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Smalldicks in panties



  Just before a man reveals his penis, he stands there, in his underwear. Watching his bulge is the most thrilling moment, knowing that inside those underwear is a hard, big cock wanting to get out and have sex.  

  His underwear represents masculinity and power. As they stretch from his big cock, they almost become divine, she wants to touch them, kiss and suck on his underwear to show her admiration and obsession of his manliness.  


When a woman has seen a man in underwear, nothing can be more annoying than to see a smalldick in men's underwear.


  After a date with her lover, she just wants to think about the magic moments she had and about his fantastic cock. When her smalldicked husband appears, she definitely does not want to see him wear the same kind of clothes as her lover was wearing. Seeing him in underwear similar to the lover's would make her feel sick. She does not want to see the smalldick wearing the same kind of clothes, it only feels disgusting and like an insult to her lover to let the loser wear clothes like him.  

  Panty wearing among cuckolds is most often associated with mouse-hung males whose equipment will actually fit into a woman’s panties without simply falling out. Clearly his wife is in much need of the full sized cock of her lover.

Requiring a husband blessed with a dicklet to forego mens’ underwear in favor of panties serves to capitalize on his submission by not only giving him a physical symbol of his submission, but also makes it a visible, tangible expression others can appreciate.

  A husband having to wear only panties of your choosing as his only option for underwear. This reminds him of his status and lifestyle and it reminds him constantly of not only his submission to you/your Dom, but of his failings or abdications of rights as a man and husband.

For some couples, the journey to cuckolding begins first with an exploration of the husband’s submission. Being that male ego is so closely tied to his genitals, they are the most effective path to his submission. Panties are such an outwardly physical sign of femininity that they have long been used to reflect shame on men by implying they are wearing them when one chooses to criticize a male for less than masculine behavior. The natural thing, then, to deepen a male’s submission is to actually panty him.

Most pantied cuckolds may begin this experience having their penis pantied at home or during specific play periods, but will eventually transition to panties as their only form of underwear. As the cuckold‘s submission becomes a more open aspect of the marriage, most women, even the very dominant ones, find they miss masculine companionship and the idea of taking a lover to enjoy a traditional sexual role becomes very attractive. This is especially true since it also serves to deepen the cuckold‘s submission.


  For wives who are not interested in making him a real sissy, fully dressed and using make-up like a woman, stopping him from using mens underwear is an easy way to remind him of his lack of manhood just by giving him women's panties to wear. Do not let him insult real men by dressing like one.  


  As a woman and the head of my household, I can tell you that I INSIST that my husband wear panties, bra, camisole and either stockings or pantyhose every day. He does not enjoy this but I find that a male is very obedient and compliant when wearing lingerie. There is very little “male ego” left and I continually use this to remind him of his status. When there is resistance (going to our female internist) I have done things like spraying him with perfume. I love the control! And yest, women who feminize their husbands DO exist!! Do I find my sissy in make-up and a babydoll nightie sexy- of course not! But the power rush it gives me…delicious. I will tell tell my sissy husband about the real men I would like to date (never will- I’m monogamous) while I’m doing his make-up and how I would dress him up to serve my fictitious date- it’s fun (at least for me).  
A few years ago, I met a woman on the internet. She came to my place for a few weeks. She was not officially a dominant woman although she was quite assertive in her life.

The second time we had sex, she asked me point blank to put her pink boxer on. The sex was not kinky. She genuinely enjoyed seeing me in women underwear. She totally created that. It came out of nowhere.

The relationship did not last, but I am convinced that in less than a year, I would have been on a strapon regiment, pantied full time, and facesitting our major form of sex.

Natural dominant women do exist.

