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Smalldicks in diapers




Looking at a really small dick, no matter if it belongs to a baby or an adult, the dick looks like it belongs in diapers. The undeveloped size makes it natural for a viewer to think that maybe it will have bladder control problems, like babies’ undeveloped dicks have. In diapers the dick looks safer.



Smalldick Astro in diapers


For smalldicks who wet their pants when they have to use a urinal, have bad bladder control either always or when they try to avoid public toilets, afraid to show their tiny dicks, the diapers can help them from making a mess and get laughed at. Wearing diapers will feel both right and safe for a smalldick in short time. At first it might feel scary when he thinks about people finding out he wear diapers but when he thinks about them finding out about his small dick instead, the laughs and humiliating words will be the same with or without diapers. Having a small penis, everyone thinks about him as a baby boy anyways when they have seen or heard about his boy dick.


Forced diaper wearing as punishment


As a way to punish smalldicks, forcing them to wear diapers will remind them of their mistakes and their boy dicks. When a smalldicks tries to stand up and pee, fails and sprays the pee on the floor and on himself, the time is perfect to get the diapers. He will remember never to try peeing like that again. After the diapers are removed he will sit down on the toilet seat but until you remove the diapers, he will have to pee in them and wait patiently for permission to remove them. Feeling the wet diapers for hours will make him remember his place well and not to act like a real man again.


Forced diaper wearing for training


When his Mistress wants to keep him locked up in a room or closet, while she meets her lover, she does not need to worry about her cuckolded smalldick needing to go to the toilet. He will have to wait in his dirty diapers until she has time to allow him to change them.


Keeping him in diapers makes him inferior and obedient, remembering to admire real, fully grown men and to remember what a pathetic boy he will be forever.


Why some have a fetish for diapers even before being forced to wear them because of their small dicks.


Many young boys experiment with masturbation but they cannot remember all the details of their youthful masturbation as they grow up and become men. So there can be many, many things that you do not remember that would help us understand why you have eroticized diapers. For example, the sexualization of diapers could have begun in infancy. Many children masturbate in the first year of life, as their hands explore touching all parts of their bodies. Perhaps when you were a child, you wore diapers while your hand explored pressing on your diapers in ways that stimulated your penis. In this case, diapers could have become associated with sexual stimulation. Another possibility: Some parents make their children wear diapers at 4 or 5 years of age as a kind of "punishment" for wetting the bed. In some cases, the child may find the pressure of the diapers on his penis produces sexual pleasure, since diapers are small and fit snugly on a 4- or 5- year-old. Yet another possibility: At 12 years of age, a boy may take some diapers from his younger brother's or sister's room and put them on. The pressure of the diapers, which are tight on a 12-year-old boy, could again create a kind of masturbation experience that pairs diapers with sexual arousal.


Diaper fetish dating


Strangely enough, you will not find any dating sites devoted to this fetish. I say strange because this is a type of fetishism that has a popular following. Until continued demand encourages someone to create such a dating community, but there is a rather simple, yet highly effective little system to find local diaper partners.


You need to get a membership at any large adult dating community. The good news is many sites offer free accounts to new members. Once you have joined, you then need to include your diaper fetish in your profile, and then do a search for other people who have mentioned it, likewise, in their profiles - which is how to find people with a diaper fetish.


When you search for local women, for instance, most big dating sites will allow you to type in certain words. When the software conducts the search, it will show you profiles that contain these words, giving you a list, in this case, of people who share your fetish for wearing diapers.





I have a fetish for diaper wearing, and as strange and bizarre as it may seem to you, it has both sexual connotations and comfort & security connotations. The up-side is that I don't have to visit those urinals that often.



In some cases, people with underdeveloped genitals may also have bladder control problems. In my case, I became incontinent when I was younger and my penis has gotten smaller more recently. Having a small penis can be embarrassing to some guys. Having to wear diapers can be embarrassing to some people. Looking like a little boy and wearing diapers is uber-humiliating to me.



I enjoy humiliation, and both wearing diapers and having a penis that looks like it belongs in a diaper are excellent sources of embarrassment for me


I have a small penis, same size as when i was 7. So when Im wearing a diaper i feel normal, like its okay my penis is small because im wearing a diaper. Also the way a diaper feels when its wet is amazing. Also a dry diaper makes me feel safe.



If we have to wear diapers, it's better to have boy-size penises because our diapers fit better.


I've always been when erect I'm barely 2 inches in length, and when soft - I think the saying is 'a magnifying glass would be handy'... lol. For this reason (as well as preferring the look and feel) I now wear panties 24/7 under my diapers, I love being wet and the fabric of the panties feels so good and stay wet indefinitely.



I love to wear girls pullup diapers, the L girls size fits me perfectly well.
Nothing is more humiliating than knowing that you are wearing a girl's diaper under your clothes.

  sissy microdick  

My pee pee is so tiny I don't know if I look more babyish with my diaper on or off.

