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Chapters in this page:

  Dildos - the most used and beloved phalluses  
  Mental aspects of dildos  
  Advices how to use dildos  
  Personal uses  
  Uses in sexual encounters  
  Materials and models  
  Strap-on dildos  
  Dildo sizes  
  Choosing the right dildo  
  Good things about dildos for women  
  Good things about dildos for men  

Dildos - the most used and beloved phalluses

  Dildos are the closest things to penises. People have always been fascinated, obsessed, wanting, desiring, dreaming about, fantasizing about and worshipping penises. For those who do not have one - women and smalldicks - the wish to have one can become almost unbearable. Possesing a dildo is the closest thing to having a penis they can come. They make sure to own one. Dildos are sold in billions, they are the legal and accepted phalluses for everyvody to own. While dildos are called sex toys or sex tools, the possesion of them means more to many owners than the actual use of them. Dildos are true phalluses with the almost identical shape, size and feeling as a real penis.  


Mental aspects of dildos

  While men often take their penises for granted, not spending much time thinking about it, women and smalldicks feel curious, interested, fascinated and even obsessed by penises. Possesing one becomes a dream. Sigmund Freud said girls start to think about penises and become envious of the boys and men who have one, feeling their lack of an important thing.  
  Most women would probably not agree to being envious but the wish to have one remains, either as a fantasy or more seriously.  
  Penises are powerful, exciting, sexy and most effective to give pleasure. It is natural that a woman will want a penis, mostly she can have one, attached to her husband or lover, to gain all the advantages of it.  
  Dildos compensate for the situations when she cannot have a real penis. It also gives her a penis of her own, that she controls and possesses.  
  When having sex with a man, he and his penis very much dominate and decide how much pleasure she will have, how long the session will last and she can feel dependent on him and his penis. Owning a dildo means having full control over a penis, even if it is not a real one.  


  Dildos have been used for long time, the oldest dildo known is The Hohle Fels, a 20 cm phallus of siltstone. It was dated around 28,000 years back and was discovered in Germany inside a cave.  

  Historians do not know who invented the dildo but most believe that dildos most likely originated in Asia. Dildos have been found in China that date back as early as the New Stone Age, that’s more than 12,000 years ago and most recently a tomb was uncovered from the Han Dynasty in Xian, China that was home to a rather interesting collection of dildos.
Seven cast bronze dildos were discovered and evidence indicates that they were used by palace maids on sexually deprived imperial concubines or aristocratic women during the Han Dynasty.
Also discovered in ancient China, are hand crafted dildos which double as works of art that are made of wood, jade, and ivory.

  Ancient chinese dildos made for lesbian couple.  


  Dildos in more relatively more recent history were manufactured in China of wood, jade, ivory or bronze (a museum recently displayed a 2000 year old bronze model from China). The ancient Greeks preferred a more pliable faux phallus of padded leather lubricated with olive oil. Still other early dildos were made of bone, wood, or metal, but a north African variant was reportedly made of camel dung, coated with layers of resin.  


  A dildo is a device shaped to mimic the form and function of the male penis. The basic function of the dildo is to stimulate the orifice into which it is inserted, again pretty much in the same manner that a penis would. When women become sexually aroused the vagina balloons and the uterus elevates; and it is only normal for women to wish to feel the fullness of penetration.  
  Dildos are a completely different form of penetration. They allow the person being penetrated to be in complete control of the range, speed and type of motion as well as the angle of penetration. Dildos have many benefits, only one of which is the pleasure of stimulating the vagina or anus.

When using a dildo, the user has the unique opportunity to fully control the speed of the thrusting. In addition, dildos allow the user to adjust the size and thickness of the penetration. Even if your partner’s penis or fingers offer a great deal of sexual pleasure, a dildo can supplement your typical lovemaking. A dildo can also provide a welcome change when you are masturbating, acting as another source of stimulation. Imagine controlled exploration of your body, without fear that a slip or misjudgment by your partner will cause pain or discomfort.


