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Small dick stories


Here are some stories about small dicks who were taught their place. If you have a nice story, please send it to me.  

Teddy's Tiny Dick by dale10

THE SIXTEEN YEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL BOY WALKED TO THE WOODEN STOOL AND CLIMBED UP ON IT AS INSTRUCTED. He stood there trembling with fear and embarrassment. The ten older guys in the room leaned in  to get a better look.  They all held cocktails and already had a slight buzz.  The boy was naked except for a pair of baggy boxer shorts.  His body was smooth and almost hairless...he looked younger than his sixteen years...he was a slow developer.  His skin was pale and soft as milk.  His hair was long and parted in the middle so it kind of tumbled over his forehead...that cute carefully styled unkempt look of today's youth.  And he was a youth of today. He was an excellent student with a 3.67 average. He was popular and known for his winning personality. Not that you would notice that today. Today he chewed his lower lip and his eyes surveyed the room nervously.  He had a wonderfully sensitive sweet face with just a bit of cocky youthful  punk to it...maybe it was the slightly pug nose...or the curve of the nice full lips.  His nipples were not large and he had that marvellous half boy...half adult look to him.  His feet were large and showed that he would indeed grow taller.  He was not at all happy about standing on a stool in front of ten middle aged men, dressed in only his boxer shorts.
   "Think of it as going to get a physical from the doctor, Teddy..." I had told him, rubbing his shoulders to calm him. "Its just something you have to do...and I promise you none of the men with do anything to harm you...or even touch you in fact."
   His lower lip had quivered as tears filled his beautiful big eyes.  " we have to do this...isn't there some other way...I mean...Please...don't do this to me...don't make me......."
   I had taken his soft smooth skinned chin in my hand and turned his face to look at me.  "Now, now , now...Teddy...We had an arrangement.  We had a deal. You agreed to it. I told you, if you made a fuss or tried to back would not enjoy the consequences. Can't we get through this without upsetting you or me too much. What's an hour of discomfort and embarrassment a week?  In an hour or so you can go home and get on with your normal life...and no one will ever know. "
    He was so scared his teeth chattered.  "I'm scared..."  he admitted.  "I don't want them to see...I don't want anyone to see...."
    "It's up to you Teddy...are you willing to throw away your entire reputation at school as a really cool kid?  Are you ready to lose all your friends, and have kids make fun of you everywhere you go?
   If that's what you want, fine.  Its ten strange men who don't even know you...or all your friends and teachers and even the colleges you have been looking at. I know you want to graduate early and go to University...and chances look so good for you. How would you feel if all the kids at the university found out...and your teachers? "
    "It's gonna a year or might...."  
   "Fine...its up to you, I don't wanna waste my time. If that's what you want, the pictures go in the mail and on the internet tomorrow morning."  I started to walk from the room.
  "WWWAaaiitt....."  he whined.  He sniffed back some snot...and wiped his cute nose. "I'll do it...please don't show my friends........"
   "Then our deal is once a week for six entertain us. Its that simple...for one hour. One hour of your time, and nobody ever has to know."  So now he stood on the his boxer shorts so no one at his school would ever find out his secret. Well of course they all would...I wouldn't miss an opportunity like that...but Teddy didn't know that at the time.  Oh no, we'd get some fun out of him first...and then I'd show the school. .
    "All right...let's get the party under way. Gentlemen this here is Ted...or Teddy as I like to call him. He's a high school sophomore who may graduate in his junior year because he is a really good student and has some outstanding skills.  He is very very popular and some say a genius.  He has unfortunately skill that is not so flaw fly in the ointment as they say. Teddy...will you please tell us about your shortcomings....."
    The men in the room chuckled and Teddy blinked.  I thought he would cry again. he took a deep breath and his slender chest expanded, and some of the guys in the room were already jerking off through their pants.  I mean, the kid was sixteen the most sensitive and delicate age for a boy of all...the age when every boy wants to prove he is a man.
    Teddy swallowed and said in a voice much too quiet for my pleasure..."  I'm pretty small...down there."
    "Louder please Teddy...the gentlemen can't hear you."  
    He sighed...and his sigh gave me a hard on.  "I'm kind of small...down there,"  he said louder.