  i don't wear diapers all the time but Mummy puts them on me when she thinks i have been naughty. Sometimes she makes me wear one for several days but she does allow me to use my potty for Big Jobs but not wee wees which have to be done in my diaper. Of course it's embarrassing but i have to accept her rule  
  I was diapered by my mom at night until I was almost 16 and finally started growing some hair around my little penis, and she started letting me put my diapers on at night for my continued bedwetting. By that time I was not only having to endure the humiliation of wearing diapers like a baby, but also the humiliation of having other boys see how small and undeveloped I was in gym class, along with the teasing and names I was called, of which “babydick” was the hardest one to hear. I thought of how true a name that was for me every night during my teens and had to lay on my bed with my small hairless penis exposed while my mom diapered me, and I realized it would probably come to no surprise to my classmates that I still had to wear them. I felt like diapers and plastic pants were a punishment for having a little boy’s penis which I couldn’t control like big boys do and I didn’t deserve to wear big boy’s underwear because of it…yes, totally humiliating!!!  
  Usually Mummy dresses me in short trousers but if i ahve been naughty she will put me into a diaper and put me to bed. There is no chance of being allowed out of my cot so i just have to wet my diaper when they see fit to change me in the morning
  love wearing girls pullups, so sissy  
  A small dick's place is dressed up as a little baby girl in a girly crib, watching her wife cuckold her sissy girly bum.  
  i still act like a baby every night and masturbate thats why im looking for a mommy who can change me and treat me like a baby  
  Wow can't beleive I found this site had a diaper fetish all my life and a very small dick of 4'' fully erect.
I now wear diapers 24/7 . I got made fun of in high school and college often for my small dick .My college roommate never knew of my diaper fetish but use to call me baby dick when he got mad at me ,little did he know ! He made me feel 2'' feet tall and I was much bigger and more muscular then him and he was a small guy with a huge dick . I'm public pee shy because of my small dick ,scared others with see it in public bathrooms being a big jock type guy . Plus your correct often got pee dribble down the front of my jeans but no longer a problem since I wear diapers all the time . But a big benefit my diapers mke me look like I have a big package .
Because of his teasing I deeply beleived I really belonged in diapers like a baby .
  I still wet the bed at night and have a smaller penis. My mom buys me diapers to keep my bed dry...being smaller is easy to fit in the diaper and if i become erect it won't leak at night.  
  bryan mayer  
  i can wear boy pullup diapers and got pics if u want to see, the fit tight on waiste and thighs but plent of room in front  



When I was 15 I was sent to live with a very strict aunt who had a son who was four years younger than I was. What was most embarrassing was that she would make us take a bath together and I have a very small penis. At that time it was less than 2” long and my cousin at eleven had a much bigger penis. My embarrassment got worse as my penis stayed the same size and I got no body hair. By 17 my penis had grown to 2” long and I was still hairless. My cousin at 13 now had a very large penis and it was covered in pubic hair. He had mastered the art of dominating me and treating me as his little brother and when his friends came to the house they would pull down my pants and laugh as my tiny penis and the fact that I still had no public hair. The stress of it all made we wet the bed and within a month my aunt insisted that I wear diapers. This just emphasised my humiliation and my status as a very little boy. What made matters worse was that I was quite tall. I was changed into my diapers in the evening on the floor and there were often visitors who remarked on my very small hairless penis. My cousin was allowed to put me in diapers and at school I was made fun of all the time. My voice had not broken and I was made to sing in the choir with the junior boys and we had to wear very short pants which was also very humiliating. They were so short and tight it was obvious I had very little between my legs.

By the time I was 18 I noticed some small changes. I began to have a little body hair bit my penis only grew to two and a half inches.  But because I was now in diapers I was not allowed to have any pubic hair and my aunt shaved off what little I had. I had my first erection when I was 19 and my penis just got hard but stayed the same size. By then my cousin was 15 and his penis was enormous and I was made to feel embarrassed and humiliated all the time. He told me I would be a little boy all my life and he would make me masturbate in my diapers in front of him and his friends. Even when I became erect there was no difference in the diaper. Little by little I was made to feel so much like a little boy that I soon was wearing diapers full-time. I felt having to wear and use diapers was a punishment for having a small penis.

My aunt had a friend who had a husband with a very small penis and he was also kept in diapers all the time. She had a boyfriend with a real penis and she would leave her husband off to be minded when they went out. My aunt would make fun of the two of us and laugh at us as we masturbated in our diapers.



  I want girls 21 and up to see my little dick and rak my balls an sap donw on them and shav me.  
i'd love to hear more about you and the husband of your aunt's friend. Please write and tell us more
  Like steven, i'd love to hear more about Graham's aunt's friend and her little boy husband  
  Ive been a cuckold sissy baby for a few years.I enjoy all the humiliation especially knowing my sexy wife is being satisfied.I'm only 3 inches erect see my pics on here ( UK ).I think all men with tiny cocks should be nappied or diapered dressed as a baby girl and cuckolded its what we secretly desire and desreve.  
  In college I had a few friends who knew about my cross dressing. One of the girls in the group became my girl friend and things were great until I caught her cheating on me with one of her ex-boyfriends. She said that I was more of a girl friend to her and she needed a real man.
As it happened I had been thinking a lot about becoming a girl and she helped me to get on female hormones and T blockers. I felt so calm and as my breasts started to grow I felt as though I had made the right decision.
For Halloween I dressed up like a little baby and some frat boys and their girlfriend joked that they couldn't see any bulge at all in my diapers. I was so humiliated but I found that I really liked being humiliated for some reason.
My humiliation became complete when I got to the party and found that it was a tame party with college kids and their own kids. I couldn't help but notice one 7 year old boy with his 7 year old girlfriend. He had a noticeable bulge and it was pretty clear he was already bigger than me. Probably why he had a girlfriend already.
It was clear that I was a sissy and I should just embrace being a sissy little girl in diapers.
  baby princess  
  i am in bed wearing a adult diaper because my dick is small.  
  ryance helber  
  im 3 inces hard and ince soft.been in diapers all in chidlhood.i have no friends and never did. my diapers were always my friends  
  i have been wearing adult diapers since i was a teenager. i would hide it from my mommy i am wearing one now in bed.  
  i cum in my bed my mommy punished me put me in adult diapers.  
  i just got home my mommy had a adult diaper laying on my bed she fasten it on me.  

i am in bed i have no girlfriend because my mommy makes me wear adult diaper 24/7. i can't take them off they are fasten on me. 

i am in bed wearing only a adult diaper my mommy has me fasten. i can't get any pussy my mommy makes me wear them 24/7. 

my mommy said i have a small dick it needs to be in adult diapers attends fitted briefs. she got me a bag of adult diapers to wear 24/7. 

i just got home my mommy was waiting she told me to strip nude she fasten me in luvs. she got it from my sisters baby.

