percent 9 inches


Measure yourself

You will need a ruler, a long strip of paper, a pen and an erection.

Length: Holding the penis so that it points directly away from your body, press one end of the ruler against your pelvic bone (directly above your penis) and then take the measurement as shown.

Girth: Now take the strip of paper and wrap it around your penis, about half way along the shaft. Mark the paper where it crosses, then remove it and measure the distance. This will be the girth (or circumference).
Doing a measurement for the girth of the head, might also be useful.

If you want to be really accurate: Repeat the above a few times and take an average.



The penis calculators below should not be taken too seriously but they are fun.

Click the pic above


More Funny Stuff at GOYK.COM

Below more serious calculators.




In The Visualiser you can have your penis size watched like this:



Below you can see the volume of your penis by entering the radius and length of your penis. Be sure to enter the radius, not the width.

Enter Radius of penis

Enter length of penis

(Make sure you entered the radius)

The calculation and answer is below:


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