    "Oh Teddy, don't disappoint me in front of my friends. We have a deal.  What does that mean...down there...what is down there....?"
    I could see his hands shaking.  He looked at the floor and squeezed his eyes shut...he was so fucking humiliated and we had just started.
    " cock is kind of small."  He said it with a release of he was letting a tremendous weight off his chest. But I wasn't going to let the cute little boycunt get off so easily.
   "Your cock is kind of small? How small Teddy...kind of small...or very small?"
    He blinked at me and looked like he might either swear at me or cry. He did neither.  "The doctor said could get bigger when I
get older..."
    "Fat chance are already sixteen. Boys you age have seven inch fuckers and are plowing their girlfriends every week. Gentlemen ...Teddy here is afraid to even date a girl...afraid she might find out...afraid he might eventually have to show her...or God forbid...try to fuck her.  Well small is it...kind of small?"
    "It's okay with me Ted...but I don't think it would be okay with any of the girls in your school....which one of them would want to date a peanut dick?...And don't you believe any of that crap Teddy about its not how big it is, its how you use a high school girl it is how big it she can brag to her girlfriends.  And to high school boys...its all about how big it prove what studs they are.  Gentlemen Teddy here ahs gone out of his way so no one at his one in the world in fact including his own parents and little brother...know what a tiny pricket he has...he doesn't shower in school in front of anyone...he hides when he uses the urinal...he wants desperately to stay as popular as he is...and he knows the truth would make him an outcast....a freak in fact.  You would be a freak Teddy wouldn't you...if the kids at school found out?"
     Teddy curled his big toes and made fists with his hands.  
    "I asked you a question...would they think you were a freak if they found out about your pathetic baby tool?"
    "I guess to some of them...but it's not fair....I...I...."  he ran out of words and the tears welled up in his eyes. The guys in the room were beating off through their pants and more than a few pairs of trousers would have rub marks.
    "Ted, I know its not fair. And I don't want to see you hurt. That's why we have our deal. You see gentlemen...I have some pics of Ted...his doctor took them when he went in for a physical...and don't ask me how, I got my hands on them.  Now...I know Ted doesn't want anyone to see those we have this deal...if he provides a little fun for us once a week on Wednesday the end of six months I give him the only copies of the photos...and the whole thing is forgotten.  If he misbehaves or goes back on his word...well then the photos will go on a website and address sent to everyone...and copies of the photos will be circulated throughout the school and send to his future university choices. "
    "Let's see it..."  one of the guys bellowed and all ten laughed.
   "Patience gentlemen...with something as special as this...we have to take time. We have to show some respect in unveiling the monument...well hardly a monument...tell me only your prick very small...or are your nuts tiny too?"
    "My nuts are tiny too..."  he burbled...starting to cry now.  
    "How pathetic...a nice healthy strapping handsome sixteen year old boy...with the prick and nuts of a three year old. Are you queer Teddy?"
    He had been staring at the floor, but now he looked up.  'Huh?" he asked.
    "Are you queer....are you a faggot?"  
    He shook his handsome head.  ' Sir...what makes you think that? No...I like girls a whole lot...I date them...I just......"
    "Yeah, you just don't get intimate cause one of them might feel your peanut prick and then where would you be. I only asked because it might be better for you if you were a know...then you could at least get some could take it up the looks like you have a pretty cute could take dick up your ass and not worry about your useless cock."
    That's disgusting sir...I am not gay....I an normal....."  
    'Not from what I've are in no way normal.  If you were a faggot you could become an expert cocksucker and make friends with the guys at school that know...become their mouthdump. You would probably develop some respect for how big and thick a real dick is. Tell us have seen the eight grade boys  in the nude in the locker room when you swim with them....they aren't afraid to walk around bare you are.  So tell us...are most of the eight grade boys smaller...or the same size or larger in the dick department than you are?"
    Teddy chewed his lip and tears dripped from his chin.
    "Please....I.....they are larger...they are larger than I am....." shit he was cute...a fucking doll.
   "And your twelve year old brother must have seen him upon occasion....tell he smaller or larger than you...cockwise." 

    Teddy sniffed.  "He's....he's bigger than me."  