i am in my bed again my mommy put me in bed wearing a adult diaper.

  ryance helber  
  I wear girls pull ups and nappies 24/7.
my willy is only 1 and a half inches.
i dont have erections but i do get excited and dribble into my nappy while sucking my dummy
  baby billie  
  Only a 1 inch babydick and never out of diapers  
  I love wearing diapers and have wanted to wear 24/7 for a long time.. The same issue always surfaces..... Wearing diapers to work. Now i understand how easy it can be for most people working in offices, but i am an Electrician and in my line of work i am moving alot and need to constantly drink plenty of water. So natrally i pee alot... I can only make it halfway through the day with one diaper before im leaking like crazy, and thats if im lucky. There is almost never an oppurtunity to change so i end up taking the diaper off , hiding it and not wearing for the rest of the work day.. Is there anyone else out there who is in construction like i am and has figured out a way to wear diapers to work without getting caught by wearing multiple layers of diapers and making the diaper area super thick? Comments Please! or Email me at , my tiny dicklet belongs in diapers 24/7!  
  not only did my mom force me to wear diapers 9-14
my ex wife started makeing me wear them after my little sister told her about what mom had done I could not satisfiy my ex sexual so she started keeping me diapered and dressed like a baby girl thanks to my small pee pee she called a clit she allso let her boy friends use me however they wanted
  sissy baby  
  i have tiny baby girl clitty that can not please a real woman so i am kept in diapers and pink rubber pants with ruffles....made to watch "Mommy" have sex with a real man. Sometimes she lets me rub my clitty while i watch. i deserve being treated as a baby as my clittie is to small.  
  I'm lucky to push three and a half inches when hard, I've only ever had one girlfriend (who cheated on me almost immediately), and I often wet the bed. So, I'm diapered every night and I don't consider it a punishment! For those of us with baby-sized winkies, diapers really are for the best.  
  Baby Gary  
  When I was young (4-6 years old),my mommy kept me in cloth diapers and plastic baby panties all the time. Everyday, all day, i went wet and poo uncontrollably,with night time being exactly the same. My mommy tried everything - she woke me up at night to get me to potty in the toilet,but she told me that I'd always be soaking wet in the morning. Visits to the doctor, pills,alarms,hypnosis but noyhing worked. My dirtying got better as I got older but the constant wetting never stopped, so I literally wore diapers to school everyday until the end of my fourth year,when at 10 years old, my mommy took me out of the education system and began home schooling me. She told me years later that she done this for one simple reason - she felt it would be easier to diaper me at home. This she did all day and all night for ten solid years, until I was 20 and had finished my schooling. Then she introduced me to a young girl she had met online a couple of years earlier.
This young lady was 27, single but she had 3 young boys under 4 years old ! She told my mommy that she wasn't pretty and she was quite overweight, but she wanted older companionship, and she wanted a submissive male to be that companion. As they got to know each other, my mommy told her about me, her very babyish son, and Bonnie (oops, I should have told you that's her name !) was very interested to know more about me. My mommy made it clear that she was worried about finding someone to be with me if anything happened to her. My mommy told me later that Bonnie really got interested in meeting me when my mommy told her that I was still in diapers all the time and, she stressed, she didn't think I'd ever get out of them, plus, she told Bonnie that my little "wee-wee"(that's what my mommy always called my penis) wasn't suited to a big boy's life. She said all it was able to do is wet a diaper all day long, and everynight, and nothing else. Mommy also said there were 2 other things that she thought Bonnie would like - that is the fact that I love little babies and love taking care of them ( my mommy's sisters are all younger than her and have alot of kids - 16 to only 3 sisters, and all of them are under 8 years old !) and the fact that I've become a very good housekeeper as well.
She told Bonnie that she like to see someone like her step into my life and take complete control of me. She suggested to her that an arrangement where all 6 of us could live in one home would be great for everyone. My mommy said she was quite willing to submit to Bonnie's leadership in the home,as long as that involved Bonnie taking complete control of me and maybe making me her live-in babysitter and housemaid.
Bonnie said that she thought this was a very interesting idea, but she also said that there was one point she hadn't mentioned yet and that was that her 3 "toddlers" as she called her boys were just like me, diaper bound and really still just babies in everyway. So she said housework would involve a lot of work in the laundry washing all the diapers her boys and I would be wearing ! My mommy said that she thought that my presence, a sissy big baby boy still wearing and using my diapers all the time, would be helpful to Bonnie if her desire was to keep her toddlers in babyhood. Bonnie said that was just what she was thinking, and she liked the idea of her dominance over the household, especially all the baby boys ! She asked my mommy if permanent babyhood for me was what she wanted, and my mommy said it definitely was ! Bonnie also asked if my mommy could accept her control of me and everything else in the home - my mommy said it was the only way it would work, and she was more than willing to take a back seat if that's what the situation called for.
Bonnie then told my mommy that could see nothing getting in the way of them making this work, but she wanted my mommy to know that her strict dominant ways could easily lead to me receiving regular,severe spankings, and that she (Bonny that is) must have the right to decide how often these spankings would occur. She said that my age, and my natural babyish way that all males have of not listening and doing as they're told will require bare hand bottom spankings that will leave me bawling, and with a very red fanny to boot ! My mommy said that this approach by Bonnie was not only approved of by her, but that it was probably just what I've needed for sometime, and my mommy said she'd just hadn't been strong enough to do. Bonnie told her that she appreciated both her support and her honesty about this very important disciplinary task, and she told my mommy to be prepared,if I was as "undisciplined" as my mommy had indicated, for many months of daily,blistering spankings for me that will help teach me respect,as well as showing me how to truly cry,bawl and blubber like any 20 year old sissy diaper baby boy should be doing everyday. Bonnie also said that all her babies are pacifier trained, and she would do so with me the moment we move in. She then asked my mommy if she had a crib for me, because I will not be in a bed in her house, ever ! My mommy answered no,so Bonnie said not to worry, that she and my mommy would be buying that crib, plus a new adult/big baby playpen and high chair as well.( Bonnie had lots of money she told my mommy, something to do with a huge family inheritance )
