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Used underwear




For most women and men there is nothing sexy about used underwear. Why would they be interested in underwear when they can have the sexy person who wears them instead? For many smalldicks, the situation is quite different: Many of us smalldicks are virgins, alone with no girlfriends or boyfriends, only wanking to photos and movies of sexy men and women having sex. Never touching or smelling a sexy superior man or woman.

But some men and women have understood what a treasure their worn, dirty underwear can be for smalldicks and they sell them in Internet to thankful smalldicked wankers.

Below you can make your own ad to sell your underwear to smalldicks. For smalldicks: Make an ad below to purchase used underwear from real men and women.


Women and men



  Sell your worn underwear to smalldicks. You can also sell your worn socks, shoes and shirts for smalldicks to love and worship. A good thing to sell together with the items is pics of your body. It will make more smalldicks want to buy your clothes.

Your used undies is what smalldicks dream of. Let them smell and worship them.

Remember a smalldick will always be thankful to have any used underwear from a superior man or woman. He will treasure your worn, smelling underwear, socks and t-shirts. Your body, your juices are things he will worship and be thankful, so you can offer anything when you make an ad here.

Post sexy pics in your ad. With images of your underwear, cock and body, you will sell more.

Mail your pics to

Below is the form to make an ad, the lonely smalldicks are waiting to worship your used underwear.

Men selling underwear

Make an ad below to buy what worn clothes you want from real men and women. You can specify what you want exactly in the box below.

Just imagine to have rhe smelly, wet panties from a woman.  the underwear from a superior, real man.

Don't be shy to ask. Specify below what you really dream from women and men. You can wish for anything to buy. Their wet, smelly underwear, socks, the sweaty shirts they used at the gym.

Maybe you will have somebody selling exactly what you dream of. Feel the nearness of a man or woman.

Remember always to ask politely when you mail to a man or woman, asking to buy their underwear. It is tempting to ask for more: Their sperm, their pee, their spit and to have their socks and shirts really sweat. But ask discreetly, do not ask directly, with the exact words.

Below is the form to make an ad to buy sexy, used underwear and more from real men and women.


Women selling underwear

Couples selling underwear


Smalldicks buying underwear



Sell or buy clothes. Fill in here what you want to sell or buy. It will be uploded shortly. If you have pictures, please mail them to

Questions marked by * are required.
1. Name: *
2. Email: *
3. I want to sell/buy *



Japanese vending machines selling used underwear

In Japan, there are vending machines that sell underwear. Schoolgirls’ underwear. Previously worn and unwashed schoolgirls’ underwear. An entire industry of trading-in the day’s underwear for a new pair. And underwear sold with a photo of the underwearer can fetch a higher price. Japan is full of vending machines, and many of them cater to a widespread fetish culture known as Burusera  (a corruption of the English terms “bloomers” =buru and “sailor” = sera).







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