Advices how to use dildos

Dildos are the ultimate do-it-your-own-way sex toy. Unlike a vibrator, a dildo does not move on its own. In fact it does not do anything you do not make it do. On the plus side, you can make it do all sorts of things that human body parts cannot. You can also pick any shape and size that pleases. Many people would consider dildos to be self-explanatory. Manufacturers probably agree, since they never include an instruction manual. But if you are curious about using a dildo, and you are not sure where to start, the steps below offer the basics of how to use a dildo, and leave plenty of room for personal interpretation.

1. Choose wisely

Because dildos only do what you make them do and do not bring any extra motion of their own, choosing the right dildo is key. Get something too big and no matter how excited or committed you are, it is just not going to work. Pick a shape (or even color) that turns you off and you may find it hard to get into using a dildo. If you are not sure about what size you want, think about other things you have used for penetration (fingers, penises, carefully washed vegetables, etc). If you are using a dildo because you have never had penetration sex, you should start with your fingers or a very small dildo. When you are used to the dildo, you will want a bigger one, so be prepared to have a bigger one available, when you are used to the small.

2. Lubricant required.

You always need to use a personal lubricant with any sex toy for penetration. Water-based lubricants are good for almost everyone. (If you are using a dildo made of silicone, do not use silicone-based lubricant.) Put the lubricant on the dildo and use your fingers to put lube both outside and inside of your body. Thicker lubes are easier to use with dildos as they do not slide off the toy right away. If you are using a dildo for anal penetration you will probably need to replenish the lube at some point.

3. Anal vs. vaginal dildos

All dildos can be used for vaginal penetration, but only some dildos are safe for anal penetration. Dildos that are safe for anal use will be smooth and seamless and will have a flared base to prevent them from slipping up into the rectum. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t use the same dildo in the vagina and the anus unless you are using condoms or can boil the toy in between uses. Read more about anal sex toys.

4. Inspect your dildo.

Before you use your dildo for the first time, take it out of its package, wash it well, and then check it carefully. Look for any tears or sharp edges. If your dildo is supposed to be non-porous, look for any holes or bits missing in the body of the dildo. If there are any flaws, return your dildo before you use it.

5. Start on your own.

Even if you are planning on using your dildo with a partner, it’s a good idea to check it out by yourself first. You’ll feel less self-conscious and/or you can really concentrate on how it feels for you without being distracted (for better or worse) by a partner. Make sure you have a little time and enough privacy before getting down to business.

6. Turn yourself on first.

Before you try to use your dildo for the first time, get yourself turned on however you would normally. If you are feeling awkward or distracted it can make penetration more difficult, so being relaxed and aroused can make your first time with a dildo smoother.

7. Start slowly.

Before you insert the dildo, see what it feels like when you rub it on the outside of your body. Use it to massage and stimulate your external genitalia first (either the vulva and labia or the anus). Think of it as if you’re teasing yourself, building up to the penetration. Once you begin to penetrate yourself with the dildo, be sure to start slow. Notice how it feels, and how it’s different than using your own or someone else’s body parts for penetration.

8. Play with rhythm and speed.

Once you are comfortably using the dildo, you can experiment with different rhythms and speeds. The great thing about a dildo is that it will do exactly what you want it to, it doesn’t get tired or get a leg cramp, and you can stop and start whenever you like. Notice the difference between a slow and steady movement and a fast and erratic movement. See what you like and what works for you, and make some mental notes that you can share with partners in the future.

9 .Explore your depths.

If you are a woman, you can try to put the dildo deeper and deeper, slowly to get used to having it deep. This is a good training got future sexual intercourse with men with big penises. Practicing yourself with your dildo will make real sex more pleasurable and you will enjoy and crave sex with well-endowed men once you had your big dildo filling you up.

If you are a smalldick, practicing putting the dildo deep in your anus is a good training for future, when you might be the bottom for real men who want to fill your anus with their big penises.



