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Women's love for big penises


Everywhere we hear jokes and remarks about small penises. Many of them, maybe most of them, are said by women as a way to express how tired they are of smalldicks.

The size a woman desires or prefers is often dependent on her present situation or the activity she is contemplating. If she is considering vaginal intercourse for the first time any penis is probably going to look large and intimidating. 

Many women would refuse to acknowledge that size is a major issue when it comes to sexually satisfaction in the presence of their lovers for fear off hurting their feelings. But we know the truth which is that, majority of women prefer a big penis to a small one, there is no wise saying to dispute that fact, as almost all women if not all sexually active women would truthfully admit that they prefer a big penis to a smaller one.

A small penis size is among the top three causes of sexual frustration among women and that is not new to most men as we all know a small one only ends up tickling a woman during sex and not giving any pleasure. Women tend to accept the penile size of their lovers as long as they have no other option; the moment a woman finds a man with a bigger penis that is willing to become their lover they tend to dump the former lover with a smaller one.

But the major reason women prefer a bigger penis is just a matter of anatomy and masculunity. The pleasure points in a woman’s vagina must be physically stimulated in order for her to achieve an orgasm, if a woman’s lover is unfortunate to have a small sexual organ, the pleasure spots are not stimulated during sex and that usually results in the woman being sexually frustrated. So it is only normal for almost every woman to prefer a bigger penile size to a smaller one, what’s the point in going through sexual frustration if they have another option?


A woman can actually fall in love with a big manhood. A big sized penis amazes her and she only goes for what she wants; a big penis. The reason why most women love a big penis is because a smaller one means a reduction in sexual pleasure. A woman does not feel anything during lovemaking especially with a man who has a small member. It is all futile. She will always consider a big penis her ideal choice. She will settle for nothing less.

During lovemaking moments, a big penis moves all the way to her deepest realms. She feels it has reached a point where no other penis has ever travelled before. It captures some of the best moments that really made her day. It is so big that it touches all the active buttons in her. They believe big is good and the idea of having such a big thing is so enticing women cannot help it. Such a big long member going all the way. It is what every woman would dream of. No one fancies a small penis because it might fail to live up to the desired expectations. Most women believe it does not give them the required services.

It is generally believed that the bigger the penis the more the pleasure. No wonder most women love a big penis in order not to be left out of the game. A woman believes automatically that when a man has a long and big penis, it gives her a reason to look forward to their love making. There are such amazing pleasure only waiting to rapture inside her. Does a big penis really increase sexual pleasure? Does it give a person more sexual satisfaction than a small penis? Or is it a creation of the mind? Why would a woman be obsessed with the size of the penis?

A big manhood is a sign of agile manhood. It is a sign of male vigor and vitality. A combination of these two is the reason why most women love a big penis. It is believed that it holds the key to sexual pleasure. It is much sought after. Nothing captivates a woman than a big well fed penis. Most women love a big penis in order to be playing with it like a toy. It would be a good thing especially in the privacy of her bedroom, to be playing with her man's thing. 0f course she would love to play with something that can be held. Something sizable that can even decide to procreate and just do like that.

  Men who are larger do make better lovers. They possess a higher level of confidence, which alone is much more of a turn on.  A partner who is confident within themselves and their body is more likely to know what he wants and be able to satisfy women.  

The big penis is good

  From the anatomic point of view the big penis is capable to provide a huge variety of sexual poses, and only the big penis can carry out rather deep penetration into a vagina. The big penis gives powerful potential for vagina extension. The thick penis is capable to satisfy to the full vagina and rectum muscles, than much bigger stimulation and sexual pleasure is reached. The bigger penis, the more contact area and consequently, the area perceiving external stimulating irritation is more. Therefore, than penis there is more, especially sharp emotions will be tested by the woman.

Undoubtedly, a man with a big penis is regarded with big respect and admiration.


Tiny Dick Statistics - The Long and Short Of It

A recent poll of over 800 women showed that:

  • 85% get more sexually excited looking at a dick that is 7″ or longer
  • The majority, 55%, would rather have sex with a guy with a huge penis (9″ or more)
  • Only 10% would prefer fucking an average-size cock – they want (and expect) bigger!
  • An overwhelming 91% want a cock above average or larger, no matter what they tell their partner
  • An overwhelming 70% honestly answered they consider the “ideal” penis for vaginal intercourse is one that’s huge (9″+) or large (8″+).
  • 53% would like their partner to use a cock extender or strap-on to make them bigger and more satisfying
  • Of girls in a relationship with a man owning an average or smaller penis, 42% said they’d like sex on the side with a guy with a bigger penis
  • And you read it here: 78% say “Bigger Is Better”

  Studies and interviews with women, revealing new information about women's disappointments about small dicks and how we should stop believing a penis can be too big for penetration. All studies show clearly: Bigger is always better.  
  Read more about the interviews with women  

Why Women Shy Away From a Small Manhood


The size of a penis is directly related to the amount or load of of work it can do. The smaller the implement the less quantity of work it can accomplish. That is why manywomen shy away from a small penis. They do not believe a small penis can satisfy them sexually. They prefer something big, something that will really pound their sexual organ until it explodes in orgasmic pleasure. When you already have a low opinion about something, you despise it. It is difficult to change such a mentality. With a woman's mind set thus, she will not even give in to sexual advances and sexual overtures from a man with a small penis. They want something that they can really feel. A small penis is wastage of time. During her encounter with a small sized manhood, she might wonder whether the man is in or not.


