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Nice body and cock!!! Like it!!! :)

pretty mouth!! and pretty everything

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i bow in adoration to your SUPERIOR MASTER COCK.....i await the opportunity to be on my knees and pleasure your beautiful Schwanz! please allow me to worship YOUR COCK, SIR!

I would like the opportunity to show you perfect respect.

my wife and I love your cock very much

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Here is
long time no see. Are you no the guy I seen several times on the nude beach in friedrichshagen? If so you look shaved a lot better there then here on your pictures. I wanted to talk to you a couple of time but either your not there or it was a bad time when I am with my little girl there or because of others there who dont need to know nothing but I love to suck your fresh shaved cock.I love to suck a nice cock like yours.every week two time or so would be nice.Getting more used to it better as I done so only once so far all the way but no intrest to learn bi stuff as I dont really into man at all, just sucking cock is fine to me.It could lead into sex with my wife 1on1 mostly and me doing only watch, touch,take picture and movie clips for private use only of course, licking and sucking both of you, lich and eat your cream's and fuck her when your done after a hour or two or three fucking and cumming multiple times without any bla bla and when done please go wordless and hassle free and come back when we want you to.What size was your cock again?
We'r looking for up to 8.5" cock or up to 23cm by 2" to 2.5" or 5-7cm breit. sollte mehr als 17cm.Und wie ist deiner?
Bist du rasiert untenrum? oder gar ganz koerper?
bitte schreibe an unsere email addresse.



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