  When my mother and auntie first put me into panties at age 14 as punishment for neglecting to do my laundry, it was in the 60’s when girls wore mostly full cut brief style panties. They insisted upon and taught me to, wear my panties “high” about my waist. Of course, one of my greatest fears upon wearing my panties to school was to have my shirt come out in back when I bent over to reveal my pastel panty elastic to any who could see. Girls and women will recognize panty elastic immediately and cause them to start giggling and quizzing—which can become quite a humiliating experience for any sissy—but a good experience nonetheless as she will then have to explain her panties to them. Another good item for sissies is lace trim on her panties, as these invariably will cause “panty lines” to be seen under slacks—which will bring more quizzing, giggling, and humiliation from the women. Old fashioned lace trimmed brief style panties, worn “high”, should be almost mandatory wear for any pantywaist sissy.  
  All small cocked men should wear panties. There should be no choice. Mens underwear is for men with real cocks, baby dicked loosers wear the panties, and we fill them out better.
And it also shows respect to the dominant women who will laugh at our baby cocks.
  Being a small cocked looser I wear panties everyday. This came about because of meeting a woman and exposing my boy sized cock and in fits of laughter i was thrown a pair of panties with the comment that I could fill tem better than she could. Now often when buying panties women will comment and when I explain that I am hung like a child they laugh and will often help.  
  I recieved the fits of laughter also.. I wasnt lucky enough to be thrown a pair of panties like you though  
  I wear panties every day and,also, to bed at night. I love panties with lots of lace,ruffles and ribbons. It makes me feel like a little girl. I know I'm a sissie and I love it.  
  I wear panties and stocking or panty hose every day by command of my Queen and all fem all night I had all my male draws taken away over a year ago and I would never argue with my Queen or her widom...  
  I'm only 1-2 inches & have samll balls too.
Panties fit me easy, and i can fit into the small sizes & thongs too.
I've never had a girlfriend, and so i wear panties as some relief.
I try lingerie on in the shops and tell the ladies who work there i have a small dick before i try them on. They tend to feel sorry for me and let me try sets on(and laugh at me)
  My ex forced me into panties, after 2 years of my tiny cocklette, she picked out a bunch of cute ones and said I will take the women's role. I wore skirts and bras, panties were always on. She strapped on me and eventually got me a boyfriend, I have had 4 now. She got a younger man with a huge Dick, at least 7inches more, and 10 years younger. She finally left me knowing I have been broken, ill never have a gf again. Whilst have known when my first said I was the smallest she has had. I have had sex w a girl once since. Then, she never called back after that night, though she did say it was cute, like a bigger clit.  
  eric chris  
  Im so glad I found this site, my husband has a small dick and I refuse to acknoldge him as a man. He is 22 and I am only 19. We fell in love and I honestly did love him, just not his clit. I'm proud to say he knew his place as a small dick loser because the chastity, feminization was all his idea. He will never get to wear men underwear, he will never be let out of chastity, he will always be my housemaid bitch. SMALL DICK LOSERS ALL NEED TO BE LOCKED UP AND DRESSED AS WOMEN. His email address is Feel free to email this loser, he is forced to respond to all emails, and give out any info you request. I am also looking for some real men to fuck him if intersteaded, or if big enough fuck me:) see ya boys  
  Wife of a loser  
  I love to suck and drink cock com  
  my cock id three inches immarrried57 i cant fuck her all i do is pantie up the lil cock snd look at real men and masturbate...wishin i cuold suck a big one and tell him its big im a loser  
  steve sweet  
  love these pics they remind me of myself and how pathetic i am with my little 4 inch cocklette in panties  
  It just feels so natural to shave my weenie and put it in panties. The feel of silk and frills around my babydick makes it constantly aroused and keeps me jerking!  
  Love those cock I like to play with them and suck them.  
  my Beautiful Ebony Mistress loves to degrade me in front of all Her Friends. She takes special pride in having me show Her Man Friends my weenie peepee, then get down to suck a nice big Black dick. i love my place.  
  weenie gurl  
  My fiance got tired of my small penis and started to sleep with her ex-boyfriend who had a man size cock and was an aggressive stud. She started to feminize me to let her boyfriend know what my status was but he still was jealous.
