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Young Size Queens



  Girls have become much more aware of penis size as something important to think about and check out when dating and choosing boyfriends. The boys can no longer expect girls to have sex with them unless they have a real cock to offer them. Girls learn from each other and from media that they should not just accept any guy, especially not if he is a smalldick. They know the bigger the cock is, the more pleasure and perfect orgasms. Even before they start having sex, girls know what to look for - the Alpha males with big, fantastic cocks. The girls today are no fools who think that penis size does not matter - they are much smarter than that, they are Young Size Queens.  
  They love to measure penises and give their opinions about big and small penises, They look young and innocent but they know what girls want and they know how to show smalldicks how useless they are.  

The Teen Size Queen penis size Test

  Girls know they can choose and there is no reason not to look for and choose the best or at least a guy who is big enough to make the date worthwhile. So do not be surprised if they ask you about your size before they accept to date you.  

Girls want to know your penis size

  Young girls want the real men, the guys with nice big cocks to fuck. But when they find smalldicks, they want to have some fun with them too.  

Girls having fun with smalldicks in school




Young Size Queens worshipping big cocks and punishing small dicks


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