    Art who is a real comic yelled..."Jesus Christ...what's he got... a dick or a clit?"  They roared at that one.
    "Well Ted...should we show them...should we show them what you've got...or what you haven't got?"  I smiled and tried to sound real friendly like.
    He shook his handsome head and tears sprayed from his face.
"NNNOoooooo I don't wanna...please....."
    "Ted...our deal!  Now should we show them or not?"  
     He hung his head. It took a while...finally he mumbled.
"Yes...yes we should show them....."
    "Louder Ted...I can't hear you."  
  "Good...that's the right attitude Ted. Better to accept the fact that you are a sexual freak...that you'll probably never be able to fuck a girl. Never get married...never have kids. You should think seriously about taking it up the ass you have at least some enjoyment in life. All right, face us...stand up take off your boxer shorts."
    The sound the teenage boy made was that of a young animal dying. His chest heaved...he hooked his fingers into the stretchband of the boxers and lowered they fell around his feet.
   Well, you should have heard the roar that went up in that room. Wild screams of laughter...guys slapping each other on the back and laughing until they cried.  Ted cried too, but for a different reason.
 Hanging from his well toned...beautiful youthful body was the cock and balls of a four or five year old.  I could see from the way his hands shook, that he wanted to cover himself...but he knew the rules. Guys left their seats for a closer look...they surrounded the teenage boy and started to snap pictures....
  Teddy freaked...' pictures...please don't take any...oh God...please......."
    "Don't worry Ted...nobody will see them if you behave
yourself...they are just for private collections...just for we can get a good laugh anytime we need to over what a sorry loser of a male you are.  "
   Steve moved in.  "Jesus Ted, my six year old son has a prick much bigger than that...course he already takes after his old man...."
   'I can't help it...its not my fault....."  Teddy cried.  His hands covered his genitals, so I slapped them away.
   "Fuck is like a fact I think my girlfriend's clit is much bigger....."
    The tiny dick...started to shrivel from fear and get even was hysterical.
  "And those balls...those balls are as small as marbles....smaller do   you jerk off kid with a tweezers?"
    "Well all see how he does it next week. Next week Ted will jerk off for us...that should be good for some laughs. But now...after a short break...Ted will pose for us, any way you want him too...and you
can all shoot pictures of this well hung teenage stud!!!"  Ted bit his lip and shook his head no...but we knew it would be yes. But the best part was yet to come....Todd had only been posing for a few minutes when he turned to me and raised his hand like a little boy. He had been squatting with his legs spread so the guys could all get really good pics of the gross little his hand went up.
   "Just a little longer Ted......."  
  "Sir...I can' know...hold it any more......."  
   "Well then stand up and stretch your legs..........and we can..."  
  "Not that sir...the other thing...the other thing you hurts really bad sir...."
  "What the fuck is he talking about?  Art asked, getting in for a good close-up of the tiny hairless nut sack.
  I smiled.  "Ah yes...the grand finale. You see before Teddy came out here tonight...I had him given a large enema...and the poor boy has had to shit for almost an hour now...I told him he had to hold it until we were finished. I thought it would give him incentive to be more
   Ted bent over and held his stomach...the cramps were getting pretty severe.
   "Awesome...";  Steve said.  "Can we take pictures of him taking a dump too?"
  " I don't see why don't you Teddy?"  
  "Yes sir...I can't do this to never said anything about anything like this..ohhhhhhhh please...I can't hold it."
 " I said you had to entertain us in whatever way we wanted. I told you no one would touch you tonight.....we we have kept our word...and now you have to keep yours."
   "I can't Sir...please...I can't shhhh...dump in front of other guys....that's so sick...that's.....ohhhhhhhhh"    "Well then young man...since you are so uncooperative after can just stand there on that stool until you develop a better attitude. More drinks gentlemen?
   Teddy stood on the stool crying for fifteen more minutes...the hour was long passed now...but he didn't know what to do. He kept saying "Please"  every few minutes. Guys took pictures of his agonized young face.  His dick was so small now it almost receded into his body.  I realized he would make a really cute chick.