  Although some people use the dildo when there is no penis present, others use the dildo to augment or complement a penis that is fully functional and eager to participate. Possible uses for the dildo include:  
  Personal uses by women  
  • Oral insertion to simulate fellatio.
  • Rubbing it against the clit, the head of the penis, the scrotum, or anywhere else that strikes your fancy.
  • Shallow fucking of the vagina to stimulate the labia minora.
  • Inserting the dildo half way into the vagina with each thrust, at an angle, to stimulate the G-spot.
  • Inserting the dildo fully into the vagina to stimulate the entire vaginal opening and the cervix itself (to be done gently unless otherwise specified).
  • Rectal insertion of the dildo.
  • Practicing becoming a good cock sucker for future encounters with men.
  Personal uses by men  
  • Mostly dildos are used by men to try the feeling of anal sex without having to have sex with men for real.
  Personal uses by smalldicks  
  • Dildos are used by smalldicks to watch and feel how a real penis looks and feels. It is used to compare to the own, undeveloped dick, for learning and getting experience of real penises for future encounters with real men. Practicing sucking a big dildo and being able to insert it in the anus, will be useful for smalldicks who expect or plan to become faggot slaves for real men in future. For smalldicks who intend to find a Mistress, preparing to be penetrated by dildos by the Mistresses, being used to the dildo by own practice, will make them better slaves when the time comes to meet their Mistresses.

Uses in sexual encounters

  Lesbians using dildos  
  For people not knowing about lesbian having sex together, it is easy to assume that they need dildos to complete their pleasures. It is however not necessary or even wanted for all lesbian women to have sex where a dildo is used. For those who like it, the dildo is of course a useful tool, used both for pure pleasure and also when a woman want to give or receive intercourse by a penis-shaped dildo or strap-on device (read about strap-ons below).  
I am a lesbian! Most lesbian sex is more romantic and a part of a wonderful relationship. I am a typical "bottom or submissive" lesbian. I am a femme. My g/f (who I have been with for 3 years) is a "butch, aggressor, or dominate" in the relationship. But sometimes the roles get changed. In lesbian sex the stimulation of a dildo is AMAZING! There is nothing like having a dick that will stay hard no matter how long you use it. Some lesbian woman just enjoy the feeling of dildo stimulation, and some like me on the other hand enjoy the thought of the love of my life being inside of me. I know she isn't really but it is the thought that this is her that takes you over the edge. Another good thing about dildos is you can select the right size, shape, color, texture, etc. to fit your needs. It would be really hard for me to find a man that I would enjoy sex with simply b/c I like it large and I like it to be hard for hours. Lesbian use dildos for many different reasons but mainly b/c it feels good to have your partner make love to you when other wise it is physically impossible!
  Heterosexuals using dildos  
  Women can have more stimulation and pleasure using dildos when having sex with men. The dildo can be used as complement, while they is sucking the men's penises and for double penetration, both by the penises and dildos in he vaginas and anuses.  
  When having sex with smalldicks, dildos can be used for vaginal stimulation, either by making the smalldick insert the dildo or by inserting it herself while he is licking her ass, feet or other parts of her body. Making him watch how she is pleased by a big dildo is a powerful way to humiliate him, to remind him of his too small dick and to make him more submissive.  
  Strap-on dildos, see below, are effective in training and punishing smalldicks.  

Materials and models


The variety of choices of the dildos available in the market is endless. They come in all different shapes and sizes to meet your requirements and fulfil your demands. You can get the double ended ones even for the purpose of doubling the spice in the perfect environment. There are dildos with the balls, inflatable dildos, flare based ones, and even ones with the suction cups so that they can be controlled easily and can easily be placed on inanimate object.


Beautiful hand carved wooden dildos have been made for thousands of years. They are still among the most popular materials for dildos.


Jelly rubber dildos became available in the 1940s.


Later, PVC dildos with a softer PVC filler became popular. Most of the inexpensive dildos sold today are made this way.


In the 1990s, silicone rubber dildos became more popular, a trend that has continued as the prices have lowered. These are easier to clean and do not have the characteristic plastic aroma of PVC.


Cyberskin is a synthetic material that feels more like human skin.