Well that was over 15 years ago, and I'm still Bonnie's big baby maid and babysitter. Because of her many friends and admirers in our local BDSM community, and our community at large, she has made sure that our home has always been full of diaper bound children and adults. She has also opened a diaper cleaning service trying to look after and convince mommies that the longer their boys are babied and diapered the happier all of them will be. And guess who she has made the full time diaper washer for ALL the companies'diapers - me of course ! I'm busy most of the day 7 days a week, washing and drying diapers for babies of all ages. I don't get paid, which Bonnie says would be wrong for her big baby slave to expect and she's right of course. Bonnie keeps her prices lower than disposables are so that she can encourage cloth diapering and be very competitive, but she only wants to take on babies that she thinks have mommies that look at diapering the way she does, that is as a long term  ( hopefully permanent / lifetime commitment ) method of keeping boys under control and babyish as long as their mommies can. In our neighborhood, she has 26 mommies using her service, diapering boys from 5 to 18 years old, all of them 24/7 ! I've been lucky enough to meet about half of these big babies, and you know, I see the same traits I have in each of them - they all seem to me to be momma's boys, submissive and very sissyish, and simply more comfortable as mommy's baby than anything grown-up ! I know that's a big part of why I'm sitting in a totally soaked and dirty diaper as I send this message. Bonnie doesn't let me on the computer very often but she's always let me write to big baby sites, just to share my incredible story. I know that many of you that will read this will not believe it to be true, but simply put IT IS ! I don't have many big person thoughts anymore ( I guess that my occasional letter writing like this, and if I may say so my natural intelligence, allows me to still communicate like a grown-up when I'm allowed ) but I"D NEVER want to be anything other than the big baby I am. I wrote a little story about my first experience in kindergarden a few years ago where I said that I thought that Babyhood Was My Destiny, and I still think that's true today.
So I known I've not said that much about my tiny wee-wee, but I truly believe that this fact played a role in my chronic inability to stop wetting - I think somewhere in my little dinky mind, I knew that I'd always be a baby, both mentally and physically. So if you're a baby, or a potential big baby's mommy, believe it can happen to you. If you're a baby like me, surrender to who you really are, and if you're a prospective mommy, just do it - don't ask him, just take control and make him your baby forever ! He'll love you for it - if you knew my BONNIE, YOU'D NEVER DOUBT IT !!!
Hugs and Kisses................................Jimmee
  Baby Always Jimmee  
  This is just wrong  
   I am very happy to read your articles it’s very useful for me, and I am completely satisfied with your website. All comments and articles are very useful and very good.Your blog is very attention-grabbing. I am loving all of the in.turn you are sharing with each one!…. diapers  
  I thought I was the only one! If I am out of diapers, I almost always pee on the outside of my pants. When I miss my pants, it is because my pee is hitting the floor. I have a very small dick and love wearing diapers as often as I can. I feel very secure in my diapers. I double diaper at night. I always wear plastic pants over my diaper. I masturbate in my diapers almost every night. The first time I ever masturbated was into baby plastic pants. I often masturbated in plastic shampoo capes rolled up. Boy, would I love to hear from a mommy or nanny in Southern California who wants to sit for me from time-to-time and change my diapers.  
  ronnie (  
  A DL friend told me about this site .
I'm been wearing diapers all my life and totally erect just barely 3''
Besides being a lifelong bed wetter exposed to a over bearing mother forcing me to wear diapers to bed into my teens .
Also making sure my humiliations was complete by informing all her friends and our extended family her teenage boy needed diapers . Little wonder I grew up feeling my place was in diapers .I also suffer from auto ejaculation ,meaning I often cum with no erection or being touched . Just sexual thoughts cause me to just start exploding and I still have wet dreams . So wearing diapers seem to be where I belong, it keeps that creamy mess from spotting the front of my pants for everyone to see .
Honestly rarely horny anyhow do to the fact diapers in themselves are a big turn on making me creamy myself constantly with no masturbation.
  Yes,i have experience of wearing diapers.I am 19 and was never baptized as a baby,so my parents put me thru catholic baptism 4 years a go at parents took total control.they dressed me in a white,poofy,midthigh length 'baby girl'style dress with a matching bonnet,lace socks and white 'mary jane'shoes.they put 10 flat cloth diapers on me with white adult size plastic pants over them and an under shirt.the plastic pants fit me baggy and crinkled under my dress.i was picked up and held to get the water on my head and every one saw the diapers and plastic pants under my dress.I then made my first holy communion two months later and my parents dressed me in a poofy communion dress with the veil and the lace socks and the mary janes.they put the cloth diapers and plastic pants and under shirt on me again to wear for the day.My crush who was 16 came to my party and saw me and got very turned on seing me in my white outfit.after my party we went to his house to hang out and his parents were gone.we started necking and he ran his hand up under my communion dress and felt the diapers and plastic pants and really got turned on.he was very horny and unzipped my dress and took it off of me and rubbed his hand over my diapers and plastic pants.he pushed me down to my kness and told me i had to give him a blow job.he put his cock in my mouth and ordered me to suck it.he then held my head still with his hands and thrust his hips back and forth.a few minutes later he came in my mouth and forced me to swallow it all.i sucked him some more then i put my dress back on and he walked me home with the taste of his cum on my breadth.A year later i was confirmed and had to wear a white dress and veil again at 16 and my parents made me wear the diapers and plastic pants again under that dress as well.  
  I got into diapers when i was very young. only a short time after i had been potty trained. I never new adult diapers existed, and as i got older and grew bigger, i couldn't fit into baby diapers or pull ups and one day i visited a distant relative who is housed in a elderly home, but was about 40, he suffered a stroke from a heroin over dose, and they said he was wearing diapers. Being a kid in a hospital like setting, i was going through everything and found a pack of "adult diapers" .. I somehow managed to take two of them without my grandmother or mother seeing me.. got home and put one on after a few years of not being able to wear , i was in heaven... I quickly found limitted sites on ab/dl after discovering what my love for diapers was called... and slowly found more sites for adults wearing diapers... Ever since then i wear to bed every night and as often as i can during the day... Also i never realized how tiny my penis was but as i got more into the ab/dl scene i realized how small i was and how diapers felt so right compaired to men's underwear... i've tried every kind and only woman's panties and diaper feel right with my tiny penis... In any even i'm kept in chastity now from my GF and that feels more natural than all the above, exept when im in chastity and panties, or chastity and a diaper.. which i still have to wear every night, because i am 27 in june 2013 and i still wet the bed almost every night, and my GF hates me wetting the bed... Email me about any questions or pics... Babyboy19038@ya
