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Women's reactions to small dicks



  The first reaction when a woman sees an unexpectedly small penis is like time stops. It takes some time until the real reaction comes. Her face is frozen, her mouth open and she just stares.  

  She would never have dated him if she knew he was so small. She could not even imagine he would have so small dick, she is not prepared when she suddenly sees it and you can see the surprise and sometimes shock in her face.  

  The next reaction depends on her person, her mood, how much she hates tiny dicks and, of course how ridiculously small the penis is.  

  The open mouth and one or two hands touching her chins are clear signs of shock.  

  Some women cannot help themselves from smiling, laughing loudly or even screaming, almost losing their breath. Atleast they see it from the funny side, this is the best reaction the smalldick can hope for.  

  It can be difficult for a woman not to laugh. Even if she is a normally kind and polite person, there are situations when it is impossible to care, it is just too funny to think about manners.  

  Some women will hurry to cover their mouths, unable to stop laughing.  

  Doing her best to hide her feelings, she covers her mouth but she cannot stop starring.  

  If she puts on her glasses to see it better, the smalldick can atleast be happy she still shows her interest.  

  She might want to see it better, especially if she is only used to see real men's penises.  

  She might take a close look, touch it with her fingers and ask questions about it, not because she is horny, at this point she is only curious.  

  She has had a few minutes to calm down. She is slowly getting back to normal and she realizes she must end this crazy date. Her next reaction can be the classic: A sudden headache.  

  For the smalldick, there are some  reactions that can be difficult to understand, whether the headache is real or faked, what it means when she does not show her face at all.  

  When she starts to look angry or when she starts to scream things like "You smalldicked miserable loser", you can be sure there will be no sex to hope for.  

  When her next reaction is to start crying and tell you how you ruined her night, it is definitely time to leave.  

  Some women just take it as a funny incident, other are more sensitive. When she looks disgusted or disappointed, you can be certain your dick was not what she hoped for.  

  She dressed up, she went to a restaurant for dinner with him, she was excited, hoping for a date with a nice, sexy hunk. Now, watching this total turn-off loser's dick, she cannot help her next reaction, out goes the dinner and out goes the smalldick.  



Every woman's worst nightmare is to pull the pants down of her lover only to find a tiny penis, standing 4 inches fully erect. What a nightmare for her and for him. She knows he will not satisfy her either visually or physically and he also admits it secretly to himself. I have only had 9 men. The worst were 5 inches and below. One 4 incher was so bad that I fell asleep as he was making love! All I could feel of him was a tickling sensation and a slight rubbing! The 7 to 9 inchers were more masculine and generally caused more friction and also did not need to pump so fast. The small guys are to be rejected and of course they as research shows - small guys usually masturbate more often, not surprising after all with all things being equal would any woman ever admit honestly to opting for a guy with a 4 inch dick? None that I know of and certainly not me. 4 inchers please keep your pants on permanently.

Marcel W

Dump men with 5 inches or less quick !:
I have to be honest. This site is great as we can say exactly how it is. Well guys - as a lady of 27, I have to say I have rejected all men (except 1) I have met with dicks that are less than 5 inches. I will not even do them the honour of allowing them anywhere near me. Why? Because I have had 9 and 10 inches and no way a 5 incher can ever compete - it just would not feel full. The one of 4 3/4 inches that I tried was a disaster - he was erect all right but I could feel nothing at all and told him to withdraw himself - which he did and we had a chat over coffee instead...sorry guys but all of you with 5 inches and below will hopefully eventually be eliminated by natural selection so that the female species can benefit in the future from more established and real males. In short any guy with 5 inches only or less is in my humble view inadequate and unable to satisfy women - and should stick to masturbation.



WE WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT MEN WITH SMALL DICKS it is up to us and is not cause we are BIG down there but cause we just prefer the look, feel and sexual thrill of a normal to large dick and we reject small sized men.

I for one will tell a guy with a 4 incher to put his pants back on and will not do it with him just to make his ego less damaged !



Am I right LADIES?! Yes, yes, y’all, there is nothing worse than wasting all this time seducing a taller than average man into the sack and being confronted with a sub-standard schweenus. What the??? Luckily, darkness usually hides the grimace of disappointment after the goods are grasped and graded! Try not to say “Jesus fucking christ, you mean you’ve been wasting my time all along?!” no matter how unfair it is! Also don’t flick on the lights, make a sour face and shout ”Next!”. That is considered poor form. It’s like-- what do they mean by being all large in stature everywhere else? False advertising! Those men should be forced to wear signs that indicate their incongruous privates. Yeah, it sounds harsh but that saves a lot of painful emotion later, not mention cab fare! At the very least, small-dicked tall men should slouch or act gay so they don’t look so promising.