Big is good and a small penis does not fulfill a woman's fantasy. It is not what she had anticipated. She wants a whip, something that will make her scream with pleasure as it sinks into her bottomless womanhood. A penis that makes her develop goose pimples whenever she imagines the size of it sunk in her and making her climax with such erotic ecstasy. Now comes the moment when she sees a small sized penis and what the hell is this? It makes her sexual desire slip away. She loses interest in sex immediately and might very well start dressing. It is her romantic fantasy that has died out at that moment when her expectations were so high. It explains why women shy away from a small penis.


Every woman wants her man to have a sizable penis because she wants to be playing with it. She wants a play thing, a toy to play with, and a sizable toy for that matter. A woman wants something she will fondle, circle it with her tongue, put it between her breasts and wonder at it's pleasure dispensing abilities. That is why women shy away from a small penis because it does not meet the required standards to fulfill all these requirements. She goes for the big size because it will give her all the services that she needs. Sex makes a woman feel good and that goodness that comes from the inner being makes her to be full of radiance and more lovable. Nothing will stand in her way to achieve this.


  A woman is always on the look out for a suitable male to sire her children and give her the security and protection she needs. She goes for a strong male with a healthy looking well formed body. A man that oozes dominance. If the size of the penis is small, it will cast a cloud of doubt. She might even wonder whether that small penis has a capacity of good lovemaking and a successful pregnancy. It is at these point that many women shy away from a small penis  
  The long, thick, well developed penis inspires to the man more deep feeling of the sexual potentiality, the superiority over others, allocates the owner healthy man's "ego".  


  Have to agree with most of the gals postings that bigger is better. I am not referring to the ridiculous bigger than 4 inches (who on earth bothers with 4 inch men anyway? Get Real!) I refer to minimum 8 inches. The rest are there to be ignored.



This site was very informative. I am a women who's had small penises(4") and large penises (9"). I must admit that a large penis is more pleasing than a small penis. The stimulation is so much better, more intense and sheer pleasure. And it seems that a man with a large penis has so much more self confidence than his smaller counterpart, which adds to the sexual experience.
Please don't get me wrong, i have enjoyed sex with 6inches, but you can't beat 9 inches, unless the guy is a total dude and just thrust.
4inches cannot satisfy me.


  this is very true. When I was dating my wife, I asked her the question, does sixe matter, she replied, "no, what is most important is knowing what your doing, not going to fast, and thinking about the woman's needs", so of course I asked well, what if they did all of that and was big?, She replied, "well , yeah the big one would be better, if the guys did the same things". At the time I was still thinking I was good sized and knew what I was doing, and belevied it was only the huge one's that belonged to a Casanova was what she was refering to. I didn't think at the time she must have been comparing me to the real men she had been with before me.  
  Teenie Weenie Paul  
  i have an average penis (7.5 inches), but i ejaculate far too soon. My point is that, size does matter, but so does prowess, and staying power, and the ability to please a woman until she has had enough. i have never had success as a lover of women. i am a cuckold, and have been one for all of the 22 years of our marriage. i am honoured to be able to keep my wife, bu agreeing to help her to find sexual satisfaction, fun, and excitement and laughter with other men. Real men that is. i am also honoured to befriend Sharon's lover, to support him, give him gifts, run errands for him, to tell him that i love him, and to honour him with nice long fellatio sessions to prepare him for lovemaking sessions with Sharon. i love reading the stories of how so many men are inferior, just like me. i learned to accept that, and for 22 years i have been supportive of Sharon and her lover. i think i have learned to make them happy, and to honour them. This is not a fantasy for me. And that is the biggest reason why i am a happy man.  
  Yeah, my ex girlfriend loves big Cocks. Her boyfriend is huge from what I've heard. I could never do doggy with her because I couldn't reach. Good for you girls expressing why us little Cocks don't deserve you  
  My wife of 2 1/2 years and I had a discussion about my lack of manhood. She said if nothing else changed, ie my submission, my sissiness, and obedience., she would prefer if I had an 8 inch cock. She reminded me that would be almost 4 times the size of my present dick..  
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