  Steel dildos. Some prefer them because of their hardness, firmness, durability and low friction, especially when used in conjunction with lubricant. Because they are heavy, they can be used to exercise vaginal PC muscles  

Glass dildos have similar features to steel ones. In most of the cases, glass toys are solid, and made of Pyrex or other types borosilicate glass.


This beautiful phallus shaped dildo is made of clear Pyrex and features an iridescent rainbow band embedded just below the surface, lined in deep blue and swirled around the shaft.


Strap-on dildos

  A strap-on dildo is a dildo designed to be worn, usually with a harness, during sexual activity. They are made in a wide variety of styles, with variations in how the harness fits the wearer, how the dildo attaches to the harness, as well as various features intended to facilitate stimulation of the wearer or a sexual partner.

A strap-on dildo can be used for a wide variety of sexual activities, including solo or mutual masturbation, as well as penetrative oral, anal, or vaginal sex

For personal use harnesses are used for penetration while wearing it. They can be worn discreetly, even in public places.

Harnesses made for men usually only come with the anal plug, while ones for women come with both plugs, which most women report provides the most pleasure using one.


  Strap-on dildos are used by women who want to experience penetration by normal or big sized penises when their partners have small dicks. If she still did not decide to cuckold him, she can force the smalldick to wear the strap-on to penetrate her with, either by using one with a hollow dildo, or by having their small dick hang beneath the dildo.

  Smalldicks are subjected to extreme humiliation in this manner, by being forced to have sex with a fake penis attached to their body in order to bring pleasure to their Mistresses. When forced to fuck like a real man, they will feel and be totally aware that her pleasures are not received by their dicks but by something much bigger. They will experience how real men penetrate women and how women respond to the intercourse by a big penis and they will know that without the strap-on, her pleasures would be almost nothing.  
  Having him giving her sex with a strap-on should only be expected to last for a short time. She will need a real penis soon and when has a lover with a real penis, the smalldick will be penetrated instead, not penetrating anymore. Penetrated by a huge dildo up his ass.  

  Pegging is when a woman uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate her partner anally, usually a smalldick.  

  If she still did not make him a slave for a real man, using the strap-on is a powerful way to make him a faggot, being fucked in the mouth and ass by her strap-on dildo. She will feel the power of having a penis to rape him with, just like a real man would do.  

  He can be stuffed with huge dildos, for training, punishment and for her pleasures.  

  He becomes a good cock sucker when she makes him worship her dildo. After ass fucking him, he will have to clean it with his mouth.  

  If he ever felt like a man before, using the strap-on makes him become and feel totally useless and un-manly as a cock sucking and raped faggot for her and her dildo. He is now a cock worshipper, ready to serve real men's cocks whenever she decides to.  
  Dildo sizes  
  The most common dildo lengths are 6, 7 and 9 inches. They are measured from base to tip, so that the 6" does not mean that the shaft is 6" in length. Depending on the length and thickness of the base the 6" cock that you buy may in actuality be 4". The reason that this is important is that if the shaft is too short, the dildo will not remain appropriately situated. You are bound for a lot of frustration. As a rule of thumb shoot for a 6-7" shaft length.

Dildos also vary in diameter ranging from 1" to 6". It should be atleast 1 1/2 in diameter to be large enough.

  There are of course many women who crave a large sex toy dildo that can simulate the penetration of a massive penis. Some of these dildos can be over 12 inches in length and a good deal thicker than the normal sex toy dildo or penis.  

Giant dildo



Self-pleasure and mutual masturbation could be more gratifying if sex toys are used. Giant dildos are one of the most popular sex toys which can make your sex like more exciting. Dildos are actually non-vibrating equipments, which resemble the size, shape and the appearance of a penis. The uses of giant dildos have become widespread. Statistically, according to a survey, around 20% of the professional women from age 24 to 36 carry giant dildos along with them almost all the time.
Even though it might sound unbelievable, but the usage of giant dildos began long back in the history. Egyptians are known to be using giant dildos from more than 2,500 years.
The dildos at the early times were made from leather, pottery, and wood. Technology intervened in the manufacture of dildos in the year 1940, and the introduction of rubber and PVC along with the steel springs was made to the users of the giant dildos. Steel springs bring stiffness.
These days, girls can find silicone giant dildos which can be kept cleaned easily, are quite reasonably priced and splendid for the users of first time.
There are several users of the giant dildos but most commonly they are used for the stimulation of the clitoris or the vagina and the fetishist value. Lovers can use the toy for the foreplay by touching them all over the skin. Dildos are often used for the anal penetration. They can be used for the oral penetration only if the size is right. They can be used as artificial fellatio.