  I want to hurt a man who keeps trying to fuck me. I dated him a while ago and actually tried to have sex with him. He's a nice guy, but only has about 5" where it counts. This is simply unacceptable! I laughed at him and called it quits, but the asshole keeps trying
anyway. Polite refusals have failed. He hasn't picked up on the
hint, so I figure it's time to give him both barrels. I want to hurt
him (psychologically, physically would be illegal, and I would NEVER break the law) so bad that he never tries to fuck another woman.
After all, he doesn't have the equipment to satisfy a woman, why should he be trying to use it? He simply does not have the right to do so. I'm actually offend that he would come on to me with such shabby equipment -- as if I would have anything to do with a certain like that!
Men are such assholes!

I have a very small penis. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've come to terms with it and now I've even found someone who will date me in spite of it. Nevertheless, the moment when I expose myself has always provided a bit of consternation and some interest moments. At the suggestion of some others on other board, I'm posting a few anecdotes based on this experience. Enjoy.

From a blonde who was chewing gum at the time..."So, I mean, is this it???"

"Yikes, Andrea said you were small!"

From another girl, holding it between her index finger and thumb, "Why don't you just use your hand."

I had just gone home with a girl who provided some 420 fun, "Wow...I hope you know how to eat this cooch!"

From a girl who gave me oral, "Well at least there's no chance I'll gag!"

Doggystyle and balls deep, "C'mon baby, you can do it!"

From a sweet girl with a complete look of shock, "Well, it makes your balls look really big."

"Oh, cute. It's like a little button!"

"Do you think it'll ever get any bigger?"

"Do you mind if I just rub it for a while?" And after I came, "Wow, I never thought something so small would make such a mess!"

From the drunk girls...

"You've got to be kidding me! Can I take a picture of that!?!?"

Giggling..."I've seen small cocks before but goddam"

"Sorry, but this is just f'ing pointless!"

As soon as I lowered my pants, "You poor thing!"

After sex and cuddling, "I should hook you up with my friend Stacy. She was saying that small dicks don't bother her."

Mean drunk girl, "I seriously think this is the size of a paperclip. I mean one of those bigger ones." She actually got a paperclip out of her purse and compared.

On breaking up..

"Good luck ever finding someone who wants that pindick."

"I'm telling every single one of my friends that you have a three inch cock. Keep fucking whining and I won't even exaggerate that much!"

"I lied. It is by FAR the smallest fucking cock I've ever seen."

When I found out she was cheating and demanded the truth, "Oh my God, you sniveling little fuck. Because his cock is long and fat and I can actually feel it slide into me."


A friend of mine is well hung and a generally nice guy. He has told me, however, that he cannot help but being disgusted by small-dicked guys. To the best of my knowledge, he has never shown this disgust or acted in a mean-spirited way. But we saw a man with a very very small penis in the locker room once where we work out and he said that "Nature shit on that man."