I told her I would do anything to hold onto her. She just laughed and started to buy second hand baby girl things.
One night she put me into baby girl pull up diapers, a pink pacifier in my mouth, started me on estrogen shots, and put me into a baby girl playpen. She then called her ex-boyfriend to come over and have sex in front of me. Needless to say he moved in and was never jealous of me ever again.
  sissybibi gurl  
  If you sissies are going to wear panties, then you have to shave off all that nasty looking hair. A male has the hair & being as though you have a small sissy clit, you don't deserve to have hair showing. So, off with it already. You'll also love how it feel on your sissy clit with all that hair removed.  
  I have small cock and love wearing panties.Wife allows me to wear panties and skirts and swish around in front of her.She encouraged me to throw away my male undies and I am. My next step is to suck a real hard cock.  
  Great site, have had Paul wearing panties for a while now, best thing I ever did. He's penis had become a problem in the bedroom due to it's small size(about 5inches and thin) we were always fighting over sex and in one row when on holiday I told him I had seen babies with bigger penises, I noticed how aroused he became so I did some research and found out about sph. I am now the dom in our marriage, I make him wear panties during the day which I know he hates and of a night he wears cute nighties or cami sets which he also hates but he knows who's in charge in our marriage. When I need pleasure I have a cute baby doll for him to wear and he knows I'll be using my big black dildo. Haven't gone any further yet but think I could easily cuckold him now I've trained him, just wish I done it years ago. Sue  
  I love to wear woman's panties they feel so good  
  I dont know whether my penis size is small or big.  
  i would never dream of wearing Men's underwear or any clothing intended for Men! Since i have a 4.8 inch sissy clit when it's at its longest, i would't be so disrespectful as to seek to pass for a man when i am so Not a man. Showing such disrespect to Men and to Women, who expect and deserve COCK not sissy clit is one way for us sissy girls to be put over a knee for a very hard spanking, and i prefer to be able to sit comfortably on a hard chair (and a hard COCK) in my panties and skirts!  
  sissy andrea  
  My penis is less than an inch when hard and my balls tiny. I have a good head of blonde hair, but little body hair- which I shave. I used to worry I would never have sex with a girl, and I never had. But I have been with many men. They love the way I dress, in smart skirt suits, satin and alce slips and other lingerie. The way I dress makes men very aggressive and they go wild when they find I have a tiny bald penis and miniscule balls. Though they always hurt my little sex, I get very excited and always cum.  
  Belinda King  
  I agree with kathyann, us small cocked panty wearing boys should shave. If we are hung like children, we should like them. But the advantage is the nylon panties fell better against a shaved groin. Another one is to shave your ass and surronds, it even better for the panties. Even real girls have not worked that one out yet  
  i have been wearing panties for over 30 years as a little sisicuck it is best for me I have a 3" limp pinkie that does not get hard any more any i am smooth no body hair .. hair is for real mwn not for us sisies. i love to please real men and dominant women, the cuckold lifestyle is def. for me.  
  I've been wearing feminine clothing full time (24-7) since I was 7 years old. Now I am 28. I never thought of myself as a male, but I felt as though I should have been born a girl instead of being born a boy. Having a older sister sure didn't help. Eventually she found out that I was wearing her clothing. Since that day I have lived as a girl full time with my sister & my step-mother's help. When I turned 13 my sister & my only girlfriend witnessed my castration. Now, my once small sissy clit has gotten even more softer & smaller. It's now only 1 1/2" long and only 3/4" in diameter & I really should have had the operation years ago after seeing what it has done to my sissy clit.  
  i love wearing pantys on the beach  
  lil willy  
  Being made to be hairless beneath my eyebrows, my tiny limp sissy clitty locked in slave chastity, butt plugged, and collared, kneeling at the feet of my master serving his cock, panties stockings etc. are essential to the humiliation that is one of the daily necessities of being forced to accept self identification as a slave. Wearing panties soaked with a real man's cum is a humiliation that shrinks tiny dicks even smaller and makes sissy slaves unable to become erect, as is proper.  
