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Stomping Out Small Dicked Men In One Generation


I have big issues and a real distaste for small penises. I have said it before and I will say it again I am a size queen. I want the big deep “O” every time I have sex, and a “shorty” ain’t gonna do it.

Now do not get Me wrong *some* of the males that were unfortunately dealt the shitty blow of having a tiny phallus are nice, but when it comes to the sexin department a tiny penis is sad and does nothing for Me by way of sexual pleasure.


A “ nice man with a small penis” is not going to make My eyes roll in My head. He can make Me laugh, amuse Me, maybe even get to have a go at really making Me smile with a little licky licky. Be the designated car washer, or pedicure bitch, or foot stool. You get the picture right?

Now I know some ladies say it is not the size of the penis, but how you use it. Well yes some would say that if all they ever had was a small dick “rubbing” their clit and “sometimes” they might get enough friction to get a small, “ahhhhh”. More often than not the female is left orgasmless and dissatisfied.

Isn’t that what most ladies are taught anyway? To make the man happy? We females are not taught to enjoy sex, so why would size matter right? Why would it matter if the man had prospermia? You know a minute man, thirty seconds of thunder if he masturbated twice that day.

Ok I am going off on a little thing and I am drifting away from My original point. That being that females should not have to endure a small dick any longer and I have a theory on how we can phase out the small penis, and in one generation, results that we will see.

Listen up Ladies, pay attention, and take notes. We were built for sex and it is high time we use the organ designed for sex only. Embrace sex, enjoy it, often, and with zero dissatisfaction. Stand up for our bodies ability to be multi orgasmic and enjoy it!

If you read up on news and science, you may have heard about the finches of the Galapagos islands. Evolution right before our eyes. One birds beak size adapted and got smaller due to the food situation.

“The study suggests that evolution due to competition between closely related species paradoxically may often occur so rapidly that we may actually miss the process taking place.”

National Geographic on instant evolution

Now how might this translate to small dicks you ask? Well take away the “food source” so to speak. No more little dicks being allowed to release and procreate would cut off, or significantly decrease the ratio of males born with a small little penis.

If enough are “starved out”, they die, and eventually will evolve. Meantime ladies all over will learn the delicious wonders of a nice piece of cock, not the small ones that some ladies are forced to accept because, “someone” said so. More ladies need to learn we do not need love to FUCK. Monogamay is so fucking over rated and bull shit!

Males should have to undergo a penis check at the time right after puberty. If too small, pierce and lock it and toss the key. I am sure this will piss off many men who drive really fast cars and blow shit up to cover their penis insecurity.

Why are men always insecure over their penis size? Well because they know ladies like it bigger. Gotta control the pussy or you will lose it to a bigger dick right guys? Ouch I know I touched a nerve there!! I can feel the hate mail hitting my server now.

Anyway ladies spread the word, evolution has happened in our lifetime and was seen. We too can “evolve” the small penis to meet our standards. Yes many men will whine, and cry and beg to cum and jerk it, release and procreate.

Stand firm ladies, deny, chastise, and we can unite to make our world full of sexually happy women, and our big dicked man slave drone bots!

Oh and yes I am being totally serious, like it or not but spread the word! LADIES UNITE, NO MORE TINY DICKS!!!

You know, this could work for premature Ejaculaters too! [giggles]

Ladies we need a National day devoted to this cause. Of course I am open to suggestions but I say we call it “Small Penis Prevention Day”.

I can see the mens shirts for the males that have a tiny one, oh, nice public humiliation too, “ I have a micro phallus, please extinct me”.

So who is with Me?