  I never planned on being diapered but have found that I have a hard time holding my pee for very long and even if I dont have a accident I tend to drip pee any way. It was difficult decision to buy my 1st diapers. I had ben caught in a bad traffic jam lost control and wet myself! I had 2 more hours to drive so I bit the bullet went to the 1st store that sold adult diapers ( funny it was costco) So I got a huge box of them peple stared as i walked with them trough the store stood in line. But I am happy I finnaly did it! I wear them all the time. Women I am sure wont come near me now for they can see i am wearing them through my pant lines. Doctor she and her nurses see me in them now.But some men seem to get a real laugh out of seeing them on me. I will try and post a pic of me in them here. please send me a message of what you think? not sure how to attach pic my email  
  Smalldick Brian  
  I Love Diapers to  
  My little dick is four inches erect..and the same girth as a hot dog weenie!
My wife says I don't have a dick at all...but a pee pee.
She puts baby oil and baby powder on me and then pins a thick cloth diaper on me before having sex with her huge black lover!
She says only a huge black dick can make a woman feel like a woman..and that I belong in diapers because of the size of my little pee pee.
I hope you will check out my stories at "Experience Project"...I am badlilboy..and my stories are under...
I was forced to wear diapers.
I will be back here though to share more!
  Powdered PeePee  
  To Brittany-I was the junior bride in my neices wedding two years ago when i was 15 and my mom and my neice made me wear a cloth diaper and rubber pants[plastic pants] under my junior brides dress.My dress was poofy and ankle length and i had lace socks and white shoes on with it and a veil.the rubber pants fit me loose and crinkled under my dress since i wasnt allowed to wear any thing over them.the rubber pants crinkled when i walked down the aisle and i could hear them the whole time.At the reception,i had to sit in a chair and the junior groom to the garter off of me and saw the diaper and rubber pants under my dress.i was so embarrassed!  
  This webside rocks .
I've been into diapers every since I could remember,I'm now 24 ,a bedwetter as a child into my teens and still accidents sometimes at night . I have a condition called micropenis penis ,2.5 erect.
I've never had intercorse being so small or even sex with another person .
I wear diapers like a 24/7 and use them as intended . I discovered at a early age being so small the best way for me to masturbate was to hump my diapers in a pillow and let my diapers soak up the sticky mess.I always thought my little dick belonged in diapers and finding this site confirms my own feelings .
  when i was not be able to sattisfy my wife she put me in chastity she found this site and now i must wear diapers and plastic panties as a baby and because i lost all male rights she makes me do all housekeeping as her uniformed maid  
  maid antoinette  
  hello all my small dick belongs into a diaper and plastic panties for the rest of my life
know that i will be no longer a real male from now on and my wife decided that i will remain in hotelhousekeeping uniforms and aprons for the rest of my life
  baby anton  
  My long term girlfriend cuckolded me with one of her old boyfriends. Tom was a top salesman and was friendly but very aggressive. One day we all met in the library and he was feeling up my girlfriend's boob right in front of me. When we were getting ready to leave I went to the restroom and he followed me in. Another man entered, quickly changed his son's diaper, and then left. Tom told me that the baby had a bigger dick than me. He got this look on his face and I knew he had something devious in mind. He told me to fish the diaper out of the trash. I asked him which one as there were two diapers that were the same style and both were full of pee. Tom said to grab both. When we got home Tom made me put on one of the used diapers and put the other one on my head. While I watched him make love to my girlfriend, she pretty much laughed the entire time at how pathetic I must have looked. Since that day I wear diaper during the day and my Goodnites and Barbie onesie at night. Small penis sissies are born to be humiliated.  
  Dickless sissy  
  my wife and i got in a argument when she said i was acting like a baby and that i should be treated like one or get out i took the treated as a baby now i am diapered 24/7 our 14 year old sits me including changing and bathing me my family disowned me but it is what i chose  
  I am 16 and last fall i went thru catholic confirmation and per the parish dress code had to wear a white,poofy,formal,floor length dress with a veil and white shoes.My parents made wear a thick cloth diaper and rubberpants[plastic pants[under the dress.the plastic pants fit me really baggy and crinkled when i walked.they told me they wanted me to look like a baby under my dress with the baggy rubberpants over the diaper.I felt weird walking down the aisle with them on and the rubberpants crinkling as i walked.  
  To allison-I am 15 and last year when i was 14 i was one of two flower girls in my aunts wedding.the other girl,tina.was 11.We were both taken to the parish nursery to be dressed im our outfits.when we got there our moms told us that we are going to each wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants under our dresses and there was a bag on the table with two cloth diapers and the two rubber pants in it.they were taken out and tina and i were told to take off our clothes and lay on the floor so they could put the diaper and rubberpants on us,we laid there and our moms pinned the diaper on us then pulled the rubberpants up our legs and over the diaper.our tops were put on then our poofy,little girl style,flowere girl dresses,then our lace socks and shoes and last our veil were put on our heads.the rubber pants fit us baggy and bloused out over our diaper and crinkled when we walked down the the reception,my mom lifted up my dress and showed my diaper and rubber pants to a couple other women and a 15 year old boy was sitting near by and saw them and told me later i looked like a baby under my dress.  
  When I was five years, I was a very spoiled boy and my grand parents always preferred me over my younger sister. The live-in housekeeper and matron at my grandparents place noticed this and was very strict to me and let me know, that she will take care of justice at the first opportunity.
My parents had to go on a business trip and my grandparents agreed that Hilde could take care of us for two days.
As soon as my parents left the house, she called my sister, put me on the table in the living room and stripped me of all my clothes.
"Since your are behaving as a spoiled baby, I will treat you like one!"
She got a diaper, powder and diaper rash ointment and started to diaper me.
She put a baby bottle in my mouth and I had to drink it down completely.
"Now you will see what a baby your brother is, when does number one in his diaper."
My sister started to giggle when Hilde closed the diaper, pulled a pair of yellow rubber panties over the diaper and patted my crotch.
"You stay here and sit on the table, while your sister can do a little crayoning."
I did not notice it at that time, but today I know that she must have given me a laxative. After an hour I felt the strong urge to pee. Hilde noticed that I started to move around.
"Does the baby need to go wee-wee?" And then she said to my sister "Now you will see what a baby brother you have."
I tried to resist as long as possible, but suddenly I lost control and I wet myself in front of my sister.
When started to laugh it got even worse, because I also lost control on the back and filled my diaper with wet and runny poop.
Hilde sniffed, "Oh I think you have a real baby brother now. Did you make number two?"
Before I could answer a noisy fart filled the back of the diaper.
As a punishment Hilde made me stay in the wet and dirty diapers for an hour.
Later I understood, that Hilde made me a diaper cuckold, when she forced me into diapers and made me use them in front of my sister.
I was so humiliated that I did not tell anybody this story, before I confessed it to wife.
She started to date and when her date asked about her marriage and me, she told him this story. There was no doubt that I was a beta male and I would whatever they asked.
