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im 18 fit and i have a big cock





  little steve
WOW, you have an amazingly BIG COCK! i am jealous!
may i worship that tool?


Your 18 I'm 17!! We should talk and u can put that cock in my ass and fuck me do hard that u make me cry and scream out ur name

wow that is impresive you could wrap your dick aroung mine

You should join the visualiser cock compare site. you would be one of the biggest

If you want to punish and cyber fuck me I\'m

Wow you're a God and God deserve to be worshiped would love to be you little slave and have you fucked me and humiliate me

Smalldick fag Justin
You have a superior cock compared to mine Sir
Please look at my worthless dick, you have the right to humiliate me any way for being so much smaller than you.
yahoo im domedeeptoo

Devi India
Hi mi Devi from India. I like to meet you
And also I like group xxx . Y
You can use me but I'm Married no kids .
I'm good play full girl I never did xx with anyone
Before. Now I'm 27 I like to have some fun please
Fuck me harder I'm waiting my email

DAM your huge and so young I would fall to my knees and worship your god like young cock. I would suck you good then ride u all night long



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