  Mistress V  
  Mistress V had an SPH site, it however seems no longer accessable, babydick  




  I agree!!!! If you have a small penis then just jerk your little pee pee at home while a big cock breeds your wife.  
  ok its just less than 5 percent of male who gifted wich got big cock more than 7inches hard to find them and 25 percent beloe average is under4 inches and rest its average wich 5,5 and 6.5 its not eazy to find the gifted men wich more than 7 u should accept the fact be happy what u gott average is betwen and most of women happey with it if not then must be thiere fault wich they are loose  
  OMG, Dave, what a crock. I'm guessing that you have a lemon drop sized cock? Granted Mistress V's thoughts here are a bit radical but you seem to object to many women having a size preference in the first place.
Your premise seems to be "Gee, men can not do anything about it if they have a sad pathetic little dick so women should just be satisfied with it and if they are not satisfied they must all have slack vaginas." Really? Your little dick is too small to stretch and fill more than half of the women out there and it is the womans fault?
Personally, I will admit to being a bit looser than I used to be and a bit less sensitive down there in general. Well YOU try forcing a few babies out your vagina and see what it does to your penis size preferences. But what relevance does blaming the womans vagina even have in this discussion? The fact is I can cum buckets with a real man but I am left high and dry with the baby dicks.
And your 25% of men being less than 4 inches statistic is a load of poop. Yes, when I really want to get just layed down and fucked I need a real man for the job. And for me that just takes a man who has a thick 6 incher or better which I seem to have absolutely NO trouble finding. Of course that is about twice the size of my husbands little baby dick, but then at least he is man enough in our relationship, and loves me enough, to admit that he is not a real man sexually so he is willing to allow other REAL men to join our sex life and satisfy my needs. Maybe you should get a clue, start sharing your woman with other REAL MEN and get that tongue busy cleaning up the resultant mess instead of flapping it with useless trash talk.
  Mrs SmallDick John  
  I like the idea of a penis check after puberty, but frankly I think the best solution would be to simply castrate all the males who are under 5 inches. That way we wouldn't have to worry about them breeding. "I see you've got a 4 inch penis. Time to get your balls chopped off!"  
  I agree with Valerie. My wife's lover had me castrated because of my small penis.  
  I don't think you need to castrate them. I got a is my way of helping evolution. If we just had vasectomies for every male who is under 8" then evolution would happen more quickly and you wouldn't have much of a fight from smaller and average males because we are still able to masturbate while we are doing our part.  
  i love my tiny cock. its 1" long, 1.5 girth when soft and 3.5 long, 2.5 girth when hard.  
  i think all men who have less than 5 inch penis should be castrated by women and supported this by law all women must have the right to humiliate,torture and castrate every man with small penis whenever they want and keep him as slave.  
  i lost the girl i love after she fondled my dick and found it small.she never took it out even ,just dumped me the next day. i thought i was big untill measuring it at 4 .5 inches hard, now im sad i realise i will always be rejected and can do nothing about it  
  i am very small.....should i just be castrated and forget a woman and just be gay?  
  I totally agree and yet I am myself at around 4 inches, my GF sex other men only and wants me castrated (she asked me to)  
  I think guys like me should be slaves one in 5 should be able to keep "His" balls till he is 25 to produce more small dick slaves and All females that birth a small dick should get a tax break Small dicks should never be circumcised as that is for men
  The original poster Mistress V is techically correct.
Natural Selection combined with Selective Breeding will eradicate small penises.
Selective Breeding (Eugenics) is universally used for livestock and animal husbandry. It has been practiced by humans for some time.
To be honest:
The ONLY thing women have to do is NOT have sex with a SMALL penis.
That's all there is to it.
  Neo-Darwinian assertions, basically. Some low percentages of short-term selective breeding results might be seen, but the smalldick condition in the human population, in total, is much more complex and diversified than what can be controlled with restrictions based on simple Mendelian genetics. Being among the "fittest", in this case, might have more relationship to endurance or avoidance of certain nutritional, hormonal, or environmental factors, rather than selecting "big dick" genes. The dogged adherence to Darwin is mostly an elitist mindset, that relects political and financial conditioning more than deep scientific thought or spiritual insight.  
  my ex wife recently told her frnds how small i am and that she had been with real men the whole time we were married and says it should be locked away and the lock glued lol  