After seeing my small dick, one of her lovers had the idea to put me in adult diapers, before having me watch him satisfying my wife in a way, I could never achieve. Later my wife confessed to me, that it was also his idea that she buy a laxative and without knowing she administered it to me. She liked his plan and he helped to keep me calm while she diapered me. Then both of them tied me to a chair with our marital bed in my direct view.
I had to watch him fucking her crazy and giving her three orgasms only with his huge dick. Then my stomach felt funny and I had no idea what happened. Then here lover increased the pace and both were coming close to cum together. When both started to cry out at the top of their lust, I could not hold back any more and I filled my diaper. Suddenly I recalled all the memories from my childhood and felt the humiliation. I could not escape and the smell of sex was replaced by my dirty diapers.
It was her lover who smelled it first and giggled,
"I think you have a dirty husband now, I filled you with cum and he filled his diapers with number two."
I felt the poop spreading to my balls and my small dick. When my wife came to me, she pinched her nose and felt my small erect penis in the front of my diaper and started stroking me through the diaper.
"Do like to see me properly satisfied by a real alpha male or is it being forced into a diaper and pooping it in front of us."
I came within 20 seconds and my wife and her lover made a joke, that I would never be able to satisfy a woman and a would be doomed to wank into loaded diapers.
Actually that's exactly what I have become, a cuckold who only get satisfied, when my wife and her lover allows me to have an orgasm by wanking rubbing the front of my loaded diaper.
  I am kept in nappies like a baby by my dominant wife and her mother. I have a very small under developed penis which is due partially to a childhood illness. My penis is barely two inches long, and I have no body hair so I look like a boy of two. My mother in law looks after me when my wife is away on business, she treats me like a baby and keeps me in nappies all the time. I hate the embarrassment of having her change me, she doesn't allow me to use the toilet ever. At home I'm allowed trainer pants during the day and the rule is I have to sit to pee as my penis is so small "I cant aim straight" and my wife is fed up of wiping the toilet seat. My training pants have a towelling inner with a plastic lining and a thin cotton outer material, I wear these during the day but at night 8pm I am put into double nappies and plastic pants (baby print) with just my pajama top I am not allowed to cover my nappies  
  I have been wearing diapers since my early teens and adult diapers since 17. I have a small penis growing up and have always had fascination top see other penises for comparison. My cock is only 4" erect and about 2" soft. I have kept it in diapers basically my whole life. Diaper have been a fetish basically but now for comfort, security and protection from overnight wetting.
If you'd like to chat or friend me,
  I livemy diaper n small penis.. I don't mind telling bout it n showing u..  
  I have small penis 4 inches when erect good for wearing nappie don't leak out the top wetting myself  
  i love the feeling of bulky diapers that make me waddle just like the big baby i am!  
  My wife stopped having sex with me nearly 8 years ago. She said told me that I wasn't a good lover and that quite frankly, my penis was very small, too small for her to think of me as man.
My wife is as very beautiful woman my boss always paid a lot of attention to her when we'd attend company gatherings. About 5 years ago, I got laid off when my boss sold his company. He pocketed nearly 25 million dollars and has a consulting contract with the new company that pays him $1 million per year and requires him to travel around the world to attend dinners, play golf and be the face of the new company.
I could not find work and became dejected. I was unemployed and in a sexless marriage with beautiful woman who was not attracted to me. I became needy and mopey and my vivacious wife began to take care of me. She never really complained but our relationship began to change. One day she told me that "Its not that I don't love you anymore. Its that I don't love you the way that a woman is supposed to love a man. You aren't a provider anymore, you are a dependent and I've come to think of you a child..MY CHILD.. and I love you the way that mother loves her little boy.
She told me that from now on, I should address her as 'Mommy' and not to call her by her first name ever again.
My boss was 2 years older than me and 6 year older than my wife. He told her that 'he never married because his company was his bride', but he was ready to settle down.
Then she went on to say that my former boss had asked her to accompany him on a 2 week business trip to Paris. She said that she needed a break and made it clear that she intended to accept the invitation which was an opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn't disagree with her. It really was a great opportunity and my boss didn't want me to object. Then she went on to confess that she and my boss had remained in contact after he sold his company. When I began my downward spiral, my wife confided to him that she was unhappy married, and shortly afterwards they had been having an affair.
That was along time ago. My wife and I sold our small home and we now live in my bosses large country estate. My boss and wife want to marry and she has for a divorce. When the divorce is final, the will adopt me as their child and I will bear his last name.
I have accepted my fate and have embraced my role as a child. I am loved and nurtured by Mommy and I love and respect the man that she loves and who takes care of us.
I have been told that I am a child and that I must respect their right to privacy
They keep me in diapers almost always and they confine me to my room when then want to enjoy the intimate pleasure of sex. They want to relax and enjoy sex without having to worry about me wandering around the house and disturbing them. Then also don't want me to experience the humiliation of overhearing Mommy being laid and satisfied in bed by a man who can actually be a man and satisfy her needs...needs that I was never able to satisfy.
  Wife Is My Mommy  
  Between my small penis size and my bed wetting, i ended up being treated alot younger then i was. I can think of two family reunions, one on moms side and one on dads where i was a humiliated little boy.
the first on my dad's side of the family had a ten year old me haning out with my uncle who's a year younger then me, and with cousins who were younger then me. living in a reltecily dry spot, i have never learned to swim, but didn't wanna admit as much when my uncle asked if we wanted to go out on the raft he had built out onto the bay. Him and the cousins were jumping in the water and coming back, laughing and Chris (the uncle) asked me if i wasn't hot? I replied i was fine, and he told me he thought i should swim, and pushed me into the water! well i screamed and cried, it was shallow enough i could force myself back up from the bottom but the water was over my head, and the cousins hauled me out of the water. Chris had started to say sorry, and being the wimp i am I told him it wasn't his fault, and he agreed with me and started to berate me for not telling him i couldn't swim, he would of left me in the shallow parts of the beach with the even younger cousins!
worse, I had been scared enough before hand that as he yelled at me I wet and mess myself, and they made me get back in the water once the raft was in shallower water and wash myself. Chris said sorry for yelling at me, and Andrew and ryan (the cousins) promised not to tell.