  Then he twitched with a particularly painful cramp...and sobbed and groaned..."noooooooooooo"  and we saw the first trickle of brown leak its way out of his ass crack. Everyone moved to the rear of look at his really cute ass globes...and to watch the shit water begin to leak out...and run down his legs.
"Oh God help me please....."  he wailed....turning left and right...
   "Stay on the stool Ted...don't get off the stool...we can't risk ruining the rug...and you notice there is plastic sheeting under the stool....."
   They all watched his ass...all except me...I got much more turned on watching the horror and humiliation on his cute teenage face.
   "PLLLLEEEAASSSSEEEEE  NOOOOOOOO!"  He farted...the kid farted and the guys applauded...and after he farted...streams of shit splashed from his ass and ran down his legs....he was sobbing uncontrollably.
   "What a filthy dirty disgusting dickless animal you are Teddy..."
one of the guys yelled.
   "You ought to send pictures to the cunts at his school of him doing this...that would serve him right. I know I wouldn't want my daughter dating him...."
   "Yeah Bill...that's cause you want to fuck your own daughter yourself...everybody knows that...."  much laughter.
   "Yeah well she'd like my nine inches a whole lot better than Mr. one inch shitter boy up there on the stool. Christ it stinks....."
   "Reach back with your hands Ted and spread your ass cheeks apart so the guys can get pictures of your asshole shitting...."
    Ted was so freaked out, he mindlessly obeyed. He just kept moaning and praying and saying "please."  over and over.
   "Squat a little best you can on the that we can really see the turds and water dropping out...."
   "Jesus can't see his dick at all now...its almost gone......"

   Finally the excitement subsided. We allowed Teddy to go take a shower.  I had some guys clean up the plastic sheeting. Then I joined Teddy in the bathroom. He had just finished puking for the third time and was rinsing his mouth with mouthwash.  He had a towel around his waist as I had not given his clothes back to him yet.  I reached out and gently removed the towel.
    "You see Ted...boys like you always think you are so smart...good grades...good looks...on top of the world...Mr. Popularity...but God always gives even the best one thing to make things equal. You have to pay the price Teddy.  You did very well see it wasn't so bad after all.  Now next week...we are going to see what effect viagra has on your tiny dick...and also have you do a masturbation show for us. You do jerk that disgusting little thing off , don't you?"
    "Yes...sir."  he mumbled, looking down at the floor. 
    "Of course you do...that's just about all you can do with it. Teddy, since you will never be able to fuck a girl...and since its wrong to deceive people...I think that for the next six months while you entertain should refrain from dating of any kind. Do you understand?  No dating of girls.....not even going out in groups with guys and girls. "
   His eyes almost bulged out from his head..."But the homecoming dance is coming up and I have a date already..."
 "Break it Teddy, it wouldn't be fair to her.  Unless of course you want to show her the pictures first....."  I reached out and then stopped my hand just a few inches from his miniscule pricklet.  "May I touch it Teddy...may I touch your dick....?"
  "What the fuck does it matter...."  he said, shaking his head and wiping more snot from his nose.
  "I'll take that for a yes..."  I took the tiny pekcer between my
thumb and was very soft and tender...really very much like a clit with a pee hole in it.
  My dick throbbed in my pants and almost shot off.  "But don't worry Ted...we'll give you some sexual relief....we'll take care of you.
You just be a good boy and play fair with us...and nobody else in the whole wide world ever needs to know."  I reached one hand around to cup his nice firm smooth ass globe. I couldn't wait to get my big fat dick up that tender virgin teenage ass pussy. We were well on our way to turning this boy into a first class Cunt.

Teddy's Tiny Dick Part Two


    I telephoned Teddy at home.  I made sure to call when his family would be having dinner. His father answered the phone.  I asked," It TD there?"
His father sounded annoyed.
    "Do you mean Teddy?"
    "Oh yeah, I guess so...we call him TD .  Oh and that's not short for Teddy either."
    "Well. we don't appreciate you calling during our family dinner. Ted...its for you...make it quick."
    When I heard his mellow fragile teenage boy voice, I threw and instant boner. "Hello...This is Ted."
    "Ted my little dicked friend."  I heard him hold his breath on the other end of the phone.
     "Eh...what do you want....." he said, trying to sound casual  but unable to hide the fear.