  Pantied Sissy  
  Yes, I agree, sissies like us must be totally shaved and doesn't be erected, only kneeling and humiliating
  smalldick bob  
  After 2 cuckold marriages over 26 years and constantly wearing female panties and thongs, I would not want to wear anything else. My second wife (now my ex wife) threw all of my underwear away and then refilled my drawer with only thongs and frilly panties. My tiny girly clittie is only just over 1" limp and 3.75" erect, so female thongs look good on me. I have lived alone now for 2 years as my ex left me to live with her well hung lover, but she still controls my life and is my keyholder, keeping me in chastity for most of the time. I happily exist this way. I shave all of my body hair and paint my toenails. I wear frilly nighties in bed and love being feminine. I hang my thongs and frilly panties on the washing line and don't care what the neighbours think. When my ex wife's sister called in one day she saw my thongs drying and we talked about my situation, she was very keen to help. The next time I saw her she gave me a present of 5 assorted female thongs. For Christmas she bought me a cute nightie. I suspect she knows about my chastity too, as she and my ex wife tell each other everything. I do love being a feminine sissie and my very small clittie (it doesn't qualify as a cock) just helps to make thong wearing comfortable and attractive.  
  Too small 4 women  
  After dating a super tiny 2inch mini small dick & balls sissy wimp faggot named douglas t. Gugel years ago my only conclusion is that a sissy wimp with a tiny babydick a woman can't even feel & the weakling faggot can't even be a man must be in panties & diapers for life period & that's an opinion of a real women ! Real men have big huge cocks & balls & little wimpy sissy crybaby faggots have tiny lil dickies that are useless , worthless & pathetic & no good to anyone at all for sex & should be kept in panties & diapers forever 24/7 do you hear me sissy faggots & certainly you lil babydick sissy wimp faggot douglas t. Gugel bitch get those panties & diapers on right fucking now & stay in them NOW FAGGOT !!!  
  Despite my lack of maculinity, I desperately tried to maintain a masculine facade, even stuffing the front of my briefs, but a real man tamed me and had a bitchy woman sissify me. The comments of Sue1964 and Jennifer remind me of my training.
"I told him I had seen babies with bigger penises," says Sue.
"I make him wear panties during the day which I know he hates and of a night he wears cute nighties or cami sets which he also hates but he knows who's in charge."
It's not hard to empathize with her huisband. I hated it too, but even more I hated having my panties pulled down and my soft bottom spanked like a little girl.
Jennifer's observes that real men have big cocks and balls, and sissy wimps have babydicks, and that she does not tolerate wimps with tiny dicks imitating real men.
Only a truly masterful woman would say NOW FAGGOT!!!. That's so intimidating! If I had met her during my training, I would have been very anxious to prove to her that I was thoroughly emasculated, curtseying sweetly and posing in my frillies to demonstrate the girlish flatness of my pantyfront.
  i live with a older male one day he told me i have some thing i like you to wear i said what was it he hand me a pair of women thong panties put them on he told me since i still owe him rent money i thought why not i pull my pants and under wear off and put on the panties they felt nice and soft he look at me and said you do look nice in panties then he hand me some more panties well as time went on i got use to be in panties around the house some time i just wear panties one day he said as a joke what would i look like in a bra i joke back and said i would look like a sissy girl and then you would make me wear a dress too then he said do i play card i told him yes then i told him lets play if he win i will wear he bra and dress and if i win i just wear panties well we play poker and i lose he hand me the bra and dress and i put it on now he told me this hand will get you out of them if you win if you lose you are my bitch for a week well i lose and become his bitch that night we were in the living room on the couch i wash just in panties and bra his arms was a round me and his hand was on my bra strap he ask you like your bra and panties i told him yes sir now his hand was feeling my breasts the next thing i knew my bra was off and my hand on his hard cock he told me take his cock out of his pants i did as told it was big he push my head down and said open your mouth i did and he shove it in i start to suck his cock soon he shoot his hot load of cum in my mouth he pull out that my good bitch the next morning he told me i want