later on I feeling good, till at 8 pm mom came into the living room and told me it was bed time. now this was during the summer, but mom maintained that I was just too cranky without sleep... however, my cousins Andrew and ryan, 7 and 8 where both allowed to stay up to 9:30 and 10, and their father was a hardass...and chris was allowed to stay up till 10! when my cousins found out about my early bedtime they started to tease me and i begged my mom to let me stay up late, and my dad and uncles told her to relax and let me have fun. she told me fine..(but I tell she wasn't happy) but said i had to get in my jammies.
thats when i found out that Andrew and Ryan slept in shorts and a t-shirt, and Chris in just his undies..while here i was, the oldest boy..and I came out in a purple and white PJ bottom and top with a cartoon generic bunny on it.. More laughter...though if they had know mom ALSO put me in my good nights early (because I'd had so much pop) it would of been worse! (I found out later my big sister had in fact top them, and warned them to let me know, because I was such a crybaby they'd never hear the end of it.)
More humiliation came when mom protested letting me watch 'are you afird of the dark' and goosebumps' because she didn't want me to have nightmares... after the first night I was basically treated like a 5 year old by my younger cousins, who asked me constantly if i had to use the bathroom whenever we were out playing I never saw thier cocks per say but they all had distent outliners in their swimming trunks while me...not so much. it wasn't till the last few days of the 2 week visit that i found out that they had know about the goodnights, when I screamed at a reallyl scary part of goosbumps and Chris asked if i needed my pull up changed. when i had tried to tell him i didn't wear pull ups, he said "Goodnights, pull ups, same difference." then yanked down my PJ's to prove a point.I spent the next two nights before we left with just my PJ top on at night, as chris had convinced my mom they were ok with it, and it wasn't fair to make me suffer the heat with long pants on. Thanks pal.
the Second time would come a year later, when going out to my mom's side of the family. her parents where having a wedding aniveraly, and everyone took the chance for a reunion.
I was STILL in goodnight by this point, though I had started needing them during long car trips. I wasn't a diaper pooper though, which mom thanked hevan for..though my sister loved to torment me.
here she was,driving the car while mom slep, a very mature young lady, and here i was, a little crybaby in a pull up. they grew tired of having to stop for me to go pee so much, which was when the goodnight were put on and i started having to wet myself.
by the time we got to grandmas, i was a little bit nervous, we hadn't stopped to let me get out of my goodnights...and mom was concerned I might need them with how often i had been flooding them, but i was detimred to prove to her that i DIDN'T need them during the day.
getting away from hugs and everything I manged to get out of the goodnight and hide it (it wasn't even used, take that!) in my suite case.
it wasn't till later, when my cousin david (9 to my 11) asked to borrow one of my game boy games, I told him to just grab it out of my suitecase without thinking..and then rushed after him.
but it was too late. he had seen the goodnight, wore, and snooping around had found my spares (mom would have to go into town the next day for more packs >_>) being bigger then david, i threatened to beat him up if he told anyone..and then he went ahead and told two other cousins, Alex and kurt. (6 & 8) and to a lesser extent, told their little brother, austin (who was 3)
I was teased and humiliated, and told unless i wanted them to tell EVERYONE to put on a little show..and had to model off my goodnight to them, blushing and ready to cry..then had to kiss their feet.
the next day we were all playing outside, and austin, who was still in pull ups, had a messy accident. the smell was there right away and Alex commented on it
"Phew, who farted!"
Stupidly, i opened my mouth, being closer to austin and siad "I don't think that was a fart." what i had meant, was i belived uastin had pooped himself. what it sounded like i guess, was i admitted I had pooped.
Kurt smirked and asked "Awwwm, did widdle cousin gawy go poopy?"
"Nooo! I meant austin!"
"I dunno...better check him dave." and so my younger cousins proceeded to check and make sure i wasn't a poopy boy..and then suggested that i wear my goodnights during the day. I naturally refused and they threatened to tell the rest of the family and i snapped, and told them I would just pound the snot out of them and take my punishment..but then ran off crying and wouldn't leave moms side for the next couple of days, which while my aunts found it cute, my uncles and dad called me a wuss for it.
mom finally made me go back to playing with the boys, and they said sorry, they didn't mean to hurt my made me smile..until i slowly relised they were treating me just like austin, and i was getting checked for accidents still. I only had one daytime accident while out there, and that was because all of the bathrooms were in use and no one offically blamed me..but that was all mom had needed and i spent the rest of the 4 days left in goodnights 24/7...which delighted the boys but if anything, they were even nicer to me, and gave me lots of hugs.
Later on i would go with my dad in his transport truck, for my useal time with him during the summer, and found myself in my goodnights when he just couldn't be bothered to pull into a rest stop. (nothing like being made to poop yourself because it's easer for you to do that, clean up, and toss the stiny goodnight in a bag out the window then for him to go to a rest stop. >_>)
  In more recent history it has become very clear that females are vastly superior to males mentally, and emotionally. For most of history males have kept females under their thumb by denying them equal access to knowledge, education, and financial equality, through the use of their greater physical strength, and force. Things are quickly changing. It is time for the females to rise up and take control of every aspect of their families and society and put the males in a position that impresses upon them their new role and position in the family and society. One such tool that women everywhere should use is keeping the men in their life in diapers like they truly belong. There is no more powerful tool that a woman has at her disposal that to put her man in diapers. Once she is able to cross that threshold there will be no turning back as she will now have all the power in her basket. Once she has put her man back into diapers she should be able to have him using them just like a baby in no time at all, and the most surprising thing is that he will quickly adapt to being kept in diapers and accept his new status and role in the family and society. If a woman knows how to use her feminine charms, she should be able to have her man begging to be kept in diapers 24/7.  
  I have a baby dick  
  diaper dependent cuckold  
  jamie johnson  
  I started wearing diapers due to a medical problem.
Once i was cured i found i missed them and told my partner. she diapers me now daily and pats my plastic padded botty before sleep. even sex is done while diapered which is quite an achievement for my 4 inch clit.
  baby k  
  My penis is nonexistent when normal. I can't stand to pee as I can't find my penis in my pants. This is very embarrassing when I'm with other guys. Should I wear diapers 24/7? I have a problem at night as I sleep on my side and leak even with plastic pants. I want to be diapered 24/7 but don't know how to go about it. It seems I'm always leaking. Give me help. My address is  
  In this section at the end is says something about " unfortunately their are not any daring sites for this fetish" this was maybe the case over ten years ago. Today there are lots of diaper fetish daring sites! Please update your information?  