  Giant dildos give her maximum pleasure, filling her up completely.  

  Giant dildos give smalldicked slaves the pain and punishment that will make them fear and submit to their Mistresses and their bulls.  

Choosing the right dildo

  Choosing the right dildo comes down to three key elements:
  • What type of material should I choose for my dildo.
  • How do I use my dildo, and will I use my dildo by myself or with a partner
  • What shape dildo should I choose, what size dildo should I choose and what colour dildo should I choose.


Choosing a dildo material

Why choose a silicone dildo

These are made of 100% silicone are the best quality dildos available and are highly recommended if they are in your budget. Silicone is a skin-safe phthalates-free material that's ideal for sex toys, so Silicone is an ideal choice if you are concerned about allergies or reacting to toys in any way. You can now get silicone that feels hyper realistic (like cyberskin dildos, but safer, cleaner, and more durable). Also you shouldn’t use silicone based lubricants on silicone dildos, as it may permanently damage your dildo. Water based lubricants are fine to use with silicone dildos.

Why choose a jelly dildo

These are one of the best selling dildos are as they are very inexpensive and available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. They have a resilient bouncy feel to them. Of course being soft and pliable they can be pushed into places other firmer dildos cannot go. You can use water based lubricants and silicone based lubricant with jelly rubber dildos, but you should never use oil based lubricants as they will damage the dildo.

Why choose a glass dildo

The drawback to dildos made of hard materials is that they don’t have any give, and some people find them too intense. Also, glass and acrylic toys may break when dropped on hard surfaces. In general hard dildos like these are not recommended for use in a harness. They also provide a different kind of intense stimulation, because they don’t bend when inserted in the body, and as such they are good for g-spot stimulation or pressure stimulation at any internal point. Glass dildos are a step above many dildos because they look like works of art. Swirls of coloured glass surround many glass dildos, and they reflect the light in such a way that you can easily forget that you're looking at a dildo.

Why choose a pyrex dildo

The most recent material that is used for making the dildos is the Pyrex glass. Even though the Pyrex glass made dildos are quite expensive, but they are inflexible and women simple take great pleasure in the feelings the giant Pyrex glass dildos provide.

Which strap on dildo is best for me

Strap On Dildos are worn on by men and women and they can be used on both sexes. We sell just as many Strap on Dildos for men as we do female Strap Ons. If you’re doing the penetrating, make sure you feel comfortable and in control with your harness and dildo. Practice putting it on and taking it off on your own. You might want to wear your harness and dildo around the house for a while to get a feel for it. Learning to use your hips and/or lower back, your upper legs, and other parts of your body to penetrate your partner can take some time, but the practice can sometimes be the best part. The harnesses on Strap On Dildos are usually fully adjustable and feature strong elasticated straps to accomodate all sizes. For a more intense stimulation experience choose a vibrating Strap On Dildo and/or a textured or veined one. Get a non-vibrating Strap on Dildo and/or a smooth one for an easier an more gentle ride.


Which double ended dildo is best for me

Double ended dildos are designed for simultaneous double penetration. They can be used for vaginal or anal penetration, and they can be used by men or women. Better quality double ended dildos are made of silicone and have a curve to them that facilitates greater movement and physical closeness. You can also find inexpensive double ended dildos made of jelly rubber. There appears to be a myth that double dildos are only used by Lesbians, which has probably been caused by all the porn films out there showing Lesbian girls using them. This is not the case at all. Double dildos are often used by females who wish to satisfy both of their love holes at the same time and straight couples have been known to play them too. Male couples also share double dildos for simultaneous anal stimulation. Some of the curved double ended dildos are designed for use in a harness, where they will provide penetration for the person wearing the harness and for the person on the “receiving” end.

