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Real life SPH documentation




There are a lot of sites with audio and video recordings of Size Queens humiliating smalldicks. They say exactly what we want to hear and it is most sexy to hear women tell what they think about losers with undeveloped dicks.


There is however one thing that is more sexy to hear: Women giving spontaneous, humiliating and degrading comments in real life, not following a script just to say what is expected but showing their true and spontaneous reactions when they see or try to have sex in real life with a smalldick. 


Heres an audio recording of a girl giving me small penis humiliation. sorry it cuts out tho because the recording accidently stopped. but she goes on to laugh at how i cant go deep at all compared to the guys shes fucked. my dick pops out of her pussy alot and she says "with a dick that short it must happen all the time". next she points to the deepest she feels her perfered dick amd im barely a third of that deep in her. and then shes jacking me off and asks me.if i cum a big load. i said not really and it drips out. she said thats because my cum has such of a shorter way to travel because my dick is so short.if u want to know more of comments let me know

3.5 inches phil


Play the audio recording, click HERE


If you have videos or audio recordings of women humiliating smalldicks, either with or without the women’s knowledge about the recordings, please mail them to small3.5@hotmail.com



  got 4.5 small cock i like being humanated  
  5.7 inch dick. I love to be humilatedone and told how worthless my dick is  

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A moment to record -
when she sees the little dick for the first time


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