     "First of all I want you to be polite.  Secondly, I want you to glance out your front see that blue car out there. Well that's one of my friends with a high powered camera. The angle is perfect Teddy...he can see right into your dining room.  Now while you are talking to me...I want you to turn your back on your family...and then lower your zipper and take out your pathetic dick and balls."
     He tried to sound at ease...he even gave a little laugh.  " can't do that now."
    "Sure you can, don't want to make me angry. Otherwise that man in the car will come right up to your house and deliver an envelope of pictures of you standing bare assed naked and shitting. Now you don't want turn your back on your family and take out your dick and balls. "
     I waited for a few seconds..."Well Cuntface?" 
     "I did it Sir...I took them out..."
     "Then stand still so my man in the car can take a picture with your family in the background.  Do you have your napkin with you?"
     "Ahh...yeah...can I please put my ....can I please zip up now?"
     "Not yet...hold your napkin in front of your little baby pecker...and then turn around and face your family..."
     He whispered..."Please, my grandma is here...."  
    "Oh, I'll bet her clit is bigger than your dick.  Now fucking turn around so my man can take a photo...."
     I heard Ted's father in the background, "Get a move on Ted...your dinner is waiting."
     "OK"...he shouted to his dad...then to me  "Ok I did it...please let me go now..."
     "Now Listen to me Ted.  I called to tell you...we changed the meeting to Saturday instead of Wednesday for sure...more guys can attend to have some fun with you...and most guys are out fucking their girls on Saturday since you cant fuck with that miserable pricklet of wont feel so bad if you have a nice party of ours to come to.  You know where to come...and Ted...bring along one of your little brother's jock unwashed one. "
    "I don't know if I can I get one?" 
    "TED..."  his father shouted.  
    "I don't give a fuck how...ask him for one...beg him for one...steal one...break into his gym locker...what the fuck do I care...but do it.  Now...hang up the phone and go back to finish your dinner. My man in the car will keep taking make sure you don't put your prick away all during dinner...keep that napkin over your cock...although a postage stamp would be just as good."  I hung up.
   Breaking a sixteen year old boy because of his small dicksize was as much fun as I have ever had. On Thursday I had one of my guys swing by his house in the morning just before he left for school and place a photo of him bare assed and shitting on his windshield behind the wiper blade. On the back of the photo I had scrawled..."Don't be late for the party Saturday...and bring the
   He was early. Angry and scared and shy and pouty and perfect.  I took him to an upstairs bedroom of the mansion where the party was to be held.  "Now Ted...I want you to strip naked and then put on your brothers tiny my that is a baby pisser pouch isnt it...just right for you. Then when everyone is will make your grand entrance down the staircase...looking real cute."
   "I can't do this Sir...I just can't...I was a fucking wreck all week...I even flunked a test...the first time in four
  I took his handsome face in my hands. 'Now , now, now...none of that TD. We've been over all of this just do what you are told to do for six months...and you're home free.  Oh by the way...from now on...tell everyone your name is TD...they will think its short for Teddy...but we all know its for Tiny Dick."
   He stripped. When he was finally totally naked and turned away from me so his fine young teenage ass was on full display...ass globes dimpled and smooth and pale...he held the very small jock in his hand.  " I don't know if this will even go up over my hips...."  he said...rather a hollow lost voice.
   "Wait...wait...before you do that TD...turn around so I can see that clit of yours again. "
   I could see his legs shake...he turned around to face me.  
   'Holy Shit...I had forgotten just how small it is...That is should go in the Guiness Book of Records or something...I fucking can't believe it...a sixteen year old boy with the dick of a four year old...Fuck it TD...I don't know how you can call yourself a boy at all.  I mean, Jesus, a dick is what makes a guy a guy...and you fucking haven't got one. You just got a little nub. "
   He stood there bare assed naked, tears forming in his beautiful young eyes.  'It's not my fault...what am I supposed to do about it?"
    "There isn't much you can do I guess...except get used to the fact that you are a freak.  Maybe what you should do is resign yourself to the fact that instead of ever fucking should provide laughs to real man...let them enjoy what a loser you are. Have you thought about what I said...about how you might be happier as a queer?"