  I agree, women should have the legal right to castrate or order the castration of a small dicked man. Once they have this done, the man should then become a slave to the woman to make her life as easy as it can. But this would also give the castrated male some purpose in his life.  
  too small paul  
  Women should have all the power!  
  Men with anything less than 7 inches as well as any man who cums within 10 minutes should definitely be castrated. The size issue is quite obvious. For the rest regarding time. There should be a circle jerk at perhaps age 14. Make it a race where the prize of finishing (ejaculating) in the top 50% is castration. The castrated males would then be made into Sissies in service to Women as well as Real Men. And the Sissies could then be used to train these Real Men in better satisfying women. Perhaps the winners of the castration race should be given a choice though. Maybe they would like to keep their pea sized jewels. Okay. It is their small penis and their lack of performance we find so insulting. So if they want to keep that simply give the option of cutting the penis itself off and leave the testicles. That way they would be as horny as any man but be totally lacking ability to penetrate or even jerk off. And of course the benefit of this is they would be really eager to get relief by having real men fuck their ass-pussy to milk their prostate.
Sure there will be a shortage of Real Men with larger penises, but they will get bigger and bigger with each generation. Wouldn't it be wonderful living in a world where no one had less than a 9 incher? Lets make this happen girls.
  I agree with Mistress V, she has spoken the bitter hard truth that most girls don't have the courage to say. I come from South Asia, where men on average are really small (4-5"); and after feeling real cocks inside me after coming to US, I must say that there is no place in this wod, sexually, for small men. Selective breeding and.enforced evolution is necessary to eliminate the small-dicked half-men who are a disgrace to the male gender. What I propose is a strict regimen of sexual rights based on cock size.
9"-12": True alpha males who deserve the full attention of females. These men should be the top breeders and father as many children as possible. Every husband should have a moral duty to find such alphas for their wives.
7.5"-9": Good alphas. Real men, just a little below the true alphas. These men should also be the part of the breeding community. They should regularly satisfy women but submit to the true alpha (9-12), if the situation demands it.
6.5"-7.5": These guys should be allowed to have vaginal sex. Women should fuck these guys if alphas are not available. These men should be allowed to breed, but they should avoid breeding if there is a true alpha near to do that.
5"-6.5": These men should be forbidden to breed, their cocks do not meet the criteria. They should also not be allowed any vaginal Sex. But they should have a right to orgasms which a woman can decide. They should be allowed to get handjobs and blowjobs.
4"-5": No sex of any kind should be allowed for these bithcboys. They should not have the right to even have hand jobs and blowkobs. They should be kept in chastity most of the time and should only have an orgasm through prostate massage. Their dicks shouldn't be touched as they are inferior and toxic.
3"-4": These disgusting pigs should be placed in permanent chastity. Their penises should be locked after puberty and should remain locked till the end. No orgasms of any kind should be allowed. And they should receive hormonal therapy so they cannot receive any erections.
3" and below: These are the lowest of the low. These creatures should be wiped of the face of the earth because of their inferiority. These half-men should be castrated after puberty. Their balls and dicklets should be cut off and they should become permanent bitchbois for women. I even suggest reopening slave markets where these bitchbois can be auctioned off to women.
This is my solution to a better society. No breeding right for less than 6.5", no sex right for those under 5.5" and castration for less than 3".
  Goddess Alishay  
  I have a 9" cock that I'd love to stick in your ass!!  
  I think my 4 inch dick should be aloud to breed! Girls I have been with say it felt good  
  Luke 21  
  I think all boys should be examined at puberty and any boy who does not measure up should have his little wiener removed immediately! I would not castrate them until they are finished growing physically so that they can become a class of servants and workers. At that point their nuts would then be removed as well. Both procedures would be done without anesthetic or painkillers as it should also be a punishment for being so useless.  
  well i have one that's only about 1.1/2 inches soft and 3.1/2 hard so it looks like you ladys would put me on the table and have me castrated as fast as you can
I even asked my wife if guy with small one should be castrated and she said yes
And I think if she had a bull to take over it sounds like I would end done

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