  Women, how do you react when you see he is a smalldick?  
  Smalldicks, how did women react when they saw you were so small?  
  LOL!!!! ......out goes the dinner, out goes the small dick...  
  I bite it.  
  When all you're packing is a 3.8" by 3.5" boidick at best (1.5"x 1.4" soft), yes I've had a number of these experiences. Many times when its revealed in all its tiny glory there has been much laughter- if I'm lucky. One woman slapped me and said I should have told her how small I was before she agreed to go home from a bar with me . " I paid for a babysitter- what a waste of time!" as she up and left me with my teeny boner . Another woman I had gone out with a few times before we had sex. She told me she didn't get much out of it but agreed on a rematch , where I flopped again, of course. The next day she called me into the bathroom where she was bathing her 3-year old son. "See, he's as big as yours. Now you see why this isn't going to work?" He may have even been larger. Other comparisons have been some girls 6-year old nephew etc. Another one night stand had been painting her kitchen . She laughed when she saw my erect smalldick, then went to her kitchen and brought back one of those 4"x4" paint rollers you use for painting kitchen cabinets. "It's the same size as your cock!"And a GF I was living with had tired of my dick and for months had restricted me to getting her off orally . I walked in on her with another guy . She was screaming so loud they didn't even hear me. I started yelling, "Please don't do this". She had the guy pull out and my god he must have been at least 8 " long and about as thick. She yelled "You see! He's got a big thick cock! Yours is like a baby's!" He joined in on the laughter th
en when I refused to leave he got up, punched me and picked me up and threw me out of the house. When I came back a day later with a swollen lip and a black eye she had changed the locks and the dude was still there. Her place was in a condo and when I knocked at the door begging her to let me in she yelled in front of all the neighbors "Take your stupid crap and your little dick and get out of here!" as she threw bags of clothes out of the second floor window. As I tried to collect my scattered shirts and underwear a neighbor came up and helped me . We went out a few times and when we had sex she told me " I guess your wife was right about your dick-it really is small."
  small dicked loser  
  Anything less than 8" isn't worth my time. At best you can supply entertainment.  
  Taryn Quinn  
  Goddess Taryn, i love entertaining Goddesses with my babydick!  
  I would like to find woman who practices SPH.  
  uselessdick philippe  
  Picked up one woman who, when she saw that my little boipeepee couldn't get any longer than 3 inches at its hardest told me that I " must have been , like Hitler or somebody in another life to be stuck with such a teeny weenie ." Then she stroked it twice , said that she thought it was the littlest dick she had ever seen and I immediately came , all over her bed .  
  small and quick  
  Im a grower to 5". What would me reaction be???  
  Tiny Mikey  
  It has happened to more times than I want to admit that as soon as my pants are down I have been told that it wasnt going to happen pull them back up! Some were nice and some weren't. I am 51 now and for about a year I have told my self I would tell the woman first and show her pics of how small I am from my phone if I knew she was interested in me before we went anywhere.I have done this 7 times. I have still not gotten laid. Ina year.  
  small dick dough  
  Until I understood my sexual "destiny" was to be as a cuckold jerk off, trying to fuck with a 3.5" dick always proved disastrous. Comments I've received were like: "You aren't hard yet? Don't you want to fuck me?" "Does it get any bigger?" Can't you get any deeper?" What do you mean you can't reach me from behind?" "You might as well just jerk yourself off."
I was always ashamed to show my dick to a woman until I was totally hard because flaccid I am under 1". In time I learned to enjoy being a tiny dick beta cuckold and SPH comments became my greatest turn on. Can you imagine I even pay sex workers to humiliate my tiny dick and let me jerk off in front of them. It's totally fucked up and I luv it, lol !!
  i also paid bar girls in asia they tell the other bars girls and some usually will try to get their hands in my pants to see if they can find it. they always burst out laughing and run to the other side of the bar to inform their girlfriend and then pretty soon all the girls in the bar are laughing and doing the little finger rub. they fucking love to tease small dicks. it's endless. if i bar fine a girl more often than not she charges me twice or more the going rate. and they're honest, they'll just shamelessly tell me i have to pay more becuz' my dick is so small. no mercy at all trust me.  
I'm geniunely unsure whether I have a small penis or not. Being the ripe age of 28 and the only sex I've ever had was with one girl.
A beautiful woman I paid £80 ($160 roughly) to get the privilige of going down on her for 30 mins of her time.
I came early in my own pants 3 mins into the experience grinding against the side of her bed and despite her reactions of gripping the sheets and arching her back, After only ten minutes of She told me to leave.
I was fantasizing heavily that despite stating numerous times that she doesn't do vaginal intercourse, that she had just let boyfriend or the previous client cum in her due to his qualitys being better than mine.
I have just uploaded a video I would really like feedback on as I am genuinely interested obsessed almost in the desires and needs of women in general.
To have the potential abillity to plesure gives me great confidence, I look forward to hear all your opinions soon god and bad.
  I can relate to the entire sequence of reaction pictures and captions.  
  Mike S.  
  I have a 2.5 inch hardon. When I got married, she was surprised how small i am because she has seen real cocks before. In fact her ex-husband is 9 inches. Our 18 year old son is 8 inches hard and 6 inches soft. My dad also is 9 inches hard. I was talking to my wife about sex life and how I can't believe how much bigger everyone is compared to me and yet she is satisfied. She laughed and told me, I'm satisfied because my ex keeps me satisfied. Don't you realize you only get an orgasm once a year when I make you jerkoff? You only give e me oral? Are you that submissive?
I said but you got pregnant was comeback. And she said after 5 years of you not getting me pregnant, someone else did. You're not the dad.
I was devastated but also horny. So now I'm just her sissy girl.
  To the woman who wants to psychologically hurt a guy who keeps coming on to you in spite of his inadequacy.

This is a common problem. 

Yes, physically hurting him would be illegal but there are no laws against emasculating him.  If you do it right I suspect you'll find it very satisfying. 

You said he is a nice guy and he obviously likes you.  I'd suggest you first "friend-zone" him.  As a "friend" you can play all kinds of psychological games.  I imagine you'll get quite arroused as he begins losing his already weak grip on manhood.

I can hear how upset you are with him.  It won't happen instantly but with a bit of persistence someday he will come to confide in you ... that he's having difficulty getting it up.  You'll love that. 

I know what I'm talking about.  I've been on the receiving end.  That's why I call myself the Bystander.  I used to be like him.  I wanted to fuck pretty girls.  Now I can hardly look them in the eye. 

I can show you how.  Respond here if you'd like to communicate further.
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