    'I'm not queer sir...I like girls."  
   "I know but that's bound to be a total loss for'll just get made fun of...whereas with guys...sure they'll make fun of your dicklet...but then you could blow them and take it up the ass...and probably impress them with your boycunt skills. At least if you were a good assfuck, there would be some respect for you."
    Teddy frowned, made fists and stood his ground.  " I am not queer...and I never will be."
   "Suit yourself kiddo....suit yourself. Okay...get into that peanut pouch...and wait here until we call you."        We made him wait up in that bedroom for two hours. Imagine what a naked sixteen year old boy thinks about while he sits there on the edge of a bed...knowing that a dozen or more men are soon going to be looking at him bare assed and laughing at the size of his dick. Imagine what goes through his head. he must have been freaking out.  Can you imagine the low level of his self esteem?
   Finally we sent one of the guys up to call him down...we had the lights dimmed except for the stairway light and some real rauncy music on...the guys cheered and whistled as the almost naked boy came down the stairs. He walked slowly and unsteadily on his big bare he might collapse any minute.  He chewed his nice full lower lip.  His fine young pink titties were hard.  And the jock strap was small it barely came up below the prick root...but still there little or no telltale boy dick lump...he was almost a fucking cunt in a thong.
  "Ain't she pretty..."  one of the guys yelled...and everyone laughed.
    "Look at her cunt,"  Art shouted and got applause.
   Ted's mouth twitched like he would start bawling any second. I directed him to stand three steps from the bottom...where the stairway him a little show platform
   'Here's our favourite high school star now....TD. TD...tell the guys here what your name TD stands for."
   His lower lip trembled. He made fists and then relaxed them, trying to maintain control of himself.   "Tiny Dick." he said finally...quietly.
    "Louder TD...there are twenty four guys here and the ones in the back can't hear."
    "TINY DICK"  he said louder...and received catcalls and hoots in return.
    Now tears rolled down his sweet young face.  'Cause my cock is small."
    "Right...but no one has to find that long as you are a good boy and let us play with you...right?"
   "Right Sir..." he said...his toes curling on the stair carpet...
   " about dancing to the music for us...and then stripping off that pathetic little pouch...and giving us a nice glimpse of the goodies..."
  "Wait wait..." one dude yelled...'let me get out my magnifying glass first...."
    Crying pretty hard, Teddy danced and stripped. Like the previous week...there was lots of laughter and jocularity at the sight of his baby prick and marble sized balls.  We had him stand still with his legs spread and his hands behind his head.
    "You know're getting hair  down there...prick hair...and its only making your dicklet look smaller...if we shaved off your pubic hair...your dick might look larger."
    "no...please don't do that...." he burbled...but the guys outvoted we got shaving cream and a razor...and shaved off all the kids just sprouting pubic hair. His nuts were already
hairless...and his hole was pretty smooth, but we ran a razor over those areas too just to make sure.  Then we looked at him again.
    "You know Ted...I owe you an apology...without hair down look even more like a baby...that prick looks like a three year old's dick now. He stood there like a big baby...except a baby with a well toned muscular teen body...head hanging over his cute face...crying...while guys took pictures of his hairless little boy prick and balls.
    I put my arm around his shoulder...rubbing his soft smooth skin.  'You know what Ted...I'm going to give you a chance to prove to these guys that you are a real man after all...not some little baby....real men...jerk why don't you jerk off for us and show us that you got what it takes to be a man?"
   "I'm begging you...please...please don't make me do that...not here in front of all these men...please...."
     'Maybe she cant get a hard on...." one guy yelled. "maybe she is hard...and that's all she's got"  
    "Ask her to rub her pussy and she might agree...." the guys were getting wild.
    I lowered my hand farther over Ted's shoulder to play with one nipple on his nicely formed boy chest.  ":You see don't want to make these guys angry. Now spread your fine strong young legs a little...and beat your meat for us...shoot a nice big load...and we might gain some respect for you."
    Well Teddy tried his best....for twenty minutes he tried his best...but he was so scared, he couldn't even get it hard.  My God your should have seen those grown men laugh until they were crying...pointing at the sobbing kid and calling him names. You should have seen him jerking and yanking that tiny nub of meat...between two fingers...and still the fucking thing wouldn't respond...he choked back tears and cried to us that it does get hard...that it gets bigger...but that he was scared and embarrassed and it wasn't working.