Size and shape

What dildo size should i choose

Don’t worry about getting a toy that is too long, you don’t need to use the entire length of the dildo. But if you get a dildo that’s too wide, it’s game over, possibly. The average circumference on a dildo which most people are comfortable with is about 4.5-5 inches. If you are getting your first dildo stick to a smaller circumference as a 'fat' dildo may be hard to insert and cause slight pain. Remember, you can always upgrade to a wider dildo at a later time.

What dildo shape should i choose

The shape of dildo that you choose depends mostly on personal preference and function. Some dildos look like realistic penises, some look like animals or goddesses, or ice cream cones. Dildos can be shaped for g-spot stimulation, for prostate stimulation or completely straight. If you've owned a dildo before and you're after a powerful massage combined with deep internal stimulation then go for a ribbed or textured dildo. Realistic and veined dildos tend to be perfect for this. If this is your very first dildo go for a a smooth jelly dildo. Jelly dildos tend to glide more easily and therefore they are be a bit more easy to insert and use.

  Good things about dildos for women  
  1. You can put a dildo in the drawer when you are done and it WILL BE THERE the next time you need him.
  2. Dildo’s do not care if you have six or seven of them at a time.
  3. You do not have to buy condoms for him.
  4. You never expect a dildo to call you back so you do not sit around and wait for the fucking phone to ring.
  5. lf you get pissed off at the dildo and hack it off no one calls the cops.
  6. lf a dildo gets tired all you have to do is shove an EverReady up his ass.
  7. A dildo never says, " Honey you getting fat or what? "
  8. A dildo never ask you to go get him a beer after he is done with you.
  9. A dildo is ALWAYS HARD.
  10. A dildo never needs a shave.
  11. Once you are done you can leave him in you and he will stay there.
  12. A dildo never asks " Was it good for you?" so you do not have to lie.
  13. A dildo in a drawer is easier to explain that a lover in a closet.
  14. A dildo never asks for a divorce because he has found a younger chick.
  15. lf you break it during sex you can throw him out and go buy a new one.
  16. You do not have to share your pot with him.
  17. A dildo never wants to hog the remote.
  18. A dildo never leaves the seat up.
  19. If you share him with your best friend he will not sneak out behind your back and do her again.
  20. You do not need to have a EPT test kit in the bathroom.
  21. You can cut the balls off of a dildo to get him all the way in.
  22. The dildo in the glove box never bitches about the way you drive.
  23. A dildo never says " Ah come on baby just let me put the head in your ass."
  24. Getting real fucking drunk and waking up with a strange dildo in you is way better than waking with a strange man.
  25. It is way better to catch your daughter playing with your dildo than your boyfriend.
  26. An old dildo works just as good as a brand new one.
  27. If your sister uses your dildo you can just wash it off and it will be good as new.
  28. Dildos hardly ever win a court case and take half of everything you own.
  29. If you take a dildo on vacation it is way easier to pack for.
  30. Unless he is really huge, you do not have to buy a seat on the plane when you take him with you.
  31. lf you get real busy and do not use him for a week or two he does not throw shit around the house and grumble or go out with the " boys".

Good things about dildos for men

  Regardless of your penis size, purchasing a big dildo for your wife is always a good idea. You might hesitate to let her have one, afraid she will want a bigger penis than yours. But not letting her have a big dildo might actually make her want one even more, so she will find a well endowed lover. With a big dildo, she can experience the feeling of a big penis without having an affair.  
  Owning a dildo, she will be more focused on penis, watching her dildo and thinking more about penis. Your penis will be served better, as she does not forget it so easily.  
  She will appreciate your penis more, feeling all the ways you can please her with it like the dildo never can do. It will feel more vital and natural, especially when you cum and your penis pumps out your sperm making your penis pulse more than any vibrating effect of a dildo, giving her the sperm only a real penis has to give.  


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