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6'3" 210 lbs. Athletic, dominant & horse hung


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  Holy Shit!
Sir, i think the horse wants you to move away because the mare is watching Your True Man Cock, instead of his wimpy horse dick. But, seriously, i think that what You have swinging between Your legs is awesome! If only i could show You the proper respect and appreciation. 

kerry william
That is hot!I wish I had that on me!

I wish you could cum in my wife so that our son would have a chance at being one of those genetically superior males.

Awesome cock, truly one to worship!

WOW, MAN....what a challenge for a dick worshipping cockpig!

small dick jimmy
beautiful cock Sir. i bet it makes you naturally more confident and assertive, and that small dick men like me are instinctively able to sense how endowed you are and treat you with respect and admiration. nice cock so much bigger than me

frank jones
nice cock so much bigger than me

You are my master.


You are a real man!!My little penis looks like a toddlers compared to you!!Im only 3 inches long fully erect,compared to your 9 inches. I wish your big cock would slap my little limp dick around!

hoy crap you have a real cock i can only wish you could steal any girl i have i would be able to do nothing but lick the dripping cum up

Total respect, Sir!

My cock is 6x5 inches but I am totally stunned by your size. You are a true Cock God. I worship and bow down to your superior manliness.

Simply put, your superior and gorgeous. I wish I could taste your cock!

I get wet just looking at it

I would adore that cock its beautiful and looks delicious....

jose cruz
man thats big

Can u travel to wyoming to please my wife for a week? No condoms needes as id want u to cum in her! Call DON'T text me, justin at 307 315 4845 & say ur a firend...any white hung stud can call & hot women for me to impregnate

what a piece to die for

pindick pat
You are a MAN, Sir! That thing looks heavy the way it flops around. Holy shit, I think I'd instinctively sink to my knees in your presence. I feel a primal submissive urge just looking at you and that monster. Yum!

old fart
Very hairy and very well hung! Just the way I like it.

How big is it when completely flaccid? I like it when they hang big, even when soft. How big around is it? Ain't nothing better than having your ass stretched by a big thick piece of rock hard meat. Damn, I could get used to that.

searching love
wish to kiss him hun.......

Damn Bubba, you're bigger soft than I am hard. My wife just looked at your video and would love to give you head

J Moon
I want to be your slave!!!!

That's what my wife dream about. She denied my litlle cock acces to her. only I jerk off at her feet. She would be lovely with your cock in her ass.

let me suck your dick please.

your dick is super big but i think u have issues getting it up. whats the point in having such a big dick when all it can\'t fuck a woman. would appriciate a proper erected pic of your dick without anything touching it

Do your research, rahul. There are plenty of pictures and videos of my erect dick.

Wow!!!! Your cock is massively impressive. Mine is half the length of yours AND only half the girth. I just did some maths and calculated that the volume of your cock is 35.45 Cubic inches. Mine is 3.84 cubic inches. Yours is over 9 times the volume of mine. Mt wife is in total awe!!!!

Kelly G.
I would love to feel every inch pump my pussy even though I wouldn't be able to have an orgasm with my average sized husband afterwards.

i would love to taste you just once and savor ur man cream and play with it in my mouth for awhile before i swallow every last drop yummy ...I love you

BabyDick John
Oh My Heck! Thank goodness for Real Men like yourself. Seriously, I hope you're sharing that with lots of couples out there. So many of us baby-dicks can't satisfy our wives so we need to have somewhere to turn to. We depend on real men like you to step in and help us out.
Give me

Let me jack it

So damn impressive, really makes me jealous.

Lil Dick Rob
Wow your cock is as long as 3 of mine . amazing

Little dick jeremy
yours is bigger than my 5 inches

I can not with you measure the.My hard 4,5 inch

beautiful balls sir...hell, beautiful big package

minuscule dick
Fuck me, big man !

Sissy Steve
4 inches of thin cock here and simply amazed by men like you.


Its so big i want every inch

Just looking at the measuring tape hit the nine inch mark is such a turn on.

i want 2 eat ur hot sperm mmmm

Smallcock John
Wow very impressive and humbling.

Little Josh
I'd love to get on my knees and service your giant cock. Mine is absolutely nothing in comparison.

I would love to kiss, lick, suck and ride that horse cock. Would even drink all your hot cum

Little Andrew
wow your dick is perfect.
comment on mine

Little Cucky Steve
Oh Sir, I am amazed by you! Watching a man like you with my wife is so amazing and wonderful to me for what a man like you can do for her that I am unable. You are 8 inches taller than me and have over twice as many cock inches.

Very HOT cock Sir, however, your hairy body is just as impressive. Please contact me if you would like to chat and possibily get serviced,

Jessica Martinez
Omg!!! This girl needs that in her life

Would love to suck and drink all your

great man and knows it and great cock

I bow to the obvious superiority of the cock over my own inadequate, half pack of Rolaids.


really you are a superior man, can compare with my pathetic cock

So fuckin' hot man, built and lucky. I could build that muscle, but my cock'll mever be that big. Shiiiit it deserves to be sucked and serviced~

small cock slave
My ass is aching for your cock. Make me ur slave. I drink piss. Beat me Sir

small dick
Does any man want me to drink his piss?

hu Daddy.. i love your big COCK

No use 4 women
I will never be the man you are with only a pathetic 4" erect cock and your magnificent cock helps to remind me how worthless I am. Thank you for giving me the privilege of seeing such a beautiful cock. I would suck your cock at your command. You are my master and superior to me in every way.

Oh my goodness! You are so powerful and strong, there is nothing I like more than to serve big, hairy stud. Ever since I saw your cock I imagine how you devastate my ass and fill up my mouth, not to mention my dicklet which is only 4 inch erected. If you wanna humiliate me, write to:

can i deep throat you

Oh my God your dick bigger soft mine hard I love to see a real man who makes me look pathetic boy 4.9 here.

Heather Sue Mackey
I want to suck your big dick baby.

I would love to kneel before your magnificent cock

I wish you could fuck my girlfriend cause she needs a dick like that

Wow your cock is so big while so small wish had your dick
Humiliate my tiny cock here its so small

I wish i had a big cock like u instead of my clit dick

Andy Good

Wow,mine is 3.5

More than a mouth ful ,wow

Little Clitty Zach
Puts my little dicklette to shame. I bow to your obvious superiority, sir.

My erect dick is half yours, I bow to you, real master of me tiny dick loser

Fred cred
Nice dick so much bigger and better than mine

magnificent sir, thank you for sharing

Anthony rose
That's big

Nice cock, love to see you fuck my wife.

Let me be your slave, you're a real man who probably fuck women i'd dream to fuck

poor excuse for a man
I would love to have that monster showed down my throat, as tears roll down my eyes. Good you are huge!! Man alphas like make my 4" look like nothing! You alphas make queers like me drool! Thank you master!



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