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Fat wimp



Hi everyone. So happy to find a site where us thimble dick losers can expose our pathetic peepees for humiliation. Love to be waaay down the 'pecker' order and spend my life admiring and serving superior real men.


My Email is

Pin dick loser. Love to be here amongst other teenie weenies and serving real superior men.




  Real men, women, fellow losers feel free to email me, i love it all. Fat wimp.

Fucking hell you're right. you're no man next to ME

Fat wimp
Yes Sir, i'm grateful to this site that i have the chance to expose my tiny pricklet to Alpha Males as yourself and be compared to what a real cock should look like Sir

Stevie Long
thank you for complimenting my cock! what a tiny little dick you have. you are the kind of loser who should bow down and worship my thick long Master cock! Be a slave to my cock! cum on my cock photos and post it here or email me! Worship my cock you tiny wimp!

You are lucky to not have a big weiner as me men say you can't fuck me with that I fall in love with guys who don't have alot down there to hurt me with. If Montana is your next place of residence look me up

Love the tiny penises!!!

sexy tights id love play with your little dick

Fat wimp
Thanks peewee ,id dress up and get my ittie bittie peenie all juicy for u hee hee :)

wow so small my little bro is bigger and he's 18

Teenie Weenie Paul
you have a nice looking dick, shave it down, it will still be small, but will look "cute".

Fat wimp
Goddess Jasmine I dont mean to speak out of place but how would you know what size cock your 18 year old brother has? Incidently, my loser shrimp peepee is tinier than most 13year olds!

I am a gay male and love men with small cocks. please email me at

I love your tiny dick! Looks yummy and i wanna make u hard.

It looks good to me

shave that micro dick

lol mine is about that size and i always pull it out and jerk off in front of my big friend so he can laugh

Nice little cock i love it i want it in my ass infront of my wife did fuck me with that tiny cock

Hot Latino
That's just sad. You need to get on your knees and service this:



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Fat wimp



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