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Size Queens



Before in time women had to live with smalldicks, accept them, please them and pretend they were happy and satisfied with them.

Today women know better. They have more experience of penises in different sizes, they miss the real penises if they marry to smalldicks and they wish they could have sex with real men.

But many women are afraid of hurting the smalldicks by telling them about their shortcomings and about their need of a real man in the bed. Hurting the male ego seems to be a tabu.

But some women refuse to keep quiet about the truth. They also refuse to live without sexual satisfaction. So they become size queens and hotwives.

Once they start making it clear to their smalldicked husbands about his lack of manhood and their need of real penises to have sex with, the husband will learn his place and accept - even if slowly and un-willingly at first - that she should have the right to have real sex like other women.

He will become submissive and realize that nothing is better  for a smalldick loser than to kneel at a Superior Mistress' feet and shoes and be happy to show obedience and let real men with real penises have all the pleasure with her.

Women who know how to humiliate and use an inferior male, deserve the admiration and submissions from us.



"After my lover has fucked me, cum in me, and my 4" dicked hubby has lapped up the cream pie, I tell him that if he wants to cum that he's going to have to humiliate himself. He wants to cum so bad that he can't help himself. I make him lay on his back with his butt up against a wall, then walk up the wall with his feet and skoot his shoulders closer to the wall until he is basically looking up at his little weenie pointing at his face. Then I say its okay for him to stroke it ...... my lover and I are literally laughing by now.I tell him, "Now open your mouth, wimp" He whimpers and I scream..."I said OPEN IT NOW!!!!!" He does and a few seconds later I am watching my loving husband unload his balls into his own mouth and on his face. You should see the look on his face when he gets up after that!"

Size Queen 1


I am amazed by men with tiny cocks. To them, I say: First, nature shit on you, didnít she? And every single day, she shits on you again. Thatís what gets me. I bet one of the first things one of these guys thinks of when he wakes up in the morning is: I am totally inadequate and always will be! There is literally no escape. For a whole lifetime! You are fucked. Honestly,you should consider having the worthless shrivel removed. Be done with it. You are no man. I love these men as persons but on another level, I despise them as freaks . I want to pity them but I am revulsed. Look in the mirror. Search you soul deeply and realize how worthless you are. And for Godís sake, donít find a way to propogate!



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