   "I can see him on his wedding night....I'm sorry honey...its just not working...."
    " What fucking wedding night...who would marry that?"  Waves of laughter rolled over the room.  I knew then that Teddy would never marry...that the scars would stay with him his entire life. And that's just what I wanted...that thought would give me a pleasant hard on for some time to come. After out fun and games, poor young handsome Ted would never risk trying to fuck or even date a girl.  He'd be fucking alone...trying to beat that thing his whole life...unless he broke and became a cocksucker and an ass boy...and that was my plan for him.
     We spent the next hour taking pictures of Ted's dick next to things like pencils...measuring
utensils...coke bottles...anything to show how small it was....then some of the guys took out their huge slabs of fuckmeat and had their pictures taken with the crying teen...their big fat pricks held up next to his little worm....big smiles on the faces of my friends...arms around their young buddy...prick to pricklet...
    Then I announced coming events.   "Next week try to give young TD here a chance to prove himself...I am springing the one hundred an fifty bring in a first class hooker...a real nice looking cunt...and we will have Ted here try his hardest...(pardon the pun)   to fuck her. "
    Ted fell apart...his legs gave out and he crumpled there on the steps...burying his head in his arms. "nnooooooooooooo" came from somewhere deep inside him.
  "Save your cum this week Teddy boy...cause next are going to be a fucking stud!"
That for sure would seal the boys doom.



Buddy and his aunt.



I was 14 but had always looked younger and I was staying over my Aunt Joisie's house. (she wasn't really my aunt, she was my great uncle's sister in-law, but I called her aunt).
I rarely stayed there but my cousins Rosemary 11 and Diane 8 were both sleeping over and they each had a girlfriend with them. The two other girls were 13 and 7. I hardly ever got to see them since they lived in another state but were here for summer vacation.
So everything was fine during the day but my aunt kept teasing me about how she once caught me swimming naked. She kept telling the girls how I like swim with my little willie poking out. And she told the girls that mine was so tiny I could swim naked and no one would even notice it.
So that got me a little upset and the girls kept teasing me about it. Now it was about 8:30 and my aunt sent us all upstairs to put on our PJs to come back down stairs to play cards with her.
I went into my bedroom across from my cousins and I wasn't in there but about 30 seconds when the girls tried to push their way in. They kept saying" You better show it to us, we want to see how little it really is"
I held my back against the door to keep them out while I pulled on my bottoms, although I'm sure they got a little peek at my butt. Then I ran for my top while they all came piling into the room.
My aunt called up and said "what's going on up there ..don't make me have to come up there"
I quick put on my top and ran down stairs.
After a while the girls came down and my cousin Rosemary went over to my aunt and whispered something to her.
My aunt looked at me and said "is that so?"
She said "the girls said you were trying to see them undress upstairs and that's what all the noise was."
I said it wasn't me..
Then she called me over to her and made me stand right beside her.
She said "let's see how you like it"
Then she pulled my top off of me as I began to hang my head in
embarrassment and then she bent down and off came my bottoms.
She made me step out of them and she picked the up then gave them to Diane my little cousin. She said it's not so funny now.
I stood about 4ft 10 inches very small for my age with my willie all
shrivelled up. No hair on me yet. I was horrified.
One the girls said to my aunt as they all laughed at me. Where are his nuts?
My aunt took one finger and lifted up my little bit of a dick and said "well that's where they are supposed to be.
All you could see was a bit of wrinkled skin under my weenie.
And the girls laughed again.
For the next two hours I had to stay naked while they teased me about my baby size cock.
They compared my underdeveloped wewe to a little baby rose bud. They gave me the nickname Buddy, and every time they would say it, they would all giggle.
Then my aunt gave me my PJs back and sent me upstairs to bed.
I laid in that bed and jerked off about 4 times in 30 minutes. I wiped up with my PJs and knew my aunt would have to wash them the next day.
The nickname Buddy stuck with me and my cousins and Aunt still call me that to this day.


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