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Haeshindang Park



  South of Samcheok city in South Korea is the Haeshindang Park – the Penis Park – where dozens of sculpted phallus stand erect in defiance of an old folk curse. The Phalli collection ranges from hanging arrangements to three meter tall trunks of wood, sculpted by Korean artists to showcase anything from joy, spirituality and sexuality. Small shacks house sensuality and the small Folk Museum attached showcases penis related art throughout the ages as well as the history of the small fishing community.  
  Along with over 50 phallic statues the park is beautiful with a pond, benches (with dong projectiles of course!) and a shrine dedicated to the young virgin.  

  The story is that a young couple were engaged to be married in the fishing village of Samcheok and before they could be wed and the bride to be was given the pleasure of the penis on the wedding night, she was swept to sea and drowned, thus dying a virgin and without the penis she so desired.

After her death, the seas around the village stopped yielding fish. No one could figure out why, but one night, a drunk fisherman took a leak facing the water, thus exposing his sizable genitalia to the water (and presumably to the ghost of the virgin). Apparently, she liked what she saw since after that the fish were there again. The villagers, understanding intuitively what they needed to do, began exposing themselves regularly and then they began to build larger than life statues of giant cocks to satisfy the nymphomaniac ghost. Over the years, the collection of phallic art was expandend and enlarged and the seashore became swollen with dicks.




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