  im a totall weakling sissy pansy wimp thats wears diapers & sissy adult baby gurl outfits & dresses 24/7 ,  
  douglas t. Gugel aka tinyppsissywimp  
  I was 16 and i kept peeing on the toilet seat because of my tiny peepee and sometime would pee in my tighty whities and there would be shit marks on my tighty whites so my mom walked in on me peeing and when she saw my peepee she said now i know why there is pee on the toilet seat always its because you have a peepee the same size as when you were toddler and from now on u are gonna be in diapers and be treated like a baby and she made me get a bath with her and she wash me and shaved my whole bodysaying only big boys have hair on their bodies and ur not a big boy anymore and the took me me to my room got me dressed and got dress herself and then she took me and buckled me in the backseat of car and she got in and drove to walmart got out and got me out held my hand till we got a cart and made me hold on to the cart and we walked in and found a sales associate and ask where is the baby aisle my son here needs some diapers and she showed us and we said thank u and my mom got huggies diapers and wipes and gitly bottles and girly bids, girly pacifiers and baby powder and baby lotion, baby shampoo and baby soap and girly baby towel and wash clothes aand then bought me a pink and flowerly carseat, crib, a pink and flowery stroller and a high chair and then baby food and formula and then went to the little girl clothing and got me a bunch of dresses and socks and hair stuff and make up kit and nail polish kit and then went to shoes and bought me a couple pairs of little girl shoes and then we went to checkout line and my mom said this stuff is for son who loves being a baby girl and we paid and asked where is the bathroom where i can put my new daughter in some more girly clothes and a diaper and she showed us and i was put on the changing table naked and strap on and people would come in and laugh cause they could tell i was older then 10 and i was on changing table and my mom diapered me then took me off the changing and put me in a pink dress and princess shoes and we walked out and im now 19 and still dressed like a girl and still get changed by my mom no matter where we are or whos around and when my mom goes to work im eother babysat by my grandma or go to daycare and its so humiliating  
  I am 58 yrs and due to my very small penis I have to sit/squat when I pee so wearing a diaper was only natural. When I think I can not pee in my diapers I will wear training pants to see if I am potty trained. The feel of diapers on my baby penis feels sooooooooo good. I usually suck on a bottle to fall asleep. If I could only find a friend to play with - boy or girl I would be so happy  
  After my wife put me in diapers and a closed bottom girdle, I knew that she controlled me absolutely. She can take me out for 4-6 hours before I visibly stain my jeans. She likes to show me to her friends after I break through and stain my jeans. Then the spanking begins.  
  Sally Ann  
  I have a lot of diaper wearing experience having a inferior baby dick w/constant urinary problems Forced into diapers until I moved away from Parents only to discover my teenie one was useless to Women and required diapers at all times. I am currently 63 and have had sex 4 times in my life, with other  

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