you to start cleaning up here well i clean up and made dinner when he came home he look a round i see my house bitch has been working that night he hand me a bag in there was some nightie i soon went to bed i put on one of the nightie and lay down with my ass in the air it was in the middle of the night when i heard him come in i did not move i want to see what he would do he walk over and lift my nightie up then i felt his hand on me i knew what he want i move my legs a bit and soon i felt his finger going in my ass hole i heard him said what a lovey pussy ass she has i move some more then i said yes that feel good i said please do not stop the he put two fingers in my ass hole i beg him to fuck me he told me if i do this mean you will become my house bitch and only wear women clothes from now on i told him yes i be his house bitch and sex slave well after a year i become his sissy bitch  
  I think there should be a law that any male under 6 inches should have to wear women's clothing, swim naked in public, wear transparent clothes in all stores and service any real man or woman upon demand. This might end all sex abuse.  
  Since the dirst day my wife a very dominating type saw my tiny cock ,she laughted and said you were made to wear panties ,she said her bush sticks out father in her underwear then my cock does and from that day on it was a rule I would wear panties and suck cocks and she would be the one getting bigs cocks and she would be the so called man of the house and it has worked out great ,because I found out I love sucking cocks and swollowing cum an being humiliated and dominated ,while she loved dominating little dicked sissies like me and watching me humiliate myself sucking men with big cocks and watching real men give her real climaxes  
  Bruce Burke  
  I love maldling pantshols I'm so sexes my little 2inch dick man love going down on me eat me tell I com like a woman  
  The first night my wife and I were together I had to eat her out because my tiny clit kept falling out of her. She got pissed call me a sissy and jacked me off in her panties. Since then I have been wearing her panties and she has been wearing my boxers.  
  since my wife caught mein her pink lace panties and red garter belt on my knees sucking our gay neighbors cock and secrectly took a picture of Davids cock in my mouth with her cell phone ,she now uses it to make me wear panties and let her suck all the big cocks she wants or she will show the picture what I really am  
  I have 1.5 inch on the soft(great for wearing small g-strings) My little boy peepee only gets 3 " when I play with it ! My GF is from China and said that she has never seen a peepee that small ! I make contact with men that I do business with and they come and stay over night just to sleep with Summer! I get to watch and sometimes get to suck them! Summer loves me with such a small weewee! She buys all of my sissy panties and g-strings! I am a real sex slave to her! I get to dress up like a baby girls and parade in front of her lovers! I wear the sissy panties 24 /7 ! And sometimes we go out of town and I get to ask starngers to come to our hotel and fuck my wife,and show them why I am asking them to do this! I am 6'2 and small frame body ! I ask them if they have 7' or more to satisfy her with! Anything smaller,I go about my business! I love the taste of another mans juice !  
  any dick under 6" hard should be femmed as soon as possible to save the shrimpy dingy any issues later in life. they should be femmed, taught to obey and service real penises.  
  Since the day I found out my penis was far inferior to others I became obsessed with big penis's. I searched for pictures and movies with hope of catching a glimpse of one bulging out in underwear. I got memberships to several gym and bath house's to see them live and in person. The more I found myself around huge dicks the more I wanted them. It made me feel girly and submissive towards men that were clearly harder, better, and confident than me. I started trying on women's lingerie thinking it might attract the kind of cock I yearned for. The sissification began and now I love feeling feminine using toys to ready myself for the next big penis I must serve.  
  i should wear women's panties my penis is small and my bollocks  
  Jon egan  
  My wife let's me wear my panties now. I don't have to hide them anymore. I shave real smooth and wear my panties everyday and she accepts that I have become "feminine"....I love it!  
  I have a tiny Penis and have worn them since I was 12 like also learnt to accept I was a little sissy when my sister found me wearing them when I married she told my new wife who seemed happy and soon had me serving her and her well hung boyfriend. I soon Learnt to suck cock  

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